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Found 466 results

  1. As in topic? How do you use him in Neverborn? I saw him with riflemans and thralls in Guild, but that may not work here. I was thinking about some models from Titania Box and Fae models (mostly minions). Have anyone tested that? Thanks in advance for all advices
  2. Dear folks, new Malifaux player from Germany here. I have recently purchased my first crew and thought I'd share my minis with the public as I go along. Feedback and criticism are more than welcome, as I am new to miniature painting (this is my sixth miniature total). There you go... Cheers!
  3. Hooded Rider 4.jpg

  4. Hooded Rider 2.jpg

  5. HoodedRider1.jpg

  6. I have a vastly updated list with wants and haves. Cash is king but I love a good trade. Add shipping to offers. Check the google dock because my trade list includes Warhammer, Wrath of Kings, board games, and my wants list is long. See a full list in the google doc, but malifaux previews in the message body here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aScCV0L2bg385Hc-6x7znsUdnAu9z7CrI7x_FBo0kGY/edit?usp=sharing HAVE: MALIFAUX - There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS Neverborn $165 Starters: Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Zoraida, metal 1e Collodi, metal 1e Zoraida, metal 1e Dreamer Tannen, Graves, Beckoners Ten Thunders $30 Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases, half assembled Gremlins $160 Starters for Brewmaster, Zoraida, metal 1e Somerteeth (with warpig), metal 1e Zoraida, Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Nightmare Golem, Piglets, Effigy WANT Malifaux Colette (regular), Colodi, Molly, Seamus, Reva, Yan Lo, Transmorits, Hamelin boxes (crew, Night, Cats), Trans red Coryphee, 1e metal nightmare Teddy, all Resser alts, Misses, Pride, Tortoise and Hare, play mats, most one-off Resser boxes. Ripples of Fate, Shifting Loyalties, Broken Promises, both Generalist Upgrade Decks, Campaign Deck, one-offs for masters in this wants list.
  7. Tannen uses

    I've had my Tannen for awhile now but cannot really find a good use for him. Other than summoning in teddies with dreamer what does he really do well?
  8. Lucius, Where To Start?

    Hi all, Been a while since I invested in a crew box and was thinking about Lucius after hearing some good things post-errata. Wondering if anyone here has found any particular models or combos that work well with him? I've noticed on the other threads some of the Fae models have had interesting results. I've already got: - Pandora's box (Favourite dumb joke in this game) -Lynch's box -Lilith's box -Graves, Teddy, Nekima, Weaver, Beckoners, Waldgiest, Madnesses, Depleted, Doppelganger, Iggy Not looking to power play or get the most efficient combos per se, just curious to try some interesting and fun crews with him. Don't mind venturing into a few Guild models to make use of Surprisingly Loyal since that alone I feel can make for a very different style of NB crew. Thanks in advance!
  9. CorruptedHound1.jpg

  10. Black Blood Bombs

    Well my group did something interesting the other night. A Sawbones character took two glass vials of Terror Toot blood to use as a thrown weapon. So on the fly we played it a 1, 2, 2 (bomb) damage if they are not immune to blackblood. I know that in RL un-refrigerated blood would have significant fermentation in 24 hours so I may put a limit on the blackblood bombs for the same period. Thoughts?
  11. Shadow Lair

    The Unstable Lair ability of Shadow lair states that "The second time it suffers damage (from unstable lair), discard this upgrade". My assumption was that the damage has to come from a single instance of this upgrade. If Shadow lair is removed before a total of 2 damage is dealt by Unstable Lair (say by Dart Out, or other means), then the count is reset, and begins again if Shadow Lair is attached to the same model later in the game. But it is never specified that the count is reset. So if a model takes 1 damage, Shadow Lair is removed, and then some time later (perhaps even later that same turn) shadow lair is reattached to the same creature, does the damage from Unstable Lair trigger the "second time if suffers damage" clause? If it does, would this mean that if Shadow Lair were then reattached to a creature that had already suffered 2 damage no longer be affected, since they are now taking damage for a third time?
  12. Neverborn Angel Eyes for Iron Painter 2017 OSL
  13. 9/26 Zoraida vs Ironsides

