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Found 23 results

  1. ElPuto

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    Searched a bit, didn't found anything that could satisfy my curiosity. So here I am, asking you: what's a typical Yan Lo build? What's his general plan? What is he supposed to do? I see him (looking at cards) as a bruiser that can disrupt your opponent's plans. Am I wrong? Help me understanding my new Master for a virtual hug.
  2. pjs

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    Fee Fi Fo Faux I smell the blood of a dead totems corps. This will be a Fixed Faction, 50ss event being held over three 120 minute rounds using GG2018. We only have 14 places available so you will have to be quick to book your places. The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN Rules Pack: Fee Fi Fo Faux Entree Fee: £15 on the door (advance booked tickets £10) You can book your place by phoning the shop on (01909) 560273 and ask for Trev, or message me with your email address if you want to pay via Paypal. Tournament Schedule Registration 9:30am Round One first card flip 10am – round ends at 12pm Feeding Time at the Zoo 12pm 12:45pm Round Two first card flip 1pm – round ends at 3pm Round Three first card flip 3:25pm – round ends at 5:25pm Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd etc. We will have a raffle for the chance to win a Mystery Box.
  3. Hi Malifolk, I'm back with a "standard" event this time, please join me at Attack on the Outpost Sunday 22nd April 2018 At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am. Tickets Rules pack Facebook Format - Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews. Schemes and Strategies Round 1 Flank Deployment Ours Guarded Treasure Covert Breakthrough Hold Up Their Forces Show Of Force Take Prisoner Round 2 Standard Deployment Public Executions Eliminate the Leadership Dig Their Graves Set Up Inescapable Trap Vendetta Round 3 Close Deployment Ply for Information Surround Them Set Up Search The Ruins Recover Evidence Public Demonstration There is scrip for everyone (depending on supply) Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master (depending on supply) Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box Most VP Scored with best positive score. Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost. Best in Faction trophies!
  4. Sweet Tooth

    Pandora for Fixed List Tourney

    Hi all, I'm planning to attend a fixed list 50ss tournament this weekend following the GG18 strats & schemes for March. The crew I'm thinking about running is below but there are a few things that I could use some advice on.. 1. I'm thinking Barbaros with Challenge will keep Pandora alive longer and he can run interference for her, but is it possibly overkill? I haven't tried this combo yet. 2. Should I consider bringing the Emissary/Johan for Condition removal? What would I swap for him? 50 SS Neverborn Crew - Melee 'Dora Pandora + 5 Pool - The Box Opens (2) - Fears Given Form (1) - Aether Connection (1) Barbaros (10) Cyclops (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Lilitu (7) Baby Kade (6) - Depression (1) Iggy (5) - Malifaux Provides (1) Bloodwretch (5) <- I don't have insidious madness yet Is there anything else you'd call out that I should consider? Any feedback will be super appreciated. Thanks!
  5. pjs

    Mourning Belles 17th March 2018

    Greeting fellow readers of the Malifaux forums. Yes I know the 17th March is a Saturday but that is the only date I have available this month. This will be a fixed faction 50ss crews playing over three 120 minute rounds using Gaining Grounds 2018. Fully painted crews only, we do not care how good bad or ugly your paint job is as long as effort has been put in to make them look cool on the tabletop. Lastly we only have room for 12 players. The Venue: Impact UK, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN Shop Tel: (01909) 560273 Entry Fee: Advanced booked tickets £10 – On the door price £15 Rules Pack: Mourning Belles Rules Pack Tournament Schedule Registration 9am Round One first card flip 10am – round ends at 12pm Feeding Time at the Zoo 12pm 12:45pm Round Two first card flip 1pm – round ends at 3pm Round Three first card flip 3:15pm – round ends at 5:15pm More details will be added closer to the event.
  6. OneLittleThunder

