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Found 9 results

  1. OperStrike Painting blog

    Hello! My name is Victor (OperStrike). I'm from Russia. I decided to make a blog of his work) Happy viewing) 1. Lady Justice - Judge, Jury, and Executioner. base for them:
  2. Tournament "Infiltration" 7/23

    "Welcome to Malifaux!" These words were written in blood on a plate, the basis of which was not a very fortunate man. Not a very cordial welcome, but you knew where and why you were going. Stones of souls, only they matter. Who has more, he also orders music Attention attention! We invite everyone to the new "Infiltration" Tournament! July 23 Beginning at 1:00 pm Format 25ss 3 rounds Painted miniatures is desirable but not required Location Hobby Center "White Wolf", Baikalskaya st. 250/1, 3rd floor Prizes for all places)) Applications for the tournament are done here: https://m.vk.com/topic-112524222_35920599 Regulations and questions to it here: https://m.vk.com/topic-112524222_35920696 And remember: bad things happen???
  3. On 6 July we invite all to start a new league "Before They Are Hanged" will be started in Bryansk, Leprechaun club (Krasnoarmeyskaya str, 136B). All details see in our group: MALIFAUX Community in Bryansk
  4. Shtuka 2017 will be the largest hobby convention ever held in Russia. More than 30000 expected visitors will gather on 2nd and 3rd of September at the Central House of Artists, so we'll make demos for several hundreds of people. More details coming soon.
  5. Demo games in "White Wolf"

    Hello everyone! I am glad to invite everyone to demo games on Sunday, June 4nd. Venue Hobby Center "The White Wolf", Russia, Irkutsk, Baykal'skaya 250/1, 3rd floor. Start Time 2:00 pm. Hobby Center "The White Wolf" MALIFAUX Community in Irkutsk
  6. League "New Dawn" 04/22 - 05/22

    The rift is gaining strength and attracts all the new hunters for the Stones of Souls! I invite everyone to the first League "New Dawn"! The league starts on April 22 and will last 4 weeks. Each new week, additional rules will work. Venue Hobby Center "The White Wolf", Russia, Irkutsk, Baykal'skaya 250/1, 3rd floor. Start Time 2:00 pm. Hobby Center "The White Wolf" MALIFAUX Community in Irkutsk
  7. Hello Folks! I am glad to inform you that we have completely moved to new premises. Now all our events will be held in the hobby centre "Diceville" I am ready to carry out demo games every Saturday at 14:00 (preferably by prior personal agreement). Come and bring your friends.
  8. Welcome comrades! Every Thursday from 15:00 we continue to play A Stich in time campaign. The number of people wanting to play huge, so gentlemen, please register in advance. Limit: 6 people. The game will be held at "DiceVille" hobby center, Televizornaya 1 Building 4, second floor. (Shopping district "Emerald City") Good luck to all!
  9. Tournament in "Mantikora"! Up to 10 team of 3 people! Format - 50 SS x 3 (may dublicate Factions in team) Date - 10 of December 2016 Fee - 999 Rub / Team Prizes - Mystery boxes and Cup for 1st place. For more information and registration - https://vk.com/topic-72994017_36211799