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Found 54 results

  1. Hi All I have lurked on the forums for a long time, and have finally mustered the courage to share my models with you all. I haven't got photos worth sharing other than my Brutal Emissary for whom I made a custom 'gunblade' type weapon to replace the simplistic blade it has as standard. Hopefully will be photographing the rest of my miniatures over the weekend/Xmas holiday days. I looked around at great knives on the internet, and ended up being heavily influenced by Pyramid head's knife from Silent Hill. I measured out the existing blade and marked off the dimensions on some thin plasticard. I sketched out what I wanted and cut the first layer of card to this shape. I repeated the process with two thicker pieces of plastic and glued them to either side to give me a rough shape. From here, I started to carve and file the contours into the blade to give it an edge and tip. I wanted to represent the ‘never bluff a six gun’ ability so I added more plasticard pipe, cut and greenstuffed until I was happy. At this stage, I'm still so shocked that I haven't completely ruined the model and been left with no weapon for him, so I forge ahead and start to embellish with greenstuff and attach it to the miniature. And here is the finished product, of which I’m immensely proud Thanks Lofty
  2. Hi folks! Approximately two months ago I was invited to Moscow Novice Legue of Malifaux. That was the second time when I faced the Malifaux. First time was eeehhh... 3 years ago, I guess. And then I was thinking: "What the awesome rules, let's look at the modeEEEEEEBLUAARGH!!". Nothing remember after that. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw absolutely delicious, gorgeous and awesome models at this time? Add to it the fresh new game mechanics and very interesting background - soo I couldn't fall for Malifaux c: Difficultys began with the choice of faction. I didn't know much about world of the Breach (honestly say I just finished reading the Core Rulebook), so my choice was based on view of models. Who can guess what models I liked best?)) Thats right! The Death Marshals! Seriously, what could be cooler than the sheriffs with burning skulls riding on coffins?? I think not many things xD And then when I came to the course of affairs, I realized that the Guild I like most. For their motives and the strict state-bureaucratic apparatus)) So let me introduce my Death Marshals. It was my first expirience with light effects and I almost satisfied, what I can't say about photo. Occasionally I will update this topic and will show the new members of the crew)
  3. Recently I took the Death Marshal Recruiter as part of a Lady J list and I got to say I was not disappointed at all. The List: Lady J Last Stand Judge Unrelenting Leader Brutal Emissary Conflux of Judgement Lone Marshal Debt to the Guild Death Marshal Recruiter Death Marshal Death Marshal Not only did the Death Marshal Recruiter make it impossible for my opponent to kill Lady J it forced him to focus his Lures on the DMR instead of other more important models. Because Marked for Death was in the pool I was able to Mark and then get the Glimpse the Void trigger off at one point. But THE BEST PART was the Into the Fray + Give 'em Hell trigger. All it needs is a 6 or greater and you can give Lady J a free extra attack action. Here is the actual text of the trigger to further show how good this action is. Also take note that this is a simple TN action, there is no opposed check by the opponent: Again note that this is a (1) attack action. Not an Ml action, not a action, this is any attack action. This could be the Sh on the Brutal Emissary, this could be a Ca on Greed, this could be any number of attack actions that can be used while a model is engaged. Granted it needs a 6 of to go off, but even with the Judge's "Bullets and Blades" and Lady J's defense trigger middling s won't be need by them and can be saved for DMR. What do you think? Is the Death Marshal Recruiter the 7ss enforcer that Guild needed?
