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Found 75 results

  1. I'm starting to finish painting a bunch of my nephilim and would like to try them out. I have a couple of lists that I'm thinking of running in an advantageous pool like headhunter with dig their graves or mark for death. List one is a lot more aggressive, the second one has more activations but less credible threats. When the strat and schemes want you to kill anyway growing shouldn't feel like a third scheme but aomething that just happens. List two kind of lacks teeth but can single out enemy models and trigger pounces en masse. If they get to your tots you can grow their buddies with the corpse. I'm also having trouble deciding between the pukesnake and cherub. Cards are nice but with my intended plays I think the (0) interacts might be crucial. Suggestions? List 1 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 6 Pool (or 5, see below) - Beckon Malifaux (1) - Wicked Mistress (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Primordial Magic (2) or Cherub (3) Barbaros (10) - A Thousand Faces (1) Mature Nephilim (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) List 2 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 6 Pool - Rapid Growth (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) - Beckon Malifaux (1) Primordial Magic (2) or Cherub (3) Lilitu (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Black Blood Shaman (7) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) List 3 (I had to try with Lucius). I'm kind of liking the pounce trap within the aura. The scribe raising the already decent defence on most nephilim and protecting them through red tape could prove more worth it than the cards from the snake. 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lucius + 4 Pool Primordial Magic (2) Mr. Graves (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Lilitu (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Black Blood Shaman (7) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4)
  2. I've just come back to Malifaux after a long time and am catching up on some of the changes. I've seen a few people talking about Lucius' ability to heal himself but I can't find where he gets this ability. One person in the pointed to Issue Command's 'watching closely' trigger but "the target heals 2 damage" to me reads as healing the minion Lucius has targeted rather than himself (Link to that thread at bottom). If this is the case, where does he get his healing? P.S. because I don't want to make a whole separate thread about this, is there any way to access the schemes/strategies released subsequent to Crossroads? Do I have to buy every book I've missed in order to play with people who've kept up to date on these?
  3. I'm brand new at Malifaux (learned at Origins) and am thinking about building around Lucius. After the recent errata, can folks with more experience a solid 50ss build? I'm not asking folks to do my work for me, but the choices in this game are sort of overwhelming for a new player! I need some focus from folks who have been playing for a bit! Thanks!
  4. starting purple Lucius

    So, I'm planning on adding lucius to my neverborn options and I have a couple of questions I'd love to get a response to. Mostly it's what guild models are worth bringing. Austringers: I can't figure out how good they are in a neverborn crew. On one hand they seem kinda awesome, on the the other I don't really need the boost to scheme running their (2) action gives and range 12" isn't that impressive. Emissary: I haven't really heard anyone mention the emissary with lucius, which I find kinda odd. His summoning alone seems to be worth it, also his hungry land could be really good with a shooty crew. I could see taking mysterious Conflux for additional boost to minions. Conflux of tyranny could also be good as both doppelganger and changelings could use it, on top of the heal itself which isn't bad, but nothing to write home about. Master queeg: he seems like he could be really good in any minion based crew and especially combined with fae knights. Also he seems great for fgf. Captain dashel: I can't really see myself using him unless I bring riflemen or pathfinder along, as I can't bring his 0 upgrade and he doesn't seem to be worth it by himself. Pathfinder: is it worth bringing him when you can't buy starting traps? I'm thinking blast in neverborn makes him worth it, plus with queeg he can make/move two traps a turn. I've looked at guild hounds but I can't see any compelling reason to bring them as I find I have much better options for only 1ss more. Does spending stones on redraw count as lucius doing it for devils deal? I'm thinking no, but I've read that wings should 've really God on him and this is the only reason why that I can see. Thanks in advance
  5. Lucius Upgrades

