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Found 16 results

  1. Finalscene

    Sparks + Lazarus...?

    Hello to the bayou, I'm new to the forums but I've been playing almost exclusively (Ramos looked too fun) gremlins since I started playing 2 years ago. While thinking about whether I should pick up Lazarus for wong, I had the idea of cranking him to 11 with Sparks. Since Sparks can give out a condition which adds 'construct' and Lazarus can copy construct actions, with the two of them together, we can copy any 1 action in the game! I might be wrong since I don't have a Lazarus card on me, but he can even copy masters. The idea I had was bigger hat then you off somer but I know there's way more with Lazarus being a mercenary and Sparks able to be used with Mei Feng in TT or Arcanists. What other possible options does this add?
  2. The Governor-General

    Hog Whisperer, Mercenary... Why?

    So... why would another faction be interested in using the Hog Whisperer as a mercenary, when they need a Pig model to be at all useful? The only Mercenary Pig I know of is Gracie, who is much better off with Burt Jebsen (or he's better off with her... whatever). In what situation would another faction find a use for a Hog Whisperer?
  3. crimzzen

    Lilith Gunline?

    Hey guys/gals. Been playing the viks for a long time now and I've really grown to love trappers and lazarus. Both are usually instrumental in my games. My style has typically been playing a gunline with the viks cleaning anything up that comes to engage it/running schemes. Crew normally looks like: Viks, Vanessa or Hanna, 2 trappers, Lazarus, Librarian, and Child. I'm interested in lilith and I think I could transfer this playstyle to her. My thoughts being - Better card managment, better control, slightly better scheme running at the cost of the viks amazing damage potential. I realize a strength in malifaux is being able to change your crews up and play different stuff depending but for me, I like to typically play the same crew/master over and over, in bad and good matchups regardless. I'll rarely change out a model unless I suspect a direct counter (and even then, often times I'll still play it to see). I find it helps me to just play better. So after all that, this is just another list review. I'm wondering if people think this would work with Lilith, 50ss Crew Lilith -- 5ss +Beckon Malifaux - 1ss (maybe wings of darkness, I suspect using stones to keep nekima alive though). Primordial Magic - 2ss Doppleganger - 7ss Freikorps Trapper - 7ss Lazarus - 11ss Nekima - 13ss Terror Tot - 4ss Terror Tot - 4ss The idea being that the dopple mimics either the trapper or lazarus early game to shore up my guns and then can become a nekima/sprinter later when needed. Lilith messes with peoples plans and nekima plays bodyguard to the list. Tots run schemes and allow for swaps. I have 1 point sorta free. Essentially the list would function similar to my viks list with lilith and nekima playing the role of cleanup beaters. Would it work well? Or should I just stick the list with the viks?
  4. Clockwork Top Hat

    Torokage out of Ten Thunders

    I was just wondering if people use the Torokage as Mercenaries - I've only ever seen them used either in 10 Thunders lists or in Outcast Last Blossom lists. I've no experience with them but when I inevitably get 10 Thunders (come on Wyrd! ) I'll get them but wondering if people use them as mercs and if so how/when?
  5. How do you guys go about deciding what figures to purchase? I'm guessing most people just buy everything in a faction which makes it easy, however especially for mercenaries or out of faction recruiting, its a bit more difficult to pick and choose (unless you blindly get them all). This especially becomes an issue for some of the mercenaries that I think could be awesome (such as the Freikorps Trapper) and I really want to try, but many are not singles and I'd rather not buy a whole box set for one figure. Since the cards / stats aren't openly publicized outside of getting the big rulebook per each wave, what do you guys do to determine if the model is good enough for your purposes? At least for me I'd much rather spend $100 on additional Malifaux figures rather than the big rulebooks to determine what to buy, but maybe that's just me.
  6. The Zinc Lich

    Aionus: Valuable for the Guild?

