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Found 665 results

  1. Turniej Malifaux FGB! 28.10.17 - Warsaw - FGB.club (ul. Żelazna 69a lok.7) PL 50SS, Fixed Faction, GG 2017 Wejściówka: Srebrna karta FGB (jak ją otrzymać: http://sklep.fgb.club/Karty-Figurkowe-Gry-Bitewne) Nagrody: Mystery Boxy i Guildery! Gramy 3 rundy! Start: 10:00 - 12:30 - 1 Runda 12:45 - 15:15 - 2 Runda 15:15 - 16:00 - przerwa 16:00 - 18:30 - 3 Runda 18:30 - Rozdanie nagród ENG 50SS, Fixed Faction, GG 2017 Entrance fee: FGB Silver Card (how to get it: http://sklep.fgb.club/Karty-Figurkowe-Gry-Bitewne) Awards: Mystery boxes and guilders Gramy 3 rundy! / Only 3 rounds! Start: 10:00 - 12:30 - 1 Runda / Round 1 12:45 - 15:15 - 2 Runda / Round 2 15:15 - 16:00 - przerwa / free time 16:00 - 18:30 - 3 Runda / Round 3 18:30 - Rozdanie nagród / Awards Scenariusze / Schemes Runda 1 Close Deployment Extraction Claim Jump Accusation Frame for Murder Tail 'em Last Stand Runda 2 Standard Deployment Guard the Stash Claim Jump Dig Their Graves Accusation! Covert Breakthrough Search The Ruins Runda 3 Corner Deployment Interference Claim Jump Dig their Graves Accusation Hunting Party Mark for Death
  2. TTB session will be start at 12:00 10/29 in socio-club Tochka ul. Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya 46B Krasnodar. Scenery: in the Gutter Malifaux Penny Dreadful More info here https://vk.com/wall-153721628_44
  3. TTB session will be start at 12:00 10/15 in socio-club Tochka ul. Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya 46B Krasnodar. Scenery: in the Gutter Malifaux Penny Dreadful More info here: https://vk.com/wall-153721628_26
  4. [Denmark] Demo games in Copenhagen

    During October 2016 I will be available for demo games (or regular games!) in ROGUE TRADER http://roguetraderkbh.blogspot.dk/ Week days normaly from 15:30 and weekends are more flexible but contact me about a possible game. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood there's also a chance you can find me in Rogue Trader and possibly get a game without contacting me beforehand. I have 8+ painted Crews and extra fate decks etc. so you won't need anything except the desire to try the best game in the World. But be warned, it's very addicting. BR Erik
  5. Next Friday (10/13) we will be hosting a Friday the Thirteenth inspired game! Welcome Counselors to Camp Malifaux, it's time for a scary story! (Play for effect!) Setup: · Choose Hunter & Counselors · Hunter places (6) 32mm “Camper” scheme markers on the field at least 6” from the table edge and any other “Camper” neutral scheme markers · Counselors deploy within 6 inches of the center · Hunter deploys in base contact of any board edge · Hand size is restricted to 4 cards. · All models lose the ability to summon models · The first to 5 VP wins, due to the shortness of game length it is recommended that you switch roles and play a second game. Hunter: · The Hunter is any one non-master model (0 point models are valued at 10 points!) totaling 13 points or less after upgrades are attached. · The Hunter gains: Bloodlust: After killing an enemy model, this model gains reactivate. · The Hunter gains: (0) “IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” (Ca: 6 / TN: 11 / Rg: -): This action may only be taken if no enemy model can draw LoS to this model. Place this model anywhere completely within 10” that is also within 1” of blocking terrain. This model may not take charge actions for the remainder of the activation. · Whenever the Hunter kills or sacrifices an enemy model they gain +1 VP Counselors: · The Counselors are made up of any combination (even those from other factions) of exactly 5 non-master models totaling up to 35ss including upgrades (Any 1 model is chosen as your “Leader” within regular restrictions) · All counselors lose their Attack Actions for the duration of the game · Counselors may interact with Camper scheme markers to gain +1 VP; if they do so, the Hunter may choose to place their model in base contact with the Camper scheme marker before it is removed. First flip is at 6:30pm! Mox Boarding House 1505 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
  6. Hey, New Henchman been working to widen the Malifaux player base in Charlottesville, VA. Hoping to start some events as we go into autumn, but for anyone interested in learning more about the game I hold regular demos each week, usually on Fridays after the regular business hours have ended. I have plenty of models if you're looking to run a full crew, and around 10 masters, mostly in the Outcast and 10T factions. If Fridays aren't your thing, hit me up and we can shoot for demos and games on Saturday and Sunday as well. For more info on where the most recent events are taking place, check out our local facebook page for Cville Malifaux. Best, J
  7. Death Marshal - December 2016.jpg

    From the album Putting Paint to Plastic

    Third miniature I ever painted - back in December of 2016. He has a new paint job though, so check out the other pictures!
  8. 2- Day Faux Faux Faux!!! 50ss GG Malifaux Tournament WHEN: Dec 2-3 WHERE: The Battle Standard (4 Prospect Rd #1, East Windsor, CT 06088) Faux Faux Faux will be a holiday themed 2 day Malifaux tournament using the 2018 Gaining Grounds packet. It will feature 5 rounds of organized play to celebrate the spirit of giving enjoyable hobby moments to friends and strangers. For a $30 entry fee, you can participate in the 5 rounds 2018 Gaining Grounds packet strategy rotation and schemes(subject to change based on released version). There are a number of hotels within a few miles of the store that are currently priced under $80/night for those traveling as airport is only 5 miles away. Tickets can be purchase here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/faux-faux-faux-tickets-38547772425 https://www.facebook.com/events/119681705389527/?active_tab=about FauxFauxFauxEventPack.docx
  9. Welcome my friends ! 15 october 10:00 I'm waiting for you at the themed halloween event 40 SS 3 Rounds Special halloween missions The game will be held at "DiceVille" hobby center, Televizornaya 1 Building 4, second floor. (Shopping district "Emerald City") Details latter on the forum http://wargames-krsk.ru/index.php?board=8.0
  10. Enforcer Brawl!!