    With some masters, all their upgrades seem amazing and you can't pick 3. With Lucius, I ended up taking none in a game last night and didn't miss them. Talking through Lucius' upgrades mainly to try and organise my own thoughts but also keen to hear other opinions. Starting with his personal ones. - Suprisingly Loyal. An obvious take if you want some sweet mimic action. The defensive trigger is at least achievable now but still not great. Likely to be swapped out via Terracotta Warrior if taken. - Secret Assets. Nice but expensive, both in purchasing and use. But more importantly competes with Lucius' new (0) to allow people to interact while engaged, which given the schemes one usually goes for with Lucius is likely to be the preferable option. - Secret Objectives. Swap scheme markers for melee attacks? Nah. Lucius has people to do that kind of thing for him, - Legalese. The scheme marker flipping one is unlikely to be useful due to the lack of end game scoring schemes in GG. The stealing enemy auras/pulses is highly situational but great in those situations. A good choice to Terracotta Warrior in when you know what you are facing. - Useless Duplications. Seems a little redundant to give Lucius the ability to discard a second card to give attackers a negative when he has one already baked in. Unless you suspect Assassination or a ranged heavy opposition against your mimic heavy crew, probably not worthwhile. - Watch My Back. Expensive. Value depends heavily on your investment in Guardsmen who don't already have companion. And even then liable to lead you to being out activated. I've never been tempted. So not a great crop. Certainly no 'must takes' beyond Surprisingly Loyal if your crew is heading that way. How about the general Guild ones? - Curfew. Probably the best choice if you intend to concentrate on non killing schemes, as despite Lucius' newly discovered healing powers I often still find myself short on figures toward the end of the game. - Dampening field. Highly situational. A possible Terracotta swap in. - Badge of Office. Unless you're expecting Assassination, Lucius is probably already survivable enough. - Vengeance bullet. No good unless you invested in Secret Assets. Not a bad choice if you did. - Plant Evidence. End game scoring schemes are lacking. Pass. - Expert Sleuth. +2 to initiative is nice... but I've often got a Doppelganger with me. - The Thalarian Stone. #fart noises# So what do you reckon? What do you tend to take with him? I'm still relatively new to the game so am very open to some (all) of my assessments being way off!
  6. Lucius Crew

    Hi everybody! I´m new here and I've started with Lucius crew. Here is the first mini. Hope you like it^^
  7. how do dual faction masters work?

    Are dual faction masters like Lucius allowed to hire minions from both factions per game or one or the other?
  8. Does tannen have a home now?

    So tannen has been a corner case modle for a while now mostly used in gimicks or as a hard counter to some suspected matchups. But with the lucius rework dose tannen have a master he can follow around as a core component? My argument being: Lucius can command tannen to get chatty meaning tannen wont lose manipulative. Cooler is another layer to the layering lucius defence (Corner case) bord lowering walk makes trappers traps more consistant Red tape will keep tannan up longer And lastly tannens week attacks are made up for by lucius letting him interact while engaged Any thoughts. Has anyone tryed
  9. Devil's Deal and stoning for cards

    Can you devil's deal when you stone for cards or only when Lucius "uses" the stone for damage prevention, +flips, etc?
  10. Viktorias versus Lucius

    The most recent learning game between my girlfriend and myself, using the Lucius and Viktorias starter boxes. Strategy: Interference Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Set Up, Last Stand Deployment: Standard Lucius took Eliminate the Leadership and Frame for Murder Viktoria took Eliminate the Leadership and Set Up Lucius set up in a little cluster on the left side of the board, with one lawyer off by himself on the right. The Viktorias had the three sisters almost directly across from Lucius, with Taelor and a ronin in the middle and the other two ronin on the right half. The first turn started slow as the ronin advanced to take a table quarter and Dashel and the guards moved into position. Then Lucius stepped forward and Issued Commands to the guard, pushing them into range of Viktoria of Ashes and hitting her for four Wounds and a VP from Eliminate the Leadership. Red Jokers on damage suck. Turn two, one ronin crossed the centerline to deny Lucius a table quarter, since the lawyer camping in it was going solo, while Taelor and a ronin set up Scheme Markers around Dashel. Viktoria of Blood blitzed a guard to heal her sister, only to score Lucius 3 VP for Frame for Murder once the guard died! Lucius kept ordering shots taken at Viktoria of Ashes, nearly killing her from Dashel and the remaining Guard, then the scribe moved into Viktoria of Blood's charge path to Lucius, annoyingly. The student gave Viktoria of Ashes an assist amd made her Fast, and finally Viktoria of Blood got sued and hit with Fees +2. Viktoria scored 1 VP from Interference and 2 more after revealing Set Up on Dashel. Turn three Viktoria of Ashes cast Sisters in Battle, moved into range of the scribe, and cast Dragon's Bite, dropping her and Blood on the scribe and wasting him easy. Viktoria of Blood then chain activated and charged Lucius. Taelor charged Dashel to keep him tied up, while the student ran after her sisters. The lawyer and guard ran into the fray to try and brin down Viktoria of Ashes, getting her down to 2 Wounds. Turn four, Viktoria of Ashes used Sisters in Battle and Dragon's Bite to drop her, Blood, and the student on Lucius, getting him to a single Wound. Viktoria of Blood then popped off Flight of Dragons, but everyone whiffed or got the damage prevented, but Lucius's hand was completely used in the process. Blood's Melee Expert attack finally killed Lucius, then a lucky hit from the guard killed Viktoria of Ashes. We called the game at that point, since there was no way to score any more points. Final score was 6 to 8, Viktorias' victory.
  11. Guild Hounds as Scheme Runners