    Ply with Booze

    I've always been the kind of player that builds a crew from scratch for any given set of strats and schemes, just because there are so many variables involved. However, with the paired schemes in GG2018, I'm starting to build a core list for each strategy; if I have a crew that I think can comfortably manage the strat and the paired scheme, I feel comfortable that I can probably find another scheme that I can manage with that crew (with appropriate tweaks as needed) in any scheme pool. In most cases, I can put together something I feel good about with one of my Big Three masters (Asami, Lynch, and Yan Lo). However, the more I look at Ply for Information, the more I feel like Brewmaster might be a really good choice. Drinking Contest cuts down on the number of Ply attempts against your crew, and a Performer can pull the enemies into range (and/or use A Sip of Wine if needed). Sensei Yu can provide a second bubble as well as some mobility. Fingers is expensive, but the Chatty bubble is great in Ply, and I Saws it First can ruin someone's day if they have taken Surround Them. Chiaki provides ranged condition removal (that targets Wp) if the opponent's Ply does get through. Take some subset of these guys and fill out the crew with a few cheap minions (Akaname/Fermented River Monks/Moon Shinobi/Tanuki/10T Brothers) to taste as appropriate for the opponent, table, and other schemes. The main problem is that we need a good bouncer in case a bar fight breaks out. Yasunori is awesome with Brewie and Pick Yer Poison, but he's really pricey these days. We have plenty of options in the 8-9ss range, so I'm sure I can find someone workable, but SS are (as always) tight. Has anyone experimented with Brewie in Ply? Any recommendations, gotchas, notable successes or failures?
  7. Hey guys I am running a tournament on Sunday the 4th of march at Wayland games in Hockley. Tickets will cost £7.50 and prize support will be based on the number of attendees. It will be 50ss fixed faction, 3 rounds and starts and schemes will be according to gg18 Hot food is available from the venue as well as a large selection of drinks including a fully licenced bar. There is a train station a 2 minute walk away and there is plenty of parking available on site Wayland Games Limited 17-19 Eldon Way Hockley Essex SS5 4AD United Kingdom Time table for the day Registration: 10.00-10.30 Round 1: 10.30-12.45 Close deployment - Public execution Eliminate the leadership, Dig their graves, Inescapable trap, Show of force, Public Demonstration Round 2: 13.15-15.30 Standard deployment- Ply for imformation Surround them, Hold up their forces, Take prisoner, Recover evidence, Vendetta. Round 3: 16.00-18.15 Corner- Ours Gaurded treasure, Covert breakthrough, Set up, Undercover entourage, Inescapable trap Prizes: 18.30 To pay for you tickets please make payment through paypal to Reicevapes@gmail.com via friends and family or you can pay on the day. Attendees 1. Reice Chaudhry 2. James Trevallion 3. James Culverhouse 4. James Culverhouse +1 5. James Culverhouse +2 6. Troy Ashdown 7. Andrew Humphries 8. Dan Sullivan 9. Mark Elwood, 10. Richard Bream Looking forward to seeing as many people there as possible.
  8. Hi Malifolk, its time for my February Tournament I invite you all to - Be My Wyrdtine Sunday 25th 2018 At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am. Format - Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews. Schemes and Strategies will be done as soon as Gaining Grounds 2018 goes live. Tickets Rules Pack **Errata will be in effect** There is scrip for everyone! Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master. Most VP Scored with best positive score. Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost. Best in Faction trophies! Facebook The Outpost Malifaux event fb group
  9. Hey guys, after a long break (played a lot of 10T lately), I decided to give my Outcasts a try in GG18. Unfortunately, I don't own so much, so I haven't a real flexibility in builds. The rolled Strategy and Schemes are these: Ply For Information (we decided to play Extraction, just to change a bit) Surround Them Inescapable Trap Public Demonstration Hold Up Their Forces Vendetta Given I own Hamelin, Parker, Jack Daw and some random stuff, what are your advises about the game? Is Hamelin able to play into these Schemes? I know he's really powerful and can do almost everything, but don't know. By the way, I thought to go for Hold Up Their Forces and another one (Surround Them or Vendetta, probably), 'cause I think Montresor will shine into Hold Up. What can be an efficient runner? The Midnight Stalker? Thanks in advance.
  10. ElPuto

