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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all and welcome to a new series of posts I'm starting called making the whiskey golem great again. For the last two months I've been using the whiskey golem in almost every game I play in an effort to make you lovely bayou denizens what to put him on the table! To kick it off, this week we'll be looking at crews and masters he plays nice with, upgrades and when to take him. Feedback is greatly appreciate and I'd really like to get some good conversation going on. The first thing I wanna talk about is what masters he synergies well with. In my games I have found that zipp and his crew have a place for the golem and good construct support is a major part of it as one of his main issues is that he isnt a gremlin or a pig so he doesn't synergies well. Earl burns provides easy healing and in all my games he's only died once (and that was due to an Insta kill trigger). I'm also looking into sparks at the moment as I'm sure he would help greatly but unfortunately I'm a student with no job. Somer goes well with everyone and this is true for the golem as well. I have found that using the golem as a screen for the slop hauler has made a huge difference in my games as he usually dies turn 1/2. Having the slop hauler survive till turn 3 means an extra 3-9 wounds from his healing and as we know our bayou boyz like to hurt themselves. I'm very aware that he was designed for brewy but he's one of the masters I don't have yet and again, I have no money. I've also used him extensively with ophelia and zoraida. There are ZERO synergies with ophelia or her crew and is easily outclassed so he should really only be taken in the scenarios listed later. Mamma Z has a few things she can do for him, the first of which is boosting him to df 7 by making him used "fine craftsmanship" or giving him heals through smokey finish. Other than that should only be used in the scenarios that come a little later. An interesting thing is that him being an enforcer means that he has an upgrade slot. The three upgrades I've been testing are Angery drunk, a two stone upgrade that gives him flurry, barrel up, a 0 cost upgrade that gives him a trigger on a Rams and tomes to heal after damaging, and hide in the mud which is a 1 stone upgrade that gives him soft cover all the time. We'll talk about angry drunk first and what's there to say, it's not worth the cost. While the golem does have nimble meaning he can walk then flurry, he really does want to be boosting his df to 7 every turn. I have had some memorable moments like killing a him killing a teddy on his own and murdering a frank but it's not worth making him a 12 stone model because you don't get it off that often. Next we'll talk about hide in the mud. This is one of the better upgrades I've looked into and has been very effective. Df 7 with negatives to hit makes him impossible to shoot. If you anticipate a shooty crew take it, it's well worth the stone. Last is barrel up which is the one I've used the least. It seems to be the best choice numbers wise and it's a zero stone cost so why wouldn't you. It's the upgrade I'm using at the moment just because of the heals which is a 50% chance on every attack by the way. Also, a few of you might mention dirty cheater but he really doesn't need it and others will get much better use out of it. Finally, when do I take him? Unless he synergies well with the leader or crew I'm only taking this guy for a few scenarios. Stake a claim, guard the stash, squatters rights and headhunter are the strategies I'll take him in. The first couple are because if he's fantastic at holding points. I once had a mei Feng wail on him with all of her AP and extra attach triggers and have the golem almost at full at the start of the next turn. He is very durable with a LOT of healing options and let's not forget his defensive trigger which I think is extremely underrated. For those of you who don't know on a built in mask after he is damaged by a melee attach the target must pass a WP duel or end their activation immediately and get +2 poison. You'd be surprised how much it comes up and people will throw a card if it's their first AP. On to stake a claim his nimble makes him a good marker dropper and he can move 6 then drop each turn and as stated above his hard to put down, finally his durability and nimble also helps out in headhunter for keeping alive and snatching those heads. Finally if inspection comes up he is a strong consideration for me and I bet you can guess why. Next time we will be adressing common issues with the golem and work around for them. Well also be talking about bad scenarios and bad match ups. Thanks for reading, I've wanted to put this up for a long but but didn't feel like if played him enough till now. Please comment anything you'd like me to address in future and most importantly what you think about what I've said.