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Found 46 results

  1. Wicked Dolls

    From the album A Rogues Gallery

  3. Hi! I started painting Malifaux few weeks ago. To be honest this is my first thoughtful and mature experience. Love this guys, they are fun, dinamic and simply awesome! I also already painted Puppet Master Crew but unfortunately don't have appropriate photo camera right now. I'll realy appreciate all of your criticism and opinions because I want to stay in this field for a long time. Since I am painting everyday I declare this a weekly blog. I hope I'll be managing to post every thursday. Hail yourselves and be fun! This guy is so tough and scary
  4. collodi bag of props build

    So I'm trying out bag of props instead of fated. I'm still using a standard list to get to know my models better (I started by switching in and out to try and match the strategy and schemes and found out it worked better to just use the same model three times in a row, at least, to understand it) 50 SS Neverborn Crew Collodi + 5 Pool - Strum the Threads (1) - Bag of Props (1) - Breathe Life (1) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Widow Weaver (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Teddy (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Mysterious Emissary (10) - Conflux of Music (0) Lucky Effigy (4) Arcane Effigy (4) Thousand on teddy gets swapped for retribution, malifaux provides or maybe very rarely wings. Weaver swaps for mimics blessing or nexus. The idea is that emissary summons in some early changelings and then either goes after scheme runners or throws out hazardous that collodi can walk people into. Weaver's only real job is to throw out -wp for collodi and force horror duels with exhale. Also the extra move for constructs can be a God send. Teddy is there as he's the only big beater I currently own that can get retribution. I took lucky over brutal as collodi flips so many cards in a turn he usually gets more healing out of it. The marionettes are for personal puppet and to run schemes. With strum, weaver and a 2" push they can go 20" in one activation, that is usually enough to set them up for scoring schemes out of my opponents reach. This also works if my opponent has an annoying sniper placed somewhere. Simply run a marionette into his face and have it stand there. Arcane is for what he always does. I've come to love walking people into emisarrys terrain. If you place them in base contact with it after they've activated that's an average of 11 damage. 3 from strings and 4 from terrain and then 4 again when they activate next turn. (Edited cause I wrote it wrong) I've considered replacing teddy with an illuminated when I get them. So far the only thing I'm afraid of is facing a really shooty list or a Ramos arachnid swarm. I play against gremlins, TT, outcasts and arcanist and one of the others is thinking about ressers. Anything you think I've completely missed
  5. Collodi and Emissaries

    A thought came to mind last time I played Collodi. Conflux of Music gives the emissary Puppet Characteristic so can Collodi actually hire any Emissary in the game if the emissary has Conflux of Music on it? As the upgrade gives the emissary Puppet Characteristics making it hireable to Collodi. I couldn't find anything on the forums about this and at least quick rulebook check didn't give me insight to this. One thing I find in support of this is that some upgrades also widen the hire pool of models. Like Tarot Reading on Zoraida that gives her the option to hire Swampfiends from other factions. Also to me it makes sense in a way as Collodi can hire any Effigy so maybe he could also hire any emissary. But yeah in the end I'm not on either side of this. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has something that would settle the debate in my head.
  6. Good morning my fellow Puppet Masters! I just finished assembling my Coryphee last night so all I need is a Widow Weaver and a couple effigies and my Collodi army is done. But I was going over the Wyrd store this morning and saw Bunraku. I don't know how but I never saw/noticed them before and to my amazement they're puppets! YAY! More wood for the puppet fire! I have never seen them mentioned in Collodi posts though, so are the models new releases or something? Are they good with him or so bad no one talks about them? What's their deal with Mr Fingers?
  7. Hey everyone, A friend and I are looking to get into Malifaux and we come from a Warmachines background, so we're familiar with war gaming but not Malifaux. My friend wants to get into Resurrectionists (Seamus first) and eventually go into Molly and Nico. So, I have a few questions: 1) Which Neverborn master would best handle Seamus, Molly, and Nico? 2) Between Lilith, Pandora and Collodi, which box is most complete out of the box and has the best synergy? 3) Out of the Neverborn masters, which would you say share the biggest pool of Neverborn models? 4) With the Queen box having been announced (omg I want that box so badly) who do you think she would best pair up with in a tournament setting? Thank you for the help
  8. Zuka - The Wooden Woe

