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Found 190 results

  1. If a marker has a terrain feature like impassable or blocking, is the marker considered to be terrain? Some markers are listed as being terrain, such as the Shard Markers created by the Carrion Emissary, but others such as the Stash Markers in Guard the Stash, have terrain features but aren't listed as being terrain. This is important for abilities like Seamus' Back Alley which states that he must be placed within 1" of blocking terrain. There are also several placement abilities that say that a marker or model can't be placed in or touching terrain.
  2. what terrain is best for malifaux?

    At the momment, my terrain collection is very limited and I can only use it for a couple scenarios so far this has not been much of a problem but is starting to get a bit boring. I would like to know what terrain you would recommend purchasing.
  3. Noob question. The Waldgeist's 0 action, Germinate, summons up two 50mm tree markers that are - ht5, severe, soft cover terrain. Lilith, when using Beckon Malifaux, can use her 0 to summon up two 50mm illusionary forest markers that are - ht4, dense, severe, soft cover terrain. In the example below, if I understand this correctly (and I set this up so that NEITHER Lilith, nor the Waldgeist are actually touching their markers, thus they are 'outside' of their respective forests) the Guild Guard opposite Lilith's Illusionary Forest CANNOT draw line of sight to her because she's on the opposite side of dense terrain. However, the Guild Guard opposite the Waldgeist can draw line of sight to it because the germinate markers are NOT dense, thus the only benefit at that point is the soft cover trait (as he's still within 1"). Is that correct?
  4. Stained glass windows?

    Sooooo the other day I was working on a tower made from Hirst blocks I've been casting, and I really thought it needed something extra to spruce it up. And what could be better in castle ruins than stained glass windows? After a little bit of trial, error, and creativity, I came up with a method that works pretty darn well and is very much like frosted glass. Both sides are reflective like glass and let plenty of light shine through. However, the base is not completely transparent, in fact I could only use this method for stained glass with a frosted appearance (in my opinion) or with a lot of light colored space. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a method that would yield a more transparent result?
  5. Hello, wyrdfolk! So a rules question came up during my first game that we were unable to figure out at the scene. Can models with the Incorporeal ability end a move/push inside of Impassable Terrain? If no, what happens if an Incorporeal model is pushed into an Impassable piece of Terrain and the travel distance indicated on the rule that caused the push is insufficient to bring the Incorporeal model all the way through? I asked this question in a Malifaux facebook group and recieved several "No, they can not" and "That would be unreasonable" but nobody was willing to present any evidence to back up their claims so instead I once again delved back into the rulebook and did some digging myself and believe that I may have found the answer. I'll lead by compiling a list of the relevant sources I've been looking at: "Pushes...The pushed model cannot pass through impassable objects (such as other models, or walls) or climb. If a pushed model comes into contact with an object that is impassible, the pushed model stops in base contact with the object." -pg.46 small rulebook. "Impassable - Models cannot enter impassable areas of terrain, which includes moving through the walls of a building or into other solid objects." -pg. 74 small rulebook. "Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push..."-Lady Ligeia My current theory, based on the wording of the rules for Impassable Terrain and Incorporeal, is that Incorporeal models may indeed end their move/push inside of Impassable Terrain. This is because the only part of moving into impassable terrain that is usually prohibited is entry and that occurs during the models move/push - during which Incorporeal models ignore terrain. Is there some nuance of the language that I have not comprehended or something that I have just simply missed? If I am wrong, please prove me wrong, because I too of course realize that, depending on the setup of your terrain, having a bunch of models running around in places where they cannot physically be placed can be a total gameplay nightmare.
  6. How vertical is Malifaux?

