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Found 11 results

  1. Shock & Awe

    Scion of the Void

    From the album: Putting Paint to Plastic

  2. Shock & Awe


    From the album: Putting Paint to Plastic

  3. Hi, people. Ask this question in Outcast forum, but not receive a clear answer:
  4. Hi, people, I have a question. Leveticus have an ability Pariah's Soul: When this model killed or sacrificed, it not killed or sacrificed. Instead, bury this model. Remove all conditions and heal all damage on this model. Scion of the Void has a trigger Forgotten to Time: After this model becomes buried, it suffers 4 damage. Question: If Leveticus have this condition and use his (0) Sanguine Evocations and burying himself he's suffered 4 damage from the condition and then remove the condition and heal all damage or he's first removing the condition and it has no effect?
  5. KrazyIvan

    March 2017 WIP

    From the album: 2017 Painting Challenge

    March 2017 Painting Challenge WIP
  6. Franchute

    Scion of the void

    The little guy should come out in a month now, so I had the curiosity to look at his profile in the third book. He seems to be a real push for any Tara crew. Few examples : Burry him and get a whole horde of void wretches make 1/4/7 Ca6 attacks instead of the 2/3/4 Ml4 they usually have (thanks to Whispers from the Nothing). Void wretches can heal the Scion with their Satiating void afterwards. Summon a horror with Karina's The faces of Oblivion and the Scion of the void can unburry it in the next turn so that Karina can summon more horrors. Too bad this doesnt work on Killjoy... You need to teleport him to the other side of the board ? Just burry him with a Death Marshall and make another minion unburry him where you need him to be with the Hollowing (through Whispers from the Nothing again). I was wondering : as a way to burry the Scion of the void, can I ask Ama No Zako to use Promising Whisper on an enemy to make him target the Scion of the void and burry the Scion with Returning home ? If so, do I need the scion to be in range of the attack to target him ? Or can he be beyond range to be targeted ?
  7. So, when shifting loyalties came out and I saw that Tara finally had her own henchmen but it didn't have a model and a few friends and I were just about to host Wyrd's new campaign system at our local store, I decided to attempt to find a suitable model until a real one was released. I feel like i found a pretty decent substitute for the time being and decided to share with the rest of the community, because quite frankly the the other substitutes I came across in my search were pretty awful in my opinion. The model I ended up going with in the end was an infinity model actually, the link... http://store.infinitythegame.com/articulo.php?f=1&s=8&o=3&id=363... As many of you that have also been looking may have found out, it's quite difficult to find a squid head humanoid model. So, what I ended up doing was I took that model added extra tendrils to the hair area, added 2 more arms and I feel like it turned out quite well. Sorry for the quality, the pictures were taken with my phone, but here's examples of what i finally ended up with. I hope this helps others. Oh, and the extra arms I used were one from the Miss Ann Thrope model (the left bat arm) and the right consists of part of an old Pink horror warhammer 40k's forearm and the hand holding the halberd from the model i posted, and the book arm consists of an old sisters of battle book hand and the forearm of the model i posted. Hopefully the pics at least give you an idea what I did.
  8. Needed a Scion of the Void for the full Tara experience. He had to hit all the major elements of the artwork and theme from the new book; alien squid-y face, four arms, robes, big important book. So, after a little searching around, take 1 old metal Collodi, chop off his head (you've always wanted to, anyway, right?). Mix in the outer extremities of a Bones mini, then homebrew a book out of extra PlastCraft sprue. Paint to go with other-worldly Nothing Beast theme and there you have it. He'll do for now. If I had more time, I'd do something to his robes, but that'll have to be another day.
  9. D_acolyte

    scion of the void book vs beta??

    Anyone care to tell me how far from the final beta version the scion of the void ended up?
  10. ierthling


    So, who can sell me on the Scion? I hadn't started playing Tara yet during the beta, so I'm just now learning her and thinking of adding him into the crew. As a sometimes-Arcanist player, this guy looks to me like a sort of Firestarter: a cheap henchman (cheap relative to other henches, I mean) with a lot of mobility: between blink and his bury/unbury trick he can move around the board pretty effectively. Other useful synergies I'm immediately seeing: using a Death Marshal while the Scion is buried to first hit a model with Empty Lessons triggering Forgotten to Time, and then burying it with the Pine Box, giving it four damage. If you've got the Nothing Beast with his 0-upgrade in range, you could do the same thing with everybody who has the Glimpse the Void trigger, but otherwise since you've already got the Scion buried no Glimpsing the Void for you. Hungry Emptiness, while it's buried, adds a decent ranged attack to all your non-peon models, if you've already managed to put damage on the enemy. I particularly like the idea of, say, using Lazarus to blast 3 damage onto a bunch of models, and then letting your Void Wretches steal the attack to pile on more. As long as you make sure a Wretch heals the Scion periodically, you're ok to keep doing this. I guess occasionally borrowing Blink could be pretty sweet: it gives a sort of leap to all your models, as a 0 action, meaning something like Deliver the Message gets a whole lot easier. A Fast model could leap, walk, and still have 2 ap to deliver, attack, or whatever. Now that I think about it, this actually seems like one of the most useful things the Scion can do. But then you've got to remember to heal it after you've done all that damage by borrowing its attacks, and then use somebody else to unbury it, probably by borrowing its 0 action. It seems to me like having him on the board would threaten to take over my brain, particularly given that Tara already eats up a lot of brain power making sure everything activates in the right order, figuring out which things can and can't still be buried, maneuvering to deploy the fast bubble correctly, and all that. Have people run the Scion to their satisfaction? What other tricks am I missing? What happened that made you glad you took him? Is he really your Henchman for Tara now, or would you still pick Hannah most of the time?