    First Battle Report so bear with me, or don’t and skip reading. (Scheme thoughts at end) Zoraida vs. Ironsides 50ss Z List Zoraida 4ss cache +1ss extra Bad Juju (w/ eternal fiend and thousand faces) Spawn mother (w/ thousand faces) McTavish Iggy (w/ enraged tantrum 0ss upgrade) Waldgiest Will o wisp Will o wisp (summons) Voodoo doll Gupps Ironsides List (Dwarven proxy models for fun) Ironsides (w/ Union President, Veteran fighter, bring it) Arcane Emissary (w/ ironside conflux) Union Steamfitter (broken promises proxy) Union Miner Performer Coryphee Johan Medical automaton (broken promises proxy) Strats and Schemes (GG18) Ply for Information Guard the treasure Strand of fate (Zoraida) Hold Their Forces (both) Undercover entourage Dig their Graves (Ironsides) Table was corner deployment with lots of HT1 crates and barrels stacked around, a large river (severe, soft cover) and several buildings (dense, hard cover) and trees (blocking, soft cover) From the picture (Taken Turn 3?), I deployed lower right corner with Zoraida. Bad Juju was buried. Note: Ironsides models are all brown dwarves so hard to make from picture. Ironsides in picture is between Bad Juju and Spawn mother. Turn 1 I get initiative but give ironsides first move. The Performer and Coryphee take the northern bridge towards my side of the river, leaving the rest of ironsides crew to move up towards center on their side of river behind a small house. Waldgiest bravely goes towards opposite bank from emissary, slightly behind some crates and taunts him with lewd tree humor and sprouting a forest just because. Zoraida obeys Mctavish to walk onto the south bridge in range of a sneaky union miner, and she calls the Wisp to walk towards the Waldgiest then moves up to the corner of the stone house where she’ll cackle for the rest of the game. Wisp spawns a voodoo doll in the river, which hems the emissary AKA “the Bull” but is dispelled by the Medical automaton AKA “the Bot” as it jabs the Bull with its needle. The doll activates immediately and hems the bull but is cancelled by Johan’s shouting action. McTavish takes a shot at the minor leaving it at two health but before he can reload the Bot places him in base to base and out of site from Mctavish, who then walks further across the bridge. Up the eastern side, Spawn mother and Iggy double walk. Spawn mother lays eggs and the wisp follows behind and spawns the gupps. Gupps leap but fail due to just being born, so walk up to the corner of the roofless building and along the centerline. Turn 2 Not everything is clear but there are two main areas of contension. In the center the Bull wades into the water slightly and attacks the wisp, killing her (and I forget to unbury Bad Juju), the Doll fails to hem twice and is sitting in the river. Waldgiest wades into river and engages Bull and Ironsides and eventually the Union steamfitter at 4” thanks to the river. Ironsides starts punching the tree with lots of adrenaline due to Bull but the tree’s armor comes through and it survives the assault with 2 wounds left. She challenges. The Bot heals the Miner a bit and gives Hard to Kill and the Miner is sent back out in front of the bot facing McTavish. Johan does something and the steamfitter gives armor to Ironsides from a scrap she put down before. Spawn mother lays eggs and heads towards the river with wisp following and spawning gupps. Initial gupps scheme, leap, scheme in NE corner. Iggy watches the antics and pokes at the performer a bit after she and the coryphee move up closer. Coryphee engages some gupps blocking my Strand of Fate. Zoraida summons a new doll but it fails to hem also, but she gets the bewitch on Ironsides. McTavish moves across bridge and schemes to get Strand of Fate again. Waldgiest scores Hold forces. Score 2-0 to Zoraida Turn 3 Order is a bit unclear. But main things that happen are, Gupps scheme and collect intel with iggy in corner while performer or coryphee does same but one can’t. In center, walgiest roots Bull and slows steamfitter before Bull blasts him off the table scoring Dig graves. This time, Bad Juju comes in! Except he doesn’t do much as Ironsides beats him up quite a bit and when he attacks her does little damage. He exchanges thousand faces for Fear gives form, but it does little if anything. Gupps are summoned by wisp and engage steamfitter and Ironsides. Voodoo doll finally hems Bull and Zoraida obeys McTavish to shoot it, dealing severe and killing it (5 dmg to Bull due to armor). McTavish shoots Union Miner and kills him since Hard to kill was off and then walks and gator snacks the corpse for a shot at Johan, doing decent damage. All in all, I think I score 1 for Ply information and Ironsides scores 1 for Dig 3-1 Turn 4 Gets crazy. Spawn mother lays some eggs and gets into the furious river brawl. Bad Juju is killed by Bull and buried again, but emerges from the river as gupps die to poking Ironsides and getting kicked into mush. Bad Juju flurries and kills the Bull before being killed again by Ironsides as she takes care of both the Spawn mother and Bad Juju. Johan got Hemmed in the middle of all this and took 3 damage from fear gives form when the voodoo doll activated, but wasn’t paralyzed since the doll doesn’t take terrifying from Bad Juju. Doll is killed by McTavish and Johan dies. Steamfitter got terrified of Bad Juju during the fray and was out of action. HealBot tried his best but was overheating and couldn’t do enough healing. Performer and Coryphee lured Iggy to them but can’t kill him off and the two gupps scheme and leap