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Found 31 results

  1. March-ifaux

    A 50SS gaining grounds tournament held at Bag of Holding in Bournemouth. This will be a 16 player, 3 round, ranked, gaining grounds tournament with prizes based on number of participants and including a wyrd 16 player prize pack as support For further details please see the stores web page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1474717115931411/ Any questions, give me a yell
  2. Hey everybody ! Hope you are all well. Just a quick hello from a Outcasts newbie. I'm loving the game so far even though I don't really have a game plan yet. I hope to get to know you all
  3. Shifting Loyalties Bristol

    Bristol's premier Comic and Game retailer is running a Shifting Loyalties Campaign Event Type: Shifting Loyalties Campaign. Where: Excelsior Games, Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LZ. When: Thursday 16th February 2017, from 7 pm until late (then on the next three consecutive Thursdays; 23/02, 02/03, 09/03). Faction: Fixed Crew: Crews will consist of a maximum of 35 SS including at least one Henchman who is to be designated as leader and no more than one upgrade, These models and upgrade will be added to your arsenal. Proxies: No proxies are allowed unless an official wyrd proxies, or made of 75% wryd components/sculpted and bare a likeness to the image on the relevant stat card. Painting: You are not expected to have fully painted crews however if you are a regular gamer at the store there should be some progress. Game: a weekly event will be drawn that will modify the game in some manner (as detailed in the "shifting loyalties" rule book). Encounter sizes will be equal to the smallest arsenal in the encounter +5SS. The Good Doctor Rule will be in effect for the duration of the campaign and I recommend you do not select a henchmen who sacrifices minions) Price: £2 per person. Prize support: Prize support will be determined by the number of payers either up to 8 or up to 16. Each player will receive and Wyrd Guilder. First place will receive a (8) Small Mystery Box, (16) Large Mystery Box, a certificate and a 2ss Guilder. Second place will receive a (8) certificate, (16) small mystery box and a certificate. Third place will receive a Certificate. Best sports person will receive (8) an uncomfortably moist hand shake, (16) a small mystery box. There is a hard limit of 16 places in this tournament. League members will receive first refusal. If you are looking for a demo before the tournament then check out the link below: Thank you for the feed back so far, keep it coming and some changes may occur between now an the tournament but it is now confirmed and will run as detailed above.
  4. Bristol's premier Comic and Game retailer is running its first pairing of tournaments; an entry level tournament and veteran tournament on the 5th March 2017 Event Type: Entry level, swiss, three round tournament. Where: Excelsior Games, Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LZ. When: Saturday 4th March 2017, from 10 am until 7 pm. Faction: Fixed Crew: Crew pool of no more than two masters and 75 soul stones of hireable crew members (Upgrades and summoned models do not need to be paid for from the tournament soul stone pool). Proxies: No proxies are allowed unless an official wyrd proxies, or made of 75% wryd components/sculpted and bare a likeness to the image on the relevant stat card. Painting: You are not expected to have fully painted crews however if you are a regular gamer at the store there should be some progress. Game: each round will be a 50 soul stone Scrap using the gaining grounds schemes and strategies (available here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-dlxl.zip). The first round will be opponents will be randomly drawn and then follow swiss pairings for the remaining three rounds. Price: £6.50 per person. Feel free to pay in advance either by coming into the store or by phoning: 0117 925 7479) between 10 and 7 any day (11-5 on a Sunday). Prize support: Each player will recieve and Wyrd Guilder and a £5 Excelsior voucher. First place will recieve a Large Mystery Box, a certificate and a 2ss Guilder. Second place will recieve a a small mystery box and a certificate. Third place will recieve a Certificate. Best sports person will recieve a small mystery box. There is a hard limit of 16 places in this tournament. League members will recieve first refusal. If you are looking for a demo before the tournament then check out the link below: Thank you for the feed back so far, keep it coming and some changes may occur between now an the tournament but it is now confirmed and will run as detailed above.
