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Found 3 results

  1. Subject of debate recently popped up in the TT event forum about what exactly the effective cost is for the singular upgrade a crew is able to purchase during the "starting the campaign" phase of a campaign (page 5). Another person said that based on their reading, the upgrade bought during the setup listed on page 5 would cost double its base as later explained on page 6 (so a 2SS upgrade in a normal game of Malifaux would cost 4SS when setting up starting arsenal, and again 4SS during the following weeks during the New Hires step). I disagreed based on my reading of "starting the campaign" and "new hires" being separate and that the "starting the campaign" section did not state the single upgrade would cost double. A copy/paste of my understanding is below: "I had seen that upgrades during weekly purchases cost double and factored it into my estimations for the start of the second week. However, I should note that the rulebook treats setting up your starting arsenal, and the "new hires" section as separate components, and it explictly instructs you to ignore the "New hires" section at the beginning of the first week of the campaign (with, presumably, the page 5 "starting the campaign" section replacing it). The statement that upgrades cost double to purchase is under the "New hires" section on page 6 (again, instructed to skip this step during the first week). For the "starting the campaign" section (page 5), it says you can only buy one upgrade at this time, but does not state that the upgrade is doubled in cost." In summary, the way I read it is that we get the upgrade at base cost when setting up, but are only able to purchase one. In successive weeks we get to buy as many upgrades as we like, but with the cost doubled (and 0SS upgrades costing 2 scrip). Anyone else have input on this? EDIT: I guess I must have misread the other poster, I thought they said that the first upgrade would also cost double, but when I went back it seemed the same as my reasoning. Weird. Oh well, I'd just like to clarify this anyways to make sure I'm playing it right.
  2. I'm just curious as to why Nekima is still 13ss. What kind of games she's designed to go in, at this point. She's going to be pulling the weight of 1/4 to 1/2 of an entire crew, at her current cost... She lacks the survivability or utility to make up for 13ss. I can see her costing 9 or 10... Which is still quite a bit... But I don't ever see her become any more useful than a black blood shaman or Coppelius or Teddy for that matter. She's great, don't get me wrong... But the shear cost of her alone, compared to what you can do with those points alone. I love the model and the rules with it. I'm not saying that Neverborn deserve a 5 point beatstick from hell... But when much cheaper models have better singular results, there seems to be a slight miscalculation in worth. I'm not a pro at this game, and I know she's good. But I've yet to see anyone say she's worth 13ss, without giving the mask to anyone other than tots and young... Especially if you're not a growth whore.