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Heartfaux 3 Charity Tournament, 14th May, York SOLD OUT

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Sam (Secondbreky) and I are going to be running Heartfaux 3 charity tournament on Saturday May 14th 2016 at York Garrison Wargaming Club. This is the third Heartfaux charity tournament, following last two years successful events where we raised (over both years) around £900 for the British Heart Foundation (last year's totals:  https://www.justgiving.com/heartfaux/).

In August Sam will be taking part in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 event which is a 100 mile cycling race from London out into Surrey and finishing on The Mall. It has "leg testing climbs" and part of it was used in the 2012 Olympic Cycling events, so rather him than me ;).  He's riding the race on behalf of the British Heart Foundation which is a charity that has been incredibly important to him.

It's a fairly straightforward format, 3 rounds at 50SS per round, fixed faction. 

The tournament aim is 2 fold:

1- Play fun games of Malifaux

2- Raise money for the British Heart Foundation, which will be done via Sam's JustGiving page (https://www.justgiving.com/David-Wood59)

I'm sure we'll have some other stuff going on on the day, Artist Dave may be making an appearance again this year, and there will be the usual prize raffle.

Cost of the event is £15, but this doesn't include lunch (same as last year). This will be split to cover room costs, prizes and the rest going to the BHF (aiming for £5 per player donation). Payment details are in the rulespack (make sure you send the money AS A GIFT), and payment is the way the secure your place.

Lunch-wise, there's a cafe on site (still sorting out the details for that what will be on offer), but there's also Tescos/KFC/BK/McD within a 5 minute drive.

I'm starting with 32 places, since we have enough tables already at the club and I'll take it from there based on interest. We sold 28 last year, so I'd like to do even better than that this year. I will more than likely need some assistance with terrain however.

Rulespack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cobz6b31s0vklog/heartfaux%20rules%20pack%202016.pdf?dl=0


1 - 

2 - Haydn Smith

3 - Martin Jones

4 - Peter Sidaway 

5 - 

6 - Carl Newbould

7 - 

8 - Ross Mason

9 - Ross Hill

10 - Graham Allington

11 - Bennett Morley

12 - Ben Brissenden

13- Shane McDowell

14-Joel Henry

15- David Porter

16- Kai Young

17- David Garrard

18- Jamie Clark

19- Dave Laing

20- Aron Thomas

21- Nicholas Carpenter 

22- Dimitrios Mourtzouchos

23- Steve Wilson

24- Dan Haslam

25- Paul Butler

26- Cy Dudley

27- Dave Chandler

28- Tom Payne

29- Michael Ross

30- Joseph Jackson

31- Mark Elwood

32- Tim Brown


Event sponsored by:

OG Games (oggames.co.uk)

Bendy Boards (bendyboards.co.uk)



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I've had a couple people pay over last weekend so we're up to 8 know.  Got a couple more locals to pay as well so into double figures soon.


That means there's loads of space for everyone else!  I'm working on getting prize support for the event so there's usually a good raffle prize or two to be had.

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Nice one, payment details are in the rulespack.  We need some more sign ups so I can secure some sponsorship and get a better raffle prize pool together.

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Epic, we're getting a good number together now.


I've ordered one of the new official Wyrd tournament prize kits so there will be an official Wyrd poker chip for every player, plus mystery boxes into the prize pool.

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Prize pack has arrived, hopefully I'll be able to add to this once I've added up my current cash reserves.  All players will get a poker chip, plus the special chip for the winner.


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