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Found 412 results

  1. Newish player here! Coming from Warhammer via Infinity and for some time now, playing Malifaux with a few friends - for whom I also paint stuff. Feel free to comment and criticise - I'm always happy to find ways to become a better painter First off: Ressers - the McMourning starter, painted for a friend.
  2. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing die rather brutally, from just about anywhere on the board. While maintaining a lot of the same flavour in 2E Collodi is not going to fly across the board with his entire crew, that said he has never felt more like a PuppetMaster in my opinion, and I'd like to show people why, especially if theyre having trouble transitioning. StatBlock First off Collodi is a Low-Wound Master. His Df is average at 5, with good WP at 6. 5Wk makes him a little faster than average, but is going to leave some players missing his old 40" moves. However, he can push 3" after any Df targeting attack, so if youve got some low cards to toss you can attack him with your own models to push him up the board. We've also got Accomplice so he can always have a friend go after him and Puppet Friends, which gives him access to any out of faction Puppet model, which is currently Mannequins, Coryphee and the Effigies. The 6" Bubble Collodi's abilities and buffs all center around a 6" bubble around him. This makes him more vulnerable to blast-heavy crews, but also makes it much easier to buff your entire crew at once. Of note is that Collodi's buffs do not require you to STAY in this bubble. Learning when to venture from the bubble is going to be an important skill for 2e Collodi players. Personal Puppet This is one of Collodi's (0) actions and marks a friendly Minion as the Personal Puppet until he uses the ability again. This grants the PP a (1) action any time Collodi suffers damage from an enemy model while within THE BUBBLE, so long as they take 1 damage themselves. It also grants Collodi the ability to kill (not sacrifice, so it will drop Corpse/Scrap) the Personal Puppet to negate all damage from whatever just hit him. This gives us 2 courses of action with PP. 1) We can throw it on something menacing, like an Illuminated, Young Neph or Ronin, and furiously punish things for hitting Collodi (or stalk the PP closer to priority targets and mark something else PP on out next turn. Nothing says dont hit my Master like a magical crack addict clawing your opponent's Master's face off.) 2) We throw it on something throw away, most notable the Marionette totem, and kill them when a Seamus Flintlock RJ dmg flip appears. The nice thing about the Marionettes is that when they die they may transfer positive conditions off to other minions. So you can face-tank a number of hit equal to your marionettes +1 before taking any damage. Assuming they are all in THE BUBBLE. Ideally you will get a chance to gauge your opponent and pick a tactic that most messes up their gameplan. I usually start off now by putting it on something big unless I guess my opponent is a "kill the master at all costs!!!" kind of player. Beater tends to deter pot shots, chaff tends to deter people from concentrated efforts. Collodi Hates Mind Bullets Ok, so Collodi has Df 5 and WP 6, why does he hate WP duels more? Well, first off you'll only usually only be taking one hit from a Df duel due to the auto-triggered Run Away Home; letting you push 3" in any direction, usually good enough to push out of melee or into cover/out of LoS against shooting attacks. Against WP? He's a sitting duck if the attack makes it past his WP6. So prioritize those nasty WP targets, or just avoid them if you can. But Hates His Opponents More Lets talk about what Collodi does to your Opponent's crew before we get into what he can do for his own. Collodi's lone offensive skill is Pull The Strings. It is highly accurate, extending 4" past THE BUBBLE and best of all, isnt actually a ranged attack, so does not scatter and does not care about cover. The attack itself has a... poor damage profile for a master: 2/3/4, but comes with a positive twist to damage, so you can cheat in those middle of the road cards if you want the 3 damage. But no, where this attack shines is in its triggers. SO first of all we have a build in Mask. That Mask gives the opponent slow. A crow lets us damage AND obey the opponent's non-Leader model, as many times a turn as we have AP and fancy crows to throw at them. The last trigger; Idle Hands, requires a second maske. On that model's activation, you control one of it's AP, and spend it. Now, that on its own is great, but you can shut down nearly any model in the game with 2AP and some good cards. Slapping a model once for slow and then a second time for Idle Hands means they are Paralyzed, without being able to Frozen Heart Immunity their way out of it. They lose 1 AP and you're spending the other. Even models with specific AP like Nekima can be forced