  5. Malifauxing Demo Games Bristol

    MALIFAUX DEMO GAMES and impromptu demos. If you are looks ng to learn or develop your understanding of the game then book some time with me. If you are looking to learn a particular crew either bring it along or email me ahead of time and I will arrange a crew from among the community. Times: available upon request. Just email: Andy.tidball@gmail.com or pm AndyTidball on this forum. January from 10 am until 11pm every Thursday night. February onwards from 1:30pm until 11 pm every Thursday. Where: Excelsior Games Bond Street Bristol BS1 3LX How much: demos are free and it is £1 a play there after. Andy
  6. Hey guys it's me McPigish, my next event is going to be at sanctuary gaming centre on February the 26th Please see the link to the event pack below . https://www.dropbox.com/s/w77rts3bae0fdya/cheeky swine.docx?dl=0 I hope you can all make it -:0)
  7. Smells Wyrd! - 27th November - Lincolnshire

    We are Imps Gaming a new store and gaming hall in Lincoln UK. We hope to bring tournament play to Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. Join us for our first Malifaux 50ss tournament. 3 games played over the day. It is £5 entry fee with prize support based on player turnout. Lunch will not be provided (there are many takeaways in the area).Find the event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/186290515113197/Or on our site at: imps-gaming.comYou can contact us on: 01522 535103 or email at: impsgaming@gmail.comHope to see you all in store soon!
  8. Demo Games in Bristol, UK

    I you or a friend are wanting to learn Malifaux pleas feel free to book a demo game. Hosts will be available every Thursday from: 6:30 pm if you want to pop in for a demo. Alternatively you can message: AndyTidball or email: andy.tidball@gmail.com to book an appointment. Demos will take place at Excelsior Games Bristol, 32 Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LX. Come and play, its free... initially:)
  9. Bristol's Excelsior Games is proud to introduce its premier Wyrd event. Event Type: Rapid Growth Achievement League Where: Excelsior Games, 32 Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LX When: Thursday 24th November continuing on consecutive Thursdays (1st, 8th and 15th December) Faction: Declared and fixed for entire event. Crew: Master-lead only Encounter: Week 1: 26 SS Turf War. Week 2: 30 SS Reckoning. Week 3: 40 SS Reconnoiter. Week 4: 50 SS Squatter's Rights Schemes will be drawn each week and will be a common pool. Proxies: Are not allowed, with so many new players it is not fair to expect them to try and recall models which are not the designated model. Painting: You are not expected to have fully painted crews; again with so many new players it is unrealistic to expect that people bring fully painted crews. However you are expected to show some progress each week until crews are finished. Price: £2 per week. Prize support: 1st - Small mystery box. 2nd - Alt art stat card. Best painted crew will receive £10 Excelsior Voucher. Any excess revenue will build prize support. 16 places available, achievements will be visible in store each week to give you some idea as to how you will be scoring.
  10. Lincolnshire UK, 50SS Tournament

    We are Imps Gaming a new store and gaming hall in Lincoln UK. We hope to bring tournament play to Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. Join us for our first Malifaux 50ss tournament. 3 games played over the day. It is £5 entry fee with prize support based on player turnout. Lunch will not be provided (there are many takeaways in the area). Find the event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/186290515113197/ Or on our site at: imps-gaming.com You can contact us on: 01522 535103 or email at: impsgaming@gmail.com Hope to see you all in store soon!
  11. Hey guys ito me McPigish, I've just releasedone a bonus episode 11 "dimitri and the wyrd" It's a chat with dimitri from yorkfaux about a game we recently played at the outpost event "the quick and the wyrd" by Dan Haslam. It's not a full show but the interview I recorded with dimitri is too good not to release that's why it's a bonus. Check out this and all the back episodes here McPigish.podbean.com
  12. Hello all, I would very much like to give this a go. Does anyone want to take me under they're wing? As it's probably going to take me a while to find new friends who like Malifaux for a tabletop game, I thought Vassal would be a great intro to the game mechanics etc. I am from the UK and can play anytime after 6pm till the wee hours
  13. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We're a new(ish - just under a year old) gaming channel from Peterborough, England. We podcast every week on all types of gaming, including once a month on Malifaux regular as clockwork. You might see me around promoting the podcast, which is sadly a thing that has to be done lest I start to question the hundreds of hours I've put into the channel so far. We also post let's plays, unboxings, and video reviews from time to time. Personally, I used to run my local Games Workshop store and before that I'd hobbied in various forms for fifteen years, but Malifaux is fairly new to me as I've been playing less than two years. I play Outcasts, Neverborn, and Guild, but I'll probably end up with a bit of everything in the end because those models sure are purty. I also write fiction so dark it will make your mother cry, or your money back. Looking forward to getting to know people here and sharing some strategies to help me beat Joe, our resident rules expert and tournament gamer. I'd also love it if we found any extra players in the region, so let me know via a PM if you want to play some games!