to his aid while grabbing more intel. One spawned from the chaos and dying mother leaps towards the SW bridge area and sits. Zoraida enjoys the madness having obeyed Bad Juju and Ironsides (Illegally!) each during the fray to some affect. I score Intel and Strand while Ironsides scores Hold Forces in the center and Dig graves from the schemes someone put down. 5-3 Turn 5 Mopping up a bit. A Gupp in the top corner ties up performer and coryphee who collect intel from each other and kill Iggy. The other gupp leaves to scheme and collect intel from a paralyze steam fitter. Ironsides collects intel from gupps, kills gupps, but spawns juju and almost kills Juju again after juju tries killing Ironsides. Zoraida obeys McTavish to walk twice and he then walks into ironsides to collect intel to break the tie. I score Intel and Hold Forces while Ironsides scores Dig. Final 7-4 Thoughts: It was a fun game, but we were both tired and forgot certain things. The biggest one being Ironsides challenge aura. I’m certain I took actions that I should have tested to resist but didn’t on several occasions. Ironsides is not a normal crew to face for me or for my opponent to play often, but we both agree that the book 5 changes to her and the additions to the Arcanists are quite good. Afterwards we questioned the pick of Johan due to the fact that her adrenaline is a condition and could be removed by accident if not careful. The Medical Bot was really good for its duty and kept things alive longer than expected against McTavish. Ironsides had a few good rounds and a few rounds where Zoraida was able to cheat fate a bit more than normal and keep things alive, but also Zoraida Bewitching Ironsides gave SOOOOOO MANY CARDS! The Strats and Schemes: Ply for Info: I think this is a pretty good strategy because it forces “in your face” play, but also limits the damage done since an action is required for getting the intel. Additionally, it isn’t as likely but it allows for the possibility to remove condition with severe damage. To me this strategy seems in a good place. I was of course able to score it more simply due to having activations left so once again those activations really help. Hold Their Forces: I really enjoyed this strategy because it gives tarpit models some more value for doing what they do. The Waldgiest was perfect for this with armor 2, and Bad Juju also would have been decent (although can die quickly) but I actually scored it from some gupps after all. Ironsides is great for this also because she really enjoys being in the center of several enemy models with all her positive flips to defense. The wording is a bit weird and it feels strange trying to keep other friendly models away from the brawl. I forgot that once and lost getting points on a turn because of it. Strand of Fate: This is very similar to the current (V5) Always strategy “Guard the treasure” but I find a bit easier because it allows for scoring on turn 2. I played it very much like line in the sand and it worked out the same, scoring me full points. I don’t think either of our lists is optimal, but I have been having fun with my Zoraida swamp summoning lately so kept it from a game ago. It does rely heavily on the wisps to make the activations worthwhile and it was good I had one for Zoraida’s doll and for the Gupps. Bad Juju is really expensive and didn’t get his work in so much this game, but the fact that he keeps coming back and I have so many swampfiends it is quite nice. Thousand Faces into Fear gives form is very strong for him because it requires a player to make two TN 13 duels to avoid 3 damage and also paralysis. I was planning to change the spawn mother to either fear gives form or malifaux provides, but never had the opportunity and fear gives form isn’t so good for when I’m around my Gupps.
  14. Yesterday I played the first game of a 6 week campaign. It was Joss vs Candy playing Turf War. Joss came out on top 9-6 but Candy got the wandering relic. By the end Joss, Howard, the gunsmith (Percy), and metal gamin (Oliver) controlled the turf. Anyway here's One Man's Trash is Another Man's Battlefield One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Battlefield Joss crested the hill overlooking Junk Valley, a large ditch in the Wastelands that was mostly filled in with piles of scrap metal and spare parts. He began to look around for anything useful to the Arcanists. After all that’s what he came here for. With a number of loud clicks, clangs, and scrape of metal legs on metal the steamborg executioner, Howard Langston, clambered up the hill followed by Percival Grey and his trusty metal sidekick Oliver. “‘Ey boss.” Howard called out in his rough voice “What’re we even lookin’ for here? Ramos just told me we’re here to pick up supplies. Anything in particular?” “‘Re you blind Hank? This place is practically a gold mine! If we control these hills we’ll have enough resources to last us years!” Percy piped up, “There’s gotta be something worthwhile in here. Maybe something for Oliver.” The subsequent whistle of excitement from Oliver made the whole crew chuckle. “There are also rumors of a gun in these piles of scrap. If I remember correctly it’s name is Edict. I’m going to get my hands on it if at all possible. This old thing has served me well, but I think it’s time for an upgrade.” Percy looked down at the custom side arm on his hip. “If that rumor is going around all of Malifaux we’d better be prepared for a fight to keep it,” Joss said with his back to the group. Suddenly a high pitched, ethereal laugh rang