to move out of position so they can't make use of their extra AP. Or just stab away with them, your pick. Nasty Ability. Collodi Loves His Children Collodi has two more actions on his -base- card, both of which are for helping his wonderful friends out. Collodi has a deep affinity, like many buffing masters, for Minion and -Keyword- models. His keyword characteristic is of course, Puppets. The first, My Will, allows him to transfer some AP out to his minions/puppets giving them a positive twist to any DUEL they make during the action. So this allows for more easily passed Horror/Manipulative duels, as well as just flatly being more likely to hit. Often you'll be better off attacking with your own strings, but this ability should not be overlooked. It doesnt work on Collodi so dont try. Second, he can summon back his totem, the marionette, or wicked dolls from scrap left lying around from killing all your decoy personal puppets or killing whatever mechanical beasties your opponent brought. This requires a 9 of Masks, making it one of the worst return-on-investment summoning powers in the game. But only by a TN difference of 1 so, its not the end of the world. This ability is one of the reasons you might pause on taking some of the NB minions I mentioned because they will all be dropping corpses, save the Coryphee. But you should have plenty of scrap from marionettes dying and effigies getting taken out. Fated VS Props Collodi's two Limited upgrades are going to change how you're playing with him. Both provide Creep, a handy little 3" push (0) action, good for getting out of engagements and moving up the board. What they differ on is key though: Do you want to Buff Your Crew or do you want to Buff Your Master? Fated was my go-to during the playtest. Effigy buffs are very powerful and will be covered in more detail in their own section. But suffice to say, being able to grant your Puppinions healing on causing damage, burning on every attack unless your opponent discards, etc and being able to do so -without activating Collodi- is very powerful indeed. When Collodi activates he can also grant a second buff to the crew by taking an action. This is usually defensive stance or more notably: Focus. If you have been reading game dev Justin's blog, you'll know how valuable AP is as a resource and I found myself on average granting it to 4-7 Puppinions, which is a heck of a lot of AP saved. Props is the contrast. It allows Collodi to sap off Defensive Stances and Focus conditions from friendlies as required. Now on the surface this seems much less useful, but having Out of Position models ending their turn on a Defensive Stance or Focus can free up a LOT of Collodi's AP, let him stand a higher chance of drawing suits he needs and just generally let him be more effective while chaff models secure you activations and are no less effective at being in your opponents way. If you find yourself thinking Marionettes are not useful, this may be the upgrade to try. Especially with Avatar Collodi's attacks (covered in the third post) You'll also get the option to summon Effigies! You dont get their buff across your whole Puppinion base, but if there's scrap around they can be more useful than a Wicked Doll and Collodi certainly does still get to benefit from the Effigy buffs! I Heard There Are Other Upgrades? Right you are title! My favourite/always taking of the remaining upgrades is Strum The Threads. This allows Puppinions Puppets-Only in THE BUBBLE to take 2 unavoidable damage to gain fast. Now Puppets tend to have low wounds high defences, so if you dont have a way of healing (which you do! See: Effigies) you can quickly wipe yourself off the board, but Illuminated could heal that back same turn. And now they are FAST magical crack addicts. It should be noted this is NOT an action, its just an ability so you cant spread Fast to your Puppinions with Fated. Stop doing so, take your 2 damage like a... man puppet? Like a muppet. Breathe Life exists! Its another option for a (0), letting you toss 2 wounds back on a model, but it can't be you, so probably pass? Pushing Puppinions 2" is actually more useful than it sounds. You can unlock a lot of models from combat or manage some extra distance. If you're hitting 8 models with it, it is 16" of free movement? I dunno, I still haven't got it to be as useful as I think it COULD be. Threads of Fate. Not to be confused with Fated, this makes Collodi immune to forced movement, which is pretty dang super. You also get a (1) to give yourself Armor. Now, aside from the obvious interaction with Fated and giving that armor to your Puppinions, did you consider making yourself Fast with Strum, giving yourself Armor +4 and then not caring so much about the Beatstick in your face? Especially since that 1 minimum damage still lets your PP get free AP. Im sure I can do more with the Collodadillo. Next we'll be discussing Collodi's best pals the doll friends, followed by some Avatar Collodi pondering!
