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Found 45 results

  1. Before I begin I would ask people that have questions about other faction Multi-part Kit to use or make a related post and not use this one as... well its for Gremlin Multi-part Kit related stuff. Okay I mentioned this before and then the Forum got remade and the post were lost so I'll ask this again, what is the status of the Gremlin Multi-part Kit that was mention by one of the Wyrd Staff (Whos name I won't mentioned as to not give him more trouble then needed )? Also what would people like to see in a Gremlin Multi-part Kit?
  2. From the album Git's Gremlins

  3. Hello all and welcome to a new series of posts I'm starting called making the whiskey golem great again. For the last two months I've been using the whiskey golem in almost every game I play in an effort to make you lovely bayou denizens what to put him on the table! To kick it off, this week we'll be looking at crews and masters he plays nice with, upgrades and when to take him. Feedback is greatly appreciate and I'd really like to get some good conversation going on. The first thing I wanna talk about is what masters he synergies well with. In my games I have found that zipp and his crew have a place for the golem and good construct support is a major part of it as one of his main issues is that he isnt a gremlin or a pig so he doesn't synergies well. Earl burns provides easy healing and in all my games he's only died once (and that was due to an Insta kill trigger). I'm also looking into sparks at the moment as I'm sure he would help greatly but unfortunately I'm a student with no job. Somer goes well with everyone and this is true for the golem as well. I have found that using the golem as a screen for the slop hauler has made a huge difference in my games as he usually dies turn 1/2. Having the slop hauler survive till turn 3 means an extra 3-9 wounds from his healing and as we know our bayou boyz like to hurt themselves. I'm very aware that he was designed for brewy but he's one of the masters I don't have yet and again, I have no money. I've also used him extensively with ophelia and zoraida. There are ZERO synergies with ophelia or her crew and is easily outclassed so he should really only be taken in the scenarios listed later. Mamma Z has a few things she can do for him, the first of which is boosting him to df 7 by making him used "fine craftsmanship" or giving him heals through smokey finish. Other than that should only be used in the scenarios that come a little later. An interesting thing is that him being an enforcer means that he has an upgrade slot. The three upgrades I've been testing are Angery drunk, a two stone upgrade that gives him flurry, barrel up, a 0 cost upgrade that gives him a trigger on a Rams and tomes to heal after damaging, and hide in the mud which is a 1 stone upgrade that gives him soft cover all the time. We'll talk about angry drunk first and what's there to say, it's not worth the cost. While the golem does have nimble meaning he can walk then flurry, he really does want to be boosting his df to 7 every turn. I have had some memorable moments like killing a him killing a teddy on his own and murdering a frank but it's not worth making him a 12 stone model because you don't get it off that often. Next we'll talk about hide in the mud. This is one of the better upgrades I've looked into and has been very effective. Df 7 with negatives to hit makes him impossible to shoot. If you anticipate a shooty crew take it, it's well worth the stone. Last is barrel up which is the one I've used the least. It seems to be the best choice numbers wise and it's a zero stone cost so why wouldn't you. It's the upgrade I'm using at the moment just because of the heals which is a 50% chance on every attack by the way. Also, a few of you might mention dirty cheater but he really doesn't need it and others will get much better use out of it. Finally, when do I take him? Unless he synergies well with the leader or crew I'm only taking this guy for a few scenarios. Stake a claim, guard the stash, squatters rights and headhunter are the strategies I'll take him in. The first couple are because if he's fantastic at holding points. I once had a mei Feng wail on him with all of her AP and extra attach triggers and have the golem almost at full at the start of the next turn. He is very durable with a LOT of healing options and let's not forget his defensive trigger which I think is extremely underrated. For those of you who don't know on a built in mask after he is damaged by a melee attach the target must pass a WP duel or end their activation immediately and get +2 poison. You'd be surprised how much it comes up and people will throw a card if it's their first AP. On to stake a claim his nimble makes him a good marker dropper and he can move 6 then drop each turn and as stated above his hard to put down, finally his durability and nimble also helps out in headhunter for keeping alive and snatching those heads. Finally if inspection comes up he is a strong consideration for me and I bet you can guess why. Next time we will be adressing common issues with the golem and work around for them. Well also be talking about bad scenarios and bad match ups. Thanks for reading, I've wanted to put this up for a long but but didn't feel like if played him enough till now. Please comment anything you'd like me to address in future and most importantly what you think about what I've said.