    Wishlisting for 10T

    Wanted to start a discussion about what changes or wishlisting we'd like to see inside the Faction. Spreading ideas is never a bad thing. I will start with a list of models I regularly play or own, and everyone can add their preferences: The Brewmaster: add him Infiltration Tri-Chi, change some of his Upgrades into something useful. The Good Stuff is just horrible. Ama No Zako: she wants to punch stuff, Ml 6 will be enough. Sidir Alchibal: one of my favorite models in the Faction, I just don't know what his role is supposed to do. Slow, no tanking abilities (but he wants to tank, medium base + By Your Side), his damage output is nothing to write home about. Probably, the best choices for him will be Bulletproof +1 and/or Hard To Kill. Guild Pathfinder: stripping out the suit from his Set The Trap ability, done. Monk of High River: damage spread up to 2/3/4 or a longer threat. The cost reduction was good tho. Tengu: Df and Wp 5 maybe? Thunder Archer: Df 5, good cost right now. Wastrel: oh Jesus, lovely models, but here there's a lot to do in my opinion. They can walk to get Defensive +1, but with Df 4, it doesn't seem a strong deal. They're on the slow side, so they can't run efficiently (except for the trigger on Cast-Offs, which I consider an incredible ability), they can't tank enough, and they're damage spread is good just thanks to two triggers from a 2 Ap Action. They can be a lot better than this, just with some devices. What are your ideas guys? What would you like to see?
  11. In my opinion, the last weeks have been pretty meh for us gremlins players since the toys we got in book 5 seemed to be a lot less exciting compared to what other factions got. While the general problem of our factions isn't really top end balance but is internal balance I still had a feeling we would drop quiet a bit in top end power since some factions got quiet a bit better while we pretty much stayed the same. After playing some gg18 tho I have a feeling that we got some models that are just right for the new strats and schemes. Also some existing models just jump up a huge bit in the power curve when it comes to gg18. So what I've noticed is: - gg18 has a whole lot more interaction based things and this includes Strategies. Headhunter was always a good thing for gremlins, since we got the ap to do this pretty well and also a lot of heads dropped in a gremlingame. - GG18 brings us a strategy that is fully based on model to model interaction (ply for information) and two strategies based on marker interaction and engagement (symbols of authoroty) (supply wagons). - Ply for information favors ap and survivability, which balances it for bayou gremlins but things like the new gatreau bokor protection buff is a huge gain in this scenario. - Symbols of Authoroty and supply wagons need protection of your own markers via engagement and pushes to keep them away and things like dont mind me become really really powerfull in this scenario. Also agile seems really usefull in this scenario. (maybe the new wong upgrade is better than we thaught) (fingers...) What do you think about gg18 and gremlins? Of course there are changes to come, but since the playtesting just made a larger step to a new version it feels like at least parts of the current state will carry over into the final gg18.
  12. Hi! Finally, ashes and dust cannot take gathering Intel and Shed Blood conditions? Is there any faq or errata I have not seen?
  13. Celebrate monsters of all kinds - real and fake - by using them to beat each other up in a Malifaux tournament! THE SURGEON'S FAUXTOGRAPH Saturday, August 26, 2017 Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe 1851 Roswell Rd Marietta Ga. 30062 Store Phone: (770) 578-1497 Registration begins at 10:30 AM. play begins at 11 AM 3 rounds, GG2018, fixed faction $5 entry fee (all proceeds turn into prize support) Prizes! Good games and good company! Stuff!
  14. I had the pleasure to attend the Capital City Winter Murderland tournament, held at The Historic Haven in downtown Frederick, MD on January 13th and 14th. It was a trios event, and you can find the tournament pack here. The team aspect came into play where each team would declare Factions, select Masters, then go through a pairing process to determine whom played whom. Team rules were light, with the exception of no doubling up on faction, and no doubling up on cross-faction masters in a round (ex. no Resurrectionist Tara and Outcast Tara in the same round). My team was the Vegan Zombies, named after a pun ("What to we want?" "GRAAAAINS") and consisted of myself playing Outcasts, and two of my regular opponents bringing Guild and Resurrectionists. Leading up to the tournament, we each decided to focus on a small pool of masters. We figured that by focusing on a few masters, we'd be more familiar with them in the context of the tournament. I brought Parker Barrows, Tara and the Viktorias. Our Guild player brought Nellie and Perdita, and our Resurrectionist player brought Molly, Kirai and Yan Lo. I'll be posting each round below as a separate post, but will be linking them all here. Then, I'll have a post for my final thoughts on the event. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any input/ comments you may have! Round 1 - Parker Barrows vs. Pandora Round 2 - Parker Barrows vs. Wong Round 3 - Parker Barrows vs. Lady Justice Round 4 - Tara vs. Ulix Round 5 - Parker Barrows vs. Lilith Final Thoughts
  15. mo11usq

    Educate me on Molly

    Just started getting in to Molly, and really enjoying her despite the first few outings being more error than trial. I see a lot of information out there on Horror Molly, and believe I get the concept even if application is currently in development. Nuance aside, I understand the general Horror game plan to be: Taxi Molly and some big horrors up field turn 1 (with any combination of sybelle/kentoroi/doxy/mortimer/necrotic). Summon punk zombies/killjoy to soften enemy and pin them in their backfield as best possible, before archie/rogue necros arrive to remove key models and cripple the crew. Hopefully that scored you some VP. Finish up strat and schemes. Spirit Molly I am less clear on. My instinct is for a more defensive game plan (hard to be more aggressive than horror I guess). Use belles/jaakuna buffed by sybelle/emissary to lure models out of position to be summon caddies, then finish with izamu + datsue ba/emissary. Toolbox summon - hanged for big pressure, goryo/shikome as 'cheaper' shock troops, onryo/gaki as speed bumps or scheme runners. Less elite starting crew and fewer summons directly into enemy crew should make normal scheme running easier. Am I far off the mark? In what situations do you take Spirit Molly, and what do you tend to find the crew doing? Also, I'm really liking gg18 prototype, big fan of the always schemes being strat suit dependent. However, is it me or does Molly's desire to summon low health models into the enemy's face seem to struggle in 3 out 4 of the strats? Making use of her core mechanic in Ply and Public seems like actively feeding your opponent points, whilst in Ours it doesn't easily contribute to scoring (totally fine with this change) in a scenario where the enemy is usually incentivized to spread out. The fact the associated always schemes seem okay for her doesn't feel like it really balances.
  16. ElPuto