  3. Trying to thin my collection a bit: MALIFAUX - Dreamer Crew + Lilu & lilutu (metal) + teddy £45 (Lilu is missing one of his arms) (crew and teddy primed grey) Sommer teeth jones crew + warpig £34 (mostly unbuilt) Ophelia crew (NOS) £25 Burt, Gracie, Wong £15 Hoffman Crew £27 (assembled, watcher has had it's wing modified to fix the perspective issue) Pathfinder & clockwork traps (NOS) £10 Sullirids (NOS) £10 Old Ashes and Dust (assembled) £15 Old Mechanical Rider £10 Rasuptina crew (Ice golem + ice gamin painted. Missing Wendigo) £20 30k: The Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (newest version, mint) - £30 WARMACHINE - Cryx army - £525 (open to splitting) Denegrah 1 & 2 (resin & old metal, painted) Asphyxious 3 (painted) Sturgis (Kickstarter exclusive + coin) Skarre 1 & 2 (newer sculpts) Witch Coven (egregore is damaged and requires rebasing) Goreshade 1 & 3 (newer sculpt) 20 Bane Thralls (10 painted, resin) Bane officer & standard (painted 10 Mechanithralls (painted) 3 Brute Thralls (painted) 5 Bane Riders Blackbane's Ghost Raiders + spares Withershadow combine (painted) necrosurgeon + stitch thralls (painted) Cephalyx overlords (painted) 6 Bile thralls (painted) 10 Satyxis Raiders (painted) Satyxis Sea Witch (Painted) Satyxis Raider Captain (Painted) 2 Deathrippers (resin, 1 painted) 1 Defiler (resin) 1 Death Jack 1 Nightmare 1 Erebus (painted) 1 Harrower (painted) 1 Kraken (Painted) 1 Reaper (painted) 1 Seether (metal, missing base) Skarloc thrall (painted) Madelyn Corbeau (painted) Ogryn Bokor (converted + painted) Bane Lord Tartarus (painted) Darragh Wrathe (painted) Pistol Wraith (painted) Machine Wraith Necrotec + scrap thralls Cryx MK2 Tokens Buyer pays postage
  4. I started to photograph my completed Neverborn models, and thought it was a good excuse to build a website to showcase them. twentynineteen.org I'm going to be updating this site regularly as I finish, and photograph new models.
  5. So, after having the models since 2011 I finally sat down and started painting them, plus after a couple moves I have a local group now. I won't post ALL my photos in thread (though I'll provide a link to the album) to avoid it getting image heavy, but I will post some highlights. Basing: I'm sculpting my own bases to look like wooden boards. I may add creepy artifacts here and there (IE Children's blocks for Teddy, some 6mm soldiers for Toy Soldiers for Malifaux Child) Color Scheme: Purple and Green, with a bit of blue. I had tried this scheme on another project that got sidelined in another game. Amusingly I realized the humor in this scheme of choice... as there is an in joke where someone says "PURPLE" and the other shouts "GREEN" (or vice versa). So one of my scheme markers will have children's blocks that say "Drazi" as a nod to that in joke. Points if you catch the reference. Each of my Sorrows is a different color, with the body using anywhere from 3-5 shades. Teddy: Other crew: More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/yW5Zg
  6. Hey all, I'm sorta new here so apologies if this isn't the right spot to ask for help. I recently got into the game and I really like it, but I'm having a hard time playing my crew effectively. I went with a "ooo you look creepy" impulse grab on Pandora's crew, and I've since acquired a Widow Weaver and Teddy to help me out. I mostly play my partner (he's got a couple Ten Thunders Crews, Led by Misaki and Shenglong), and my willpower duels are pretty much useless it would seem. He always is able to cheat up to a decent save. Therefore nobody fails a WP duel, nobody is terrified or paralyzed, nobody is losing wounds to the auras of my sorrows and Pandora. Then I get messed up bad in close combat and by his snipers and Misaki, who also has hella good willpower with certain upgrades. I guess my base question is this; how the hell do I play these guys against high willpower crews? Do I need to go get even more models? I'm sorta trying to not spend all my cash but if that's my only option, oh well. I will say that I'm trying more now to keep the crew as close together as possible (where schemes and strategy allows), as it seems to help, especially having Candy on hand to heal my pathetically low wound models. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Hey all, So since I got my grubby little mits on Ripples of Fate, I've been all about the Queen, I've played a few games with her and feel I've gotten a pretty good grasp on her, but still want to learn from other people's experiences. So I thought I'd kinda do what Daniello has done on the Outcasts Forum and start what will hopefully be a pretty epic thread with Tacticas, thoughts on models, crew builds, links to Battle reports and so forth. So to begin with, I thought I'd post my initial thoughts on the Queen after a few games. Titania 101, Da Git’s way So, I’ve been having a few games with Titania recently, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’ve been playing her. While I don’t think she’s the be-all-and-end-all of power masters and can’t see her overthrowing say Lilith/Dreamer at the top of the Neverborn competitive scene, she does have a lot going for her and she has been a lot of fun once I got a grasp on how I think she should be played. First off, everyone’s been harping on about her tankiness and yes, compared to our other masters, she takes a hit a lot better, like Seamus, I think she should never be thrown in the middle of the enemy crew or