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Found 10 results

  1. If Kaeris uses Accelerant on Nix which of these two sequences are correct? Sequence A 1. Kaeris successfully uses Accelerant with Nix in range with Burning. 2. Nix chooses to gain Paralyzed instead of 2 damage. (Choice on the Accelerant Action) 3. Nix chooses to not take the Paralyzed condition (Choice on the Nihilism Ability) Net effect Nix takes 0 damage and is NOT Paralyzed. Nix makes this choice for the Accelerant Action. Then his Nihilism kicks in just like armor would if he had chosen to take the 2 damage. Sequence B 1. Kaeris successfully uses Accelerant with Nix in range with Burning. 2. Nix chooses to gain Paralyzed instead of 2 damage. (Choice for the Accelerant Action and the Nihilism Ability) Net effect Nix takes 0 damage and IS Paralyzed. The argument for this sequence is both Talents say Nix must choose since he made the choice to gain Paralyzed he has made his choice and does not get to choose again. I think Sequence A is correct, but can see some support for B. Also I know some will argue that Nix if Nix does not gain Paralyzed he has not satisfied that option so it is not a valid choice. My question is not about that, I'm strictly curious about the timing. thanks
  2. My group recently ran a shifting loyalties campaign in which I enjoyed excellent success running a Rusty Alyce/Ronin/Johan crew that expanded to include many of the Freikorps and eventually Leveticus (yes I am aware this makes me a terrible person). I think another campaign is in the offing in the new year and I'm itching for a chance to test drive all these lovely new models I got in the Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat boxed sets. However, looking at Nix's card I get the impression that he's a lot less viable for leading a crew and may suffer when Hamelin isn't around with his ratty tricks. He seems a little squishy with his average defensive stats and 6 wounds - granted that incorporeal adds a reasonable amount of mitigation but it feels like he'd go down very quickly under concentrated fire, especially considering that he seems to be intended for use in the thick of melee combat. My other issue is building a crew. I'm debating just how viable the rats, catchers and rat kings are without Hamelin to lead them, or whether I'm just better shoring up a crew with monsters like Killjoy or similar to take the focus off Nix (I also really want to fit Sue in there too since his new model is just great) I'd love to hear any input you folks may have on the viability of a Nix-led crew in Shifting Loyalties. I could always just plump for Rusty Alyce until I can finish my bounty and bring Hamelin to the table but I just fancy a bit of Variety.
  3. PraetorDragoon

    Nix - stomach

    From the album: Preator's Models

  4. PraetorDragoon

    Nix - back

    From the album: Preator's Models

  5. PraetorDragoon

    Nix - front

    From the album: Preator's Models

  6. PraetorDragoon

    Nix & Rats

    From the album: Preator's Models

  7. ok for reference Weakness: If an enemy model within 3 would deal Severe damage, it deals Moderate damage instead. People are saying that Nix with this Sweet abilty Drop the Red joker's Damage from Severe+weak to Moderate+weak. now i wish to debate the thought process of why they believe this. here is the damage chart of what things do. now in the book its a chart. i cant make a chart my skills are poor. Black joker No Damage 1 to 5 Weak 6 to 10 Moderate 11 to 13 Severe Red Joker Severe + Weak Now if i flip a 11-13 against Nix my Severe damage i would deal is reduced to moderate. seems pretty straight forward. Now if i flip the Red joker i do Severe+Weak. which Clearly by itself is not Severe any more but a sum of 2 different Damage profiles. now some things about the red joker and how it affects things since it is a Unique card and only one of in the deck When a Red Joker is flipped it may always be chosen (except when a Black Joker is also present) regardless of any to the Damage flip. The Red Joker always deals an amount of damage equal to the Severe plus the Weak damage. Damage that is staged down (such as extra models hit by blast damage) becomes Moderate. Now to further extrapolate on the red joker As well,the Red Joker's damage is stepped down to Moderate (not Severe) damage. Now why would the Rulebook the object where we take guidance from tell us this line if the Red joker was not in its own separate category. But wait godly how do you do blasts if you not really doing severe damage. Glad you asked. the red joker takes the Severe damage Profile of the weapon and adds it to the Weak damage profile. That means if the Severe damage had blasts in its profile then so does the red joker. so a 2/3 :blast /5 :blast would deal 7 :blast if it flipped the red joker. then since the Rulebook tells us to Stage down to moderate not severe and ignore any blasts from that profile the secondary targets would take 3damage each So in Closing Severe damage is not Severe+Weak. to further clarify Severe =/= Severe+Weak. Any questions?
  8. Hello there! I just wanted to show you my Hamelin Crew, usually filled with some Lost kids lured by his pipe. Hope you like them!
  9. Tigerstyle

    Keeping Nix alive

    I've played my first three games with Hamelin now, and I'm really enjoying playing with him. One thing I am struggling with though is keeping Nix alive long enough to live up to his nasty potential. I haven't had him alive past turn 3 yet (twice he's been dead on turn 2). Where am I going wrong? I keep wanting to try and push him forward to get his negative on duels aura up while Hamelin moves in with him but this has generally led to him dying off quite quickly. Any tips on playing with Nix and keeping the poor dog alive?
  10. geistwald

    Kirai with Nix

    Not sure if it's the first thread on this matter, but my search-fu just failed. So... Kirai is the only non-outcast master who is allowed to use Nix , granted she also buys Hamelin. The combination seems to be mighty expensive and un-effective for the price, but the possibility can't be accidental. Okay you gain five significant seishin (nihilism) or extra actions when Kirai casts any summoning (gorge on pain), and you get access to nice de-buffing abilities. Still, I'm not sure if it's worth trying. Did anyone use Kirai with Nix? (Or with the Stolen, for that matter.) If you did, how did you manage to make it work? Thanks for sharing your ideas or experience!