through the air. “Neverborn,” Joss said with disdain “We can take ‘em,” growled Howard. Out of the corner of his eye Howard saw a small girl in a dress holding a basket. “Candy… This can’t be good” “Let’s go boys! Percy, you take the high ground,” he pointed up a tall pile of scrap. Howard smiled and skittered off towards the little girl as Percy clambered up the junk pile. When he reached the top he could see the whole yard. A woman in a black hooded coat with a rifle was standing just behind a smaller pile. “Angeleyes.” Percy growled knowing she had to be killed. His own personal hatred for the Neverborn was enough to put rage in his heart. In addition she had to be here for Edict. “Oliver! Find the gun!” The little construct started scrambling around looking for the gun. Joss smiled and charged towards the little girl with his arc axe raised high. Howard stood directly in front of Candy towering high over her. With a grin he let loose with a flurry of claws. With his first strike he slices across Candy’s chest and she falls. Pulling a small stone out of her basket she squeezes it to her chest and her wounds begin to heal. She looks up at Howard with large, innocent eyes and suddenly his metal heart softens and he stops. Candy’s look of pain and sadness turned into a grin of malice as she held up a hand to Howard and suddenly he found himself unable to control his own claws. “What? What’s goin’ on?” with a slash and a scrape howard embedded his own claw into his chest. He watched in horror as his other claw swiped at his neck but by sheer force of will he was able to hold it just inches away from it’s target. Seeing two ghostly green forms phase into view through the piles, Joss shot a blast of arcing energy towards the first Sorrow striking it in the chest. Angeleyes knew she had to find an optimal position to take out the steamborg monstrosity attacking Candy. As she climbed to she felt a searing pain in her shoulder as a bullet pierces her flesh. Black blood begins to pour from the wound as she looks to the origin of the shot. A young man crouched behind a stack of rubble was pointing a pistol in her direction. She lifted her rifle and loosed a shot back in his direction but it fell short and ricocheted off a metal plate in front of him. Percy smiled. His experimental razor shot had worked. He could see the blood running down her arm. He shot again but the bullet whizzed past her head. “Alright, Poppet. Playtime’s over.” Howard slashed at Candy and cut her down. Her small body fell to the ground unconscious but still breathing. When their leader fell the two sorrows were immediately on Howard, clawing at him with their ethereal talons barely making a dent in his armored legs. The gash in his side continues to bleed but his resilience is enough to keep him standing. With a resounding bang Angeleyes falls from a bullet to the thigh, the pain driving her into unconsciousness. Percy smiles thinking she’s dead. Suddenly with a green flash a sorrow is upon him clawing at his chest. He switched his gun to his left hand and drives a bullet through the spirit. It’s incorporeal form flickered and starts drifting away slowly. Not dead but badly wounded. Out of the corner of his eye Percy sees a horned figure with purple skin in regular clothes holding a shiny, glowing pistol. A bloodwretch that had been sneaking around the junkyard to find the very thing the neverborn were there for while the rest distracted the arcanist band. It began to run north through the Wasteland being chased by Langston, Joss, and Percy. Oliver trailed far behind as he was much slower than the rest. Eventually the trail of the bloodwretch went cold. “We should head back and collect the scraps we came here for,” Joss said begrudgingly. The party trudged off back to junk valley. Upon returning they found the bodies of Angeleyes and Candy had disappeared. “Where’d they go?,” Howard grunted after looking around the yard “They’re gone, Hank,” Joss sat on the discarded carapace of a Peacekeeper. “Doesn’t matter. We came here for the scrap not for the gun.” “We just need better equipment. It should be fairly easy to find. After all this junkyard is our turf. With our mechanical knowledge we can easily make something out of the materials here,” Percy said fiddling with the hammer on his pistol. “Yeah. You ‘n’ Doc Ramos can figure out how to use this crap,” Howard said pulling an old machete out of the pile to his right. “‘Ey I kinda like this” he chuckled The team gathered the best of the materials they could find. Percy and Joss began to tinker as Howard and Oliver began building a shelter. “We could stay here a while to make sure nobody takes anything else,” Howard suggested. “Like a kind of hideout.” “Not a bad idea Howard,” said Percy as he placed an arachnid resembling one belonging to Viktor Ramos. It gave a little whistle that resembled a bark. “Hey! It works!” a bit of the body fell off leaving a spot on it’s side. “I’ll call it… Spot,” Percy chuckles. The steam arachnid walked in a few tight circles before plopping down and rolling onto it’s back. “He’s like our own junkyard dog” Joss chuckled. Percy spoke up, “Well, one man’s trash…”
  15. Salut, dear community! I am decided to start Malifaux and totally new to this game. I've decided to start Malifaux with Titania's crew and Neverborn faction at all, coz I like ideas that are stays behind this faction. I need Titania's crew, obviously, but what other boxes I should buy from the start to play 35SS and 50SS formats. How should I expand my boxes amount later?