  4. Ran a full Guild Marshal themed list tonight against Zips full crew box + Sammy and Trixi. This was my first time playing since last October? Score 8 : 7 Flank deployment ; Guard the Stash; Exhaust Their Forces; Leave Your Mark (Both); Catch and Release (Me); Set Up (Him). I screwed up and denied myself the last two points. Lady Justice Vendetta Last Stand Scales of Justice The Judge Unrelenting Leader The Lone Marshal Death Marshal x3 Brutal Effigy Full 7 Cache Anyways, I've got a couple of areas I'm looking to/for comments on, and really just looking for any general advice. First, the Guild. I'm not sold on the Scales of Justice. I managed 2 card draws of him and the will power boost helped keep The First Mate in the box, but was never the deciding factor in the duels (so really he didn't help). I honestly don't think it'll ever see the table again. Is there something I'm missing? The wording of the Gaining ground schemes Exhaust and CaR seem to rule out placing the condition then boxing the model as they must remain "In Play". This seems like a huge cuddle to Death Marshals. Leave your mark seems like a guaranteed 3 points for both forces as long as you can get anything with mobility by itself. The Lone Marshal's shot seems really powerful which is actually what cost me a point. Instead of dropping a scheme marker I killed Trixi who had basically already accomplished her mission of Set Up on the Judge. It seems like you have to choose with him, either be a very expensive scheme runner, or be offensive. I almost feel like he's over-costed. I kind of forgot about the Last Stand : With Me! ability, but I took the upgrade for unimpeded anyways. Now I'm wondering if that could have gained me that last point on Guard the Stash. Vendetta I'm not sold on, I didn't get my 2ss worth out of it I think. Unrelenting Leader also felt expensive, but being able to throw around attacks and generate extra AP where I needed them was a break even I think. I totally forgot about Inspiring Swordplay but I'm 90% positive it wouldn't have affected anything anyways. Against Gremlins. Trixibelle, wow, is there any way to stop her from just scoring on scheme running? I killed her on turn 3 or 4? but she basically scored 6 points buy herself. Zip seems to have some weird wording with his upgrades, He's insignificant so he can't interact, but his upgrades allow him to remove conditions. I assume, it's not scheme related conditions, but we weren't 100%. Iron Skeeters were kind of ridiculous for 6ss; huge movement and lots of shenanigans. So, yeah, I don't have the memory for a full or even decent battle report but I'm looking for advice or comments how to improve my game next time. I'd like to stick with the theme of the Guild Marshals, but I'm open to any kind of suggestion.
  5. I hope it's ok to post this here. I have a YouTube channel (yes, it's under a different name than the one I use at forums) where I upload videos of me drawing something or sometimes even a slideshow of other works I've done and for my latest video I chose to draw the Guild's lovely Lady Justice! It's a roughly quick sketch so don't expect anything too stunning!
  6. Looking for a M1E Perida or Lady Justice model, Perdita preferred. If anyone knows of one in a LGS or has one they will sell at a decent price let me know!
  7. Lady Justice is awesome, its true. But there is only one way she is more awesome... I'm pretty sure she is better off undead. Rezzers for (un)life!!
  8. Hi, I saw that a lot of people have problem with LJ and making on her good crew against other faction than Ressers. So let's start from my crew. Lady Justice 7 SS pool -Vendetta 2 SS -Implacable 1SS Scales of Justice 3 SS Fransisco Ortega 8 SS . -Wade In 1 SS The Lone Marshal / Greed 8 SS Hunter 7 SS Hunter 7 SS Death Marshal 6 SS Brutal Effigy 4SS So there is my 50 SS Crew. Tactics from the Malifofo. - Fransisco give LJ "El Mayor". After it DM get Fransisco to the box and make LJ almost all the time Df 7, Wp 9 and 14 Wd. That make her the thouthest Lady in the Malifaux. Also her Df trigger Riposte () very dangerous. Of course you still need to trigger it but, You can burn one of her SS to deal atleast 3 damage to enemy. This is realy easy and powerful. Noone can escape her engagament 'cause of her ability on Implacable. Enemies can still push out from her but not everyone have it. She don't have to be scared of some tough guys or Massive Firepower. Just make her (0) that give her soft cover from in 12". And even if the Enemy will have range and to attack she still have Df 7 and 14 Wd. Even if the enemy will hit her. He can heal up from Juggernaut 1/2/4, Greed (After spending a SS