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Found 59 results

  1. Hello Outcasts. There is a high likelihood that I will be getting Tara's crew box (either one of the special editions or the regular one), and I have seen snippets of people talking about a Void Wretch spam list. I was wondering if anyone has actually played this before and has tips/tricks, or if it is merely all theoryfaux at this point. Thank you for your help.
  2. So between theme and fluff, Tara has been creeping more and more towards the front of my "Which Master Next?" list. If I grab her box set, what should be my next buys? What strategies should I be looking at to employ?
  3. So! The new Tara. What are your fellow Outcast thoughts on the multiple buffs? I'm now tempted to run her with dual Marshals, Montresor, Scion and the Nothing Beast, but without Obliteration Symbiote. You save 2 SS on Symbiote (since there's always the Scion (0) to unbury all your three beaters), but lose the chain activation shenanigans. Monty combos with Price of Haste for a whooping -3 Wp which both the Beast and Scion will love. Only problem is, the tactic is pretty straightforward, and both the Scion and Beast could be wiped before they get a chance to activate. Any comment on the idea?
  4. From the album 2017 Painting Challenge

    March 2017 Painting Challenge WIP
  5. hi there, I`ve sometimes found annoying first activate Tara in order to make use of her reactivation. I would like to share an idea that might already been posted but... Whats your opinion on buring a bloodwretch, copy "the rage builds" and then make boosted attacks with tara, she becomes a much more efficient beater. Also you can give fast to an unburied bloodwretch and let it charge a friendly armoured model (maybe with graveyard spirit) to draw 4 cards, discard 2 of them and make 2 damage to that model.
  6. Hey guys, Quick question. I played against Pandora and her Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Misery ability with Sorrows. What was curious is that, if a model fails a duel in range of more than model with Misery, "it would suffer 1 damage from each model with the Misery Ability separately" (Bullet 105, Jan 2017 FAQ). Now, does this mean that Tara's new Upgrade Ability, The World is Empty, be able to discard a card to reduce damage by 1 for each instance of Misery damage? If the ability reads: "When a friendly Void model within 6 of this model suffers damage, this model may discard a card to reduce that damage by exactly 1 (to a minimum of 0)" I know the effectiveness or merit of this is debatable, I just want to know if it IS possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dear Outcasts, Von Schill & Viktorias seems to be a trouble for me. Most of the games against these two masters have been losen or draw by my two masters(Levi and Tara). My opponents often have folloving crew members: 1. Viktorias(both)+sisters+librarian+additional models like(Johan, trappers,...) 2.Von Shill+ 2 trappers+Hannah+Strongarm+librarian+... What shall I take into account playing against these two crews, which master and which models to chose?
  8. Hello, all. I've been working on a Tara list intended to take the Beastie Bomb to it's fullest possible extreme, while still retaining some viability in scheme running should the initial strike fail. I'm fairly new to the game, so thoughts/advice on the list or how best to play to it's strengths would be greatly appreciated. 50 ss Tara Outcasts list: Fastball Special Master Tara (Cache 4), Upgrade: Knowledge of Eternity (2 ss) Henchmen Scion of the Void (8 ss) Enforcers Killjoy (12 ss). Can start buried, and has a built in unbury mechanic, saving health and AP on the SotV. The Nothing Beast (10 ss), Upgrade: Void Shield (0 ss) Minions Rat King (8 ss). The strongest 8 ss or less minion available that can tolerate losing 4 wounds, since it can turn itself into a Rat Catcher. Friekorps Trapper (6 ss) Void Wretch (4 ss). Mostly there to heal the SotV when it gets itself in trouble. Basic play strategy: Killjoy deploys buried. The Friekorps Trapper deploys 6" from the opponent's deployment area, as close as possible to the bulk of the enemy crew (preferably in cover, but not essential. Even if it's killed on the first activation through bad luck on the initiative flip and unfortunate deployment, an angry Killjoy will pop out unless sacrifice/bury shenanigans were involved). Everyone else deploys in The Nothing Beast's nice 10" from The Faceless Oblivion. Strongest when deploying second and winning initiative. First, Tara uses Pull the Void 3 times to bury and give fast to the Scion of the Void, the Rat King, and The Nothing Beast (in that order). Then, the Friekorps trapper moves towards the enemy, shoots and Repositions to get a bit closer, then uses The Hollowing (from the SotV's Whispers from the Nothing) to unbury the Rat King. Ideally, the Rat King will kill an enemy model and unbury the rest of the crew. Failing that, it can also use The Hollowing to unbury the SotV to finish the job, and turn into a Rat Catcher if it's dropped below 4 wounds. If the Rat king dies before this, the rest of the crew unburies anyway. Unless there is a terrible run of bad luck/mismatched deployment, the enemy crew now has a Rat King, a SotV, a Fast Nothing Beast, and Killjoy in the middle of their deployment zone, and will probably have a rather bad day. The Rat King and the SotV will likely only have 4 wounds or less, but both have mechanics to get around that. Tara can reactivate and move up the field to rejoin her crew, run schemes, or whatnot while the enemy crew is dealing with the massive new threat in it's ranks or running away. An alternative list I'm considering replaces the Rat King and Killjoy with Montressor, Ama no Zako (as Henchmen, they won't take damage from The Hollowing, and are more likely to secure the unburying kill than the Rat King), and a Malifaux Child (for the additional casting of Pull the Void needed to bury the extra model). Such a draft would be stronger in combat and offer more tactical/movement options than the first list, but requires an extra activation to set up which any sensible enemy crew will be using to scatter to the four winds, and opens the risk of the enemy crew killing the Friekorps Trapper before Tara can get everyone buried.
