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Found 13 results

  1. Does Hans ability to ignore markers that affect LOS ignore the carrion emissary or any other model that creates markers that are blocking terrain?
  2. SevenThirtySeven

    Hans vs Trapper

    Hey guys, Been a lurker for a while, hope this isn't too obvious of a question. I looked several pages back and didn't see a post on this. When you take a sniper, when/why is it either Hans or the Trapper? From speaking to local people, it seems like the Trapper is the pick vast majority of the time due to cost effectiveness. Is this how it should be? If Trapper is default, in what situations do you take Hans and with what upgrades? Thanks!
  3. Any reason I can't use Hans to "Ping!" upgrades off Shield bearers after they "die" the first time, to keep them alive longer and get a few extra corpes markers along the way? I only had about 20 mins with Reva's crew. So I haven't read the fine print
  4. As per title two different questions that I encountered tonight, on two different topics (same game though) and how this hasn't to my knowledge been discussed or clarified. Will also say that my game was against OSOI (henchman and play tester for almost countless years) and he was a little puzzled by the proposed items as well, and couldn't find an answer either. Question 1: Hans and Smile You Son of.... This question is relatively simple and it's a matter of who chooses which upgrade to discard, as it isn't overly clear on the card. So my understanding for this was instead of damaging you the controlling player discards an upgrade of your choice, meaning you can selectively get rid of items that you generally don't like. In comparison I believe OSOI argument for this is as the owner of the model that has the upgrade discarded he chooses the upgrade, which would be similar to when a player discards cards from an opponent's effect. So who chooses the upgrade to discard? Question 2: Summoning (Various models) This question is a little more different as it kinda applies to a few models that have summoning abilities, the issue is when do you declare which model you are attempting to summon before or after the cast duel? Apparently we both have been playing it differently and somehow avoided this issue for like all of 2nd ed, when an action to summon a model (like Dreamer's Manifest Nightmare or Sandeep's summon gamin) is declared do you name the model before the flip or after? OSOI understanding is that you flip and then declare, which allows a lot of flexibility with play and makes some sense that you do the duel and then resolve the action text. I have been playing the opposite where you declare which model then see if you achieve it, as naming a model sets the TN (to me seems logic to have before a duel) and makes more strategic in summon choice (cheating and soulstone use). Anyway if any of these have been answered before please post up a link/evidence, and thanks for your time and consideration for this.
  5. CapnBloodbeard

    Hans - Ya or Nein?

    Just wondering - what are people's thoughts on Hans? On one hand his LOS isn't affected by effects/markers affecting LOS, can't be charged and has some nice tricks - slow, disarm (model cannot take Ml actions until end of turn), or ignoring armor / incorporeal, and reference the field guide to support it. Smile you son of a.... to shoot off upgrades can be nice, but you have to use an AP to give yourself the chance of doing that, so unless you're putting fast on him you're using an entire turn just for a chance at knocking off an upgrade. But, what I'm thinking about is the card factor - he seems like a very card heavy model. Say I really want to not be beaten up by Misaki, so I want to disarm her. I'd use a card to give myself the ram, then (assuming she hasn't used 2 cards to make the action fail, which is a double edged sword), there's a fair chance I'd have to cheat to win unless I happen to flip a high card and my opponent has a bad hand, then just to declare Disarm I need to discard a card anyway. So it leaves me wondering just how useful his extra abilities are, or if they burn through too many cards to be worthwhile (while I wouldn't reference the field guide every time, there are definitely times I'd want to). That, combined with the fact that he's 8SS makes him an expensive sniper that needs a lot of cards that my other models could use. Especially given that I often run I Pay Better, so my low cards typically go to that (a sniper having a focussed shot and a normal shot in a turn is just great). So I'm left wondering just how useful he is. Cool concept, but a little pricey SS wise and uses a lot of cards, particularly given I don't really have anything that can put cards back into my hand.
  6. paxmiles

    Watcher+Hans+Scout the Field

    Kinda a silly thought. Idea is that Leveticus with Pariah of Iron can take the Watcher, a 4ss Guild minion which can use an attack to deny cover. I focus Hans which gives him 36" of range. Then I can discard Scout the Field on Hans, so that I don't require line of sight for his second action. And presto, I have range to the entire table and I can ignore everything on the table for LOS purposes. Mind you, quite expensive for a single action, especially as Hans has a special rule where the opponent can discard two cards to make him not attack. So you'd really have to build the crew so the opponent didn't have any cards to discard. But, that's an attack that denies LOS and cover, has range to the entire table, and can ignore Incorporeal or Armor with a trigger. Additionally, could take "I pay Better" to acquire the Focus condition without an action, which would allow further focusing. Anyone already done this? Does it have merit? I'm only looking at it on paper.
  7. SpectreEliteGaming