    How vertical are games of Malifaux? Do games mostly take place on the same level, or should terrain allow figures to climb up on buildings of various heights, fight on catwalks, etc.?
  7. Malifaux Cheese Shop Items

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just another view of some of the items for sale (non-cheese): gremlin food, poison, misc items, some kinda cola...
  8. Malifaux Cheese Shop

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the inside. I designed the house so it would just come off (as does the roof) for ease of placing miniatures etc.
  9. Malifaux Cheese Shop Interior 2

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Another view of the inside, facing towards the door.
  10. Malifaux Cheese Shop Interior 1

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A view of the assortment of items available for sale, including of course, Cheese. Though if you ask, they'll likely be out of almost everything!
  11. Malifaux Cheese Shop 4

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    Just a view of the back for completionist sake.
  12. Malifaux Cheese Shop 3

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    And where would the loyal patrons of the Cheese Shop, go?
  13. Malifaux Cheese Shop 2

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    A closer view of the front of the shop.
  14. Malifaux Cheese Shop

    From the album Guildy's Minis and Terrain

    This is the front of one of my pieces of Terrain I made for Malifaux. It's a Cheese Shop (think Monty Python). It was designed to fit in with a western, more desert town feel.
  15. Ground Zero Comics and Games. 15139 Pearl Road, Strongsville, Ohio. 440-572-9599 I'll be doing a terrain and basing workshop on March 18th from 12-2 with demos and open gaming from 3-5. Materials will be provided and everyone attending can walk away with a terrain piece ready for painting. I have a large quantity of water effect material which can be used on any painted terrain or bases you bring.
  16. Zipp's 'Up We Go!' attack action reads: Place the target anywhere within 5" of its current position, not in terrain. My understanding of the word 'place' is that you ignore intervening terrain and models. Is this correct? More importantly, can this attack be used to 'place' the target model on top of a building or is that considered 'in terrain'? Is the 5" range of this effect measured strictly from a bird's eye view or would any change in height be included in the 5" range? In my imagination, Zipp is just grabbing somebody, jetting up into the sky and either dropping the poor sap or speeding back to the ground to suplex them into the dirt. But I'm not sure if that accurately depicts how the action functions within the context of the rules. In any event, my goal would be to dump the target on top of a building, or a stash marker, or some other piece of terrain and then force them to sit there or take falling damage to get back into the fight.
  17. Hello! I am a new player to Malifaux and I wanted to double check our terrain usage. My roommate and I recently decided to buy and try the Lady Justice and Seamus battle boxes and some basic research led me to notice Malifaux uses quite a lot more terrain than we're used to. We're mostly experienced with Warmachine and Guildball where terrain is mostly a suggestion. So I cut out some cardboard squares and color coded it into a few different terrain types and placed it around the board and to my eye it looks... Cluttered. I wanted to double check with the community to see whether or not we're on the right track. (The terrain in these examples is symmetrical for the sake of eyeballing how it looks. And isn't representative of how it might be set up in a real game.) The second image shows how it might look with some assembled Guildball models we had around. So the colors are hard to make out but the largest squares are houses, with some orange and red squares for rough/hazardous terrain. The purple boxes are 2ht crates (Which I think we're deciding you can shoot through) And "steam" is obscuring forest. The thin white rectangles are meant to be 1ht walls. (Which that's about a 3rd of what I printed out and it still looks like too much to me). So is that appropriate? If not what are some things I can do to balance the table so we can make sure to have more enjoyable and better balanced games? Thank you so much for your time and I'm really excited about getting into your game
  18. Malifaux City Build Diary Mk2