  4. Hello everybody! My gremlin collection is missing the Swamp witch, so I was thinking, is there anyone running a successful Grem-raida? I know she can do some nasty tricks with models that have 1ap charges, but aside from that I have some hard imo figuring out crew ideas with her (which is a pity cause I love the box models and Will o' Wisps!), and how she would work with gremlins
  5. Hello everybody! So in a couple of weeks i'll be partecipating to a 50ss, 3 round tournament in a club close to where i live. So far so good, the thing is tho that the OG decided to choose the scheme prior the tournament and I won't be having much time to practice before the event. Plus, this is a club (in)famous for having a bunch of toxic players, who focus more on tricking new players instead of playing well, with terrible behaviour when put in a pinch (aside from getting really cocky and starting to curse against you, I've had the terrible expirience of finding 2 players intentionally slow playing in order to tie up the match with me in the saem tournament, no joke). Long story short, i wanna be prepared for it, cause i know it's not gonna be nice if i encounter some of these characters, but also because in the same club plays a really good player (every rule has its own exception), with which i'd love to play against again and do well, since last time i lost for 1 point. So here're the rounds (they follow gg2017 roattions), and i'll follow up with my idea for them: -Round 1 : Close Deployment, Head Hunter; for schemes we have: Claim Jump, Dig their graves, Hunting party, Leave your mark, Recover evidence. Not that hard, really depends on who's my opponent, for a Zipp crew (which i plan to take on all 3 matches) to adapt to these schemes: would probably go for either dig their graves/leave your mark or Recover evidence/dig their graves (these 3 seems to me the easier to achive). I think Burt, taxidermist and the 1 mate will make the cut in here, maybe adding the mech pork. Finger woud probably substitue the 1 mate if i'l end up taking recover evidence. -Round 2: Stake a Claim, Standard deployment; for schemes we have: Claim Jump, Frame for murder, Leave your mark, Search the ruins, Inspection. This one should be a good match for the Iron Skeeter's Captain. FFM, Leave your mark and search the ruins might be the one i'd prefer to take, although even calim jump could be a good choice depending on my opponent; not a big fan of Inspection. For crew idea, i could go with the tag team 1 mate/ fingers to ensure my start points, while having some beater in the backline helping Zipp denying his. Maybe 2 or 1 lighting bugs for back up plan (even bayou could do). -Round 3: Squatter's Right on Corner Deployment; for scheme: Claim jump, Eliminate the leader ship, Accusation, Covert Breakthrough, Last Stand. So this one's tricky for me, since i never played Squatter's rights (i started playing with gg2016, so i have poor expiriences with the old schemes pool), but i guess that Claim jump and Eliminate the leadership can both be 2 good choices. Covert breakthrough is also a solid choice for my playstyle, while Accusation and Last stand don't really go along with it (especially last stand since i like to bring some activation control) Plan here is to bring a solid tank/runner ( 1 mate or/and fingers, which can be brutal paired with zipp for his aura) to control a couple of markers while the rest of the crew annoy and mess with the enemy crew. Guess Gracie could work too, since she's a though girl and can sure hold up her place; even the mech pork, being able to push models away with a mask could do (he's also fast as hell). Hope to recive some feedback, I really wanna go there and show them what's good, Bayou style! Thanks in advance to anyone passing by! Edd
  6. Quick question on will o' the wisp ability and how it interacts with Zoraida as a gremlin master. Basically, is Zoraida still considered a Neverborn model for purposes of Ever Changing Form. The rule book so far as I can tell only states they are both for purposes of hiring, and that they must take upgrades from the declared faction. Ever Changing Form: Target a friendly Neverborn model within 10". Take a (2) Tactical Action printed on the target's stat card or one of its Upgrades. This Action may only be taken once per Turn...
  7. Was just thinking about it. With all of those voodoo dolls getting killed there will be scrap markers all over the place. Going to have some really silly fun soon.
  8. Hello! My friend and I recently started playing Malifaux and I have been using Gremlins. My opponent was playing Ressers and had an Incorporeal model. During the course of the game I shot the Incorporeal thing with one of my Gremlins and triggered Dumb Luck with severe damage of 8. The Incorporeal model took 4 damage because it suffers half the damage that is dealt to it. From there, Dumb Luck states that the Gremlin takes half the damage that the target model suffers. The Incorporeal model suffered 4 damage, so the Gremlin took 2 damage. Afterwards I discovered the rules FAQ and saw the one added on 11/1/14 that states that the Gremlin takes half of the total damage flipped, so my Gremlin should have taken 4 damage instead of 2. This appears contrary to the Rules as Written since Dumb Luck states to use damage suffered as opposed to damage flipped as seen in the FAQ. We (friend and I) are new to this game, but have played several others. In some game systems, an official FAQ is essentially the in-house suggested method of play whereas in other systems the FAQ is treated the same as an errata - official, final statement in situations where wording is unclear. The term suffer comes up very often and is frequently written as the final total number of damage taken after modification, leading us to read it as a key term with a defined and consistent meaning. Is it not a key term, or maybe we have the wrong definition? The wording for Dumb Luck is not unclear and the FAQ changes the wording entirely. Should the FAQ be considered a suggested method of play, or should this be treated like an errata? Thanks!