  9. I was playing against Tara the other day. When Tara brings the Obliteration Symbiote upgrade, she can unbury an enemy, non-Leader model and Chain Activate into it. This raises the following questions. During the unburied model's activation: Which models does it consider friendly and which enemy? Which deck does it flip from? Which control hand does it cheat from? Whose soulstone pool does it use from?
  10. I've been going over the Pull My Finger pages and I'm really interested in trying out the "Beastie Bomb" list described in the Tactics section. Just looking for some suggestions on specifically which models to get to it, a.k.a. what the full list's gonna look like. So far I've got just a rough idea on how this is gonna go down. Help?
  11. The little guy should come out in a month now, so I had the curiosity to look at his profile in the third book. He seems to be a real push for any Tara crew. Few examples : Burry him and get a whole horde of void wretches make 1/4/7 Ca6 attacks instead of the 2/3/4 Ml4 they usually have (thanks to Whispers from the Nothing). Void wretches can heal the Scion with their Satiating void afterwards. Summon a horror with Karina's The faces of Oblivion and the Scion of the void can unburry it in the next turn so that Karina can summon more horrors. Too bad this doesnt work on Killjoy... You need to teleport him to the other side of the board ? Just burry him with a Death Marshall and make another minion unburry him where you need him to be with the Hollowing (through Whispers from the Nothing again). I was wondering : as a way to burry the Scion of the void, can I ask Ama No Zako to use Promising Whisper on an enemy to make him target the Scion of the void and burry the Scion with Returning home ? If so, do I need the scion to be in range of the attack to target him ? Or can he be beyond range to be targeted ?
  12. In what schemes/strategies would you take the Void-Lady, and are she better option than some of the other in-faction power houses in a specific set of strategies/schemes?
  13. The Gunsmith locked eyes with her opponent, across the barrels of her smoking pistols. "How are you still alive? I've killed nephilim with worse shots!" Tara smirked, glancing at the hole in her chest. "Well, my dear.. It seems I'm Better Off (un)Dead" ;D
  14. Hello Again! I'm here with my newest battle report! Another game down at Connections Gaming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this game, Rafkin spends some time contemplating the universe in the void and Tara gets to a strong prescription from the Doctor. finalsoulstone.squarespace.com/blog Next week I'll be doing another master. It's been a while since I pulled out Nicodem, but I also need more time with Seamus. I guess we wait for next weeks strats and schemes.
  15. Wassup Mali-friends? Check out my epic tournament report from the recent Twatifaux event here: http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184300 It was the largest Australian Malifaux Tournament yet. Happy days!
  16. Hey guys, So here is my 3rd Malifaux Video, and the 2nd to be posted on my FLGS Channel. Check it out, I think it is an improvement over the last, and hope you guys like it! If you do, feel free to comment like and subscribe as it really helps me out as a content creator, and it will help my store out a great deal. Links to our Social Media can be found in the video discrption. Thanks guys! https://www.youtube.com/embed/GYbMsTNC23M
  17. I know, I know; She's possibly one of the worst totems in the game (although she shines once in every full moon). Just curious though; What would you have liked to have seen as a totem for Tara; Failing that what would you have liked to see Karina bring to the table instead of her current manifestation. Also is there any expanded fluff on her yet? not seen the new book yet.. I feel she has the potential for an awesome back story..?
