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  1. 50ss Fixed Fraction tournament at Strefa MTG Where: Strefa MTG, al. Armii Ludowej 15, WarszawaWhen: 03.09.2017 10.00-19.30Players Limit: 16 3-4 Rounds of Swiss Gaining Grounds 2017Entry Fee: 20 zł You can sign up at sklep@strefamtg.pl Link to Facebook Event : https://tinyurl.com/yafcaxq6
  2. Tournament Prep

    Hello Ressers! I have a local tournament coming up and am looking forward to three awesome games! I haven't been able to play much recently and regardless of being competitive, I'm going to enjoy just getting some games in. That being said, I want to get the group's thoughts on building to the follow strategies and schemes: Game 1: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Interference (Masks) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Hunting Party (4) * Search The Ruins (8) Game 2: Deployment: Close Deployment (14) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Leave Your Mark (Tomes) * Undercover Entourage (2) * Show Of Force (3) Game 3: Deployment: Standard Deployment (7) Strategy: Headhunter (Tomes) Schemes: * Claim Jump (Always) * Frame For Murder (Rams) * Accusation! (Masks) * Set Up (7) * Last Stand (13) I'd love to see some full lists with comments on why you think the list would be able to achieve the S&S. All models are fair game. How would you swamp over the enemy and secure these games for team Ressers?
  3. Hello, i would like to invite you to tournament. Date: 26.08 - Wrocław, ul. Kościuszki 35F 3 games, 2h 30 min for each round, Start - 10:00 End - 18:30 Fixed Faction More info here: https://web.facebook.com/events/1943878965827478/ Best regards
  4. Saturday September 9, 2017, 50SS Tournament at Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY 10:30AM muster, 11AM start 50SS Gaining Grounds 2017. $10 entry fee. Goes towards a pizza lunch and prize support. **Please ensure you have the latest errata cards.** 3 rounds. 15 minute setup, 2 hour playtime. Painting not required. *No Broken Promises* It will be available next time, but it's too soon from pre-release to allow for fairness with people who didn't pick up book at GenCon. Proxies allowed for unreleased models as long as they can be recognized as what they should be. Gaining grounds 2017 rules available at: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-dlxl.zip Latest FAQ and Errata available at: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata Held at: Brothers Grim Games 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784 Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/111665776172940/ PM me or post here if you have any questions.
  5. 08/27 Tournament, Russia, Orenburg, Igrotey

    Hi everybody! We will be glad to see you in our club "Igrotey" 27 August at TOURNAMENT. Orenburg, Kirova 3a. 35 SS per Team 3 rounds, start at 14.00 P.M., 2 hours per round You can see new information here: https://vk.com/malifaux_oren
  6. Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen, We are organizing our 1st 50SS tournament in the New Millennium. Feel free to join us on the 6th of August at 10h00 in the morning. Schemes and strats are below and registration via the following Link: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/tournament/new Round 1 Deployment: Corner Deployment Startegy: Interference Schemes: - Claim Jump - Eliminate the Leadership - Frame for Murder - Tail 'Em - Inspection ------------------------------------------------- Round 2 Deployment: Standard Deployment Strategy: Guard the Stash Schemes: - Claim Jump (DUH) - Dig Their Graves - Covert Breakthrough - Hunting Party - Last Stand ------------------------------------------------- Round 3 Deployment: Standard Deployment Stategy: Headhunter Schemes: - Claim Jump (This is getting repetitive ) - Frame for Murder - Accusation - Show of Force - Recover Evidence You can find us at Gamestower 33, rue de la Gare L-7535 Mersch
  7. Greetings Everyone, We will be holding our next monthly tournament on the 24th of September at Gamestower in Mersch (33, rue de la Gare | L-7535 Mersch). It will be a standard format, 50 soulstone tournament. Only this time with the stategies from the books. Infos posted below. Round 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Squatters Rights Schemes: - Claim Jump - Accusation - Leave your Mark - Covert Breakthrough - Mark for Death Round 2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Turf War Schemes: - Claim Jump - Eliminate the Leadership - Dig their Graves - Show of Force - Inspection Round 3 (a fun round) Deployment: Standard Strategy: Reconnoiter Schemes: - Frame for Murder - Accusation - Search the Ruins - Tail 'Em If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us under info@gamestower.lu Stay Frosty !