    So, like all the Outcast players out there, I spent a lot of time marveling over Aionus this week. When I really got down to thinking about when I would hire him into a crew, however, my mind kept drifting over to the Guild side of things. What is everyone else's opinion on him? 13 stones is a pretty huge chunk to spend on a model, but it is a much smaller jump to go from 12 to 13 than it is to go from 6 to 7, and I certainly think he's worth 12. Unlike the Outcasts (outside of Tara, I suppose), we have a lot of really good, affordable sources of Slow. Clockwork Traps, the Guild Pathfinder, Sidir's gun, and and anything with a chain harpoon are things that make it into lists even when you aren't really trying to take advantage of the slow condition. We're the only faction besides the Outcasts that has offensive burying mechanics not tied to a particular master. He brings Ca attacks that the Guild frequently lacks, as well as an out for armor. He can move markers for Smoke, forests, and walls, which have always been crippling for a faction that relies on guns to get work done. He even drops enemy scheme markers to give you control over where you have to move with the Sleuth upgrade, which is huge considering people were taking it just for the +2 on initiative flips. I'm pretty pumped, myself.
  7. Recently I've been trying to use more Mercenaries with Lucius and maybe Perdita, specifically because how a friend of mine uses Collodi with the Freikorps trapper. In one particular game I wrecked face with Envy and Hans. Which I might add to my Lady J crew if I ever take her out again. What do you guys typically take from the Mercenary pool?
  8. dunkrulz55

    henchmen leading a crew

    there are more henchmen in the game and a few having the mercenary charecteristic. so in the campaign ruls it states that you hire a henchmen paying full price, and was wondering if a mercenary henchmen could lead the crew even though he/she is out of faction?also does this apply to normal games as well?
  9. From the album: My Crews

    My very first Malifaux crew!
  10. Patzer

    Burt Jebsen as a Merc

    Burt Jebsen seems to be able to fit in a lot of crews. For example. Hamelin: Burts' Slippery ability can be used to just shove of attacks to nearby rats. Similar tactics can be used with Mindless Zombies in Ressers (so Nico too I guess). Viktorias, Raspy, Sonnia, Hamelin, Mei Feng, and any crew hiring Lazarus: all likes when models bunch up so they can get their Blasts to connect. Cracker jack Timing is tailored for that purpose. Just haven't heard of anyone using him in a out of faction crew. How come? Is he not worth paying 8ss for?
  11. Hey all, I am wondering how feasible McTavish is as a mercenary in Jack Daw's crew. I really want to try it but I want some second opinions before I begin to try it out. Here's my thoughts offhand: Dat Stench Tho: Penetrating Stench is really helpful in diverting opponents' attacks against Jack if McT is close by. Plus it keeps foes from getting too much more defensive than they already are, but that's not the primary thing I want McT for anyway. In a crew where Focus could bring down the Big Man with ease, I want Focus to not happen. Tormenting McT: Letting The Guilty or even Jack Daw make McT Tormented allows for added synergies like Writhing Torment to become a factor. Even if Jack himself has to damage McT (hopefully putting on Guillotine Injustice), the Gator Man has some healing to work with in the form of Gator Snacks and a wayward crow card. Using the likes of Twist and Turn on McT, though, might make for some fun times with Jack sicking a hypothetical Gator at opponents. The issue here though might be that McT is 11 stones in an Outcast crew, which is pretty hefty for simple durability and some more tricks. What do all of you think? (Rgarbonzo, I already have your opinion of the "new Von Schill" XD) ~Lil Kalki
  12. MudgeBlack

    Desperate Mercenary, Ronin

    From the album: Outcasts

  13. My understanding is that you can hire a model with the mercenary rule(if for example its in your own faction or you can hire it bacause of another rule) and you can hire a model as a mercenary and this is two diferent things, is this correct? An example would be, Zoraida, her Enthrall ability lets her hire any model with WP 4 or less regardless of faction. This can be a Desperate Mercenary for example, can she still hire two mercenarys thrue the Mercenary rule? Is this list legal? Zoraida Convict gunslinger (hired as a mercenary, is a Mercenary) Desperate mercenary (hired thrue Enthrall, but is a Mercenary) Killjoy (hired as a mercenary, is a Mercenary) the crew-creator at malifaux.com does not seem to allow this, but i dunno how good it is, this seems legal to me.