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Found 50 results

  1. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  2. Von Schill typo

    On Von Schill's card it says cache 1 surely this is a typo and it should say 4?
  3. Hey guys, after playing Neverborn with Collodi, Dreamer and Pandora for awhile I've decided to strike out into a different faction and have chosen outcasts. So far I've acquired: Hired Guns Hired Swords Salvage and Logistics Hannah Lazarus Hodgepodge Emissary I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on stuff like lists I could build, synergies, traps and what to add to my collection. Thanks
  4. modeling the Steam Trunk

    So I am brand new to Malifaux but not modeling and table top gaming (Warmachine, Guild Ball, etc.) I picked up Von Schill box as my first crew and all the remaining Freikorps models. Steam Trunk has 33 parts and a real pesky model to build - especially the tank treads. I have searched on YouTube for a how to do video with no luck. Does anyone have a good link for me to watch or recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Does Augmented Jump allow Von Schill to jump over tall terrain such as a building? If so, would you subtract the height from his charge distance, or would he only be able to charge over Ht 2 and under since he is Ht 2?
  6. Von Schill and his Crew

    Hello Freikorpsmen! Some "little" questions about Von Schill... -Which Models do i have to add (remain in the Freikorps theme? / add some Rats etc.)? -Which Upgrades and auto includes du you usually use? -Do you use Hannah and/or Anna frequently and if yes, to do what? -Which Strategies fits best? -Any pretty 50SS Lists? Thanks and Greetz, Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  7. Dear Outcasts, Von Schill & Viktorias seems to be a trouble for me. Most of the games against these two masters have been losen or draw by my two masters(Levi and Tara). My opponents often have folloving crew members: 1. Viktorias(both)+sisters+librarian+additional models like(Johan, trappers,...) 2.Von Shill+ 2 trappers+Hannah+Strongarm+librarian+... What shall I take into account playing against these two crews, which master and which models to chose?
  8. Anna Lovelace in Freikorps

    What are the best ways to take advantage of Anna Lovelace in a Von Schill crew? Is she worth it? I can't figure out any real way to take advantage of Mindless Zombies/Seishin she creates, plus the hodgepodge emissary already makes non-randomizing ranged attacks very accessible to the Freikorps. Could she and Hanna lead to some kind of strange bury list alongside void wretches and the scion of the void or aionus? After looking over her card again i noticed she can cause Horror Duels in a pulse, and of course our pal Von Schill is a master of those! The Freikorps Specialist can bring another horror duel, the Emissary lets us use Von Schill's deadly shirt rip every turn, Montresor can lower enemy willpower and spook the living along with Ama No Zako, Killjoy is very spooky and Hannah can copy any of the horrifying abilities or use her own! Obviously taking all of these isn't really an option, but could Von Spook be a viable crew?
  9. Friend o' mine did that: Allmost finished he Said... Wish i could have done that.. .
  10. Video Tutorial: Von Schill

    Here's a YouTube video where I talk about Von Schill! Hateful Darkblack's Intro to Von Schill It's intended for those who aren't familiar with the Von Schill, and gives a quick summary of what to expect when playing them or playing against them for the first time. Thoughts and comments are of course completely welcome!
  11. It's time to escape my comfort zone. I am playing VS again previously only had his box for models. But to the topic. In Levi and Jack crews I had easy access to attacks targeting WP (Levi shooting, Jack attack, Hanged, bishop, Horror duels in Jack), also it gave me some synergy (pushes from jack, two expensive models in Levi crew etc). When I build my lists with VS I have some issues to find models that target WP. Bishop is okay, but he has not too much synergy with VS. Mostly I take Hannah or Lazarus to get some freikorps combos. I know that Hannah and Specialist can cause WP horror duels on triggers, but still it's not what I am looking for Currently I can only see Bishop and Vanessa as outcasts to target WP. There is also Anna from Ressers, but she has MI 5, so also not too good. Do you include any attacks targeting WP in VS crews? Or maybe do you have other tricks to punish models with low WP?
  12. How do you guys run von Schill and the Librarian together? I tend to think von Schill likes to be reasonably far upfield and get in people's faces. He seems to be a master where if he does on turn 4/5 it's not so bad because they're probably spent so many AP taking him down that it's worth it - but he always has a fair chance of surviving, so lately I've been pushing him fairly far upfield (I also take the upgrade that gives him hard to kill, on top of 'shirt comes off', of course). Initially I'd keep vS back to keep the Trapper within 10" for "I pay better", but I don't think restricting vS' movement for this reason is a good choice. Pushing vS pretty far upfield often seems to work well, even though this may mean nobody else is in his 6" bubble. But I've lately been finding the value of Librarian in just healing vS - however, it's hard to keep her within 6" of vS (her healing range), and last time she just ended up chasing vS around the board with double walks. So how are you positioning vS in relation to the rest of your crew to get maximum effectiveness? I feel like his buffing for the rest of the crew tends to be nice but not essential enough to restrict vS' movement. Of course this all depends on the game. Sometimes it just works best to have vS sitting in the middle of the field somewhere shooting fools.
  13. Just starting out, von Schill will be my first master. The shopping list begins with: Hired Guns Crew Box (obviously) Lazarus Freikorps Strongarm What should I get from here? The goal is to be able to play 50ss games with as much versatility as possible between as few models as possible, to start. Please provide reasons for anything you'll add to my shopping list, really sell it to me! Thanks in advance. Shine on.
  14. Ignore please delete