    How well do hounds work as scheme runners, specifically for Lucius? The need to have two in order to not be Insignificant seems like an issue, but they are fast and a pair is only 6 SS. They also seem like they'd be good at taking out enemy schemers, since they can get three attacks against enemies near scheme markers.
  12. Need help with Lucius nb

    Hey there! So I recently got back into malifaux after years (pre m2e) and I picked up Lucius because I loved the flavor and lore. I am having trouble trying to make a NB list cause I'm not a huge guild fan. So far I have the new box set and I'm not sure where to go from there. I've played two games with him and won them but I felt like the list wasn't right or didn't fit exactly right. Since I'm also playing the dreamer I used some of those models to make the list but I would like to hear what other players are using or have seen. I am also on a tight budget my list was 35SS lucius -surprisingly loyal -secret asset 1x scribe 2x stitched together 2x lawyers 1x insidious madness it worked okay, I did win but I don't want to use nightmares PLEASE someone help
  13. Lucius - Back after a break: What's new?

    I had my first Lucius game for a while today, after a 8 month break. I took, Lucius, The Scribe, Dashel, Pathfinder, Austringer, 2 x Wardens and a Lawyer. It was pretty solid, although I was rusty on my combo's etc. I also have, riflemen, and extra guards, austringers, wardens, lawyers. I dont have any hounds or hunters, although thinking about it. As I have been away a while I have missed the following: - emissaries, sanctioned spell casters, manifests/avatars?, mounted guards, queeg... not sure what else over past 8 months or so. Are there any key things I should be looking into out of the above, and how important are they for my Lucius crew? Thank in advance for any advice to a rusty player.
  14. Neverborn Lucius - in theme

    I am looking to build a Neverborn Lucius list that is "in theme" for him. What would the manipulative Mimic bureaucrat bring to the field? His signature pieces are the Guild Lawyers and The Scribe, so Surprisingly Loyal is an auto-include. I figure that he is allied to Mimics, so the Doppelganger and Changelings are in order. However, the rest of the NB Mimics are strongly linked to other masters (Lynch, Pandora), which is not ideal. Out-of-faction Mimics for Personal Retinue are: Guild Lawyer, Terracotta Warrior. Surprisingly Loyal opens up his hiring pool to Guardsman models and it stands to reason that Lucius would be bringing some. Of all the Guardsmen, I think Guild Hounds fit Lucius' story best. Him signalling the hounds to charge is something I can very well picture. Captain Dashel is dear in Lucius fluff, but I want to avoid him because he does little without shooty Guild models to support and the Guild slots are few. So far I have: Lucius (Secret Assets, Surprisingly Loyal) The Scribe Doppelganger (Mimic's Blessing) Guild Lawyer Guild Hound x2 Terracotta Warrior That's 20SS more to go and I would love to hear your suggestions! Especially for the Changelings because I can't figure them out and they look like support pieces. Your thoughts on the above are welcome, too.
  15. Lucius post ROF

