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Found 16 results

  1. Either Somer Tooth Jones has let himself go or Lenny is a new master
  2. Finalscene

    Found a use for my Bushwhackers!

    So I had this idea a while back and I've used it in several games with Mah, Somer, and Ophelia. Get two Bushwhackers and Lenny, 1st turn use Bushwhackers to push forward 10 inches, then double walk Lenny within 3 inches of them. Bushwhackers have an ability which let's them take a free 14' inch shot whenever a friendly gremlin misses a shoot action at the cost of two wounds. Since they only have 6 wounds to start, it's usually not useful as they only get two and then die, but Lenny reduces that damage by one with his aura, which means we can use the ability alot more. The best use I've found for this combo is giving Somer masks with do it like dis, then missing shots with the Bushwhackers over and over, which allows Somer to push a crazy amount for free. I've scored full points undercover entorage with Somer starting turn 5 in my deployment zone with this. I've also used it to deny tail em' really easily. It's a bit expensive at 21 stones, but worth it if it's the right schemes. They're also decent snipers. It's not as effective or worth it in Ophelia and Mah, but still fun.
  3. Guest


  4. frozenbunnysteak

    Old Miniature Boxes

    Hi, I first picked up some Malifaux minis a long while ago and then never got much of a chance to see the guys I was planning to play with, and they've been sitting on a shelf since. I recently decided to get them painted up and actually get ready to play (and couldn't resist picking up some new ones), but the problem is, some of the minis I have are the old 1st edition ones. I've got hold of the updated card packs, but it's left me in a bit of a quandary over how I'd get hold of certain models. I have the old metal Somer boxed set, and the old plastic Wong single. That means that I have the masters, but not their henchmen/enforcers or totems. Is there any way of getting hold of the models I want without having to buy doubles of the models I already have? Failing that, does anyone have suggestions for proxies? Thanks for any help you guys can give.
  5. I'm just starting out with Malifaux and am planning my first crew. I want one that can be played pretty well in most situations as I don't have the cash to spend on this game to get models for all circumstances. I like the look of gremlins due to their entertaining, unpredictable nature. After reading PullMyFinger the models that stand out most are the Rooster Riders, Piglet & Bayou Gremlin. I came up with the list below which fulfils the entertaining aspect, but does it work as a general crew that can be played well most of the time? Som'er Teeth Jones: 7 + Pig Feed: 1 Bayou Gremlin: 3 Bayou Gremlin: 3 Bayou Gremlin: 3 Bayou Gremlin: 3 Lenny: 9 + I'll Love It and Pet It...: 1 Piglet : 4 Piglet : 4 Rooster Rider: 6 Rooster Rider: 6
  6. ^^ This one corner of my display board, that I started making to show off my as yet to be completed models. I also have posted this previously on the wyrd place fb group so if you've seen it before that is probably why T'other side of the board - home to the all important Still! Behind some flimsy camoflage lol View of the still. I made it with a piece of cork (covered by plasticard), a button, a bit of a wooden dowel, and the metal tubing is a paper clip I messed with quite a bit. I made some 'bolts' on the still, with paint, added some weathering powder for soot - first time I used it so I wanted to experiment a bit. I did a little coal fire under the whole still, sitting on a metal frame (matchsticks). The rocks are bits of cork left over from cutting out the rounds for the bases. ^^ Here's a little collage of the outhouse. here's the pigpen: (well it might fit Gracie. I didn't realize the wild boars for instance came on the bigger bases ><) here's a close up of my fave part, the trough: The idea is kind of a 'omg what would gremlins actually feed their pigs?!' here so I took some bits of left over sprue, some hotglue, and realistic water and came up with a trough of unmentionables. While the inspiration for the whole board is pretty obviously the bayou, I also got a lot of inspiration from living here in Georgia. The base was coated with burnt sienna, to help try to portray the red clay soil we have here. If I'd kept the foliage the way it really ought to be, based on how it grows here in wild areas, you'd never see the board lol so I tried to add just enough to help liven it up some. Already working on my concept for its next component, being as how I just bought a bunch more Gremlins that won't fit on this board lol but first I promised myself I'd actually build and finish some of the Bayou box I already have.
  7. Guildenstern

