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Found 164 results

  1. I’ll never use these, so we both win... keeping the bulk of my forces... These sales should interest Neverborn and Ten Thunders players... Pick and choose, mix and match, will list available models below: SOLD: Izamu the Armor 2x Bloodwretches Black Blood Shaman REMAINING: 3x Thunder Archers 2x Silurids 2x Terror Tots Pandora Poltergeist (30mm base with old card) Bunraku Miss Step Convict Gunslinger Mannequin Corrupted Hound Sorrow https://ibb.co/ncrdxw https://ibb.co/hs7Jxw https://ibb.co/eQpLAG https://ibb.co/c0qGjb https://ibb.co/fPc7qG https://ibb.co/ge8fAG https://ibb.co/h6PnqG https://ibb.co/mGnkcw https://ibb.co/d4Mdxw https://ibb.co/bE5tVG https://ibb.co/mxjgHw https://ibb.co/hUFcqG https://ibb.co/hkGiVG https://ibb.co/d8koxw Willing to ship internationally, but prefer North American shipping. Happy snowflake day, y’all! Specificity be the enemy of unity. Name yer price, yarr
  2. I must sell some of my gaming collection (old and new) to continue to fund an educational trip to Washington D.C. for my son. Let my eclectic selection of my collection help you build yours. I do combine shipping. Please check out my eBay listings at: http://www.ebay.com/sch/greyseerco/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1 (Lots end on 11/19/2017, Location: USA, I combine shipping) Of interest for this group is the following Lot Painted Malifaux Ten Thunders 12 Miniatures Lot - Includes “The Thunder” Box (Misaki, Ototo, Shang, 3 Torakage), 3 Oiran, 3 Monks of the Low River - Cards included
  3. Come Play At My Table

    When using Gwyneth's Come Play at my Table, it specifies that "the model's controller may place it into base contact", so you can also choose to not place models that failed. But when do you have to choose? 1) All models take the WP test, and then you choose who to place out of the ones that failed 2) Each model takes the WP test, after each one fails you chose to place it or not 3) All models take the WP test, choose whether to move all models that failed, or no models that failed.
  4. I'm going to preface this post by apologising for asking what might seem like an incredibly stupid question - Although I have been wargaming for around 26 years, I am incredibly new to Malifaux and the use of playing cards and suits, whilst a definite breath of fresh air, is a whole new ball game for me, so... I'm curious about the use of suits in TN - The example that came up in my first game was in the casting of 'Lure' by my wife's Oirans. The target number is given as '12 Crows/Masks', but the initial CA value is '8 Masks', so my question is, does this mean that (A) to be successful the player has to flip either a four-or-higher in Masks or a 12-or-higher in Crows, OR (B) the player simply needs to flip a 4-or-higher in either Masks or Crows (as an 8 and Masks is at least provided by the CA). We played it as option (A) as this seems the most logical/obvious answer, otherwise, it appears to be far too easy to cast 'Lure' if you just need a 4-or-higher in either Masks or Crows, but we wanted to double-check we had understood the interaction of suits correctly. As I say, potentially stupid question, but any patient assistance greatly welcomed!
  5. My problem with Burt Jebson

    Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and take him in about half my lists, but does anyone else realize that there's a massive error on his card? He's a mercenary. A mercenary that can be hired by the guild, neverborn and....the ten thunders? The crime syndicate which supposedly burned down his village in the fluff? The secret society that he swore vengence on and fuels his desire to be an action hero? It doesn't sit with me. Lazarus has "hate the maker" which makes it so he can't be hired by guild, why can't Burt have "Fear the thunder" or something similar.
  6. Triple Wokou Raiders

    Hey guys, Has anyone had success with three Wokou Raiders? The idea is to move them all together by using the built-in 'Drop It!' to trigger 'Ever Changing Wind' and leap-frog each raider up 3" at a time. Seems a good way to keep them all in combat, where they're relatively safer.
  7. So I've slowly been working my way through the gremlin masters, testing them out and enjoying each for different reasons. Ophelia is fun for her solo rampage, Mah is fun for those nasty alpha strikes, and Somer is...just great! I'm building Wong now and excited for him, but I'm already thinking of who to get next. Brewmaster looks seriously fun in a Ten Thunders crew but I've played against gremlin Brewmaster on several occasions and he just seems unimpressive. Are my opponent's not playing him properly, or is he just not worth playing in gremlins?
  8. Timeline of the Three Kingdoms