you’re gunna end up with a dead (and not in the good UNdead way) queen. So keeping the Seamus theme, I’ve been playing her as a bit of a skirmisher like a mosquito, buzzing around the edges of the conflict (pissing people off!), but never in the middle. So, in this way she doubles as an enabler/debuffer using her Bloody Command Action and its Triggers combined with the Behold My Glory Upgrade. Bloody Command is a really solid Action. With a range of 8” (or Melee 2”) without a gun icon, you can freely shoot into engagements. Sure, it’s damage track is not really what you’d expect on a Master, but that’s not what you’re taking it for. To highlight this, all of the Triggers are after succeeding, so even if the SS away the damage, you still get the trigger. So let’s talk about these Magical Triggers (in order of importance, IMO): Behold My Glory: This one is where it’s at, stopping all attacks that aren’t directed at Titania unless they discard 2 cards is beyond huge. It’s also built in! I’ve had Izamu and Ohaguro engaged with Teddy and basically just pass their activations as they didn’t have any cards left! As good as paralyse! Then Teddy butchered Izamu and he couldn’t even have a proper Warrior’s Death! Neverborn are well known for their Glass Hammers and this is a fantastic way to keep the likes of Teddy, Nekima, Hooded Rider, etc safe. This plan is unfortunately not full proof (probably good for the game!). Some things to be aware of with this would be of course Condition Removal and crews that can draw lots of cards to burn… Special mention here goes out to Lynch, whose Ace in the Hole Ability can halve or completely negate this Condition with one or two aces. “Deal With him”: This one is also great for getting all of the aforementioned beaters into place and doing their thing. As noted above, Titania’s forte is not her damage spread, but with this trigger, she can apply Nekima’s impressive damage spread where needed. My Loyal Subject: As noted, Neverborn is full of glass hammers, with very little in-faction healing, so this one is solid, but the other two are better! They can’t hit you if they’re staring at the Queen or being buried by her lackeys afterall! Into Thorns: Like Behold My Glory, this one is also built in, but much more situational. This one suits the more aggressive style of Titania where she’s getting stuck in laying down Scheme Markers galore with A New Harvest, A Wicked Silence, the Forest Claims All Upgrade or her crew’s efforts. If you’re going that route, this could be good, but I like Titania as a skirmisher. For me, most of her other stuff is not every turn stuff, but usually I’ve been utilising everything at least once in a game. So all of this is not to say A Wicked Silence is not great, far from it! If you do get caught with your pants (not entirely sure she’s wearing any, but what the hey!) down then this could be a good attack to get out of dodge with the Trigger. It also targets Willpower and Neverborn have lots of things that key of Wp duels like Sorrows, Insidious Madnesses, Teddy’s Smell Fear, etc. Combining them all, this little attack could certainly rack up a bit of damage, then apply Bloody Command with the Into Thorns trigger for max carnage! (Note, this is the best case scenario, it’s unlikely all the stars will align too often! Both her Tactical Actions are (0)s and do good things for her, A New Harvest allows her to deal some passive damage (again good if your hanging around the edges and the opponent is engaged and shaking at Titania’s Glory) This requires two simple duels however, so is far from reliable,, but it can also drain an opponent’s hand. It also makes schemes like Detonate the Charges, fairly simple (this is basically guaranteed 3VP for Titania!) Coming from a Ten Thunders background, I love pushes! The Queen Has Risen, is another great get out of dodge if Titania, or one of her plebs is engaged with someone they don’t want to be. It’s a little costly, but it’s another way of discarding your Scheme Markers if they’re in the wrong place (say, too close for Convict Labour). You can also discard enemy Schemes too! Great to mess with their schemes or Schemy masters like Colette/Parker/Asami/etc. As for upgrades, as a Skirmisher, the only Must Have Upgrade is Behold My Glory. The others I’ve been taking are: The Queen’s Champion, this one makes your heavy beater even better and tougher, as well as dropping Scheme Markers galore. So far it’s been amazing in half my games and useless in the other half, so I’m still undecided on it. The last one is An Audience With The Queen. As a Placement, not a Push, this is could have been huge, but you can’t target Leaders. Still on the fence here too. The range on The Forest Claims all is too short for this build. Aether Connection is nice to have, but hopefully Titania shouldn’t be copping too much heat to warrant it. If you do decide to go down the aggressive, in-your-face Titania, I think a combination of Fears Given Form, An Audience with the Queen, The Forest Claims All, Aether Connection and Behold My Glory would serve you well. This should let her take several hits and still keep coming as well as stop them from running away and doing what they want. Really though, I’d probably say Pandora does the whole Whirlpool of Doom™ thing better. Overall though I’ve found this a good approach to get her killed, there’s simply too many high damage models for ItW to save her. Thoughts? Anything I've missed?