    In June of 2015 I started a project to create a ruined city terrain layout (the detail of the project can be found here http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/109091-malifaux-city-board-build-diary/ ). That project took about a year, and I've been playing on the board for around 6 month now. Having logged some times on the boards I've come to realize several deficiencies: 1. These boards heavily favor crews with lots of SH and ranged CA actions. The layouts sight lines that traverse the entire board, in two directions, and create kill zones. Scatter terrain mitigates this somewhat, but the amount of vantage point terrain on my board renders most of the scatter irrelevant. 2. The size of the roads severely limits terrain placement along the board edge if a road tile in on that edge. You basically on have 4" of clearance. 3. Creating additional boards to vary the layout is huge time sink because the current boards can not be cast in resin. They have numerous undercuts due to how the flagstone and cobblestone was built and attempting to mold the boards would result in torn molds or, even worse, damage the masters. I learned a lot in the build process, and have taken several classes about molding and casting since the boards were originally created. I've decided to re-build the boards, and eliminate the previously mentioned issues. The first thing I will be doing is reducing the individual board size from 12"x12" to 6"x6". That will allow more varied road layouts. Second I will be reducing the road width from 4" to 3". This, along with the reduced tile size, will limit areas of the board with large sight lines. Finally the boards will be be made from materials more tightly fitted to the MDF base, eliminating undercuts all together. By building the boards in this manner I will be able to cast the boards, and thus only need to create a few masters. So let get so some pics. First up are the renders of the new masters, along with a mock up of a possible layout versus the default layout of the old set. I've started working on a proof of concept sample. Instead of cardboard I will be using pink urethane foam to create individual flag stones. The foam will be cut in thin sheets using a foam cutting table with a rip guard. The strips will be cut to size and affixed to the MDF base. then They will then be textured by bashing them with a rock from my yard. The curb stones (which had the most undercuts on the old boards) will be cut to fit snugly in place. Finally everything will be sealed with watered down PVA (probably a 1:1 mix). The curb stones themselves will be very labor intensive but, as you will see, the effect will be worth it. Plus, I only need to create 5 masters, as opposed to 9 for the old set, then I can cast whatever else I need.
  19. Cemetery

    Made up of bits that were taking up the majority of a bin. I decided to match them to the rest of my terrain and make them generic enough for most systems including Malifaux. Managed twenty-two bases. I still have bunches of fencing to do. Hope you like. Snitchy sends.
  20. The Cave

    First post here, so greetings to all. I decided to make a post, well several, as I am starting my new table. While I do like the idea of a city, I wanted something different. Last month had me thinking about various themes I could do, but the one I like the most was an underground theme. So it is going to be a cave table, with different takes on the terrain types we have for Malifaux. First o, I have been into war gaming for ages and I love doing terrain. One thing I stopped doing over the years is the terrain base, aka the table, out of polystyrene. This has several reasons: - First of, as you move the models around, you will in the long term damage the base and I find it annoying to do repairs. Of course there are ways around this, but for me, the mat is the better solution. - Second, the storage is more annoying, as it is big, and you have to pay attention to the things on the terrain. For me again the mats is a better solution. - The third reason is, when you do one out of polystyrene you can do a lot with the ground, which then tends to look cooler and more realistic, but you lose a lot of modular options you have with the flat table and the terrain pieces to place on it. Granted you get less depth, but it is less fragile and easier to store in my opinion. Finding a cave mat was not easy and I wanted a grey stone one, as I find it better in terms of contrast. I did not find any that suited me, because I wanted a mousepad style of mat, so I had to settle for another colour. I ended up buying this one: http://www.urbanmatz.com/p/220/desert-3x3 The tone works for a cave I just had to change my colours. I plan to do the following terrains pieces A lot of blocking terrain - rock formations 3x forest - mushroom forest scatter terrain A - boxes scatter terrain B - mining carts & tracks dangerous terrain - lava I will try to make terrain for 2 mats, so we can have more games at the same times. And as a warning, I work sloly at times, so sometimes updates will take time. Thanks alot for reading and commenting
  21. Hi all, Brian from the Twits here. I've cross-posted this from the discussion forum because it might be of special interest to terrain builders/enthusiasts - our latest episode is all about the importance of terrain to a good game of Malifaux. Love to know what you think, or see anything awesome you've built/bought/carved from the bones of your enemies. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, Brian from the Twits here. Our latest episode focusses on the importance of terrain to a good game of Malifaux, from building your collection to creating a narrative while playing. As ever, all feedback is welcome, and I'm especially interested in seeing any awesome scenery you guys and girls have built/bought/summoned through diabolical means. Cheers!
  23. Hi there, I'm currently planning a Quarantine Zone terrain set and I'm lacking ideas for soft cover. The ideas so far are fences, hedges (which I don't like the idea of) and 'greenery' in the form of a small circular garden (like an English roundabout) but those would be dense as well so I'd like something more scattery. Any help would be great