    Tonight's game

    Symbols of Authority - Punish The Weak - Covert Breakthrough - Take Prisoner - Hold Up Their Forces - Inescapable Trap Tonight I'll face a friend of mine with Arcanists. Pointed on Mei Feng and Brewmaster as my possible choices: what do you suggest to take with them as list? Mei is probably good with Punish The Weak and Hold Up Their Forces. Fingers could be good in Covert Breakthrough. Both the Masters (better Brewie) can isolate enemy models to score easier on Take Prisoner.
  17. ElPuto

    Hamelin in Ours

    I was reflecting on the GG18 for my Masters (Hamelin, Jack and Parker) and, all of a sudden, I came with this revelation: is Hamelin effectively weak in Ours? The whole game of Hamelin is about cycling, and with cycling you summon constantly new models. The things you play with him surely follow this road: Abominations, Desolation Engine, Ashes & Dust, Rat Kings, Rat Catchers, Stolen. How is my Tyrant supposed to play into this Strategy? Help me guys and you'll get a slice of cheese.
  18. Gaining Grounds 2018 is out, time to get to learning it! When: Wednesdays each week at 6:30 starting 2-21-18 Where: Dreamers Vault - Burnsville Entry: Entry is $15 cash or $30 in Wyrd Product About: Each week play a different Strategy in the new GG18 Tournament Packet against a new opponent. This league will last 5 weeks with guilders being given out to all participants, mystery boxes being raffled at the end of the league, and store credit prizes being given out to top 3 participants. No painting requirements but prizes will be given out to best painted. Painting rated on a 1-5 at the end of every match. More info on GG18 and League play can be found here https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-8lfk.zip
  19. Hi everyone, what do u think about ressers in gg2018? Any thoughts? I'm playing with my friend (guild) on Sunday and looking for your help and suggestions: encounter setup: 50SS standard deployment strategy: ply for information schemes: always surround them hold up their forces undercover entourage show of force take prissoner I got: Seamus, copycat killer, madame sybelle, 3 rotten belles, 2 dead doxy, carrion emissary, 3 necropunks, 5 mindless zombies, yin, anna lovelace, archie
  20. ElPuto

    Tomorrow game advises

    I started Gremlins a week ago or so (I own Brewie, Zipp and Som'er), and now with my mates we're playing using the GG18. I'll be playing Gremlins, my opponent Arcanists. We've generated randomly the Encouter: SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY; Standard Deployment - Punish The Weak - Search The Ruins - Set Up - Inescapable Trap - Dig Their Graves Right now, I'm more headed towards Brewmaster, 'cause I want to test him in Faction as I always used him as 10T, but Zipp can be the right choice too, or Som'er. The reasoning behind the BMaster in this setup is 'cause I can place the Symbols relatively close to each other, and oblige my opponent to come at me and stay inside my bubbles. For Punish The Weak, I think that I can go for a killy crew, but I need Interacts for the Strategy and the other Schemes. Maybe Fingers + Burt + Golem? First Mate to push enemies around? What do you suggest guys?
  21. Fictor

    Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    Hi dudes! and welcome to 2018 and new tournament waves. This year I want to go for the best player of my country again, and have in mind go all tournaments arround the country has I can. As allways, I come here to discuss abaout crews to play, we have 2h for round, so rapid crews are welcome. Tournament rounds and schemes: R1 OURS - corners guarded treasure hold up their forces inescapable trap undercover entourage public demostration R2 SUPPLY WAGGONS - standard punish the weak public demostration set up show of force search the ruins R3 PLY FOR INFORMATION - corners surround them vendetta recover evidence take one of the team dig their graves
  22. New Faux, Who Dis? Saturday, January 20, 2017 Giga-Bites Gaming Cafe 1851 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062 Store Phone: (770) 578-1497 Registration begins at 10:30 AM. play begins at 11 AM 3 rounds, GG2018, fixed faction $5 entry fee Come try out the new GG2018 Strategies and Schemes! Prizes! Good games and good company! Food and beer available on-site!
  23. RVA Malifaux will be running another 50ss tournament using Gaining Grounds 2018 rules on Saturday December 2. I'll lock down the GG18 document at least a week before the event and will indicate what date of the rules i will be using. Address: 13172 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113 Looking forward to seeing some new and friendly faces! Event: https://m.facebook.com/events/1572732739432041