    Zuka: The wooden Woe Zuka wooden lifeless eyes peered out of the shop window, into the decrepit cobble streets of Malifaux. The darkness provided him comfort, it is where he saw the real grit of humanity, the struggles and schemes they ran in the night. He wished he could talk, and tell the secrets he had learned sitting on the shelf of the tiny shop he occupied. Oh the stories he could tell. All he could do is watch though, this didn’t bother him to much. He faintly remembered the arrival of the humans as they filled the streets and buildings . Though he could remember the human who occupied the shop he sat in now. He hated the human, He didn’t know his name, but he knew that the human was cruel. He watched as people entered the shop, dropping off items for paper and metal coins. The things people brought into the shop was always random as were the items they took. Sometimes someone would stop to pick him up, and he always met their gaze, as they would sneer and return him to his window throne. This night was quite as he peered out into the darkness though. Usually it was filled with degenerates, and drunken humans who stumbled loudly down the streets. Tonight nothing but the glow of the lamps, peeking into the shadows as if they had fought for eternity. Something felt wrong about tonight though. A sort of creepiness claimed the night, and crept through his seams and joints. Still it made him feel like he belonged, and almost excited. It was then he noticed a movement in the shadow. His attention focused on it as a small wooden cart emerged from the shadows into the light. Being pushed by what he could only guess was a human. She seemed old, and moved like some of the gray haired humans that he saw before making their way in the daylight. This one seemed different though, her stiff movements seemed almost graceful, though most of her remained covered by the shall she wore around her arms and shoulder. Her face still covered by shadows, she seemed to look right at him sitting on his shelf. Much to his surprise she made her way into the shop. He listened as words where exchanged behind him. He had began to understand some of what the humans spoke from the time he had spent in that window. He could at least make out the words “How much?” His attention focused trying to hear what they were discussing, and what they could be talking about. He hoped that it was about him. Their talking got more intense and soon the mans, voice grew loud, then to a scream. Zuka panicked he wondered what the scream could be from, he knew it had to be the man. Silence came next followed but the sound of foot steps headed in his direction. He then felt hands wrap around his body, as the shelf seemed to disappear under him. He felt his body rotate as his finally met eyes with his holder. Soft wooden eyes met his as he peered at his handler. He strained his eyes in the darkness as he looked into her face. A twisted smile sprawled across her face, as she looked up to him. “Don’t worry child, I shall bring you to your true home.” She pulled him close as they walked across the room, his eyes pointed behind her as he looked at the lifeless body of the shop keeper sprawled across the counter with “Ours” Stitched into his forehead. All Zuka heard was the shop bells as he finally felt free..
  9. Hi folks, I’m still new to Malifaux. At the moment I love playing Collodi. But I’m really struggling with Headhunter & Reckoning I can’t kill enough to get these done. Headhunter is a bit better because there I can collect some Headtokens but overall I’m not good at this So how do you guys & girls get this done? Are you playing fated Collodi or Bag of Props and how? What are your Key Models? Maybe you have some crazy combinations flying around? I’m curious! Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi all, in first place, i introduce myself ! First thing, i appologize for my bad english, i understand this language very well but that's hard for me to talk/write !! i hope all my mistakes don't make you cry blood too much I know malifaux since few years but i just started to play for real at this game... and i definitly love it. I study the rules book since 2 weeks and finaly, i fix myself on this awsome faction neverborn. After that, i focus on 3 masters (pandora / lynch / collodi) and create alone, without experience, 3 lists. I know make a "generic" list on malifaux is not a good thing because that's change a lot with the primary and other scenarios but that's a way for me to know what miniature i buy in first and have some "pre-build" list for my first games. And today, i need you to have your opinion about my list, give me some answer about thing