    M y store wants to Welcome anyone who wants to join our Enforcer Brawl tournament. It will be a Halloween themed event that falls on October 21, 2017 @ Paddy's Game Shoppe St. cloud Mn around 1 pm. Please inform me if you will be interested so I can get the proper amount of prize support ready. Some smaller details are still being hashed out.
  11. Hello there! I have entered Malifaux in the mid summer and now I feel ready to show some of my Ressurectionists (and their friends, ofc!) to community. Here I will post my WIP and ready miniatures. I will start with sharing my Iron Painter round 1 work, it was my very first diorama experience, as well as OSL. Here we go!
  12. [GREECE], [ATHENS] Demo at Peristeri

    Hello everyone, just got my Henchman approval today and want to start immediatly. From now on most Saturdays I will be at Kaissa Games Peristeriou demonstrating the game to everyone interested, you can contact me here for details February is ending and it is a little short notice but I will be at the place this Saturday 25 Feb from around 11:00 am to 16:00 pm Will update soon with March's dates
  13. Continuing our ever-evolving series of Malifaux-tourneys in the cold north of Finland, here are the rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kcTb9XiNIOFLFXnKZ0YEGEhl_HOvRSG_buQvVJZG8Vg/edit TL;DR: GG2018. 3-4 rounds depending on participants. We may have it on Saturday, depending on participants. The venue is Bunkkeri, the store of Sotakone Miniatures at Tuureporinkatu 19 C. There's a Youtube-link for how to get the the venue in the rules. Some Halloween-y things may be involved. Last time we had custom objectives, no one knows what happens now. If interested, send me a PM or e-mail at sotakone.miniatures@gmail.com
  14. Hi! I started painting Malifaux few weeks ago. To be honest this is my first thoughtful and mature experience. Love this guys, they are fun, dinamic and simply awesome! I also already painted Puppet Master Crew but unfortunately don't have appropriate photo camera right now. I'll realy appreciate all of your criticism and opinions because I want to stay in this field for a long time. Since I am painting everyday I declare this a weekly blog. I hope I'll be managing to post every thursday. Hail yourselves and be fun! This guy is so tough and scary
  15. Iron Painter 2017 - Round 1 - OSL onebitpixel - "You'll Float, Too!" Malifaux Governor's Proxy 3D Model Sourced from Devon Jones, Openforge Sewers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:922445
  16. Bought stuff I don't use a long time ago and want to get rid of it. Not enough time to play, honestly, so more interested in models I think are cool and fun. Southern Califnoria, USA; Pasadena to be precise. Make and offer, cover shipping. USA only. There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. PICS: https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS HAVE Neverborn Starters for: Pandora, Dreamer Many misc. old metal models. See pics. Ten Thunders Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases Gremlins Starters for Ophelia, Somer Teeth, Brewmaster, Zoraida, old Somerteeth (unopened, with warpig), Mah Tucket (unopened) Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Haulers, Merris, Nightmare Golem, Gluttony, Piglets, Effigy, alt Gator About a third painted pretty well. (Special note: I have much more for sale and trade that isn't Malifaux. A few board games, Warhammer AoS and 40k, Wrath of Kings, LCGs, etc. If you want more info I can PM you or link you.) WANT All rulebooks except tiny manual. Ressers: Lots, honestly. I have the following, and am interested in anything else: Kirai, Nicodem, Canine Remains, Mindless Zombies, Necropunks, Transparent Bete Noir, old Graveyard Spirit; especailly interested in Alt McMourning and Nightmare Tara. Arcanists: Colette Crew, regular and Carnival, all models to make them good, plus any show girls in general. Pride. Alt performer. Neverborn: Puppets crew and accessories to make them fun and good. Outcasts: Hamelin crew plus extras, Night of Rat in particular. Again, with cool extras to make 'em fun and good. Additions for my Jack Daw box. TTB: Core book 2e. Supplement books.
  17. Enforcer Brawl Tournament in the Arsenal (The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd) Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format 1'st place prize: Whiskey Golem (Nightmare Edition) 10.29.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia More information here: https://vk.com/event154191848 And here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  18. Arsenal "Malifaux Black Dog" League in the National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd 50ss Crew Leader - Master 1 Game per Week (4 games total) 10.08.2017 - 10.29.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia GG2017 More information here: https://vk.com/event154191736 And here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  19. Rookies and Veterans, Humans, Gremlins and any other creatures alike are welcome to participate in Malifaux autumn league at Geek Wars. When: 9th of October - 12th of November Rules: Rapid Growth 2015 but with some changes (see the Achievments list attached) week 1 — October 9 - 15 — 20SS games or larger week 2 — October 16 - 22 — 30-50SS games week 3 — October 23 - 29 — 35-50SS games week 4 — October 30 - November 5 — 40-50SS games week 5 — November 6 - 12 — 50SS games Winners Announcement and Prize Distribution — November 18 at 14:00 at Geek Wars Paveletskaya. 115054, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, Moscow, Russia Henchmen: @Buntman, @Gambit Fee: RUR 300 Prizes: 32 Players Prize Pack More info at vk.com/geekwars ДОСТИЖЕНИЯ ЛИГИ МАЛИФО GEEK WARS.docx