    Is there anything currently written down for timelines of the Katanaka Family's rise and fall within the Three Kingdoms? I'm doing some writing for a ghost eater PC, and I'm not sure if, timeline wise, this historical account would be before or after Yan Lo was cursed (and I'm also interested in when the rebellion against Toshiro and Izamu kicked off/ended as well). Thanks for the help.
  9. Working on my speed painting techniques. Painted this little guy in 1.5 hours.
  10. Welcome to the Little Kingdom

    I just wanted to share this amazing Ten Thunders themed terrain my friend Tim built for me. Let's see your Ten Thunders terrain!
  11. Ten Thunders Archer

    I have yet to add TT Archers to my collection and I doubt I ever will. The pros don't seem to out weigh the cons. Personal opinions aside the TT Archers have been coming up in threads lately as suggested models. Is there something I am missing? I currently use the Katanaka Snipers to good effects. Explain to me the benefits of TT Archers. Please. Thanks
  12. Hey there! I am a new player with one demo game so far and we are starting a Malifaux campaign this month. I think I am set to play Ten Thunders and once the campaign is rolling I will expand to a Yan Lo crew even though he seems to be an awful Ten Thunders Campaign Master to buy right away since i won't be able to use any models in his box except for chiaki. But my main problem is deciding on a leader and picking a synergizing crew that doesnt require spending a fortune. I narrowed the Henchmen down to these: Toshiro (standard with Yan Lo I guess, imho the ugliest model in malifaux) Ama no zako (rules read well, love her look and i'd like to hire her in any crew) Ototo (aesthetic wise my fav model) Besides the leader i would like to take these models : Tengu, cheap and fast scheme runners Izamu. Beautiful Model, rules read Well too Sniper, some ranged unit, not too shabby in melee either Ama no zako right now i am looking at the following crews: A: Leader: Toshiro -Izamu -Chiaki -Punk Zombie -Sniper -Tengu B. Leader: Ama no Zako -Yin -Izamu -Chiaki -Sniper -Tengu I hope that you can give me some fresh ideas for a crew, maybe even one where i can use a master's box Gameplay wise I like to have a well rounded group. Resilence, some hard hitter and a mobile crew. Def no stand & shoot army. open for any ideas Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello, guys, could you help me with my case? Few days ago I bought box with Relic Hunters. It`s a good set for me, but there is too little SS in box for comfort game. I`ve found some schemes how to hire crew for TT McCabe but i need something different... I need unversal roster where I can use Maximum models from Relic Hunters set. I need enfrocer and some more minions or other types of characters, I don`t know, please, help me! What do you think about using one of this guys as my enfrocer: Lone Swordsman, Izamu The Armor and Samurai? And also I found that shadow effigy and TT Brother works pretty good togheter. Also found that Terracota Warriors could be useful as protectors May be I`m on wrong way, what do you think about all of this? P.S. (Sorry for my bad English, just learning)
  14. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  15. WHO ARE THE TEN THUNDERS? Last week I injured my hand, rendering me unable to paint for some time. I've been itching to do some hobby stuff and now I have an idea for what: This thread will be a showcase of my painted TT models (photographed badly) coupled with a bits of fluff writing. The world of Malifaux is so rich in details and flavour, and I've often found myself imagining a place for the models I paint in it. The named characters are, of course, well established, as is the general relationships between the models in a faction, but the actual organizations, people and places are left just vague enough that we as players have to fill it in ourselves. I enjoy that immensely. The first entry will be my Ten Thunders Brothers. I uploaded this to facebook two weeks ago, and the positive response (as well as the hand thing) spurred me on to start this project. THE RED DEMONS "The Red Demons run the dockside markets of the Little Kingdom. Now, we all know crops just don't grow right this side of the Breach. If it isn't the taste, then it's the texture, or the tiny, singing mouths only visible in moonlight. But these guys? They've got peaches that taste like your childhood summers – you name it two days in advance, and they'll bring you any amount of fresh fruit or vegetables, hell, they can even get you flowers! Who can afford to pay the Guild cargo rates to bring in flowers? And how do they keep them from growing those tiny lidless eyes? Oh, and I guess I should mention the crates and crates of illegal weapons. I'm sure they'll have what you need. Couple of rules, of course: Payment in soulstones, immediately. And don't mention the masks. If they start talking about you meeting their little brother, or if they mention the name Ototo, just give them what you have and back away slowly. But if they mention The Lady, you run."
  16. Huggy.jpg

