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Found 3 results

  1. So, i have a question for you guys. More of an Opinion piece i suppose, but i would like to hear how you feel. When it comes to the four riders i see a pretty consistant trend in their use. There seems to be a pretty obvious leaning in one way or the other that some of the riders are better than the others. Maybe it's what they bring to the faction, or maybe it's their ss cost for what they do. I am going to rank them on how i see them getting used (in frequency only) and i would love to hear some input as far as their usefulness in your own crews. Levi players, i would doubly love your opinion as you have the abililty to hire all four and so you've probably at least proxied each of them and can maybe give me some insight. (most of this comes from the last several years of reading battle reports and watching people post thier "is this a good list?" threads. And for two of the riders, it comes from my own experience.) 1. Dead Rider he is the one i see the most people hiring (odd that he is also the most expensive) His skills are pretty great, and the mobility he gives the resurrectionists is undeniably great. i know there is was a lot of debate that HtW2 is a bad thing, but more often than not, it's worked out in my favor. I do own him, and while he's no auto include, he does find his way into about 2/3 of my McMourning lists. 2. Mechanical Rider. This is the one i see taken next. Lots of Ramos players have hired her to add a quickness to the early game of Ramos. But there is a definite drop off here. It seems that she is taken less and less after the first couple of games that players use her in. I'm not sure why as i don't really read up on her since i don't play any crew that would hire her. 3. Hooded Rider. He and the Pale rider are really kind of tied for the bottom with the exception that i own this guy and occationally hire him into Lillith or Zoriada crews when i'm feeling frisky. He is basically just a giant target to distract the opponent until you can get the rest of your crew to them, or complete an objective or two. I like him, and at 8 points, he would see more table time if i played Neverborn more often. That said, i don't think i've seen him in a list on these forums in well over a year. maybe even 2. 4. Pale Rider. I want him. I want him to be useful. but i have not seen a single person talk about him on here. To me, that is worse than a few dozen posts about how useless a model is. Usually those posts are met with a fair amount of argument from the other side giving some kind of advice. albeit sometimes the criteria for the advice is super situational (look at the crooligans, or even Molly) I would love to pick this guy up and be plesantly surprised by him. even if he is somewhat useful at certain things (like the hooded rider). But i am worried that because of everyone's assumed indiference to him, that he's just not worth the cash, save maybe to paint. Any thoughts? am i way off base and just misssed the love for the other three? or has it pretty much come down to the Dead Rider being the good one, and the other three being paperweights unless you are a Levi player and can hire more than one? Let me know what you think! I would love to stir up a little appreciation for these models as i love their look and the idea of shifting abilities. It's cool stuff!
  2. assimilation

    Pale Rider proxy ideas?

    As we know from the release schedule there is no Pale Rider in sight for the next 3 months or more. Does anyone have ideas for a proxy/conversion base to use in the meantime? I had thought of a wild west type model with a rifle, but I haven't been able to find any that have even halfway decent details and appearance. If anyone has done this already, or has thoughts it would be great to hear.