    ELIM - Hans the Stampede

    Unfortunately, I was really busy this round and this is all you're getting from me... take it or leave it! If you do not understand the reference... you should be ashamed. Enjoy.
  8. So working on a concept.... a mostly sniper filled crew. And by snipers I mean people who get a range boost when the use the Focus Condition. So far I have Hans, of course, Freikorps Trappers, Katanaka Snipers and Guild Pathfinders (sort of). At best right now one can only get 4 in an crew at a time. Are there any others I'm missing and/or ways of getting more than 4 in a crew? Thanks in advanced for your help.
  9. tyezek

    Zoraida 55ss

    Im new to Malifaux and currently working on a Zoraida crew. I was thinking of running the following: Collodi equipped with marionettes and wicked dolls Bad juju Jack Daw Hans The reason for the last two is because Zoraida can hex Jack's bad talents as well as stack the deck with crystal ball to make up for the no cheat bubble. And Hans helps thin your opponents hand to further help with Jack. Any suggestions would be great.
  10. Ramos vs Viktoria on a long, narrow coffee table. Turns out the table is 24" by 48". We played longways, like a football field. It certainly made Ramos' Strategy of "Destroy the Evidence" and Scheme of "Power Ritual" unattainable. Poor choices, but I thought I could get Kaeris to the backfield. Ramos did manage to kill Sword Vikie and Hans with Electrical Fire but was unable to kill any models with his Clockwork Fist, so he did not achieve "Do I Have to Do Everything Myself" either. The Vikie's had the Strategy "Escape and Survive". As Killjoy was the only remaining model on her crew at the end, that didn't happen. Neither did the announced Scheme "Breakthrough" as none of her models was even past the 50 yard line, much less in my end zone (aka Deployment zone). Her unannounced Scheme of "First Blood" netted her 1VP, for the win. -------------------------------- Afterthoughts: I'm running a new Ramos list and need to get a better feel for all of the working pieces. The same went for my opponent running Vikies for the second or third time ever. My list: Arcanists Crew - 35 - Scrap Ramos -- 8 Pool (maybe dropping down to 6 for avatar) Mobile Toolkit [3ss] Kaeris [8ss] Essence of Power [2ss] Gunsmith [6ss] Rusty Alyce [10ss] I'm thinking, even though I did burn through all 8ss, that 6 of those might have been better spent on a second Gunsmith. [i didn't take avatar because it was a learning game and I didn't want to discourage my opponent.] I did take a huge risk having Alyce use Burn Out on Ramos turn 1 to give him Reactivate. It did get me a Steampunk Arachnid Swarm on turn 2, but instead of continuing with the construct factory, I started moving Ramos on a slow march forward (after some healing by the Toolkit). Speaking of the Swarm, it charged Gun Vikie on its first appearance, missed, missed again on its first swing with melee master, but hit for 3 on its third swing, triggering Overwhelm leaving her paralyzed. If it had connected with one more hit in there somewhere, I'd have had it swing on Sword Vikie too. Alyce failed to cast Burnout on it, so it didn't get the chance to swing again. Instead, now that Hans had taken it down to 3Wd, Kaeris and Essence of Power closed in on her, the EoP going first. It cast Overheat, killing the Swarm and giving both Vickies a burning token. Kaeris Immolated Gun Vikie, killing her and leaving a pillar of flame in her place. It missed Sword Vikie by a quarter inch (if that can even affect her / be placed touching her). ---------------------------------- Some questions that arose during play that I didn't stop to look up: Hans - Sniper: This model ignores cover, obscuring terrain, and intervening models when targeting ranged attacks. Does him ignoring the intervening models also mean that he does not have to flip for firing into melee? We played it as he didn't just to keep the game moving. Steampunk Arachnid - (1) Swarm Together ...Any wounds or effects on the individual Steampunk Arachnids are applied to the Steampunk Arachnid Swarm. Does Slow count as an effect? One of the Arachnids (let's call it A) had Slow from being freshly summoned, walked up into base contact with the other two, used Disruption Field for (0), and ended its activation. Next model to activate was another Arachnid (. It used Disruption Field followed by Swarm Together. The 2Wds on A (from it getting shot as team Vikie tried to thwart this plan) carried over to the Swarm, but does Slow? I ruled it as yes, again to speed things up. So instead of 3AP, I only gave it 2AP, plus the 0 from the Arachnid C which I used for Self Repair, plus the +2 Melee Master attacks. Kaeris - (1) Immolate: ...If target model is killed, replace it with one 50mm marker.The marker is obscuring, Ht5, and hazardous (Dg 3). The marker only lasts until the End Close Phase like her Flame Wall, right? That's how we played it. Can