  14. Having a bit of a clearout to focus on the factions I actually play! All prices below can be negotiated if you're taking multiple bits off me. Postage isn't included but costs £3.30 to the UK and £5-10 internationally depending on how much and where. Everything includes bases and cards. Pictures available. Translucent red Witchling Stalker - £5 Translucent root beer Nightmare Whiskey Golem - £35 Sealed Nightmare Whiskey Golem - £30 Limited edition Bayou Gremlin - £10 Gremlin War Wabbit - £27.50 Metal Piglets blister - £5 Metal Warpig blister - £8 Metal Slop Hauler blister - £5 Plastic Warpig - £8 Plastic alternative Kaeris - £10 Metal Arcanists female Gunsmith - £5 Metal Ressers Lost Love - £5 Plastic Bad Juju, new on sprue - £7.50 Plastic Katanaka Snipers, new in sealed box - £8 Plastic Shadow Effigy, new in sealed box - £6 Plastic Monks of Low River, new in sealed box - £10
  15. Hi all! Apologies first of all - I posted this in the news/reviews section first of all, which I then realised was probably the wrong place. Oops... Anyway, we're a British gaming podcast/YouTube channel and although we don't focus exclusively on Malifaux, we do a monthly Malifaux-focussed episode. This month we discuss the new Ripples of Fate masters and continue with our Shifting Loyalties campaign log, now in round 4 of 10. We'd love to hear what you guys think and what you'd like to see in a Malifaux podcast that's maybe not being covered at the moment. I'm also looking forward to getting more involved round here in general and getting to know people. Thanks everyone!
  16. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We're a UK-based gaming channel and podcast. Each month we dedicate a podcast episode to Malifaux - this month we're tackling the Ripples of Fate master previews and continuing with our run-down of our Shifting Loyalties campaign. We'd love to know what you think and what kind of thing you'd like to see us cover, especially anything you think is missing from the current Malifaux podcast scene or anything we can tackle from our small-island point of view.
  17. I will be hosting a 32 player tournament at Southampton Sluggaz (St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2JZ). 3 rounds of classic Malifaux action. £15 per person payable in advance by paypal to southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com (any money left after venue costs and prize support etc will be donated to charity) ensure your put your name in message so we know who has paid and that its for Oktoberfaux ? 50ss games chosen from a 150ss pool (inc upgrades, 2 master limit). Schemes and Strategies will be drawn before the event from the Gaining Grounds 2016 document. Full rules pack will be posted later. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 1st place and participation Guilders will also be given out. There will be a prize for best Sportsman and best painted as well as various other spot (mystery box) prizes. What charity tournament would be complete without a raffle as well (more details to follow so watch this space ?) Max 32 places, reserve your place now. There are no lunch facilities on site but we do have a fridge and a microwave if you want to bring anything. We do have a small tuck shop serving chocolate bars, Tea, Coffee, Coke and Water in the hall (all priced at 50p each). Shops and town centre are a 5-10min drive from centre. There is a pub opposite who serves food as well. We are looking at other facilities and will update if anything changes. (N.b. reserve places are if we have cancellations we can then contact you to step in. Of course no money is payable until you get a full place, unless you want to donate it to the charity anyway.) Places confirmed 1: Michael Curry (paid) 2: Stuart Snares (paid) 3: Tom Wilson (paid) 4: Tobias Dracup (paid) 5: Ben Sime (paid) 6: Keith Robinson (paid) 7: Troy Ashdown (paid) 8: Paul Dean (paid) 9: Michael Asquith (paid) 10: Connor Truby (paid) 11: George Hollingdale (paid) 12: Jan Proudley (paid) 13: Alex Hill (paid) 14: Daniel Mitchel (not paid☆☆☆) 15: John Jordan (not paid) 16: Daniel Foster (paid) 17: Daniel Willis (paid) 18: James Leeves (paid) 19: Jerry Powis ( paid) 20: Cerri Love ( paid) 21: James Varney (paid) 22: Alex Barbor (paid) 23: Sarah Foster (paid) 24: Elliot House (paid) 25: Matt Lewin (paid) 26: Tom Thorpe (paid) 27: Shaunie Red (paid) 28: Chris Gibbs (paid) 29: [Dumb Luck] Dominic Westerland (paid) 30: Ben Leslie (paid) 31: Maria Wieland (paid) 32: Joshua Leak (paid) (Reserve 1: ) (Reserve 2: )
  18. Southampton UK Demos April

    Hi Wydos For anyone around Hampshire UK and want to give this great game a try then give me a shout. I will be running intros and demos to whoever wants it at Southampton Sluggaz on Friday evenings. Sluggaz is open every Friday 6pm-11pm at St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton. SO17 2JZ. Give me a shout here or our email to let me know southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com I will see you on the other side ??
