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Found 18 results

  1. Hello fellow guildies! Lurkers from other factions may also feel free to add to this of course. I was contemplating whether it was worth it to assemble Taelor and use her for my guild crews. I don't have Nellie yet but all the other masters. After starting assembly I'm beginning to doubt if she is even remotely useful. I don't really see when I would pay four stones more for Taelor than Johan. They have the same attack, wk and ch but Johan can flurry. Taelor has a couple of triggers that I guess I could stone for when needed. Taelor is slightly tougher to kill but doesn't grant me a marker when she dies and can't remove conditions so to get the same use I need to add a stalker to the list. In faction she can be compared to the Peacekeeper which is faster, does more damage and is harder to kill as well as having marker removal options. I guess Welcome to Malifaux can be useful occasionally but since she can't vault over stuff when she charges that ability seems so easy to block. Just walk any old peon to block her base in the direction you intend to summon and she is completely wasted that turn. What am I missing here?
  2. I appear to have come late to the Malifaux party, although not to the hobby. I picked up the Molly box set because it looked quite cool and I had looked at Malifaux years ago but I think it is a fairly well accepted opinion that the rules were not the clearest and also no one I knew played it. I had bought some of the older metal figures, which I still have, by happy coincidence Madame Sybelle was amongst them which has proved fortunate. I have not played a lot of games but am totally hooked. So far I have only used Molly (Horror) as a Master and I am loving her. I am beginning to think she is not the easiest of first Masters but you can get the hang of her eventually. I have been fortunate to face a great variety of enemy masters to get a real feel for the game. To me the strengths are: · You don’t need an awful lot of models for a decent crew – I have found this to be slightly less true of Molly but that’s because she has so many sexy summoning options and in two flavours! University of Transmortis? Don’t mind if I do. Dead Doxies? Why not. · There is no set winning combination – you cannot put together an unbeatable combination of models and just win every game. For instance I have used Bete Noir 4 times. Once she didn’t get on the board for 3 turns, once she got shot to pieces on arrival, and twice she has been man of the match and scored me 2 VPs on her own. Watching her go to town on a group of Gremlins is a thing of beauty, watching a Guild gun line blow holes in her and realising you didn’t save a 10 to bring her back not so much. · The schemes mean you don’t just win by killing the enemy models or Master – I am looking at you Warmahordes. Obviously the more models you can afford to buy the more options you will have but most generic crews can have a shot at most schemes. If there is such a thing as a generic crew of course. · The game is well supported – Forums like this one, and Pull My Finger, are an absolute goldmine and people are friendly and willing to help. Most questions I have thought of are answered on here, often in great detail, and it really helps you get your head around the rules. Godswearhats guide is an excellent resource that I refer to a lot when looking at new options. · The card system – brilliant. Although the symbols on the back of the character cards could be a bit clearer, my glasses are not for show and a few is that a crow or a mask? moments have been known to happen. My only real issues with the game is some of the wording can be a little open to interpretation and the terrain rules are a bit woolly, but it becomes easier and I have yet to play anyone who wasn’t happy to either explain something I was struggling with or quickly come to an agreement about what it meant. I struggled with the built in suits as well, but its easy enough once you understand it. Resurrectionists are simply awesome and mark my words someday Molly is going to be top dog. She is very clever and not insane. Not totally insane anyway. Well OK she is insane but who isn't? Every faction has some simply awesome models, I sometimes find painting a chore (skaven!) but have loved painting these. They are not always the easiest to put together, the Necrotic Machine nearly reduced me to tears, and the online instructions are from the Ikea system. Here is a picture of the parts, here is a picture of the model put together with some arrows in case you don’t know where legs go. From my admittedly limited experience new models do not imbalance the game or appear to be super troopers that you can’t win unless you own. I