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Found 18 results

  1. Joss or The Captain?

    I'm building and painting a Kaeris crew. I've got the Firestarter as my henchman and he's great but I am looking at more henchmen options. I want the Captain to be amazing with Kaeris because the model is so cool, but I think he's far too many points with only 9 wounds to really benefit Kaeris. What do people think? When would you take him, why and for what schemes and strats? Joss. Any thoughts on using him with Kaeris and again for what schemes? What about henchman hardcore? Joss or Captain? I'm trying to decide between the two while I wait for Carlos to come out who I believe is totally made for Kaeris!! Thanks
  2. Twist on Injun Joss

    So I received an Injun Joss model because I think I like the way he would look with a Rasputina crew. I don't like the dual wielding axes look though. So I also have the male Through the Breach kit and it has a nice robotic-type arm. I figure a little snipping and filing, then I can attach an awesome looking arm. Brings him closer to the current Joss' single axe and robotic arm look. Thoughts?
  3. I have Joss, who has armor 2 and imbued protection, and is at 1 life, take 4 damage. Scenario 1. Damage is reduced by 2, to 2, I stone and get an 8. 0 Damage taken. Scenario 2. I'm out of stones, 4 comes in again. Can I order the reduction to have armor reduce damage to 2, and the sac imbued protection to reduce to 0, or, do they happen simultaneously, in which case armor can't reduce it below one? In both cases I've been playing it as though I can't reduce to 0 anytime armor is involved. I was just corrected that I can when stones are in play, but we're not sure about imbued protection. Does anyone know the answer for sure with a text source that confirm this? I'd certainly like to be able to, but don't want to unless I'm 100% sure it works. Thanks!
  4. Joss help needed

    Ive run into a little problem...When I got into Malifaux it was way back when they used metal models. At the time there was no need for certain models as the boxes were really meant to work with the models within them. I bought 2 Ramos starter boxes to get arachnids and the Executioners. Now the problem is I need a Joss model cause I want to use him in the new campaign. But they dont sell just the model (that i could find). Where can I get one without having to buy yet another unneeded box? Longshot88
  5. Joss

    From the album M&SU - Kugelfang Studios

    © Ben Krueger 2014 http://www.kugelfangstudios.com

  6. M & SU by KugelfangStudios

    From the album M&SU - Kugelfang Studios

    Here's my first Malifaux commission. Beautiful models that were a pleasure to paint!

    © Ben Krueger 2014 http://www.kugelfangstudios.com

  7. Joss

    From the album Urgol's Painting Blog

  8. Alternative Joss

    Hey guys, Really like the rules for Joss and want to take him in my Kaeris crew. However not really a big fan of either the M1E or 2E models (although I prefer the 2E one better. Does anyone have a nice alternative (or if I end up getting the 2E model, then I really want to change the head). Any suggestions? Cheers!
  9. steamarachnids 3

    From the album FredRaider

  10. photo joss 2

    From the album FredRaider

  11. photo joss 1

    From the album FredRaider

  12. Joss

    From the album Malidave Models

  13. Ramos and Johan Tag Team

    Hello Wyrd Forumites! I have a league game coming up a week from Thursday and wanted an opinion on an idea for my team. The game is 35 SS ad I am running Ramos as my master. The list I was thinking of running is as follows: Ramos (4 SS Cache) Brass Arachnid (2) Steamborg Executioner (10) Joss (9) Johan (6) Steampunk Arachnid x2 (3 ea.) Total: 33 The idea is to have the arachnids back to protect Ramos, with him summoning more to swarm later in the match. The main strategy I wanted opinions on is Joss and Johan going around in a pair to devestate the enemy. The idea here is that Johan still gets his Cb bonus from Joss as he is also a M&SU member, but he doesn't need to be tethered to Ramos.