  18. Been seeing that her outcast loadout is better equipped and strictly better than running her in Ressers. As a theorycrafting exercise, what kind of model, upgrade, etc that could be printed to make her a more viable option without copying what Outcasts have?
  19. So I have been dragged kicking and screaming through the breach and found that I enjoy card shuffling and Weird (wyrd?!) gothic steampunk. I have the following models in my box Tara Karina Nothing Beast 3x Void Wretches 3x Guild Autopsies 3x Crooked men 3x Punk Zombies 1x Death Marshal 1x Hanged 1x Drowned Not played much so far but for 35ss I generally play a bury game have yet to get the hang of using fast/slow effectively, So I default to this list Tara Karina Nothing Beast 3x Void Wretches Death Marshal Now my question is where do I go fro here, Have been looking at buying Hannah and KillJoy but I would love to have the option of another master to be able to choose different play styles.
  20. Hey All, Had Tara for a while now since the nightmare was available back-in-th'Day and while i initially had loads of fun using her and won a fair few games, my interest has since waned and find that she's getting less and less board time due to being a bit meh in comparison to other outcast/resser masters.. Don't get me wrong, having her reactivate and the like is great.. but her themed crew... I find them extremely lack-lustre. How are people running her these days? Are you dipping into the ressers or staying in the outcast faction - also how is the wave 3 stuff with her? (picking up loyalties tonight to see for myself). Further does anyone feel like The Nothing Beast would have been a great Henchman rather than an enforcer? I feel 10 ss for him at the moment is simply a waste in comparison to other similarly priced models... I'm really interested to see what people have to say about Tara and her crews as a whole so please stick your oar in on anything you believe is relevant
  21. Hello quick question, I own Leveticus Box, Johan, Desolation Engine. For next buy I can choose: - Von Schill box + Hannah or - Tara + Killjoy + Hans + Outcasts effigy or - Hannah + Kiljoy + Hans + effigy What would you take? I think that the best idea is to take set with second master -VS + Hannah Of course I can mix it, but I don't think that VS + Killjoy will be good choice.
  22. I have played Tara a few times at this point. Not enough to master her, but enough to get the idea behind her. While I am still figuring out Tara (and knowing that the reactivate every turn may not be the best thing), my frustrations with the Nothing Beast are extreme. Every time I have brought it, it does little to no damage. I do try to keep it buried and re-bombed out if need be, but the minimum damage of 2 is way too risky for me. Generally, what I will do is give it fast and when I bring it out, try to either focus and attack twice or focus once and charge if I have to. For instance, last game I played was Sunday. It was Guard the Stash with Take Prisoner, Bodyguard, Breakthrough, and Spring the Trap. It was vs Arcanist. My list was Tara with Obliteration, Dead of Winter, and Knowledge of Eternity, Karina with the summoning upgrade, a Death Marshall, Aionus, The Nothing Beast with the 0 Upgrade Shield, and 3 Void Wretches. His list was Mei Feng, Kang, Joss, a Metal Gamin, 2 Metal Workers, and the emberling. I can't remember all the upgrades. I ended up winning, but it was beyond frustrating as a I didn't win initiative until turn 4 (so much for positive flips), despite stoning every turn, I had one turn where I had some decent cards, which left me to just chancing it (didn't work out so well). And when the Nothing Beast did attack, around 5 or 6 attacks he just did min damage despite having focused attacked a bit. I DID land one severe turn 3, killing Kang and denying Bodyguard (which is why I won), but in general, it was like I was made of paper. He got in my face. I tried to bury threats and failed. I tried to kill threats and failed. I essentially won because 1. I got a lucky damage swing on Kang and 2. I was able to get a void wretch in his back field early to get full on break through. The schemes I picked were Bodyguard on Aionus and Breakthrough, btw. My previous game with Tara and the Nothing Beast was similar. Maybe it is just me, but I am always wishing I brought Killjoy or Bishop. Is there something I am missing? Or was my Tara list just ok? I kind of wish I dropped Dead of Winter, the Nothing Beast, and The Death Marshall for a Trapper and Killjoy.
  23. Scion of the Void's Returning Home ability reads as follows: Returning Home: When this model is targeted with an enemy Action it may discard a card to become buried and make the Action fail. At the end of the Turn, if this model is buried, sacrifice it. Does the "At the end of the turn, if this model is buried, sacrifice it." Apply only when Returning home is used, or is it sacrificed at the end of the turn if it's buried no matter how it came to be buried? Thanks in advance.