am not naming names here as that would not be fair to GW, but that can be irritating in some games systems. Once I have completed my Ressers (never going to happen) I am thinking of giving Gremlins a go, just for something different. Finally, any tips on stopping Taelor smashing her way through all my summoned models? She is like the Anti-Molly! So far my tactics in dealing with her have met with limited success. Doxies to move her out of her charge range of where I want to summon; do the summon before she has activated so her Welcome To action is not up or stand something bigger between her and the summon which she eventually beats to death anyway. She scares my Iron Zombies, which is just wrong! Look forward to many more games and using/hearing the expression “It does WHAT??”
  3. Hallo! We have no any new figures and games to show, but I have new artwork to look. Not the last, I have some ideas to make. I'll find this printed version of Taelor and have some free time in the evening and new box of Derwent pastel pencils to try. PS: Then I'll show my version of Dora and Candy, and some sketch for bigger art.
  4. Here's my entry for the Taelor colouring competition, All digitally painted in Photoshop
  5. It's been a while since I've been able to paint my own models (been working on some commission stuff recently), so I took some time to finally paint up everyone's favourite foul-mouthed mercenary, Taelor. I'm a bit of a geek on top of all the nerdiness that comes from miniature-based hobbying, and a big fan of Scott Pilgrim. I own a gorgeous t-shirt with one of Megan Lara's designs on it, a lovely pastel-coloured Ramona Flowers effort that regularly accompanies me to Malifaux tournaments, and made my mind up to paint Taelor in the same colours, seen as she's got such lovely hair and a big hammer too. Above is the result of all that, brightly dyed hair, big purple hammer, and seven exes and all. Of course, it's not strictly Ten Thunders, but Taelor Flowers does occasionally accompany Lucas McCabe and Mei Feng to battle, so I figured I would get away with throwing her in here too. While I finish off the rest of my commission work I'm working on how to make Toshiro's dead flesh look properly gruesome, so I can get through the rest of my Ancestor's crew; it's also a cheeky excuse to paint the Komainu I ordered at Gencon, too. Hopefully I'll get on to that lot soon!
  6. So basically, I'm getting halfway decent at the game. Just with Nicodem, though, my favorite. So my friends have eyed Taelor as a counterpick, possibly to force me to learn McMourning/Seamus more. The PullMyFinger article has decent points, but as with all of their articles, the community here has better ideas. Don't summon models within her smashing range! She'll ruin your day if you do. Summon them out of her sight when she has Welcome to Malifaux up.Take advantage of her slow speed and lack of ranged attacks.Ranged attacks work well against her. Attacks that Slow can keep her out of the actionWe dont excel at range attacks, she's immune to horror duels, and "slow speed" only really counts turn 1-2 tops. A 7" threat or a 9" charge threat isn't "slow" by any means, but she certainly isn't Valedictorian fast. And I always can try to win initiative, but if I dont, I could probably safely assume my opponent will activate her first to hit that (0). I thought maybe summoning Fleshies and hiring big fatties like Yin and Validictorian would be worthwhile. Easy to block LOS behind those and have vulture ferry corpses behind them, or have mindless move behind terrain and do that. Seems like a smart idea. Any other suggestions?
  7. From the album Crazy_Ivans Outcasts

  8. From the album Crazy_Ivans Outcasts

  9. From the album Crazy_Ivans Outcasts

  10. From the album Crazy_Ivans Outcasts

  11. From the album Hired Swords

  12. Hey! I just started into this great game. Here's my first model!
  13. So I got most of these models months and months ago and I've finally finished some of them (enough for a 25 or 30ss game). There are a lot of pictures in the gallery that the photo will link to and I've got a forum log on DakkaDakka where I put up pics as I work. Hope you enjoy the 'Viktorias' Vicous Vixens' crew (name pending) oh, I am just getting settled in in Hermitage UK so if anyone sees this, I hope to get these girls out to the Newbury nights for the Newbury and Reading Wargames club if anyone plays Malifaux out here.
  14. Hello All, I just thought that I would share some Wyrd miniatures that I had painted lately. I put Taelor and the Ice Witch's pet together on the same base. They seem to go together for me I've also started posting on CMoN (with mixed results), so in case you are so inclined : http://www.coolminiornot.com/229097 Take Care,