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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, I was trying to figure out my odds of being able to still hit a rat king summon if I didn't hire any rats, so I created a target number calculator that tells you your odds of getting k cards of a suit that meet a target number (TN) given different numbers of cards drawn/flipped. This might be helpful for others who have to rely on target numbers (such as summoners). Hope someone finds this helpful! For those who care, this uses Excel's hypergeometric distribution function (using the cumulative setting). Card Probability.xlsx
  2. Hi there! I was wondering how to treat obscuring terrain/effect at exactly 3". The rules manual states that if the line to a target needs to cross more than 3" of obscuring the target is out of LoS, if its less than 3" the target is in LoS. What about 3" exactly? This comes upp if Rasputina casts "White Out", she then has exactly 3" of obscuring effect around her, can she see out?(consequently letting others see her) This may just be a translation issue, but I doubt it since the phrase "up to and including" exists.