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Nathan Caroland Nathan Caroland

UK Nationals 2017

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As announced at the event the 2017 UK Nationals will take place on 18-19th November 2017 at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry (same location as 2016)

Tickets will be capped at 128 and will go on sale in Feb 2017. 

Draft rules pack is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/863p4e608whjvoe/Rules Pack 2017.pdf?dl=0



Entry list is

  1. Adrian Mills
  2. Arran Jones
  3. Ben Harris
  4. Joel Henry
  5. Johnny Donaldson 
  6. Chris Donaldson 
  7. Peter Shepherd
  8. Adam Hutchinson 
  9. Graham Bursnell
  10. Alessandro Zaramella
  11. Ben Halford
  12. Brooks Martin
  13. Dan Humpage
  14. Richard Mille
  15. benjamin Leslie
  16. Matt Lewin
  17. Tom Thorpe
  18. Shaunie Red
  19. Cai Bird
  20. Cai Bird +1
  21. Cai Bird +2
  22. Connor Truby
  23. Craig Colley
  24. Daniel Haslam
  25. Dave Chandler Pi Frojd
  26. david brown
  27. Andy Gray
  28. Dimitrios Mourtzouchos
  29. Emma Newham
  30. Alyx Drake
  31. Gordon Barlow
  32. Lucas Rozanski
  33. Simon Burt
  34. Graeme Nicholls
  35. Graham Allington
  36. Gregory Piskosz
  37. James Boots
  38. James Doxey
  39. James Doxey +1
  40. James Doxey +2
  41. James Doxey +3
  42. James Doxey +4
  43. James Varney
  44. Jamie Matthews 
  45. George Hollingdale 
  46. joe wood
  47. joe wood +1
  48. joe wood +2
  49. John Burgess
  50. Andy Bradshaw
  51. James Henley
  52. Grant Dickenson
  53. Jeroen Van Riel
  54. Dom O'Meara
  55. Joshua Leak
  56. Mark Elwood
  57. Ben Sime
  58. Kamila Halas
  59. Kai Young
  60. Scottish GT "Golden Ticket"
  61. Jamie Clark
  62. Lewis Phillips
  63. Callum Palin
  64. Keith Robinson
  65. Martin Jones
  66. Ross Hill
  67. Martin Månson
  68. Matt While
  69. Matthew Mcconnell
  70. Matthew Mcconnell +1
  71. michael asquith
  72. Michael Rees  Leszek Dziubek
  73. Jon McCarthy
  74. Neil Harrison  Erik Lifbom
  75. Michael Green Andy Winton
  76. Dominic Westerland  Joakim Abrahamsson
  77. Liam Coupland
  78. Rob Tozer
  79. Jay Walters
  80. Alex Williams
  81. Michael Ross
  82. Mike Jenkins
  83. Nathan Chenery
  84. nick featherstone
  85. Nino-Julian Beck
  86. Florian Feltrup
  87. André Killing
  88. Pete Rees Cathy Winton
  89. Aidan Kirk James Winton
  90. Jimmy Balderstone
  91. Peter Sidaway
  92. Piotr Jaworski
  93. Piotr Jaworski +1
  94. Piotr Jaworski +2
  95. Rafał Bieliński
  96. Rich Bream
  97. Richard Keeling Lukasz Bober
  98. Richard Walters
  99. Chris Bearman
  100. Rik Phillips
  101. Rob Hallam
  102. Ross Clarke
  103. Ross Mason
  104. David Wigley
  105. Scott weldon
  106. Scott Weldon +1
  107. Sean Wheeliker
  108. Russell Shea
  109. Lee Walstow
  110. Adam Perry
  111. Mathieu Lecoeuche
  112. Tom Benstead
  113. Steve McVicar
  114. Dave Laing
  115. Stuart Snares
  116. Tim Britton
  117. Ross Baker
  118. Marcus Rose
  119. Greg Page
  120. Tim Brown
  121. Tim de Groot
  122. Gjalt Hooijkamp
  123. Sander Koumans
  124. Hadde van Zelm
  125. Robin Kamerman
  126. Bram de Lorijn  Maciej Bonclawek
  127. Tobias Dracup
  128. Tom Skitt


Waiting list is

  1. Björn Nilsson
  2. Henrik Jönsson
  3. Kåre Moberg
  4. Ben Crowe
  5. Joe Jackson
  6. Francois Langton
  7. Jonathan Hill
  8. William Malcolm
  9. Haydn Smith
  10. Elliot wells
  11. Gavin Wells
  12. Zak Foote
  13. Lee Holmes
  14. Simon Chatterley
  15. Kevin Skitt
  16. Kieran Callister
  17. Dave Williamson
  18. Specimen-XY
  19. Troy Ashdown
  20. Nick Pratt
  21. Anthony Fenton
  22. Thomas Nickerson
  23. Riccardo Neri
  24. Luca mazzetti
  25. Enrico Aacari
  26. Fabio ricco  
  27. Alessandro Meschieri
  28. Kevin Davies 
  29. Ali Ferguson
  30. Tom Payne
  31. Conor McNama
  32. matthew slynn 
  33. peter slynn
  34. Johan Hoflin
  35. Steve Wilson
  36. Liam Hall
  37. Matt Ledgerwood
  38. Matt Spooner
  39. Aron Thomas
  40. Oliver Hedges
  41. Richard Mathews


If you are on the reserve list and you are in red then can you please let me know your real name.  Thanks

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Polandball will attend.

This time we will take a plane though.

Plan for UK Nationals 2016 was to infiltrate. In 2017 we're gonna fight for some top places.

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On 11/23/2016 at 11:41 AM, ttsgosadow said:

Count on us Dutchies, again, as well! Really enjoyed it and will try to get a bigger crew together for next time :)

Got a feeling the waiting list is going to be even bigger this year as 5 from the Isle of Man plan to attend :D

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I intend to put the tickets on sale for this on 1st Feb at 7pm.  Will post the relevant link near the time.  They will be £40 and there will be 128 of them.

Please spread the word as I wouldnt want people to miss out by not knowing they were available

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Reminder that tickets go on sale tonight at 7.30pm

Please note the following:

IMPORTANT- Tickets are NOT transferable.  Up to 4 weeks before the event you may request a refund of £35 (purchase price minus PayPal fees and an admin charge)  Refunds within the 4 week period will be solely at the organisers discretion 

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