it be placed touching another model (as it doesn't specify it like Flame Wall)? If it can, does it then deal its 3Dg? [From a game vs Colette] Can a Coryphee use Pass Through to just go through it or a Flame Wall unscathed? As it's a marker, not a model, my reasoning is no, it can't. Burning Marker / Flame Wall - Obscuring (Pg. 15 of the Rules Manual) - Models can draw LoS up to 3" across an intervening base with the obscuring trait, but not entirely through the base. - Models on an obscuring base can draw LoS up to 3" to other models on that base. - If all the lines drawn by a model must be drawn across more than 3" of a base with the obscuring trait, or must be drawn entirely through the base and that base's Ht is equal to or greater than both the model's and the target's Ht, then the model's LoS to the target is blocked. - If LoS is drawn 3" or less across a base with the obscuring trait, or if the base's Ht is less than both the model's and target's Ht, then the model has partial LoS to the target. If a model draws LoS to a target that is on a base with the obscuring trait, but the line drawn does not cross the obscuring base, the target still receives soft cover. Do Flame Walls / Markers count as terrain? If not, which I think I remember is the case, does that mean Hans' Sniper can't ignore it? A worker at the LGS I originally started buying Malifaux from had told me, in regards to Stitched Together's Fog that it was only obscuring, so it was no problem because he'd just use Focus to negate the negative flip (presumably from soft cover). This was prior to the release of the Rules Manual, so I don't know if firing into / through more than 3" of obscuring's rules changed at some point. What it shows me in the example on pg. 16 is that obscuring can be fired into if it's less than 3" but not fired through. So Flame Wall / Marker can't be fired through, right? What about Fog? Alyce - Impressionable: At the start of the game, nominate 1 Master with Scavenger in this model's crew. This model can use the Master's Ca or its own when casting spells. This model gains all of the Master's abilities affecting its Ca. With Ramos as the Master, does that include: Counterspell? Perfect Machine? Casting Expert? Surge? I used none of the above during this game. Pg. 12 of the Rules Manual, 8 - Talents Models in Malifaux can possess one or more Talents. Talents are divided into four categories: Abilities, Actions, Triggers, and Weapons. Abilities: A model's Abilities are always considered active during the game unless otherwise indicated and are applied whenever called for int the rules. This includes Abilities that grant the model additional general or specific action points (AP), such as (+1) Fast, or (+2) Melee Master. These abilities are listed in the model's Actions entry for ease of reference. See Actions, p. 32. Actions: Any specific Actions a model can perform in addition to the general Actions outlined on p. 33. This also includes any AP-granting Abilities, such as (+1) Melee Expert. Triggers: Triggers can be activated when the model meets the conditions for their use (see Triggers p. 26)... That seems to me that Alyce should, at the least, have access to Casting Expert. Alyce - (1) Burnout: (CC:15 :tomes / Rst: - / Rg: 10) Target friendly Construct receives Reactivate. Reduce target to 1 Wd at the start of the Closing Phase. Can Burnout target a model with only 1 Wd? If so, does it inflict any additional Wounds? I didn't think it could target a model with only 1 Wd; however, I didn't think it could deal any additional Wounds. I thought it'd be kinda broken to just keep giving Ramos Reactivate and never letting him heal. It might be a bit more fair if he has to heal at least 1 Wd before it happens again. Killjoy - Blood Price: Starting with the third turn, if this model is in play and does not have an enemy model in its melee range at the start of an Activation Phase, it immediately Charges the closest model. It's turn three, we haven't yet flipped for initiative, there's no enemy model in Killjoy's melee range, it immediately charges the closest model before we even flip for initiative, correct? Does this charge still burn his 2AP? Does it count as activating him? If Onslaught's trigger is met, can it be declared as well? If the model is killed, can Eat Your Fill be used? Does he still have (+1) Melee Expert remaining? Does it happen before Out of Control? Does Out of Control have anything to do with this charge, or will that have to wait until after he's just used his 2AP charge, resolves anything else, ends this special activation, and it finally comes around for his player to actually activate him? ------------------------ Mostly I'm posting this to come back to it later to look them up when I have the time. Should you answer any of these questions, I would appreciate it. Citations in the rules / updates / errata would also be appreciated for any questions answered. Thanks in advance.