    With the release of the terracotta warriors and many new minions for both Neverborn and Guild, what kind of lists are people brewing up for Lucius? On the Neverborn side, I was thinking of two warriors in my crew. Any thoughts about how the Ripples of Fate models help Lucius?
  16. About the Secret Assets upgrade: The Hidden Sniper Action has no icon. The Rules Manual on page 42 states that cover grants benefits against attacks only. However, the upgrade's text reads: What is the purpose of adding the cover clause to the upgrade?
  17. Just a quick word of advice to new players to the game drawn to the Guild. Don't start your Malifaux experience with Lucius, and ESPECIALLY don't do that when your opponent is playing Lilith. Just trust me on this, you will spare yourself a ton of butthurt. On a positive note, my second game I took McMourning as a Resser with just the boxed set models, and apart from messing up near the end of the game on order of activation, could have pretty comprehensively curbstomped my opponent. Paralyzing Nakima with a Nurse is so good, so very very good... If you want to stick with Guild, after doing some reading and wrapping my head around the game a bit more, I see how Lucius can be good, but he's no master for a beginning player. The game makes my head hurt bad enough without going to the most subtle, combo intensive, and tricksy master in the Guild faction.
  18. I've been trying to figure out how best to use Guild Hounds outside of McCabe. Since Luna is essentially the Guild Hound Master by getting rid of Insignificant for them it seems a bit like you're taking a hit if you take them out of McCabe crews. Currently my philosophy is that 2 Guild Hounds = 1 Six Soulstone model. So they would be vying for the same place as a Death Marshal, Warden, Austringer(not often), Pathfinder, or Lawyer. Especially since they have to contend with the Insignificant which without it would make them excellent scheme runners at 3ss. Usually I run the Watcher and now after Nellie's release the Field Reporter. How do you guys feel about them?
  19. A number of models have rules that allows other models to take actions, for example Lucius' "Commanding presence" and "Issue command", The Judge's "Combat effectiveness" and the general "Obey" action. I was wondering how these kinds of rules work with certain conditions, starting with Focused. Focused states that the model may remove the condition "when declaring an Action". But when a model causes another model to take the Action, which model is declaring it? The wording on both Lucius' abilities, which says "[the target] may immediately take a (1) Action", seems to suggest that it is the target model that declares the Action. Same thing with the Judge. Obey is a little bit different, since it states that "[the target] immediately performs a (1) Action chosen and controlled by this model's controller". That last bit could be interpreted that the action is actually declared by the model using Obey. However, the FAQ states that Obey can be used make a model use up its Vengeance bullet, and that upgrade only works when the owning model declares an action. And that suggests that all kinds of actions that order another model (friendly of otherwise) could be used to remove Focused (and benefit from it). What do you think? My other question is how these types of rules work with the Paralyzed condition. Paralyzed states that a model generates no AP and may not declare any Actions "during its Activation". However, the "ordered" Actions do not require AP and are done outside of the model's Activation. Does this mean that you can still order a Paralysed model to take actions?
  20. Hi, we are Agent(s) of the Breach, a couple who are starting to play with Neverborn. We love to have a painting thread of every game we play because, not only It keeps us motivated, but also, it’s always interesting to have different points of view of the things you are working on and share ideas. So, please, feel free to comment or ask whatever you want, we’ll try to keep this updated At the moment, we’ve been focused on painting Zoraida’s box (testing colours and doing some brainstorming), so we don’t have much to show yet; only an (almost) finished Silurid. The idea is that the Silurid had to look as froggy as possibly, but with a spice of lizard in it. Like we said, it’s not finished yet; we want it to have a brown pattern in her back. Something like these: Usually, the base is the last that we (she, in this case) paint, but we wanted to see how it was going to look. It tries to be an autumn swampy zone. Seeing the photos, we have realized that it's a little dark, so we still have to work it a little more. Malifaux it’s a strange game; coming from Warhammer and Infinity, we are kinda used to paint “armys of”, but every single miniature here looks like a separate challenge. We’ll see how this work!
  21. Lucius Fluff

    I've recently returned to Malifaux after my gaming group dwindled down, shortly after the release of M2E. So, being the "Fluff Nut" that I am, I've started catching up on all the backgrounds, particularly the Neverborn(my chosen faction...for now). While ALL the stories I've read(heard...Breachside Broadcast) are pretty good, my favorites so far have featured Lucius. So much that I've picked his crew up to start. i mean, that dude is probably THE most genuinely creepy character in Malifaux, and that's saying a lot, with guys like Seamus running around. I've recently read the stories from Crossroads and Shifting Loyalties, and the Assassin's Ball short, and I really have to wonder where Wyrd is gonna take his story(if anywhere). I almost want to see him without his mask.....ALMOST.
  22. Lucius Crew - Beyond the basic set

    I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere and often, but I'm still pretty new to Malifaux, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I've graduated from the basic Lucius set (still lining up the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony) and I'm looking to make a few additions. I'm pretty certain that riflemen & austringers are must haves, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know. I would also like to add a mimic (I'm taking this slowly, a few models at a time): which would be a better choice - Mr. Graves, a doppelganger, or beckoners? I also have the starter set, which works nicely with Lucius as it comes with both Guild & Neverborn models all with mercenary attributes. This allows Lucius (AKA "The Heir to Prince's Wardrobe") to have access to fast scheme runners, enforcers, and ranged attacks. Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hello Everyone, i'm looking for the limited edition miniatures of Puppet wars Lucius, Hooded Rider, Pokey Vik and Teddy. somebody who is willing to trade or sell??
  24. One Angry Dwarf's Guild

    I'm new to the Faux and have started playing with a Lucius crew. I chose these dudes because, let's face it, the Lucius mini is totally boss. What a guy. More pics as I paint 'em.