    Hey everyone, I have a Von Schill crew painted to a tabletop standard and from about Monday will be in possession of a Viks crew NiB (Waiting on the post man) and a university of transmortis box that I am picking up tomorrow! What I am looking for is the equivalent Colette crew boxed or built... Would be looking to do a fast turn around as I have a tourney next Saturday! If you need pictures or anything they are available on request Cheers, Aron
  15. So I picked up Von Schill box along with some other goodies including the Male Multi-Part kit(I can probably build another Freikorpsmen/Trapper/Librarian with it if I do it right. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks they recommend? I have been reading up on what I can. My resources are a bit limited where I am, and I have no way to throw down and flip cards where I am right now either. But I am excited to give this guy and his crew a go when I get home from the desert. So essentially: Von Schill Hannah Vanessa Johan Freikorps Strongarm 2 x Librarian (additional built with a kit) 2 x Trapper (additional built with a kit) Freikorps Specialist Steam Trunk 3 x Freikorpsmenn (additional built with a kit) I love the look of the models and the theme with it. Playstyle-wise the core of it all seems to be pretty easy to grasp and Von Schill is a nasty little bundle of steel. He has a great physical presence in the sense that he can mete out damage and absorb it as well. The fact that his mobility at a glance are kind of average disguises the hidden gem that is being able to charge while engaged. The lack of Casting seems to be able to be mitigated with the presence of say Hannah and/or Vanessa. So it all seems awesome from what I have read. Anyway, thoughts? Maybe a progressive list suggestion? Sorry if this seems all so noob-like. I looked for a tactica for Von Schill, didn't see one!
  16. How's this von Schill list?

    Here's a list that I took in a recent tournament. Ran it for 6 games, 2 wins, 1 draw (only because I stuffed the schemes) and one loss I built a base list of: von Schill + I Pay Better + Survivalist + The Shirt Comes Off Bishop +Oathkeeper Librarian +Oathkeeper Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper Ronin Ronin SS Pool - 6 The idea is I almost certainly won't run 2 Ronin - I might swap one out for Johan, Hans, Trapper or a Convict gunslinger, or a pair of Freikorpsmenn, etc. Just depends if, for instance, Disguised will be particularly useful. Upgrades...I tend to feel like Oathkeeper would be more useful than Scramble on a cost/benefit ratio, but depending on the board I can swap that around. I've mainly been taking Bishop for his 3AP which has been good with scheme running, but he might be too expensive for how I'm using him. Resilience is still a problem with the list. Everything except vS and Strongarm can quite easily be taken out within 2AP, and if vS and Strongarm are taken out I have no ranged attacks at all (Ronin with Sh4 are just too unreliable). But really, being outactivated is the biggest problem. Ran a game against Lilith and I just couldn't do anything at all in that game, was out activated and couldn't deliver enough damage to secure part of the board, just got destroyed. That was probably the game where I struggled the most - and worst part is, Lilith wasn't even really doing anything, just chasing down my Ronin. It's still difficult holding things across the board, such as the Convict scheme...or that strat with the 5 markers across the middle......brain hasn't woken up yet...lol. I might post my Viks list in another thread.
  17. Hey there Schill fans! Been running the following list recently and was wanting so insight from others if there's anything they would edit currently. I've gone for a hard to kill, resilient crew that will attempt to take and hold objectives and focus down bigger stuff through sheer attrition. ----------------------- Von Schill - The Shirt Comes Off... - (open) situational dependant on opponent faction Steam Trunk Taelor - I Pay Better - Oath Keeper Librarian Johana Freikorpsmann Freikorpsmann Trapper Cache: 4 ss ----------------------- So far its been 100% successful winning games. Taelor and Johana bring their own hard to kill ability so can extend out of 'the schill bubble' which is nice and of course they both bring big 3" denial relic hammer pain. Thoughts? All are welcome; I really want to refine my game with Von Schill but can't think of anything to change without making some difficult decisions of what to cut and replace.
  18. Blackjack13's Outcasts