    Somer summoning trouble & Lenny's aura

    Had a game recently and I found I had some issues in the beginning with Somer's summoning, in hindsight I should have taken another turn to summon instead of advancing like I did (maybe). I'm just looking for any ideas maybe I missed for how to better control Somer's summoning. After the game I realized, I could have stoned for the mask suit, which would have done me better service. Part of the problem was my hand had no masks for "do it like dis" *or* any 8+s to summon off of! Bayou two card looked like my only option, I got one summon off, but drew/flipped really badly for the other two. So, is that just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes or is there something else maybe I should have/could have done? Also, re: Lenny's damage reduction aura "Big Target" for friendlies within, I think it's 3? inches, does that include any piglets he summons from deliberately whacking the pigapult with his "I'll love it and pet it" tome trigger? The way I'm reading it, the card just says the pig suffers a 1/2/4 damage flip that cannot be cheated. Doesn't say "not reduced" though, so I was wondering if this would be included in Lenny's aura.
  8. Falcon108

    W: M2E Lenny

    Looking for a M2E Lenny, as you can't purchase him separately in his own box.
  9. Second Class Elitist

    Good Grems wear Pinks

    My entry for Round One of the 2016 Iron Painter. It's based on the idea that there's always one dude in the gym who is bad enough to wear a pink tank top to work out in, and he is NOT someone you want to mess with. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Clement

    Where goes Lenny?

    I'm on a binge of running a lot of Somer, and as a result of that I've bowed to common internet wisdom and running Lenny with him. A part from handing out Rams for the turn where Somer needs to open fire on something though, I'm finding generally he's sort of milling around being unproductive. With that in mind, how do you run Lenny? Is he a forward outpost of doom and Dumb Luck? Somer's Baby-Sitter? Still in the case? Share your favorite Lenny tactics.
  11. Jeebus

    Diggin For Gold

    Lenny has been doing some of his own diggin for "gold" . . .
  12. Want to buy 2nd edition Lenny (gremlins) paying £12 including p&p He is from the som'er teeth jones box set. Message me or put it on ebay with a link and ill buy it asap
  13. 480

    WIP Lenny

    From the album: My malifaux painting attempts.

    Work in progress
  14. wapcaplets

    Somer Teeth Jones vs Tara 30 ss

    I had my third actual game of Malifaux 2E tonight. I love the theme and aesthetic of these gremlins of mine but I’m still struggling to figure them out. What I really need to do, quite honestly, is read through all of their abilities thoroughly and come up with some synergistic crews for the different strategies. So far, my crews have been put together with relatively little thought and have fallen quickly to well-designed crews. Tonight I got in a 30 SS game at Black Knight Games in Hamilton against a really challenging Tara crew with Reconnoiter as the strategy. Somer Teeth Jones -- 5 Pool +Family Tree [2] +Quality Mash Liquor [2] Skeeter [2] Bayou Gremlin [3] Bayou Gremlin [3] Bayou Gremlin [3] Lenny [9] Slop Hauler [5] I took Vendetta on Lenny against my opponent’s Nothing Beast and Protect Territory (both hidden). My thought going in was to use Somer to make more Bayou Gremlins with Family Tree and run them up the sides of the board into all four quadrants dropping scheme counters along the way. I’d leave a few back to cloud around Lenny and hopefully stay alive with the help of the Slop Hauler. Tara -- 7 Pool +Knowledge of Eternity [2] Karina [5] The Nothing Beast [10] Void Wretch [4] Void Wretch [4] He definitely had more upgrades but I don’t remember what they were so the above list is incomplete. The Game My initial setup was something like this: I was able to make a Gremlin on turn 1 with Somer and gave them each a healing flip with the good ol’ moonshine. I would have liked to make more than 1 but I had no high masks in hand and didn’t want to spend two SS on the first turn. I used Lenny’s Toss action to fling the Slop Hauler into another quadrant and he then dropped a scheme marker and scampered back. I buzzed the Skeeter forward and hid behind a building hoping to pop out and use Somer’s Quit Screwin’ ‘Round action to deny some triggers. What I Learned Incorporeal is very hard to deal with and Lenny is in big trouble when he has to be in Willpower duels. Between giving his Nothing Beast fast and Incorporeal, my opponent easily buried Lenny and had all my nearby Gremlins in his 3” melee range along these lines: By the end of turn 2 the only figures I had left were a single Gremlin with two wounds, Somer, Lenny, and the Skeeter. At that point I just conceded as my opponent had three quadrants secured and I had no clue how to deal with Lenny getting buried. Against this crew, I think I really needed to take two Skeeters. It felt like the triggers were what was doing me in the most so being able to deny them would have been huge. Re-posted with permission from engler.ca Any pointers would be much appreciated. I love my little blighters but their low WP keeps getting me in trouble.