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Found 3 results

  1. Has Wyrd come out with a definitive FAQ or something on the order of soulstone use and card flip timing on initiative. The two camps are "starting with the lower number, you both elect to spend a stone to reflip and then reflip at the same time" "starting with the lower number, player spends a stone and reflips, after seeing the opponents reflip, the original higher number may choose to stone and reflip" I understand the arguments for both sides. Please let me know how you play, think, and if there is an Official Wyrd Clarification. Thanks
  2. Assume it is the Initiative phase player A flips a 1, player B flips a 2. Both want to spend a stone to refip. Player A must choose to spend a stone first, but I'm not sure when player B makes that choice. Which is correct? Sequence 1 Player A spends a stone to reflip. Player A flips a new card. Player B decides whether or not to spend a stone. Player B flips if they elected to. Sequence 2 Player A spends a stone to reflip. Player B decides whether or not to spend a stone. Player A flips a new card. Player B flips if they elected to. We've been using sequence 2, both player decide before either player flips, but I'm not sure that is correct.
  3. Seize the day?

    When I have the 'Seize the Day' upgrade, is the reflip from, an equal value initiative flip, also done with a bonus card? In a game, I lost the flip with 2 cards, so I used a soulstone, got an equal value and then tried a reflip with 2 cards again, much to my opponents dismay. The one SS cost of the upgrade seams just a little to good. John D.