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Found 4 results

  1. CheshireMonkey

    Questions on our porcine friends.

    Ok I have some questions that I'm failing to find answers to if they've been asked before. Last night was my first Malifaux game in quite some time and it was for the Shifting Loyalties campaign. I started with Old Major, two piglets, a war pig, and a wild boar. This is the first game I've ever put pigs on the table without a gremlin and mistakes were made and questions came up. My first turn was messed up because I believed that the pigs had to charge the enemy front line and couldn't move normally. I basically fed my opponent my crew. So I just want to double check. The charge only happens if the pig has a target in charge range? The stampede trigger came up and I realized that I've never used this before either. I've only ever used pigs as catapult fodder really. Does a pig take disengaging strikes from stampeding?
  2. When a warpig/piglets enters Stampede, a killing spread berserker mode, even though it’s a bit un logic it still has to make a WP duel against abilities like Harmless? Reference: Stampede: A Stampeding Pig model must use all of its AP to take Swine Dash Actions and cannot take (0) or (all) Actions. Stampede ends when there are no non-Pig models in this model’s LoS when it would take the Swine Dash Action. (1) Swine Dash: Target the closest non-Pig model in LoS. This model must Push its full Cg directly toward the target, and may go beyond the target. During the Push it may move through, but not stop on, other models’ bases. If this model is in base contact with the target model at any time during this action it interrupts the Push to make one Gore Strike against the target with a +to the Damage Flip. When declaring the Swine Dash Action this model may ignore other models in base contact with it when determining the target. This model cannot take the Swine Dash Action unless Stampeding. My second question is about the (0) Eat Your Fill and Slow to Die, if I’m not horribly mistaking, a model is not considered killed before it’s removed from play and their for the (0) happen after Slow to Die? Reference: (0) Eat Your Fill: This model may immediately use this Action after it kills a model with a melee attack. Heal all wounds suffered by this model and immediately end its activation. I’m new in this game and to the rules, so if you cud reference your answers to the rule bock (got the one with the dude with the pine box on his back) it would really help my understanding. Thank you in advance!
  3. Question 1: If a pig is already stampeding, is it affected by Terrifying? Question 2: Would the pig's Swine Dash Action fail due to a failed terrifying test or does it gain immunity to terrifying since the pig is already stampeding and would only begin stampeding again at a failed terrifying test or does the initial action succeed and if starting in a threat zone then does is take the terrifying check? To me it seems pigs gain immunity to terrifying when stampeding as they only further gain stampeding. Question 3: I was playing again a Collette crew with Cassandra which stated she can not be targeted with Melee attacks until turn 3 unless she make an attack. Unless I am mistaken this means she can't be attacked with a swine dash action (melee portion at least). Is my analysis correct?
  4. We have been playing for a year and a half by now in my gaming club, and Seamus vs Gremlins is often seen here. We have always felt that the way we play the Pigs when they lose a Morales Duel is a bit strange: It is pretty clear on the Stat card that when a Pig would fall back, it Stampedes instead. Ok, no problem. But what happens after it? Lets say we've got Seamus and a Pig comes close enough to his Terryfing range, it fails the Mrale Duel and the Pig's got 1 AP left, does it make an inmediate Swine Dash attack vs the closest model, and it costs it its only AP left? Lets say Seamus is the closest, so he takes the Swine Dash, but the Pig keeps moving through and then it faces a Hanged, entering its Terrifying rango. Would the Pig have to do another Morale Duel? What would happen if the Pig loses it? Would it start inmediately another Swine Dash vs the Hanged? We have been playing this way, and sometimes it has led to some really weird chaining of Swine Dashes when the Pigs keep entering one model's Terryfing range after another, but it doesn't look like we are playing it well, so here I'm asking for how it should be done. Thanks in advance