  8. Hey everyone! Mox Boarding House is hosting a tournament on Saturday August 12th (next weekend). This is capping off an unofficial growth league, so feel free to come in a try out something interesting. https://app.getoccasion.com/p/n/jlbhnvqf?source=agenda_calendar# 3 rounds of standard Malifaux action! 50ss, single faction, 1:30 Min Timer Entry $10, first flip at 12pm Round 1 Corner Deployment Headhunter Claim Jump Dig Their Graves Accusation Recover Evidence Last Stand Round 2 Standard Deployment Collect the Bounty Claim Jump Eliminate The Leadership Frame for Murder Leave your Mark Hidden Trap Round 3 Standard Deployment Guard the Stash Claim jump Accusation Leave Your Mark Search The Ruins Mark For Death If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post in and ask! Mox Boarding House (Seattle) 1505 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
  9. [WARSAW][Poland] 50 ss Tournament

    What: 50 ss Fixed Faction Tournament When: 20 viii Where: Warsaw Wargaming Club 'Dragon'. Krakowska Avenue 114, Warsaw Cost: 15 PLN Contact: kamienie.malifaux@wp.pl
  10. SkyCon will be the host of a 50ss Tournament on Saturday October 28th, 2017. Con entry is $40 for the weekend, $25 for the day. No additional fee to join the Malifaux Tournament. Please see: https://tabletop.events/conventions/skycon-2017 For more informaion: https://www.facebook.com/SkyConGames/
  11. Der Multiversum Marburg e.V. präsentiert sein zweites Malifaux Turnier. Gespielt wird wie üblich 3 Runden nach Gaining Grounds 2017 Regeln, Fixed Faction 50 Soulstones. Alle weiteren Informationen und Anmeldung findet ihr hier: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/multiversum-wanted-ii Wir freuen uns über zahlreiches Erscheinen (auch wenn es dann wieder kuschelig wird).
  12. [SPAIN][HUESCA] Torneo 27/08/2017

    Hi there!, new tournament to be held on 27/8 in Huesca. At 'El feudo de Pyrenne' 3 gg07 rounds starting at 9.30 ending at 19.30. Inscription fee 10€. Come join us https://www.facebook.com/events/746779308857078/?acontext={"ref"%3A"2"%2C"ref_dashboard_filter"%3A"upcoming"%2C"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"dashboard\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"main_list\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]"}
  13. Summer is time of holidays and traveling. But not for everybody. If you will be in Krasnodar august 06 we will waiting you in Astronomikon club for a 50SS Malifaux tournament. Start time 11:00 a.m. Address of Astronomikon club: g. Krasnodar, ul. Sormovskaya, 12/11, room on the second floor - 1 day - 3 rounds - gg2017 - friendly atmosphere link to post VK public https://vk.com/wall-127759599_198
  14. Hey everyone! We have heard some rumbling that there may have been too many tournaments going on recently, and that the competitive vibe is leaving people feeling burnt out. This is a valid point, and as Henchman we kinda missed the fact, because we only actually play in every second or third one. Thanks for letting us know! So in an attempt to do something a little different I am teaming up with Josh Gill, henchman from Burbank, up in LA to run an achievement league! The details on how everything will be scored will be released when the league launches on August 6th, but I wanted to make this announcement to let everyone know it is coming. We will essentially be running a big, dual city league, with the northern players reporting to Josh, and the southern players reporting to myself. The scoring will come in a variety of ways, allowing everyone a chance to participate. Scores will be gained by doing hobby activities, showing up to play, supporting your FLGS’s and even things like bringing new players! Most importantly the majority of the scores are based on things coming from just participating, the more you do, the more you can score. No need to dominate on the table in the league! At the end of the 10 week (? roughly, we are still scheduling) league we will host a tournament here in SD, since the last one was up in LA. This will be chance for us to give our a ton of prizes from both the tournament and from the league. So there will be categories for playing a lot in the league, doing lots of hobby stuff in the league, and of course for doing well in the tournament… Everyone Gets A Chance To Win! One more thing to note is that we want to try and have a little fun with the tournament at the end. Rather than running the standard GG2017 Schemes and Strats we will be coming up with a selection of the story encounters that have been created for malifaux. Since this will likely be in October these will be spooky ones! If you don’t show up due to being too scared that’s ok, you’ll only be mocked a little *wink*. If you are interested in playing in the league please contact either Josh, or myself and we would be happy to get you some more information. If you are going to be in LA more contact Josh, if in SD more talk to me. There is no entry fee to playing in the league, we are just hoping to get more games going! There will be a standard fee for the tournament, more on that once have connected with the store more. We look forward to seeing more of you playing Malifaux! Josh Gill Facebook: Joshua Martin Gill Wyrd Forums: Thimblesage Email:josh.m.gill@gmail.com John Meyer Facebook: John Meyer Email: jmeyer4862@gmail.com Wyrd Forums: Flinroz
  15. Hello everyone! Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in Barnaul! 40 SS, scheme & strategies from GG 2017, 4 rounds for 2 hours each, first round start at 11:00 a.m. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59. Had to change the date because of the move.