    With us all starting a new orbit of the sun and seeing in my second year back in the wonderful world of wargaming I thought it about time I start my first ever project log. I'm yet to actually play Malifaux but I'm told there's a pretty healthy community around my way, regardless the miniatures a lovely and look to present a rather nice challenge. I'm hoping that this will help keep me motivated and get these guys done over the coming months. I'm not the worlds greatest painter but I aspire to create some attractive and atmospheric table-top quality miniatures. If anyone's interested in what else I've painted (and the standard to expect...) here's a link to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_blackjack13/ With a love of militaria and mercenaries there was really only one faction for me; that of The Outcasts. Despite seemingly not being a popular Master I had to pick up Von Schill and his Freikorps, then for some variety and Taelor I ended up with Viktoria's Hired Swords. So here's what I've got to be working through: Humble beginnings and not very exciting, but I've decided to first start with the bases. I wanted these uniform across the force so figured it easier to get them all done at once. The idea is for them to represent the Quarantine Zone of the city. That, and base toppers make my life a lot easier! I'm aiming to have them look similar to the tiles used on the LotR Elf. There's not a lot to go on so far, but I'm open to comments and critique. One thing I would really appreciate some help on: - I've got 1x spare 25mm base topper. I feel this needs to be filled with someone, but I can't decide on whom. Currently I'm considering holding out for Anna Lovelace, although Big Jake and Hans are also rather tempting. I like the idea of Sue but not being able to run him with the Freikorps is a bit of a deal breaker. What would you guys suggest? Thanks for looking. Fingers crossed I'll be able to keep this going and keep you guys interested!
  19. Hey guys, new year (almost) so time for a clear out, It's mostly Guild but there's a few other odds and sods too. Postage on top. Most is built and primed (painted stuff listed in a separate list below): McCabe crew minus one Wastrel (Sidir primed white) - £18 Hoffman crew with extra Watcher, Metal Gamin and Peacekeeper (all sprayed in metal apart from Hoff who is black) - SOLD Guild half of Starter Set (unprimed) - SOLD Executioner (primed white) - SOLD Abeula (unprimed) - SOLD Riflemen (two built, one brand new on sprue, all unprimed) - £4 each Painted stuff: Executioner - SOLD Sonnia Crew - £40 Miss Terious - SOLD Perdita Kiss - £40 Santana - SOLD Pathfinder - SOLD I also have: Mr Graves - SOLD Metal Von Schill - £5 Ronin - SOLD Nightmare Metal Teddy - SOLD
  20. Spare a Von Schilling Guv'nah!

    Hey all, Returning to malifaux this evening after several months of not playing and relocating to the hills of Sheffield. Going to stick with Von Schill for the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone has advise on interesting builds or improvements to my current approach below. The following is a pretty straight-forward build making use of Von Schill's vamped up 'hard to kill' aura and making opponents have to sink a lot of AP into models to put them down (...bubble-permitting). Further I may swap out hard and relentless for tally sheet depending on the opposing faction choice. The trapper may also be swapped for another Freikorpsmann/void wretch depending on the need for scheme runners. Von Schill, Hard and relentless (1), survivalist (1), the shirt comes off (1) Steam Trunk (3) Freikorpsmann (5) Freikorpsmann (5) Freikorpsmann Trapper (6) Freikorpsmann Librarian (7) Johan (6) Lazarus (10) total = 45ss Possible swap outs/sideboard. Taelor, I pay better (1) Rusty Alyce, I pay better (1), Tally sheet (1). Bishop, Oathkeeper (1) Hans, tally sheet (1) Ashes and Dust Any fun builds people have come up with would be welcome!
  21. What to get next