  8. From the album KrazyIvan's Miniatures

  9. Hi all, I've recently picked up the Titania box and after looking at her 'The Queens Champion' upgrade, I have been having a look at some mercenaries that would be good targets for this. With the new 'always' scheme making you drop two scheme markers a turn on the centre line, I think having something with blasts/long range would be really good here as the upgrade drops a scheme marker with anything that is damaged by the attack. My picks so far include: - A Trapper. The long range would help him quickly pick off something small to get the upgrade. He would then be able to spend the rest of the game with armour 2, double positive to hit and would be hopefully be able to target enemies near the centreline to drop markers. - Lazarus. Similar to the above except with blasts. This would allow me to drop several markers if i'm able to damage a group of enemy models. He has a good range so I could keep him back whilst Titania runs in the middle. He would also become armour 3 so would be super hard to put down, especially considering most players don't expect armour in Neverborn. - Hannah. The extra card in hand is always nice and I will always take the P.magic which allows me more from my control hand. Again the blasts would be nice but the only issue here is making sure that she is the first to kill an enemy. Armour 2 with the positive is always a bonus. The great thing about the above is that they are all cheaper than Nekima and with Hannah I could attach Malifaux Provides to heal her back up. Thoughts? Also, are there any others that you've considered for the Queen's champion?
  10. So I've been playing Malifaux for around a year (well, playing again, its a long and uninteresting story). I play exclusively Neverborn. I'm not a fantastic player, but I'm not a terrible player either. I have no issues playing against any faction, except Gremlins. I really hate people who make casual unbalanced accusations as most of the time its a lack of imagination. In this case though I really struggle to see a pathway to victory when my opponent is a skilled Gremlin player. When I first started playing I heard some people talk about how OP gremlins were, but I also heard others say they were terrible so I assumed a balance there. But after going against them enough times I, frustratingly, am starting to agree that there are balance issues. Being able to buy up to 6 stuffed piglets for 2ss each is ridiculous. Even if ALL they did was given an activation that would be good. But they can deny schemes like Convict just by existing. If you can reliably kill them from range they will run up and tarpit you, and the fact that their explosion on dying is OPTIONAL is even more ridiculous, since you can't even force them to explode by killing them next to their own models. Add in a Pigapult, which is ludicrously low cost for what it does, and you now have 7 activations for 20ss which can deal MINIMUM 3 attacks from 24" away without requiring LoS which have a decent likelihood of blasting. Rooster Riders are ridiculous for 6ss cost models. Combined with the presence of Dumb Luck and Bayou Two Card on most of the faction I don't see what they don't do better than everyone else. High number of activations, essentially 3 ap for their entire faction in the form of reckless, insane damage output for what in my opinion is minimal cost, initiative control, hand control, high speed. So I'm not trying to be a whiner. I just am at my wit's end. I've asked experience players I know, I've asked forums on Facebook, I've asked my local henchmen. How do you beat Gremlins? I've been told to take WP attack models, but on a whole I actually don't find their WP THAT low. I've been told to isolate and kill off key models, but I'm completely unsure as to how to even get close. Manipulative, Mimic's Blessing, and Perfect Camouflage are all basically useless since nothing important on the Gremlins' side will happen before I'm completely finished activating. The only things I've come up with so far are things like Tuco, which can alpha strike the pigapult with Rets Eye from the shadows and hopefully take out a few other models with blasts, but if you lose the deployment flip then that strategy goes out the window, and even if you succeed Tuco for the Pigapult isn't an even trade. Zoraida seems to be a really good master against them. Obey's can make Stuffed Pigs go off, I think, and turn Rooster Riders back on their own with 1ap charges. Collodi could do that too I suppose and could bring Vasalisa along for more straight Obeys. So.... what do you guys have? Considering posting this in the Gremlin forums too. I'm not saying the game is broken, or even that Gremlins are definitely unbalanced, but curious how others feel on the subject and to know if anyone has figured out a way around these issues. I'm very interested in figuring out a way through this problem rather than saying its a balance issue, I'm just becoming exasperated trying to see the balance and failing.
  11. Looking for Neverborn (ideally not built or painted but let me know just just in case if not), especially Hide and Seek. All below are metal and unpainted, most are pinned and some glued together. Also have most cards. Guild: Lady Justice Governor's Proxy The Judge 3 x Death Marshals Lucius Ryle Guild Sergeant (Captain) Lawyer Guild Guard Resurrectionists: Seamus Grave Spirit Madame Sybelle 3 x Rotten Belles 3 x Guild Autopsy Outcasts: 2 x Viktorias (the twins) Taelor Bishop Johan Ophelia Francois Raphael Rami Pete Ravagé Drop me a PM
  12. So, as 2016 comes to a close, I thought it would be cool for all of us to share who our Neverborn MVPs of 2016 are! List your top 5 to 10 models down (and if you want, your reasons)! Here are mine: Nekima - just a brutal destroyer of all, with serious disruptive abilities. Changelings - have surprised me more times with not, producing those 'WOW' moments often to with their Copy Cat ability. Waldgeist - protecting me from those hideous Viks' charges more times than I can count with Germinate. Widow Weaver - because of webs. The Claw - hands down, my favourite Autumn Knight. Bunraku - just for unlocking a very interesting way to play Collodi and for their versatility in many NB crews. Vasilisa - an indispensable control/manipulation model. And for making Stitcheds incredibly maneuverable. Aeslin - what a beautiful model, and just a scary casting beast for Neverborn. Insidious Madness - because Insidious Madness. Scion of Black Blood - this guy in a Lynch crew, against that annoying Brewmaster... What an uber counter measure to Poison!