i don't understand and maybe, have some advices ^^ ! I try to explain for all my list what i want and the goal when i create it ! JAKOB LYNCHE That's probably the list that i like least... I have many models who have good synergy with "brillance characteristic" but i don't have many synergies with "ace in the hole" ... don't know if that's a problem or not. I have 2 variants and i don't know wich one take and if play only in brillance is a good way. What kind of model can i take to maximise the "ace in the hole" capacity ? First one : Second one : JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illumanited 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger : Retribution Eyes 8ss * Hans 9ss * The depleated 4ss * The depleated 4ss And a little question about lynche, and to be more precise, about the hungering darkness. If i play hungry, later during the turn, he die, and after (again during the same turn) he come back in game (with rising sun upgrate), i can play him or he considerate like already play ? PANDORA For this one, i don't use Spirit models because ... i don't like them at all. Not in game, but just the visual !!! So i try to find an other way to generate many WP test without them !! Finaly, i finish with this list. I add a mysterious effigy for the last 4 points but i admit i don't know if it's a good choise or not... i don't find an other thing PANDORA : box opens / wings of darkness / Aether connection 4ss * Primordial magic 2ss * Mr Graves 9ss * Doppleganger : Retributions eye 8ss * Nekima 13ss * Johan 7ss * Mysterious Effigy 4ss *ADD 3 soulstones 3ss COLLODI For this one, i realy try to play with many effigy and puppet thing ... i guess that's normal !! Like for lynch, i have 2 lists and i don't know wich one take. The first one i take Aionus inside because .... i LOVE the visual of miniature and i want play this model !!! I put him with collodi because he add to my list many "control" and make that composition moreeeeee toxic with more trics !!! After, i don't know if it's the better choise, that's why i create a second list without him (because it cost realy expensive >< ) First one : Second one : COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Aionus : Mimics Belssing 14ss * Vasilisa : a friend to talk 9ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Mysterious effigy 4ss * ADD 2 soulstones 2ss ADD 3 soulstones 3ss So, thx to all person who take time to read me and help me a little bit to make my choise when i have 2 lists, or advice me for some synergies/changements...
  11. Heyo! So, Collodi has finally been added to my arsenal - completing my collection of all the Neverborn masters. I've played a number of games with the master of puppets, and I've found myself relying on the staple Illuminated. This isn't a bad thing, as there isn't a bad thing about the Illuminated, but I already run them in my Lynch and Lucius crews. So, I'm looking to not use them as much in a third crew. Also, I'd like to run quite a themed playlist. So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on my ideas, and of course, your suggestions. Stitched Together These guys are great, for their obvious reasons with Collodi (getting those positives etc. from Collodi's My Will, etc.). But, with Vasilisa, a pair of them become quite a mobile little death unit with the combination of Twist, A Little Drink A Little Water and Obey. Incredibly maneuverable without having to use their own AP to move, means they can focus on being nasty. But what about Bunraku and Wicked Dolls? Wicked Dolls I can see the synergy with Wicked Dolls - again using the control shenanigans of Collodi and Vasilisa to pump out extra activations on the little puppets - but it seems you need at least three to make them impactful? Getting the Crow on Over The Needle could be really useful. There All Sewed Up also adds extra synergy for being controlled by Collodi and Vasilisa outside of their activations. Accomplice also lets you activate two of them consecutively if they'e in melee range, to stack up those Poison counts. Bunraku They have Armour, high defence, auto DF trigger that debuffs Ml, they have Retract (nice for Personal Puppet). They can gain Focus with a (0), the Ml attack ain't bad, and like the Wicked Dolls give out Poison. They have Snatch, which is a great ranged attack, which allows you to draw in models into the puppet bubble, and if you get the trigger, you get the free strike. They're far more resilient than Wicked Dolls, but at the same time, could drop the model into range for the Wicked Dolls to go to town on it (so there is synergy there to). Looking forward to any thoughts, suggestions.
  12. (answer found)