  19. Worcester Wargames and Hide n Geek present: The Great Malifaux Railway Robbery This will run from 1st March until 30th April 2016. This will end with a 3 game swiss style tournament on a date to be decided after the end date of the 'campaign' Points scored in the campaign will allow you to buy 'items' for the tournament. Rules: You must play 8 Games during that period and report the results to the organisers using the method on the site. You cannot play the same opponent more than twice. You may play opponents outside of the league to make up games but these must be agreed in advance. It is intended to be fun and encourage players of all abilities. Find further information regarding this on the Hide n Geek Players Group Facebook page or find the Campaign page by searching Great Malifaux Train Robbery
  20. Hi All! Once again we are holding our doubles tournament here in lovely Leytonstone, because in all honesty we all had such a good time previously we wanted to do it again! As anyone who attend last year will tell you, this is as relaxed as a tournament as you are likely to get, and because (if you have never plaid doubles) the combo's you and your opponents can unlock can be frankly outrageous, but also quite hilarious. Please find attached the Rules Pack for the event. We would really like to highlight the tiebreaker points system as there is quite a bit you can do before you even attend the event (ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!). We have spaces for 12 teams of two players and if you would like a ticket, please send £30 for your team to twgc_treasurer@tanelornwgc.org – alongside the other details listed in the pack. First come, first served! Of course if you have any queries then feel free to post here or to message me on the forums. All of us at Tanelorn look forward to seeing you then! Teams PAID (once space is gone, it’s gone… till there is a drop out and we pull your team from the reserve list… oh you know what I mean) 1. We will defo win more than Palace - John Burgess and Andy Bradshaw 2. Something to do with BendyBoards.co.uk - Mike Marshall and Lee Batterick 3. Ancestral Vengeance - Connor and Jen 4. Darksphere team Alpha - Bradley and Francois 5. Dumb Cluck - Panzer and Eless 6. Old and Cranky - Conrad EJ Gonsalves and The Gedginator 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Teams interested but not as of yet paid/Reserve list if we are sold out 1. Mike and Phil 2. Like this 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Tanefaux - Double or Bust II - Calgar's Revenge.pdf
  21. I am running demos in Worcester from 7-10 on a Thrusday evening at Hide n Geek in Reindeer Court in the City Centre. To arrange a demo contact me on here or contact Simon Cooper in the store. Thanks!
  22. Hi, I really want to get my hands on this model, I have a fair bit of Neverborn, Guild, Arcanists and some Ten Thunders and Resurectionists. I also have cash which is probably what I'd prefer. can pay via paypal. Postage to Hungary, Ireland or the UK.
  23. Masters battle. Southampton, UK

    It is now the midway point of our shifting loyalties campaign and its when the big boys join the fight. We are holding a battle royale for the masters as they enter the ring. Dont worry if you havent join our campaign, there is space for you to join in the fun. Lots of fun pick up games campaign and otherwise. I will also be holding demo games for all the interested people at sluggaz, so even if you are just starting I will have plenty of models for everyone to join in. In fact more Wyrd than you can shake an enchanted stick at. Come join us at Southampyon Sluggaz At st denys community center. Southampton So17 2jz Friday 15th 6-11pm Normal sluggaz entry fee applies £2/£3. For more info give me a shout Where bad things happen ?