  9. Hi chaps!, Happy new year! I want some tips about how to fight against neverborn and mainly against Pandora.
  10. Hello world! Just as the title says. I got the alt McMourning card in my black friday stuff and currently I only play gremlins. I would love to trade this away for something I could actually use haha. If someone has the brewmaster I would be over the moon but any alt card is good with me! (yes even zoraida)
  11. Rules question. 1. If a piglet is alone it has to charge if it can take an action. 2. Corn Husks allows piglets to do the (1) interact action as a (0) action. 3. What if the piglet walks+walks and ends next to a scheme marker. Does it have to charge? Can it? (Assuming there is a legal target within charge range.) Pg 38, “Actions Causing Actions” Call Out Box: Change the text of the first paragraph to: “Some Actions and Abilities will force or allow a model to take another Action. If an Action or Ability calls for another Action to be taken (such as Charge or “Make A New Entry”) then the additional Action or Actions do not cost any AP. The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved.” (9/14/16) So I'm guessing it can walk + walk + charge... right?
  12. Does a ht 1 model in base contact with a ht1 wall have LOS to a ht 2 target 5 inches away? Can a ht1 model charge or move over a ht1 wall towards the aforementioned ht 2 target? Can a ht1 model walk over ht1 terrain like the wall in question? If a push doesn't state 'directly away' or something explicit can it be around corners and such? When model A is pulled into base contact with model B can it be placed in front of model B? or does it have to be 'pulled' like trailing behind it? This came up because of some viktoria slingshot actions. maybe I'm not phrasing is well..
  13. Hello everyone, When I started playing this game only 4 months ago, I was lost and little disappointed because there isn't a real showcase of miniatures. I mean, there is no section on website or wherever that shows each faction completely painted with all miniatures. The same problem occurred few other times with new players...it's kinda hard to understand which models do represent you and you will enjoy to play with! This section is awesome because it shows so many wonderful painting projects, but they are all spread around with no real focus on showing a complete faction. That's why I've decided to put my first complete faction together for some pictures, stick the "image" of the plastic box and post them all. This will show new players the complete gremlin faction wave 1 + wave 2. So, I hope, it will be easier for them to understand if they are Gremlin inside or not I hope this can stick around a bit to help more new players (or players looking for new faction to start) as possible ! Here the link to dropbox folder with HD pictures How am I supposed to insert pictures in this post? I have a max. of 80 kb !! (I will just add the picture of one crew...?) Thank you p.s. I haven't painted my own models, My modeling skills unfortunately are close to 0 p.p.s. I will publish my second complete faction - Outcast - in a couple of weeks
  14. I have removed this topic because it was incorrect
  15. made this awesome Somer on 8bit art http://imgur.com/WclWdVZ (link to picture)
  16. Most of what I hear or read on the Brewmaster covers him as a gremlin master or very heavily working with his gremlin models. I wanted to know if there is a way to have him work in a ten thunder army and run him gremlin light? What 1 or 2 models from the gremlins are worth looking at? Is effective with no gremlins at all? Some non-Bata models that can deal with poison are: Fermented River Monks Dawn Serpent Torakage Yin Sensai Yu Have anyone played the Brewmaster with those models?
  17. EDIT: Gallery is gone with the new sites so the pictures won't work. Sorry, I will post the gremlins in a group picture probably after I have some new figures painted . I can not close the topic, so it will stay in this condition for now . Hello, here is my painted gremlin crew. I also have the Somer crew (I mainly play him) but he is not painted yet. My painting is not on par with a lot of works on the forum but I have started with almost no experience and I managed to improve from figure to figure. There is still a long way to improve tho . I have seen a lot of dirty, gritty gremlin crews but I thought I will paint mine using bright colors to make some funny looking misfit type gremlin models. I try to post them in painting order: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/5875-11696617-1013528248665957-2942229806334664649-o/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/5863-19507-1013528175332631-1738520607372942081-n/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/5866-10500532-1013528171999298-5833389313526253768-n/ http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/community/gallery/image/5876-11754258-1013528168665965-8631049201448413298-n/
  18. I made these... Would love to see some other peoples Rooster Rider Proxies...
  19. From the album PiggiePult!

  20. From the album PiggiePult!

  21. From the album PiggiePult!

  22. From the album PiggiePult!