but you have 7 of them + little mine on Greed) 1/2/3 and 1 on every time she damage an Enemy with her Atrack Actions by the way She have Onslaugth on . That give her another Attack which can heal her. Ok, we might have bad hand and maybe one or two 11's. Our Totem. Scales of Justice can give us up to 2 cards. And giving everyone in (6) +1 Wp. He is not realy strong like Luna or Enslaved Nephilim but he give in theory 2 cards after our assault or defence. Fransisco have be a realy good savior. For example if our LJ could take a lot of damage and she need to run out. DM can release him catch up LJ and activate Fransisco with Companion. Then he do his (1) teleport which push out his allies. Pretty strong Defence Mechanic, isn't it? Hunter pull to your Crew potencial Enemies and They are pretty strong Mille Models which can be ever boostet by LJ with "Inspiring Swordplay" which give our Minions within' (8) to the Attack Flip. They are here to protect your 2 Scheme Runners and eliminate enemies. The Lone Marshal is here bcs he can make your targets softy. Greed don't do it as good as The Lone Marshal but she has Healing and and SS mine. Your choice on what you wanna play. Our Scheme Runners are Brutal Effigy, Death Marshal and Hunters (only if their job is done or not neccesarry to be done right now. So I think my job here is done. If something is not clear just write in comments I'll answear them as fast as I can. See ya soon.
  9. Hey guys! I haven't given up on these battle reports yet! Valentine's Day ruined my Monday post schedule, so now you get a game on Wednesday. Prehaps my future battle reports will also be on Wednesdays to give me more time for creating/editing. Enough about that. Check out this awesome game between Lady J and Nicodem! Finalsoulstone.squarespace.com The strategy was Head Hunter with lots of killing schemes. Find out who ended up ahead!
  10. Hi, I want to make a list that focusses heavy on the marshal-theme, but I'm having some problems. For starters I want to include LJ + brutal Emmy + judge as the hard hitting core. In general the idea is to let brutal and LJ hold the middle of the board and have LJ box port to where she is needed around turn 3 or so. Judge takes care of 1 of the 2 flanks andmarks 1 enemy for the kill . As this is supposed to be a marshal list DM are mandatory (at least 1). this results in: *Lady justice +last stand (-1ss) => 53SS crew pool *judge (-9ss) *brutal em (-10ss) + LJ upgrade (0ss) *death marshal (-6ss) => 28ss remaining and this is where my problems begin. I find it impossible to fit in 1 extra DM + 1 exorcist + 1 lone marshal + 1 brutal effigy. exorcist would go with judge on a flank to pull judgement combo's + break big threats + deal with incorporeal. lone marshal would go on opposite side of judge to take care of that side of the board (schemerunner + anti scheme killer) extra DM would go where needed (2 Dm running around doing schemes/shooting things) if i would include this it would make: 28ss-6ss-8ss-7ss= 7ss still 3 points for upgrades and then a nice 4ss cache for justice (badge or vendetta + expert sleuth on lone marshal) this gives list 1: LJ + last stand + vendetta/badge of office + 4ss judge brutal em + lj upgrade Lone marshal + expert sleuth exorcist death marshal death marshal there are however 2 problems I have with this list: 1) can't include Brutal effigy 2) no real expendable and effective scheme runners why I came up with list 2: LJ + last stand + vendetta/badge of office +4ss/5ss (hound/watcher) judge brutal em + lj upgrade Lone marshal + expert sleuth death marshal brutal effigy either 3 guild hounds or 2 watchers this however isn't perfect either because: 1) no exorcist 2) only 1 DM (and i have miss terieus and another jumping one i quite like, so 2 would be ideal ) 1 final idea would be to drop exorcist from list 1 and fill with a watcher or 2 hounds and only swap in exorcists for 1 or both DM when i know I'm facing a lot of undead/incorporeal so to get to my actual questions: 1) which list seems better? (I prefer the first, but afraid it will go very badly in scheme-drop heavy matches) 2) how good is the exorcist? (never played him, seems a bit "meh" to me unless against incorporeal/Htw and undead) 3) would effigy really make a difference or would a watcher be better spend ss? 4) how many ss does Lj actually need? (I prefer to have at least 4+, but maybe that's a bit to much for her as she doesn't rly need suits and has juggernaut) to conclude: *I refuse to include family models or austringer. *I know this game does not realy allow for standerdized lists, but i really like thematic forces and I want to make marshals work for me.
