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  1. Lilith Tricks

    Hello All, So been playing for a few months now and I'm finding Lilith et al awesome. From here I'm going to count my Win/Draw/Lose and see how it goes. I first have to say I have found even a crew with Lilith, Terror tots, Young & Mature Nephilim's with Cherub have worked for most Strats & Schemes and against the 4/5 crews I fielded them again. That said I will be getting the Twins soon. The first point I wanted to bring up was that of crew potentials and last night I tried something a bit different. My 35stones crew agains Nicodem was: Lilith, Cherub, 2 Tots, 1 Young, 1 Mature and last of all Taylor (yes Taylor) Now I've not spotted anyone else put this forward but Taylor offers a lot and by chance even more in my games yesterday as Nicodem had two hanged. At 9stones she is expensive however she hits hard (fitting in with the crew) with a 3" reach. Not only that but she has a magical (take that hanged) which ignore armor which can shatter constructs form 3" away. On top of this Hard to Kill, Hard to wound and lifer with Df 5 makes her more durable than a Mature Nephilim. I think I have made my point but understands there maybe better combo's but found her useful and really like the model. You can't beat people carry a big hammer (mainly as they beat you first) Last of all a contribution to winning two games last night was the unlikely spell of Earthquake. First battle saw Line in the sand and though I want to stop them getting there so started Cherub Earthquake x2 plus one from Lilith meant everyone was starting 6" further up. Then with the second battle Joint treasure hunt I needed to beat his dogs there so same again whole crew mover up from the corner then though Lilith and Mature forward had the treasure Turn two and a line blocking the terror tot running it back to my deployment. In fact the second game saw me playing defensively with Lilth which was new. Until Next time..... :lilith :viktoria1 2/0/0 0/0/0