  16. 50 Soulstones Tournament Date: September, 16th, 9:30 - 19:00 Location: Highlander Games Bremen, Bgm. Smidt-Str. 41, 28195 Bremen Rules: - fixed Faction - Gaining Grounds 2017 Rules set with one exception: No painting is required, but when Initiative is tied a fully painted crew wins against a not fully painted crew. - 3 Games To Registrate write me a Message or visit https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=19810
  17. Good news, Everyone! (c) Three rounds Malifaux Fusion tournament 1st round - Henchman Hardcore rules 2nd round - 35 soulstones Gaining Grounds 2017 3rd round - 50 soulstones Gaining Grounds 2017 pre-registration vk.com/geekwars final registration - at Geek Wars store August 19th till 12-00 up to 20 entrants, Entrance Fee 500RUR Prizes; 16 official tournament prize pack + extras Geek Wars: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, vk.com/geekwars
  18. Hello! Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in Simferopol (Kechkemetskaya street 13)! Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format, 6 rounds, first round start at 13:00 p.m. The Enforcer Brawl is an arena deathmatch where players take their favorite Enforcers and wreak as much mayhem as possible! This is a great format to use if you have spent all day playing competitively and your group is looking for something more laid back for the evening. It is also a great way to spend an afternoon if you want something different. This format is best played with between 4 and 8 participants; if your group has more people than this, you may want to consider breaking up into multiple Enforcer Brawls which are played simultaneously. More information in our “v kontakte" group: https://vk.com/club126564211
  19. Hello everyone we will be having our first story encounter tournament at the silver dragon tavern & games on August 6. The story encounter will be 3 rounds of a good team vs a evil team. Each round will pit good players vs evil players in a story driven mission. At the end of the day we'll have winning players and a winning team. The winning players will get prize support from the entry fees, while the winning team will get a small prize for having won the story encounter together. If you're not already part of our local group and wish to join just please let me know you will be joining us down bellow because I will be making special terrain pieces for each round and need to know if I must make more. Details: Location: Silver dragon tavern & games. 13754 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33186 Date and time: Aug/06/2017 Sign up:11:00am Starting time:12:00am
  20. Soulstone Mysteries Part 4

    The 4th of these cool and growing 50 SS tournaments will once again be held in Copenhagen! Last time people also joined from Sweden! Sign up here: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=101573.0 Feel free to ask me questions. I am Honsou on powerfist.dk/forum or simply ask me here. BR Erik
  21. We're back again in 2018 with CaptainCon. This year its Feb. 2-4. Book your hotel now (you can cancel for free 24 hours before without a fee). Tickets will go on sale soon and more information will be posted. With that said we will be running a 2-day 5 Round Gaining Grounds 2018 Malifaux event and Manny will be running Quick and the Fated as well as Pig Hunt. We will likely do a Henchman Hardcore too. Come join us for some of the best Malifaux gaming a weekend can buy! Make sure to reserve hotels for CaptainCon Feb 2-4! The room code is "CON" and you can cancel up to 24 hours before check-In for no charge (http://www.crownehotelwarwick.com/) Even if your only partially thinking of going good to get a room now. Rates are cheap too.
  22. Hello everyone! Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in Barnaul! 40 SS, scheme & strategies from GG 2017, 4 rounds for 2 hours each, first round start at 11:00 a.m. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59.