    Hello quick question, I own Leveticus Box, Johan, Desolation Engine. For next buy I can choose: - Von Schill box + Hannah or - Tara + Killjoy + Hans + Outcasts effigy or - Hannah + Kiljoy + Hans + effigy What would you take? I think that the best idea is to take set with second master -VS + Hannah Of course I can mix it, but I don't think that VS + Killjoy will be good choice.
  22. When I started Malifaux some time ago, I decided to buy von Schill and his comapny - it seems a fairly "fist-to-face"-style of playing, learning the rules and getting used to the game. I then forgot about Malifaux because I didn't want to give it that much thought as I should have done. Recently, I painted my company, giving the game another try. And I'm quite impressed how good it is. I realized, it's not the game's fault - it's my fault. I was a bit disappointed with the distribution of luck since I happened to get some really bad cheating hands. But I forgot about soul stones. It seemed frustrating when my opponent had better cards to cheat with. But I forgot about soulstones and bonus flips. There are multiple layers to this game and I am really hooked right now. Anyways, here are pictures of my von Schill crew: And one in-action foto: Unfortunately, the rest of the Outcast Masters doesn't suit me that much, therefore I decided to switch faction and going to... gremlins (uuuh yeah!). I ordered Ophelia and Som_er and some pigs and in the meantime, von Schill's crew will get one or two additions. I also started building a Malifaux-board, so have a look at the Terrain Talk, too
  23. Hey all, I posted this on AWP but I wanted to get some input from the Forum and its denizens as well: How worth it is it to get Hired Guns? I already have the metal haul of Freikorps (+ Von Schill, who I don't really use), but would really like a second Trapper (And maybe a second Librarian). I also don't have a Steam Trunk, so if I ever want to use Von Schill, I might be a bit handicapped off of that lack. With that in mind, I've a few questions: 1) How vital is a second Trapper in some Outcast cases? 2) How vital is a second Librarian in some Outcast cases? 3) Is Von Schill a must-have master for any Outcast player (especially myself, a henchman who runs demos, but also an experienced Outcast who owns the whole faction save some outliers)? 4) How important is the Steam Trunk in Von Schill's arsenal? 5) Is having 3-4 Freikorpsmenn worth it in a non-Von Schill crew, ever? 6) Is having 2 Specialists any good in a given Outcast or Neverborn (as Mercenaries) matchup? 7) What is the second Trapper and second Librarian combo worth to you monetarily? Would adding in the Steam Trunk augment that for you in your opinion? What about adding the second Specialist and/or the third/fourth Freikorpsmenn? #3 and #7 are big ones to me. I don't really plan on playing Von Schill in the future, but if I can be persuaded (maybe through examples of models that can be played optimally alongside Von Schill and examples of his crew being prevalent in other Outcast crews), I might be able to better justify buying Hired Guns. Also, re: #7, keep in mind that I already have the metal crew, and I'm just trying to justify buying it in plastic (so duplicates [and quadruplicates of the Freikorpsmenn, lol] of everything but the Trunk will be available to me if so). Thanks! ~Lil Kalki EDIT: For context, I am most avidly a Jack Daw player with a bit of Leve, a pinch of Hamelin, and a sprinkling of Tara on the side.
  24. Hi everyone, a new battle report, this time to completion in 1v1 with 50SS using the new Gaining Grounds 2015 strategies. Strategy--Interference Schemes--A Line in the Sand, Vendetta, Spring the Trap, Make them Suffer, and Bodyguard My crew: Seamus with Bag O' Tools and Mad Haberdasher, CCK, Sybelle with Bleeding Tongue, Jakuuna Umube with Unnerving Aura, Yin with Unnerving, two Rotten Belles, Nurse, and Crooligan. Cache of 3 by the end. Von Schill Crew: Von Schill with Hard & Relentless, Engage and Will, and The Shirt Comes Off, Hannah with Ancient Tomes, two Freikorpsmann, two Freikorps Trappers, Steam Trunk, and a Librarian. Cache of 4/5 by the end. Selected Schemes: Seamus--A Line in the Sand (revealed), Vendetta (Rotten Belle vs. Freikorps Trapper) Von Schill--Bodyguard (Librarian) and A Line in the Sand (unrevealed) Standard Deployment--Seamus Deploys First TURN 1: Von Schill wins initiative, and this turn is a little bit engagement heavy because the two trappers are deployed From the Shadows in a V formation essentially at the center line facing me, denying Seamus Back Alley. The first trapper focuses and shoots Seamus--I cheat a low moderate