  13. I am looking to build a Neverborn Lucius list that is "in theme" for him. What would the manipulative Mimic bureaucrat bring to the field? His signature pieces are the Guild Lawyers and The Scribe, so Surprisingly Loyal is an auto-include. I figure that he is allied to Mimics, so the Doppelganger and Changelings are in order. However, the rest of the NB Mimics are strongly linked to other masters (Lynch, Pandora), which is not ideal. Out-of-faction Mimics for Personal Retinue are: Guild Lawyer, Terracotta Warrior. Surprisingly Loyal opens up his hiring pool to Guardsman models and it stands to reason that Lucius would be bringing some. Of all the Guardsmen, I think Guild Hounds fit Lucius' story best. Him signalling the hounds to charge is something I can very well picture. Captain Dashel is dear in Lucius fluff, but I want to avoid him because he does little without shooty Guild models to support and the Guild slots are few. So far I have: Lucius (Secret Assets, Surprisingly Loyal) The Scribe Doppelganger (Mimic's Blessing) Guild Lawyer Guild Hound x2 Terracotta Warrior That's 20SS more to go and I would love to hear your suggestions! Especially for the Changelings because I can't figure them out and they look like support pieces. Your thoughts on the above are welcome, too.
  14. I took the plunge with Malifaux after I fell in love with the minis, they are so pretty! I've been painting over a year now and the Malifaux minis are the highest quality ones I've tackled. They were a joy to paint. Hopefully the game is fun to play too If I could fault one thing it would be Angel Eyes pose, she's a bit boring when you compare her to, for example, the Guild riflemen. I wish she stood out a bit more. I'm maybe a bit conservative when it comes to sticking to the official character portraits for the colour schemes. I put the Scion in blue jeans because he needed a bit of colour and maybe I should have mixed things up for Angel a bit too. Thematically, these guys are my favorite. They are not elves, space marines or zombies, which is so refreshing! Anyhoo I'm looking for feedback. Just looking at these pictures I can see, like, a dozen things I want to go back and change but overall I'm really chuffed how they turned out. Gonna go paint more Guild now..
  15. So I have an odd problem - namely, I found a 1e Sue miniature lurking in my Deadlands stuff. When I went to the Print on Demand website Wargame Vault that 10 card minimum stumped me, because I already FOUND an Arcanist Wave 2 box which had everything I needed for the one Crew I own (Colette's) with the other odd mini (Gunsmith) also covered by that box. So I started looking at the Upgrade cards from the Wave 1 box I was missing and it's got all the good generalist stuff - like Imbued Energies - that I'm not sure IS available in an actual boxed set. That got me to thinking about what generalist upgrades to print out for the OTHER factions. At this point, I could see myself at least a dozen other Master boxes (Seamus, Molly, Kirai, Rasputina, Marcus, Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Viktoria, Misaki) and, uh... more than a few other boxes. But I have to focus, more's the pity. So, what upgrades would you guys recommend printing off to at minimum fill out the other 9 cards, for Arcanists and Neverborn at first with an eye towards Resurrectionists and Outcasts after that?
  16. With the release of the terracotta warriors and many new minions for both Neverborn and Guild, what kind of lists are people brewing up for Lucius? On the Neverborn side, I was thinking of two warriors in my crew. Any thoughts about how the Ripples of Fate models help Lucius?
  17. Plastics only! I'll need pics of models/items included in the sell! U.S. preferred for cheaper shipping/handling. Thanks!
