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Found 17 results

  1. Sandeep's Tutelage upgrade lets him copy a Ca action from a friendly Academic once per turn (and also lets him temporarily make models Academics). Both of Amina Naidu's (0) actions have triggers that let her use a different action on her card for free. If he copies one of Amina's (0) actions and gets the suit he needs, say Missing Forms for example, is he able to take the free Collier Navy Sh action from Amina or not? I want to say the answer is no, since Sandeep doesn't have those other actions on his card, but I am not sure if that matters. What about when he copies Freeze from a Tutored Silent One and gets the Frozen Shards trigger, where the free additional action is the same one as the spell that was originally copied? I think that this one is legal, but I am not sure. Tutelage allows Sandeep access to the Freeze spell for one action, and until the new Freeze action from the trigger is resolved, the original Freeze spell is not considered resolved (see Actions Causing Actions, pg 36 mini rulebook). If anyone can point me to more definitive proof on how this sort of copy ability works I'd love to see it.
  2. So Cassandra has an ability called (1) Understudy: Take a (1) Ca action belonging to target friendly non-leader model within 8". This action may target friendly leader models if they have the Showgirl characteristic. This action may only be used once per Turn. If Colette gets some (1) Ca actions via upgrades, can Cassandra use those with understudy? If so, does she also have access to the triggers given by the upgrades?
  3. Je11yfishQueen

    Cassandra and Mages?

    I'm partisipating in a 30Ss henchmen led game this weekend, for a slow-grow league. I plan to run Cassandra for sure, but was wondering how well you guys think Oxfordian Mages would work with her? For reference the crew would look something like: Cassandra -Smoke and Mirrors - Warding Runes Oxfordian Mage x3 -Doom, Blood, and Nemesis Ward Performer Mannequin Any thoughts?
  4. Kalkris

    Baritone Lola

    From the album: Dark Carnival - Kalkris

    Baritone Lola (Cassandra)

    © Wyrd Miniatures

  5. wicked_lady

    Colette and her Showgirls

    From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    Done as Batman villians and heros (and supergirl)
  6. wicked_lady

    Cassandra - Harley Quinn

    From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    You might not be able to tell, but each arm and leg (and skirt for the hidden leg) has a diamond patten on it... I saw this on a picture of Harley Quinn and I loved it. Also her sword was turned into a mallet with green stuff.
  7. I have a plastic perdita (on sprue from the crew box) with her mark 2 card and upgrades, and Cassandra for trade. I also have duplicate cards for the Sonniia and Ortega Crew boxes. (I also have a ton of heroclix, mechwarrior, and maps for both available for trade... And possibly some Khador/trolls for warmachine) I am looking for a peacekeeper, guild riflemen, witchling handler, sonniia or seamus avatar, or dead doxies. I may be open to other models for trade (sooo tempted to start neverborn for teddy, 10 thunders with misaki, or some more resser models). PM me if interested!
  8. Her understudy action is pure gold in any list she is brought in. Also how come wack trigger cast performers siren call whack again or paralyze. Or copying a silent ones attack and triggering that twice (as use may be required) Heck you might get blasts. Or filing a false claim or twirling with a gas can. Sooooo many uses how come I don't see more of her.
  9. virtualonmars


    From the album: Voices of Mars finished crews

    © Voices of Mars

  10. A Debate Recently came up in a game I was playing. Basically my Question is can cassandra be targeted by spells that are not ranged? I think not because it says ranged strikes AND spell attacks but any input would be greatly appreciated.

    And VS. Or

    I'm mainly asking this question in reference to Cassie's Celebrity ability. Since on the card it says she can only be targeted by ranged strikes and spells I think it means that if shes going to be targeted by a spell it has to be ranged. As opposed to if it said or in which case any spell attack be it mele or otherwise would be fine. Does anyone know wyrd's ruling on this? Please help and much appreciated.
  12. Ender101

    Ender's Colette and Co.

    I finally got my Colette crew painted and based. I received the crew from my brother as a birthday present back in July, and they've been sitting on my table in various states of assembly and repair for months. This is the most ambitious project I've attempted with a crew so far, thanks to the bases. Each is a wooden coffee stir-er, widdled down and glued to the base, and then stained with two-three coats, before the painted lasses were attached. I'm especially proud of Colette and Cassandra due to the accessories I put on the base. The stage lights are bits from Warmachine that I cut up and glued to a metal bit. The copper and gold dry-brushing that I put on Colette looks like rubbed off paint in the picture. Cassandra's microphone and speaker were a pain and a half to assemble. The base is a piece of plastic I cut from some old nail accessory thing, the base is a piece of paper clip, and the microphone is a sniper sight widdled down and shaped from some extra Warhammer bits. The wire is actually from drilling a the speaker, the plastic twisted around the drill bit and instead of throwing it away, I used it instead. The speaker itself is actually a heavy duty nail head, painted black and then dry brushed copper, cut down and placed in an accessory from an old 40k bit. So, without further ado, I present the Star theater's main attraction, Colette du Boise!
  13. brdparker

    Lawyer-Cassandra Question

    Mind you, the only time where these guys can combo is in a Marcus crew, and it just so happens that that's what I was thinking of putting them in. Anyway, scenario: 1) Lawyer prosecutes Cass (She is now non-friendly for the rest of the game) 2) Random friendly (say... cerberus) gets wounded 3a) Cass Elegances her "enemy" cererbus, healing at least 2 wounds. Marcus gains an SS 3b) Raptor beastizes Cass and Marcus can alpha her (as an enemy beast). Are these outcomes possible? I've been scowering the rules and the forums and haven't come up with a definitive answer. I've read solid arguments in both directions. On the one hand, Cass would still meet the requirements of "friendly" (she was hired by Marc's crew and it under his control). On the other... the Lawyer's ability has to have some effect on gameplay. Where does that effect stop? It would prevent me from Myranda/Marcus-healing her, pack-leadering her to make her activate next, or Shikome-Hunting Partnering her. The question is where exactly the line is. The more specific question is this: Is "non-friendly" equivalent to "enemy?"
  14. http://valeuretdiscipline.blogspot.com/2011/03/meet-celebrity.html Heeeere's Cassandra! She's painted in blue and yellow to draw together both sets of Performers. Her sabre is done in a semi-NMM technique that I like (base coat of metallic with nonmetallic highlights - I like shortcuts). I feel like I rushed her a bit, even though I spent more time on this figure than any other in the set. Hope you like her!
  15. nikodamus

    Cheesy Sword Dance

    In the last few games I have played against a showgirls crew My opponent uses Sword Dance to Move Cassandra up to my models then after finishing the movement claims Sword Dance to get a free attack. Is this Legit?