  24. Arcane Reservoir (the podcast)

    I'm sure I posted a thread about the show when it had started, but now we are up to the 9th episode and I'll be recording the 10th tomorrow. Arcane Reservoir is a podcast (here http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/)where I talk with my friend Aaron and guests about a whole host of Malifaux subjects, tactics, tournaments and sometimes a bit of hobby. Rather than leave it that generic I'll give you a quick run down of the first 9 episodes to see if it sounds like something you may like. +1 Bight Start, Dark Faux: This is the first episode with just myself and Aaron, explaining what happened to the show we used to do, what the podcast is about and then the main brunt of it is a tournament report of Dark Faux a four round event in London where I (as always) took Arcanists and Aaron took Guild. Spoilers: we both got best in faction. +2 Scot Railwalker Bru: One of the longest shows to date at almost 3 hours, I advice listening to this on a long commute or just get acquainted with the pause button. This episode Aaron and I are joined by Scottish GT organiser (and recent best Arcanist at the largest Malifaux event ever) Joe Taylor. This is kind of a love letter from me as I loved our time in Scotland (we're based on the south coast of England btw) and the Scottish GT was a fantastic event over two days. +3 The Chosen Con: 3 Lessons Learnt: This episode we are joined by someone who becomes a very regular guest the UK no.1 Greg Piskosz. He comes on to chat about his trip to Gen Con, how to be a better Malifaux player, early Wave 3 impressions and more. It's always good poking the brain of the current best, a lot of cool stories and a lot to learn. +4 Smokey, Dark, Prompt: with GenCon passing and everyone and their mother grabbing the Dark Carnival we are joined by Martin Wodehouse, current UK top Arcanist and avid Colette player. Martin talks briefly about a recent tournament win and we pick his brains about how to use Colette/Cooper, her box set without her and most importantly how to beat her. +5 Three Jokers in One Hand: Aaron and I have three guests this show, Maria, Garry and Josh of the Black Jokers team, We speak briefly about an event we had all attended not long before and with a mix of players we speak about some wave 3 impressions. Maria being one of the top players in the UK is another person who when she speaks you should listen and learn. Also Garry and Josh are good too ;-) +6 Starting something, well grim: We get Greg back on the show and do a run down of the two player starter models. Are they good? Where are they nice as mercenaries? All this and more. +7 All the Questions, some of the answers: Just myself and Aaron as we answer twitter questions from the listeners. We make Nationals predictions, we chat about running tournaments, what to expect the first time you attend one, the top mercenaries and more. +8 Conflux of Discussion (part 1): We get Greg back for a similar show to +6 except this time we go through the Emissaries of Fate. This show we cover the first three (Guild, Rezer, Arcanist) in a lot of detail. Where are they good, when to take the 0ss generic upgrade and much more. Part 2 of this will be +9 for those who want our perspectives on the Neverborn, Outcast, Gremlins and Thunders Emissary. +9 Stolen Fates, Bracketology 102: After a big twitter buzz about the Cheated Fates top henchman discussion where everyone seemed to love the show but think the panel were crazy, we decided to do our own "UK twist". Myself and Aaron, grab Greg again, but also James Doxey (Mythic Fox) and Luke Cocksedge, two other top UK players to do our own version with a poll ran and responded by many more players. We discuss the bottom of the barrel before delving into the top 16 bracket, declaring a winner and then chatting about who we were surprised didn't make the cut. As I said +10 will be the second part of the Emissary discussion, +11 should be me hosting a Bayou Broadcast reunion with Craig Johnson and "The Announcer" Dom Westerland. Finally +12 will be a 2015 round up to finish off the year with myself and Aaron. So far I have released Arcane Reservoir every fortnight on a Thursday (in the UK at least) and I intend to stick to this schedule. Please leave a comment Sound good? Already listen? Feedback is always welcome. what is the best episode? favourite guest? what needs more coverage? what do you not care to listen about? anyone you'd like on who hasn't been? http://arcanereservoir.podbean.com/ is the link for the site. It's on iTunes, but if you use something else and can't listen, please give me a heads up and I'll endeavour to get the show on that format.