card to force the trapper to cheat a fairly high moderate card, and then on damage I discard the mad haberdasher to avoid the damage. My belle for vendetta is coincidentally in LoS to the trapper and within 18", so I lure, revealing Vendetta and gaining 1 VP. A double lure brings the trapper pretty close, whom I later kill with Yin and poison that she gives him, which will ultimately net me 2 VP once the game ended. To explain the coincidence, here's what happened. We revealed crews, and I read over his stuff, seeing the trappers had deploy from shadows. I figured my opponent would deploy them further up beyond deployment, so I picked Vendetta with a belle since I'd have great coverage of the map between sybelle call belle and belle's 18" lure. The trappers had identical paint jobs, so i picked one of the trapper cards as the target, and after we started T1 I asked which trapper was which card--I had chosen the second trapper card as the vendetta target, and my opponent indicated the second trapper card matched the trapper who was in LoS of my belle. The second freikorps trapper focuses and shoots at CCK, killing him turn 1--I didn't pick up the hat because I wanted to be clever and pick it up with Seamus when he activated, a mistake. Other than this, it's mostly movement for Von Schill, I move and attempt to lure Hannah, which succeeds once. Seamus is able to pick up his hat at the cost of CCK, and resurrects a belle (CCK) with high crow in hand. Seamus takes a shot at Hannah, dealing 7 damage after armor. Crooligan did not deploy from the shadows, but simply walked to the center and avoided models, getting ready for placing some scheme markers. Score: 1:0, Seamus +1 for Vendetta (the second VP isn't scored until end of game) TURN 2: Von Schill wins initiative again, and this turn sees lots of hits, but no kills. Von schill attempts to kill Sybelle, and dows 4 damage after a double walk to get in range. The trapper and freikorpsmann move, claiming position for interference. Hanna is double lured and surrounded by Yin, Jakuuna and Sybelle with a belle that gets called over. Hannah is put to 1 Wd but not killed, because Sybelle, Belle, and Jakuuna all miss their attacks T___T. To be fair, Librarian healed Hanna for 4 prior to all the attacks. Seamus resurrects another belle (the trapper), and I make the mistake of double focusing before I make sure I'm within 10" of the Librarian, wasting Seamus' 3 AP as I have to simply walk away. The nurse and a belle wander to the other quadrant of my deployment zone to secure a point for interference. Crooligan drops a scheme marker for line in the sand and jumps away and runs over to contest a Von Schill quadrant, which forced one of the freikorpsmann to move rather than attack to bring more units in. Score: 2:1, Seamus +1 for Interference, Von Schill +1 for Interference. TURN 3: Von Schill wins initiative again, and heals Hanna for 4 again. Hannah takes some damage from hazardous terrain and attempts to heal herself as well, healing for 2. She then gets dumped on between two unnerving auras, hazardous, and Sybelle. Von schill charges, killing Sybelle, taking damage from hazardous. Yin, Jakuuna, and the belle move into the previously Von Schill controlled quadrant, securing it for me. Yin drops a scheme marker before moving. I make the mistake of not leaving someone in my own quadrant, as I have Seamus attempt to kill the librarian when my opponent mentions he has body guard, and I realize it can only be Librarian since Hannah is dead. I attempt to shoot Library, dealing 3 damage after armor. Seamus spends a SS (leaving me 1 after spending one on Sybelle and two on suits for arise my sweet) and raises a dead doxy. The doxy, nurse, and belle all go into a quadrant, only to have the trapper blow up the nurse. The belle with them moved too close to the center, and so she did not allow me to score the strategy this turn because she was luring Librarian into the Seamus shot. Crooligan dropped another scheme marker and engaged the librarian to keep her from running. I threw up the 0 for Crooligan, but miss my attack. Other than that, it's walking around, getting in position. Score: 2:2 Von Schill +1 for Interference TURN 4: Von Schill wins initiative again, and starts doing some damage, doing some damage to my peeps and taking off his shirt, paralyzing one of the belles nearby. Seamus and Jakuuna do good damage to the librarian between hazardous, a focused flintlock, and the 1 damage attack Jakuuna has, but not before crooligan gets blown up. I spend the last SS resurrecting a doxy again with Seamus. Seamus drops what would have been my 4th marker, but see