  11. So, people often talk about LJ being a beatstick. She looks at something, then it dies. But....I'm having a hard time seeing it from her stats (I have her crew box, haven't used her yet). The damage output from the greatsword isn't massive for a master...3/4/6 (4/5/7 with crit strike, built-in ram). The weak damage is good though. Mi7 is nice....but I'm sure there are other masters with similar or higher damage tracks. So what is it about LJ that makesher such a beatstick? Am I underestimating how often Riposte comes up? What am I missing here? Because I'm struggling to see what's so brilliant (actually, I'm struggling a bit to see why people love Judge too)...
  12. So in malifaux land does the word "action" mean friendly action only? Silly real world English language is screwing me up here but the wording on the "inspire" condition Lady Justice hands out reads "this model gains +flip to Ml and Sh actions" which means enemy Ml and Sh actions too. So yay +flip to defense flips!!! Page 37 steps to resolving an action 1. Declare Action & Spend AP 2. Perform DUELS 3. Resolve Results Page 32 step 2 of opposed DUELs Both models simultaneously flip one card (plus any cards for Fate Modifiers) So a friend and I found out the exact ruling and come to a consensus. Alright so the consensus came and the actual ruling on Lady Justice Inspire according to the rules actually means "this mode gains +flip to the attack flip of its Ml and Sh actions." because of the following listed below. The defense flip of a model is just an opposed duel, not part of the acting attacking model's action so no +Df flip. The damage flip would gain +flip if page 47 didnt say "Effects that modify the damage flip will state that they do so specifically." so since this ability does no state damage flips specifically no +damage flip
  13. Quick wording in the "Inspired" condition lady justice hands out says "This model gains +flip to Ml and Sh Actions." By this wording it shoudl gain +flip to all of the action's flips such as duel and damage. Am I right or am I right? To top it off by the wording it should gain +flip to enemy Ml and Sh Actions also...
  14. Hi Folks, I'm about to start with this shiny little gem of the games. I already decided to go with the righteous forces of the guild, but now I need a little help, which of my favourite two masters will be the one to take my malifaux-virginity. Lady J is a blast, not only optical, but I love her box with the Death Marshals who are just so boss... holy cow On the other hand I read that she is not really a often chosen pick. The second Master who caught my eye is Lucius, but I fear, that with his amount of shenanigans he is a bit difficult for a bloody beginner. would be nice to get some first hand information on how effective both are on the field and how you expand after buying the boxed set. Before I took the guts to write here, I read the pullmyfinger entries for both guys and they sound very nice in their own niche, but I'd like to get more information on their playstile to get to a satisfying decision. have a nice day
  15. Hey, I've had the Lady Justice crew for a while (since the Easter Sale, I needed something to bump up the order for the Wrabbit & I love the models!). Anyways, There seems to be a little bit of negativity about her which is a good thing as I want a slightly underpowered master to teach people. She's also brutally direct which will be a nice change for me! So the basic crew I'm thinking is this: Lady Justice - 6 Cache - Badge of Office - 2 - Last Stand - The Judge - 9 Franscico (Frank) - 8 - Wade in - 1 - Hermanos de Armos - 1 2 Death Marshals 2 Witchling Stalkers 1 Brutal Effigy With Sidir and the Lone Marshal to sub in, I also like the Justice Unleashed if I'm playing Ressers. What do you think of Implacable? Should be pretty in-your-face, with Judge & Frank giving some movement shenanigans. I also have some good protection for Lady J with Frank & Brutal So with that the basic plans are: A: Things like Turf War, Reckoning, Everything goes up the centre, DM's go on the flanks to remover scheme runners B:Things like Reconnoiter, Squatters, Lady J, Frank, 1 DM, 1 WS & Brutal go up one flank, the rest go up the other. Note, I know this is not the standard way of setting up a crew, but I like to use the models I want & have a basic plan of attack. It works for me! Any other tips you can offer? Thoughts?