  18. Me and my buddy sit down and look at ripples of fate. Guild Master- Henchmen- Minions/enforcers- Resurrectionists Hope you guys enjoy
  19. Saturday was the Governor General's Wake, rather fittingly I was wearing black (well, black shoes trousers and my trusty Jags shirt...), and to celebrate the Big Man's demise, we descended upon ABZ games for a 50s Fixed Faction, 3 round tournament. As it must have been an enforced holiday with all Guild Members paying their respect, there wasn't a Guild player in sight! I had big ambitions following our last tournament, where I succeeded in taking home the wooden spoon, my goals this time were to win a game or failing that, not come last! In preparation I painted up the final models in my Gremlin faction, The Survivors. This was a bit wishful thinking on their part, as I am not exactly sure if and where I'd use them, as other than being relatively cheap (for other factions, not really Gremlins) minions with a MI attack, which can only be extended to range with the use of a Ca (0). They have Hard to Wound, with Reckless and Armour +1, but for 1ss more, I can get 2 Bayou Gremlins, which Somer can summon off. I'll have to try them out, at some other time, watch this space! So with a fully painted faction (minus Gluttony) and plenty practice games under my belt, I felt I stood in good stead for completing at least one part of my goals. The first game up was versus Paul (https://thebovineoverlord.wordpress.com/ArgentBadger on the forum) who would also be using Gremlins. This would be my first time facing Gremlins, but on the plus side, at least I would know what they could do! Game 1: Standard Deployment Interference Convict Labour (both) Show of Force Leave your Mark Undercover Entourage Frame for Murder (both). Spot Prize: Flip both Black and Red Joker in 1 AP. (Limited Edition Bayou Gremlin). For this I decided to go for Wong, I had been playing him recently versus Martin, to great success, and I felt there was a potential that if I was playing a bunched up crew (Somer or possibly Ulix) that I may be able to get some blasts in, or failing that I had some great scheme running and denial in Wong himself. I went for A Gremlin's Luck and Dirty Cheater (which I didn't use once, which I found last time I took this with Wong! - make mental note). I planned to build towards Convict Labour as my first scheme, or possibly Leave Your Mark, so next up I wanted some mobility, cue 2 Rooster Riders. Due to their damage potential, they could also be good Frame for Murder targets. To boost the scheme running potential of Wong, I opted for Old Cranky allowing me to have an option to drop scheme markers for Wong to utilise What Goes Up plus his Df and Wp buffing and potential to generate SS if closely to models killing enemies, I felt the 4ss, was worth the cost. 2 Stuffed Piglets would give me some cheap activations, and potential of easy targets for Wong to blast into, plus with the opportunity to Bacon Bomb for some additional damage. Next up I wanted a solid Glowy target, and despite his relatively quick and very painful death last time I played, McTavish got the nod. I took On Your Tiptoes which I still haven't managed to discard for the reflip (another mental note). With 17s left, I went for everyones second (maybe now supplanted Ophelia?) favourite Gremlin Madam, and opted for Trixiebelle to give me some scheme marker manipulation, pushes, and in this case a big gun! My final 8ss would be spent on Sammy, a staple in most of my crews, especially to prevent Convict Labour or Leave your Mark, plus the ability to get both of Wong's limited upgrades, with A Good Student, taking Ooo Glowy would get the most out of McTavish, whilst allowing me another upgrade that could work towards Show of Force. That was a full 50ss, so no spare stones for the cache. Paul went for: Ophelia 2 Young Lacroix 2 Lightning Bugs 2 Rooster Riders 1 Slop Hauler Lenny Whiskey Golem - Barrel Roll. I reckoned he wouldn't be going for Show of Force, which I wasn't too enamoured with either, as with the strategy I should be spreading out. Undercover Entourage could only be on Ophelia, so possibly I would spot it if she was making a beeline to my deployment zone. I had thought of going for it on Trixie, but my worry was that with Ophelia opposite her I may just end up being killed as I tried to get up centreline, the Whiskey Golem with Nimble may end up preventing a mad dash to the back line too. I decided to go for Convict Labour and Frame for Murder, the plan being to run a Rooster on either side, to drop schemes, then bring the framed one into Ophelia afterwards to try to get the VP early, on the pretence that it couldn't be ignored, plus hopefully I'd do a bit of damage first. My deployment: Paul's: I didn't take notes of the what happened in the game, so I won't go through a blow by blow, rather I will just pick out a few moments I can remember and my thoughts on the game as a whole. The majority of my early activations in turn 1 were just to move things up, I made a few errors (I reckon) with my activation choice. I sent my left Rooster up quite early to drop a scheme marker, which in turn got it charged by Paul's rooster on that side, and he took it down to 1 wound which limited any threat it would be able to pose for the subsequent turns. With this in mind I kept the other rooster to activate later to hopefully be able to get close to Ophelia for Frame for Murder. This proved successful as Lenny used Toss to push her up the board, and