below. I forget that Jakuuna has a 3" melee, and so Librarian is able to run away when the crooligan is killed, I think by her. The two doxies and belle walk into the quadrant I lost last turn because of the trapper and mispositioning, only for one of the doxies to get blown up by the trapper. However, with the belle and other doxy, I have secured that quadrant for myself, and the yin, Jakuuna, and belle group secure the previously Von Schill controlled quadrant, and I have one lone belle chilling in my other deployment quadrant, as insurance and lure turret. The freikorpsmann at this point are moving around to attempt to prevent me from getting line in the sand. They drop a scheme marker of their own for line in the sand, which was not revealed at the beginning of the game, and remove one of mine, leaving me with 3 and him with 1. Score: 3:3 Seamus +1 for Interference, Von Schill +1 for Bodyguard TURN 5: Von Schill wins initiative again, and proceeds to move and heal librarian, but only heals 1 or 2. That's not enough between a back alley from Seamus plus focused Shot, and she explodes to severe damage--Von Schill had charged away out of LoS, and Librarian had moved out of LoS. Seamus attempts to summon and fails because I have no stones left and no crow in hand. Jakuuna replaces my 4th scheme marker. The belle that was paralyzed does nothing because she had been paralyzed on the previous turn after her activation. Yin attempted to hurt Von Schill, which did minor damage. The belle that was sitting in the quadrant I had mostly deployed in hung out there. The remaining trapper blew up my second dead doxy. One Freikorpsman moved so that he could avoid death if there was a Turn 6 and secure a quadrant on his own. My belle that was now alone lured the other Freikorpsmann once successfully, and failed the second time. That Freikorpsmann went and planted a marker for his own line in the sand, staying in the luring belle's quadrant along with the trapper to secure two quadrants. Since Von Schill won initiative, I flipped for Turn 6, and I get a low card so no Turn 6 Score: 8:5 Seamus +5 for the point from Vendetta, Interference, and line in the sand, Von Schill +2 for Line in the Sand and Interference. END THOUGHTS: My opponent and I both felt after the game the better strategy would not have been to heal Hannah and attempt to kills the four models that were dog piling her--the double blast melee would've done quite a bit of damage spread and likely allowed Von Schill to kill more people--when Hannah was killed he had essentially a bunch of full health people other than Sybelle to deal with. I should've given CCK the hat, but was greedy because I wanted Seamus to have it--my thought process was Seamus would be able to use it at least twice and then give it to CCK after turn 1. It was a costly mistake because Seamus was never attacked again after turn 1, and CCK was basically 3 wasted SS that could have gone into saving sybelle or resurrecting more belles. I saw a thread about a Nico crew that ran 3 heavy hitters with unnerving aura and the hazardous aura from Jakuuna, and wanted to try it. I did't have the SS to give sybelle unnerving, but Yin had it and Jakuuna had the hazardous and unnerving, so I figured that was fine. It did some work, as I was constantly just running Jakuuna late in the turns into people, which allowed her to deal her hazardous damage consistently. I think there may have been a rules mistake on my part, but I am unsure as of yet, and I've posted the question in the rules. Jakuuna's hazardous terrain aura reaches 3", and so my opponent and I played that if Jakuuna walked into range of someone with the aura, it hit then. Since Jakuuna was never pushed or killed, the hazardous would've hit the models regardless, but it would have affected the cards, and Hannah might have possibly survived into the next turn if she didn't take the damage early. I'm unsure if it would've changed the game significantly, because she died after healing from librarian and healing herself, but it's something I want to know because damage timing could be critical, unlike in this particular instance. I need to work on spending a little more time reading my opponent's cards. We wanted to get underway quickly because we took a while to select our crews, and I just didn't even realize that trapper could get such good flip situations against me. As always, thoughts, comments, and criticisms are welcome. Especially on scheme choices, crew choices, and where you think my play could have been better. I may not be clear in my writing as well, so if something doesn't make sense I will do my best to explain again.