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy8yJcCeFWw
  17. "And then—ha ha—right over the bar. He just sat there covered in gin and broken glass and the chorus girls just. kept. dancing. More wine?" "It is good this year. You can smell the sun from California." "You must be a real hit with the ladies. Fancy hat. Fancy suit. Wine." "Niño prefers it." "That why he's in the dress?" "..." "I'm not judging. He's not either, I think Sonnia distracted him." "Como sabias—" "Even your footsteps aren't that light. In dancing shoes? Couldn't be you. More wine?" "..." "..." "... Gracias." "..." "Santiago tried to teach me, but I always lead." "Tell. me. about it. Niño sounds good." "He's prettier than all of us. I think Dashel is smitten." "I can hear him blushing from here. It's cute, in a florid, chunky short of way." "Hello. Hey. Have you been talking to Dashel? I need another request form for guardsmen." "Can't your handlers handle it? He sheems busy." "I've been tracking a new lead. Everything's gone to hell since that bookseller visited. Sam got me extra funding for a new Brownie and we can enter photo evidence now. Look." "Jesús!" "Sharper picture than even the papers!" "I'm lucky I'm blind, aren't I?" "Excuse me. I believe my brothers need my attention." "..." "I think if we focus on the northeast wing of the Quarantine Zone—thank you; it's delicious—we can sweep it within the week. With extra guardsmen on patrol—" "Shonnia?" "Yes?" "You are a good Guildsman. You. Are a good person. But Shonnia?" "Yes?" "Shonnia?" "What?" "You need to relax."
  18. From the album Guild

    One of my favorite sets!
  19. Hi all, I've finally got round to photographing my Guild crew and since I have posted it on Facebook, I though I'd share it with the community here aswell. Hope you like it. Sadly her Sword is broken, It came in the box like that, I've fixed it a couple of times but it breaks when ever I catch it so It's staying like this while I play with it and till I can get round to making a new one. The Goveners Proxy is almost finished and after that next in line is some Guild Guard and Riflemen along with Captain Dashel. If the Guild Austringers don't hurry up and come out, I'll have to resort to making a couple.
  20. There we sat down... Hey Wyrdos, how are you? My name is Andy I have been a long time wargamer, but Malifaux is completely new to me. The main thing that got me in to the game were the models, so before even ready any rules etc, I bought the models I liked. I picked up the Lady Justice crew box set as my first crew, and this log will guide you through my adventures through Malifaux. First up here is a picture of the Lady J box set: As you can plainly see Lady isn't there, why you ask? I had a few problems with this model, the hair was kind of a put off to me and I feel that she is so small compared to the rest of the crew, though it is a nice model. Oh yeah I also broke her sword. I ended up ordering some other bits before I had even finished building my initial box set. I picked up the guild riflemen box set, and the alternate perdita and justice sculpts: For my bases I am going for a "Hell on Wheels" style, with lots of mud and wooden slabs, If you have seen the TV show, you will know what I mean. Like I said, I am only buying the models I really like so my crew may not be the best but atleast I will think they look good. So this weekend I met up with @jbalderstone at Outpost Games in Sheffield and he gave me a demo game. We only used the starter crews, so I had Lady J and he used Shamus. I really enjoyed my first game, I some how won, and can't wait to play again, here is an action shot: Lastly due to my Death Marshals "pine boxing" 2 of Jimmy's Belles I made these markers so I remember in future games: Any way thats all I have done so far, pretty good for only a week of Malifaux? Next post expect some painted models as I currently have Lady J on the painting table. Any advice then please let me know, or if you are in the Yorshire area let me know and we can arrange a game. Thanks for reading. Andy - @Praetoriian