    From the album KrazyIvan's Miniatures

  17. What does Mei Feng Like?

    Hi all, My local community has an awesome-looking event coming up in the end of February, and I've decided to go with the Ten Thunders. I originally bought Mei Feng for my Arcanists that I ended up dropping, as well as Jakob Lynch for my Neverborn. I picked up McCabe during my LGS' recent holidays sale because I'm weak. Sorted by theme, my collection consists of the following: Mei Feng Emberling Kang 3 Rail Workers Rail Golem Mechanized Porkchop 3 Metal Gamin Jakob Lynch Hungering Darkness 3 Illuminated 2 Beckoners 2 Stitched Together 2 Depleted McCabe Luna Sidir Alchibald 3 Wastrels 2 Guild Hounds Shadow Emissary 2 Ten Thunders Brothers. As we're required to pick two masters, I will run Mei Feng and Jakob Lynch at the event. My question is, what does Mei Feng like? In short, I haven't played Mei Feng yet but I know what she does and I know her tricks. I am just not sure how to make a list with her with the above. I pretty much add her with Seismic Claws, Vapormancy, and Recalled Training in all my lists, followed by the Emberling and Shadow Emissary with the Conflux of Combat (this one is staying!). Then I add either Kang (for anti Resurrectionists or Arcanists) or the Rail Golem (because I love my model and it seems like a ton of fun). Finally, I just fill out the remaining points with Rail Workers and Metal Gamin. Should I be bringing one or two of my 10T Bros? Wastrels? They're both cheap and potentially awesome, but without Lynch's card tricks I'm not sure if they would fit with Mei Feng. Any thoughts, tips, and tricks are appreciated! I should add that I'm not looking to expand my 10T collection at this point. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello guys, I've just started playing Malifaux and bought Misaki's crew. Could you guys give me some advices on what would be good crew members to add, I'm thinking of adding Yamiziko and some Oiran to the her crew. Thanks-
  19. Luna and Sidir

    From the album HighRez Paint

    © Ask Your Fox

  20. McCabe twins )))

    From the album HighRez Paint

    My two McCabes. First mounted version was painted in 2014, by foot - 2016. That is why they are so different

    © Ask Your Fox

  21. My shelf

    From the album HighRez Paint

    My shelf with my part of Malifaux miniatures, my husband miniatures are upper

    © Ask Your Fox

  22. So I have an odd problem - namely, I found a 1e Sue miniature lurking in my Deadlands stuff. When I went to the Print on Demand website Wargame Vault that 10 card minimum stumped me, because I already FOUND an Arcanist Wave 2 box which had everything I needed for the one Crew I own (Colette's) with the other odd mini (Gunsmith) also covered by that box. So I started looking at the Upgrade cards from the Wave 1 box I was missing and it's got all the good generalist stuff - like Imbued Energies - that I'm not sure IS available in an actual boxed set. That got me to thinking about what generalist upgrades to print out for the OTHER factions. At this point, I could see myself at least a dozen other Master boxes (Seamus, Molly, Kirai, Rasputina, Marcus, Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Viktoria, Misaki) and, uh... more than a few other boxes. But I have to focus, more's the pity. So, what upgrades would you guys recommend printing off to at minimum fill out the other 9 cards, for Arcanists and Neverborn at first with an eye towards Resurrectionists and Outcasts after that?
  23. I haven't painted anything in a while, but I'm working on a new speed painting technique. This one is about an hour and a half in. Plan to finish the base and do some minor tweaks on the paint job, but overall I'm happy with the result so far.