  25. Arcane Reservoir Good evening ladies and gentleman. People may recognise me from SMP Radio or possibly as one of the Malifools. Well I've started a "new" show. I use quotations as it is new but any listeners that enjoyed me on either of those shows can expect mostly more of the same. For those who have no idea who I am, what a Malifool is I guess I should explain: Arcane Reservoir is a podcast done by myself and will be typically co-hosted by Aaron (Forestreverie on the forums) where we talk about a whole host of Malifaux subjects. We avoid what many other great podcasts do such as personal in-depth battle reports between ourselves or model/faction spotlights. If you want the latter I would suggest season 1 of Malibites, Schemes and Stones or Before We Begin. We do cover battles occasionally and we do in episode one (or +1 as it is) where we speak about Dark Faux a tournament in London we both attended. The second episode (already recorded but not edited or released) we speak about the Scottish GT but there is another level to this outside of just our games, don't want to give too many spoilers. On a personal level Arcane Reservoir is the podcast that I want to record and would love to listen too (outside of my own voice). Not afraid to talk about the bad as well as the good, though luckily the latter typically outweighs the former. Aaron and I have been collecting and playing Malifaux since 1.5 and have been gaming much longer. However, I aim for AR to not only be a platform for us but for many of the players in and around the UK (and sometimes from across the seas) to have a chance to be heard. Top tournament players and other personalities with great experience and knowledge. People who may have listened to SMP Radio will have noticed a huge bunch of fantastic guests we had on. Adam of Cheated Fates speaking about Captain Con, American vs UK meta and much more. The Black Joker Society, including top players Mark Elwood and Maria Wieland who as far as I know haven't been on a podcast and are huge fonts of knowledge (Mark is currently ranked no.3 and Maria is no.6 in the UK) Martin Wodehouse and Luke Cocksedge, two similarly highly ranked players (7 and 24 respectively) both with big accolades and both players who have been a part of the Malifaux tournament scene since the beginning. David "Clousseau" Brown, TO extraordinaire and possibly the man who has ran the most Malifaux tournaments (in the world) Aaron Darland, you know, that bloke from Wyrd. We had him on to speak all things Wyrd and give what I believe was the earliest precise insight into DCR There may have been even more, but this is the sort of thing I like doing with the podcast as well as being able to help TOs (and myself admittedly) get a word out there about their events. For those who did listen to SMP Radio you are probably wondering about the change. For me, I have not fallen out with Ben or Oz, in fact while typing this up Austin has just text me. At time they have both fallen out of love with Malifaux, specifically when Ben dropped for a while is when I started "making calls" for guests and I saw a different future. The main reason, possibly selfish, is with Austin doing work on Wargamer Nation I am now the one doing the editing etc. and Ben being a busy man and part of that show it's hard for me to get everyone together on a regular basis and clear what we are doing. On top of this, Ben had stopped representing SMP at events, originally because he wanted to push TWC his local club. I can respect this but with a few others rarely making events just having two people as a team seemed a little pointless and means the show title made even less sense. That and those Black Jokers tried to recruit us (well maybe just Aaron). I hope to have both the lads on the show in the future. I don't like to be in control but hey, Arcane Reservoir is my baby, if it turns out a mess, it's my fault. The Future Well I spoke a little about +2 but I already have plans locked in for further. UK no.1 Greg Piskosz will be on the show, under the plan of speaking about GenCon but I want to find out even more from him. Dominic Westerland, the announcer of the Breachside Broadcast has asked to be a guest and I am definitely up for that. One of the UK's favourites Josh Fletcher (who has maybe been mentioned on every episode of SMP Radio) will make an appearance. Plus plans for The BJS to return as well as Luke and Martin plus many more. In the future I will hope to also get back into blogging, my blog formerly malibros.blogspot is now http://arcanereservoir.blogspot.co.uk/ I hope to tie this into the show and hopefully will do some more community projects. Tale of Malifaux Bloggers season 3 for example. Also competitions as many shows do, so look forward to the chance for FREE STUFF. Hopefully this is enough explanation, especially as it's mostly unnecessary. The link to the show is right under the banner and it will be on iTunes soon (just waiting for them to review it). Cheers Malifolks, Hope you enjoy the show(s).