    Nevermind, sorted.
  13. My Wallpaper Thread

    I'll start it off with Lucius, just to make the Guildies jealous. OURS. Other masters, henchmen, enforcers and minions to come. Lucius Wallpaper, with room for resizing
  14. Corrupted Hounds

    So both Collodi and Lucius are good at getting out of activation AP from their minions and Corrupted Hounds love being used outside of their activations, so who uses them better? I'm leaning toward Lucius, especially since he can bring Guild Hounds as well 2/2 mix seems very good to run a "pack" but Collodi would give our puppies a double positive on out of activation attacks. Thoughts?
  15. Collodi and Fated

    Hey there, yesterday i was playing with a firend a couple of games, I was playing with a Collodi band, and I included some Illuminated to test them, the problem began when i decided to use the "Follow My Lead" ability from the "Fated" upgrade card ("Follow My Lead: Once per turn, when this model recieves a Condition from one of its own Actions, all friendly Puppets and Minions within (x)6 may gain the same Condition."). I saild that all my friendly puppets and all my fiendly minions were affected by a condition gained by collodi ,while he said only the models with puppet and minion caracteristic simultaneously could be affected by this ability. English isn't our native language, so it's possible that that one of us misunderstood the card. Someone can tell us how this really works? Thank you.
  16. Collodi Slingshot

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Malifaux and have ended up starting out with Lilith (love the nephilim) and Collodi (interesting play style). Malifaux seems to be about hiring crews based on certain objectives, but as I'm new I'm probably going to be running one build into come-what-may and see what happens. I'm having a little trouble designing my first Collodi crew, I've got an idea I'm thinking of as the 'Collodi Slingshot', but would be great to get some experienced opinions. 50ss (4ss remaining) (THE BUBBLE) - up to 17" movement (fast + pushes), central support toolbox Collodi - breathe life, strum the threads 3x Marionettes (THE SLINGSHOT) - coryphee delivery, punchy scheme runners Vasilisa - a friend to talk to Hooded Rider - retribution's eye (THE PELLET) - 16" charge, at least 20" movement (revel + friend), early mess-up-opponent-game-plan pieces 2x Coryphee Thanks!
  17. Reckoning vs Collodi

    I am going up against Neverborn, we have flipped Reckoning as strategy, we have added a condition, we are not allowed to bring the master we played the last game, so no Perdita for me. Lady J time then, suddenly it dawned on me, I might meet Collodi, which I know nothing about, the other two masters who can appear are, Lilith or Pandora. How should I counter Collodis strengths, maybe Lady J is the wrong master, as proxies are a no no, I can only bring McCabe or Lucius. I can't use austringers or riflemen, stupid LGS. Should I merc in Killjoy as a large killy suprise? Best regards Cate
  18. Whats Your Collodi List?

    Hey guys So I'm still a somewhat new player, had a few games, its been awesome. Slowly crossing off the list of masters played against, but got a long way to go. Ok so here's my question, how do you usually build your Collodi list? what is the list good for? I have a list I almost always use, but is really only functional in a higher soul stone game, about 50 or so. If it's not legal, let me know. Collodi - with strum threads Vasilisa - with friend to walk with. Widow Weaver - with Handbag 4 marionettes 3 Wicked Dolls Basically the way I run it, is using the marionettes for blocking up strats, like squatters sights, throwing them forward taking objectives and staying in a person engagement so they cant take it back. Using the wicked dolls to quickly bolt up the side of the board and drop scheme markers in the enemies deployment and stuff like that. Widow Weaver uses webs to deter the enemy crew, collodi buffs and uses casts to slap the wrists of the other player, getting too cocky. and if all goes well a late game summoning of teddy to clean up who remains.
  19. So, I finally received the Master of Puppets crew box and, jarring mold lines aside (what on Earth happened to Collodi's fingers?!), I was a tad dissapointed by the lack of a distinct portrait for each of the wicked dolls. There is a pierced wicked doll looking to the left, the same pierced wicked doll looking to the right, and a close up of the poor fella. No love for the punk or the pincushioned one . Looking through Crossroads, at the box art of Collodi's crew and at that of the dolls' pack, it seems like the remaining ones were never drawn. When my Weaver learned about this, she started knitting a nice Teddy she plans to send to Wyrd to get answers, but I thought the forum would be a less... messy alternative. So, was it because of rushing to release the boxes before GenCon? Will we ever see the little guys, or even get the propper stat cards? Will this become a trend? The Weaver keeps knitting...
  20. Collodi

    From the album My crews