  23. Heroes and Villains Comics and Games is hosting an Enforcer Brawl Tournament Thursday August 17th. The Tournament will follow all the rules from the Gaining Grounds 2017 tournament packet as closely as possible and start at 5pm sharp. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reply here, message me, or come by or call the store. Heroes and Villains 4533 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, Arizona 85711 (520) 321-4376
  24. Countdown to GenCon Tournament! Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 Start time: 11:00am Location: Dragon's Lair Houston North Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Store Contact: (832) 761-0072 Dragon's Lair Website Are you going to GenCon? Dragon's Lair Houston North is hosting a Gaining Grounds 2017 tournament on August 12th that is the perfect chance to get in some last minute practice before you take your crew to the big times! Not going to GenCon? You should still come out and get in a whole day of Malifaux fun! This event will be a three round, 50 Soulstone tournament utilizing the Gaining Grounds 2017 rules. All models must be assembled but the painting requirement is waived for this tournament.All proxies and conversions must be approved prior to the event. Registration will begin at 11:00 AM. Round 1 will begin as close to 12:00 PM as possible. This tournament will be utilizing the schemes and strategies from the Gaining Ground 2017 packet, so if you are not already familiar with that you may find it here. The painting requirement will be waived for this tournament. Prize support and raffle will include Store Credit, Mystery Boxes, LE Models, LE Card, Guilders, and more! Entry fee is $10 and goes entirely to prize support.
  25. Am Samstag den 19.8 findet im Drachental Düsseldorf von 11:00 bis 16:30 Uhr das Faux-lympics Turnier. Dies wird mein erstes Event als offizieller Henchman sein und dementsprechend wird es Guilder und Mysteryboxen geben. Der Teilnehmerbeitrag beläuft sich auf 8€. In Malifaux ist die große Hitze ausgebrochen. Die unterschiedlichsten Gestalten versammeln sich, um sich in den Faux-lympics, den inoffizellen Summer Games, zu messen. Folgende Runden werden ausgetragen: 1. Runde (11:00 - 13:15) Ein normales 50ss Spiel, ein Master führt -trotz der enormen Hitze- die Crew an. 2. Runde (13:45- 15:15) Eine 35ss Runde, mit einem Master und Gefolge. Auf kräftezehrendes Beschwören wird verzichtet (Kartentext der sich auf "Summoning" bezieht wird als blank betrachtet.) 3. Runde (15:30- 16:00) 20ss Henchman Hardcore. Der Master verabschiedet sich in den kühlen Schatten und überlässt seinem Henchman das Feld. Die Regeln: Henchmen Hardcore - Deine Crew muss von einem Henchmen angeführt werden. - Du hast zusätzlich 20 Soulstones um drei weitere Modelle anzuheuern (nicht mehr,nicht weniger). - Alle Soulstones die nicht für Modelle oder Upgrades ausgegeben werden verfallen. - Der Soulstone Pool besteht nur aus dem, auf der Karte des Henchman, abgedruckten Cache. - Kartentext der sich auf "Summoning" bezieht wird als blank betrachtet. - Mercenaries sind erlaubt mit der üblichen Mercenary Tax. - Spieldauer ist 30 Minuten - Strategy: Modiefied Turfwar: Du kannst ab Runde 1 punkten und es reicht ein Modell zum punkten - Scheme: Kill the leader: der gegnerische Henchman muss sterben - Deployment: Close - Fate Hand: 6 Karten Der Gewinner, der 2. und 3. Platz werden aus den gesammelten Punkten aus allen drei Disziplinen ermittelt. Die Preise werden verlost. Lose werden wie folgt vergeben: 1 Los Teilnahme 3 Lose 1. Platz 2 Lose 2. Platz 2 Lose 3. Platz 1 Los für bemalte Crews 1 Los wenn alle Crews in allen 3 Disziplinen aus der selben Fraktion kommen 1 Los wenn für alle Disziplinen nur die Modelle aus der ersten Runde benutzt werden Teilnehmerliste 1. Matthes 2. Basti 3. SoOutOfHere 4. Lassa 5. Vince 6. Martin 7. Luxn 8. Chris 9. Andre 10.