their Wk/Cg 7 combined with Reckless and (1)Charge, allowed me to reach melee with Ophelia and through a lucky negative damage flip (both severe), deal 6 Wd's! Unfortunately Paul had the same trick up his sleeve, and his Rooster used reckless to charge McTavish, also dealing 6Wd (negative flip...double severe...), and out of necessity I had to kill it in return. If I had been sensible I would have dmg prevented here, and this would come back to haunt me. I had hoped McTavish would be able to deal enough damage to the Rooster to kill it, unfortunately this wasn't to be, mainly poor flipping and his use of Bayou Two Card (I started to appreciate how painful it could be to face!), meant I had charge it with Wong to kill it off, to which he revealed Frame for Murder. I then got a stroke of luck with Paul opting to fall for my cunning plan and use Ophelia to kill off my Rooster, netting me full Vp's for Frame for Murder and tie the game up. This would become a relatively common occurrence in my games on the day, scoring early. End of Turn 1: Turn 2 I activated the Rooster first to try to do a bit of damage before it died, taking his Rooster in turn down to 2Wd's and into Stampede threshold. He opted to move it out of engagement to allow it to charge into Stuffed Piglet, he managed the disengagement, however we then spotted the non pig criteria and after moving out of engagement with my Rooster, he had to charge straight back! I took down Lenny and the Slop Hauler, as well as one of the Lightning Bug's, unfortunately losing McTavish and my last stuffed piglet in reply. I rather foolishly got a bit caught up in the killing, and didn't have enough/any models in the correct quarters to score any VP's for Interference, Paul had enough to score. We both scored a point for Convict Labour (although we realised my left most scheme marker had a Lightning bug too close, so mine didn't count). So it sat at 3-5 End of Turn 2: I got initiative and struck the Whiskey Golem, stoning for a mask to use Wong's Iron Fan and Poof!to place up to 6" to leave engagement, giving me free reign to do some damage to Ophelia. I was running out of activations to try take out Ophelia, so Cranky tried a speculative shot with his Sawn-off, with her and Wong being engaged, I had to randomise, and managed to pick out Ophelia in both attempts! The Rooster charged Trixiebelle, unfortunately only being close enough to engage her, and not Old Cranky, preventing her from allowing Old Cranky to generously step in the way with Don't Fight Over Me Boys! Sammy used Jinx to prevent the Whiskey Golem from declaring Wk/Cg actions. Cranky then died to a Much Abused Pistol from a Young Lacroix (the youthful upstart!). Paul scored again for convict labour, taking it to 3-6, at this point the game was out of my reach. I feel I perhaps got drawn into a brawl, rather than concentrating on the schemes and strategy. Another turn of carnage was in store for us with the last standing Rooster being killed off by Sammy, who also turned a scheme marker into a Stuffed Piglet, (a personal favourite of mine). The Lightning Bug killed off poor Trixie, Wong had to Iron Fan/Poof combo again to escape the Whiskey Golem (proving that there is at least one Gremlin in the Bayou who isn't drawn to the Brewmasters offerings!), opting instead to stand on a scheme marker, whilst using What Goes Up, to move one of mine into a scoring position. Unfortunately the Young Lacroix was close enough to me scheme marker to stop me scoring, so no scoring kept it at 3-6. Going into the final turn, I felt I had to try to score at least one from somewhere to reduce the deficit (hopefully with better results than a Tory budget!), as this may be something that would ultimately influence my tournament ranking, thus hopefully not finishing bottom! With no Trixie to cheat initiative, and no stones I had to watch on as the Whiskey Golem won initiative, and despatched Sammy then the Stuffed Piglet (both of whom were pretty battered up), the piglet subsequently used Bacon Bomb, and took out the Lightning Bug! This left me with Wong, so I would need careful manoeuvring to try and score any points. Thankfully I was just in the right spot to use his (0) Boom, to take out two of Paul's scheme markers,and put a Df duel on the Whiskey Golem, meaning he couldn't get his final Convict Labourpoint (which I felt was one of my craftiest displays of the day!) I then Wk'd, dropped a scheme marker for my own Convict Labour, and then Lightning Jumped the Young Lacroix, to secure a final VP. The game ended 4-6. The game was great fun with loads of damage on both sides, it perhaps wasn't the best showing from me for the strategy, as I managed to lose my mobile models, and then moved a lot into the non scoring point in the centre. Although I feel that this in part was due to deployment, I didn't put enough stuff to combat the left flank, and the models I did send were sacrificed. If I had one more model over that side, I may have been slightly better equipped to deal with them, but its speculation, as both the Rooster and the Golem had the speed to move almost anywhere. McTavish continues to take a lot of punishment and then die, only managing to do a small amount in return (he killed a Lightning Bug if I remember rightly), as a Glowy target he is very appealing, but I'm not sure if I've just been unlucky so far, as versus Martin he RJ'd the damage and the Rooster hit him with double severe on a negative flip in this one. I'll have to try him again and see...