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Found 2 results

  1. Kirai with Nix

    Not sure if it's the first thread on this matter, but my search-fu just failed. So... Kirai is the only non-outcast master who is allowed to use Nix , granted she also buys Hamelin. The combination seems to be mighty expensive and un-effective for the price, but the possibility can't be accidental. Okay you gain five significant seishin (nihilism) or extra actions when Kirai casts any summoning (gorge on pain), and you get access to nice de-buffing abilities. Still, I'm not sure if it's worth trying. Did anyone use Kirai with Nix? (Or with the Stolen, for that matter.) If you did, how did you manage to make it work? Thanks for sharing your ideas or experience!
  2. The stolen..

    Just started playing Hamlin the Plagued, and had a question about the stolen, basicly when they die 3 things happen - - Horribal Realization When this model is killed or sacrificed ... model that killed / sacrificed must win a wp -> 13 dule or be paralized - Inevitable Fate When this model is killed or sacrificed ... summons a rat into base contact before it is removed from play - No Humanity When this model is killed or sacrificed ... -2 wp to everyone within 6" simplified the text a bit as I dident want to type it all out what order do these happen in? Not sure if there is something that states it ad it can make a difference looked atound the forums and dident see anything on it.. Any clairification would be welcome. thanks