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Found 434 results

  1. Why are austringers so good?

    I know they used to be a must take but since the errata (started playing after the errata) I've tried them and they just felt so underwhelming. Why does everyone seem to still love them so much? I want to like them but need help seeing their value.
  2. Some great Lady J vs sandeep action! I listen to you guys about your suggestion for the upcoming videos and i hope the quality of the video have increased https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuAt8zn8RY4
  3. Guild commission blog

    Hey everyone. Recently got a Malifaux commission from a friend, which is a bit of a break from usual GW stuff I do. He collects Guild as far as I understood, and the first batch I've chosen was The Latigo Posse. I was asked to do a bit of Dia de Muertos theme, and as I can't sculpt my options were limited to painting. I've settled for simple face make-up and colour choices because of time restraints. I've uploaded individual photos to my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oxazejam/albums/72157665974425119 Any feedback would be much appreciated. Next 2 miniatures I'm currently prepairing are Abuela Ortega and Peacekeeper, both in plastic.
  4. Guild or Ressers?

    Hello guys! Yeah, it's one of those "I can't choose between .." , I'm sorry for that! By the way, let's go to the point. Guild : I already got Perdita, and I like her shooting power a lot, plus I really like the Western theme. I love Lady Justice and the fact she is a train in melee. I also really enjoy the Death Marshals concept. Sonnia seems attractive, I could like her fire and explosion spam. McMourning seems good as well. McCabe could be fun to play for a good player. Collie and Hoffman are a NO. Expecially Hoffman, I really dislike his constructs esthetically. I like the fact that the Guild is an aggro faction, and it plays few but strong models. BUT I don't find many models I like except for the Crew Box I already said plus few others. Resurrectionists : I simply love how Reva looks, and don't ask me why. I know she hits so damn strong from the distance and got some nasty tricks. Seamus is a mad criminal, he pops out from nowhere and just explode your face with his .50, approved. Nicodem is the classic necromancer, summoning zombies and invading the table. I could like him. McMourning as for the Guild. I like, in this order, Molly, Kirai, Tara and Yan Lo. I'm a beginner and I guess they are not that easy to play, so it scares me a bit. I DO love the Ressers aesthetics. But what slows me down is the fact they seem tricky to play and being a beginner doesn't help, plus I don't like the fact I need to buy a lot of models for the summonings. I usually am an aggro player in the others game, but in Malifaux I could like slowing down and working with my mind controlling the table to see what is the best to do, so Ressers could be a nice compromise. But I don't know. It's time for you to write!
  5. Death Marshal 2 (2).jpg

  6. Death Marshal 2 (1).jpg

  7. Death Marshal - December 2016.jpg

    From the album Putting Paint to Plastic

    Third miniature I ever painted - back in December of 2016. He has a new paint job though, so check out the other pictures!
  8. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    Hi all, Just wanted to start a thread to steal share proxy ideas for the unavailable wave 5 models. There's no release schedule for any of these yet and with the UK Nationals at the end of November, the time to get painting is now... Appreciate most people at the moment probably just use one model as another (Wardens subbing for Riot Breakers etc) but as someone who plays at events, I can't really do that! Guild Investigators The one I'm most happy with as an Investigator is this chap, Dodge from the Infamy Miniatures range; http://elementgames.co.uk/cult-steampunk-other-miniatures-games/infamy-miniatures/the-little-parliament/dodge Looks suitably like a policeman investigating crimes. Monster Hunters I freely admit, I'm having a little fun with this one and using models based on Lara Croft and Alice. They may get more Malifaux weapons later. They're Survivors from Studio Miniatures; http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=3&Itemid=383 Riot Breakers These are causing problems. Getting hold of Hoffbots to convert is expensive and feels like a waste. The best things I've seen so far are Warmachine Cygnar Warjacks with shields, and I could mess around with a new head and some detailing, but I'd feel dirty buying those... Domador des Cadaveres These, I've drawn a blank on. There are voodoo models but they don't look very Spanish, and your generic necromancers don't cut it for me, and the only Spanish models I can find look like Zorro. Help definitely needed here! Any other cool ideas?
  9. Sonnia finally gets her totem.
  10. Hello from Russia, dear comrades! So one of our players asked how this upgrade works, specifically can Sonnia herself be a target of chain activation ? We think no, he thinks yes, can native speakers clear this one for us? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm returning (again) to the game having found some local players. I played a few games a long time ago and have a small collection of the old metal gremlin models. It's basically the 'Kin' box plus a couple of slop haulers and some young LaCroix. These were from a time when Gremlins wasn't a full blown faction in it's own right. I've picked up the latest rules and cards for my old models and I do have just enough to play games without a great deal of choice. So far I've limited myself to Henchmen Hardcore as I try and remember how to play the game! So what's the problem I hear you ask. You thought it I'm sure you did. Well the problem is that whilst I think all the latest models are really nice they just don't fit in with my old metal ones. Nostalgia and the fact that I painted them quite well means that I'm not excited about mixing the two styles. So I've decided that I want to branch out into a new faction as I get back into the game. I just have no real clue which ones. So instead of multi-posting across all the faction sub forums I though I'd try a post here. In a futile attempt to assist anyone brave enough to answer this post here are some things that might help: Rule of cool means I was thinking maybe the Viktorias from Outcasts. The problem there is that I like to keep things themed so after that box I'm struggling a bit as Outcasts seem quite eclectic in there styles. The fact that the Kin are imitations of Perdita and the Latigo Posse made me look there. The Gulid seem to have more options within the same (cowboy steampunk) theme but is it a good or bad thing that I think it might just play too similar to the gremlins I have? I'm just not sold on the Neverborn or Resurrectionists looks or concepts. I have no clue about the Ten Thunders as they were not around last time I played. However who doesn't like Asian influenced Ninja and Shaolin types? In other games I tend to prefer the more elite forces that are flexible but brutal rather than the horde style forces (not applicable here) or the very high synergy/tricky/control forces that need to stay out of the fight and be clever. For Malifaux I'll be playing a lot of Henchman Hardcore to start and whilst I wouldn't mind attending tournaments in the future this is not my 'hardcore tournament system' it's more about fun and theme and the aesthetics of it all. So whilst I've written a wall of text I've probably not helped you much in answering the 'where do you think I should start looking for a new faction?' question I'm asking. Any thoughts appreciated. EDIT: Just to add that the reason I'm asking and not just experimenting is that both cash and hobby time are very limited so wanted to avoid, if possible, going down blind alleys and ending up with a little of everything rather than a good core of stuff I can build on.
  12. Andreas 2.0's Guild Models

    I started painting malifaux a few years ago, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the other ones yet. I am super stoked about the result on this one though, so I really wanted to share her with you all. Now I just gotta get the light to behave, so that I can take some clean pictures of the rest.
  13. Sammael Hopkins 1

    Sammael Hopkins is my selection for the Total Testosterone Competition. The paint job was inspired by a character from a certain free to play game. Can you tell who?
  14. TT13

  15. Guild Lawyers

  16. Santiago

  17. I'm looking to sell my old Malifaux miniatures as I have too many games not being played at the moment. All miniatures that I own are shown in the pictures - most are painted, but some are primed or assembled. Update: Nekima gone, price reduced. It should be noted that Candy is missing her scissors. Except for that, all parts are present. Also, Lord Chompy & Dreamer and the Convict Gunslinger Nightmare Editions are also included. I would also include three foam trays (Battle Foam) to hold all the miniatures that are assembled, maybe some card decks, tokens etc. that I have lying around. I ask for USD 540 for the whole lot shipped to anywhere in the US or the EU. Message me if you're interested!