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Found 2 results

  1. I'm shamelessly looking for feedback, so please comment often. Even if it's only to tell me what a terribly average or boring log this is. I haven't been painting regularly for more than a year and I hope this project will get me motivated to work on other stuff. I ordered two starters and a handful of blisters for Malifaux at my FLGS last week, the Bayou Gremlins, which are hilarious, and the Cult of December, which I thought looked nifty. My vague goal is to paint up the CoD like Rainbow Bright characters, mostly for grins but also in an effort to sucker my girlfriend into the hobby, and the Gremlins to look similar to a common bayou fish call the crappie. I'm electing to start with the Cult of December. No real reason, though the bases for the Gremlins will probably be a lot more work. I have to saw matchsticks in half lengthwise for what I have in mind... While I love the overall design of Wyrd's figures, the casting leaves a lot to be desired. Several of the sculpts, particularly the Gamins and the December Acolyte, had really lousy mold lines, flashing, and other flaws. I spent a lot of time cleaning them up. After tidying the sculpt and removing the tabs, I want to do all scenic bases for these figures, I cast up a sheet of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to craft my bases out of. I can't recommend this product enough for basing applications. It's inexpensive, highly durable, and easy to work with. It's very similar to plaster of Paris, but sets up harder. Using one of the smaller bases, I scribed circles into the hardened putty then broke it into irregular pieces. This gave me the perfect amount of material to fill the larger bases. I repeated the procedure with a nickle to make the smaller bases. I'll pretty obviously be painting these up to look like cracked and broken ice, but I've done similar to make stone outcroppings. I really liked everything about Rasputina, except her silly top-hat. So I clipped it off and made a new, rounded, crown for the hat out of household putty. It makes her look even more like Sorscha from Warmachine, but I prefer it. This figure was almost perfect otherwise. I had to scrape down one very minor mold line. I highly recommend her to folks interested in showing off free-hand painting. She has the perfect combination of a dramatic pose, detail, and large areas of flat surface. The Hoarcat Pride kind of surprised me. They cast these little cats in two parts, divided behind the shoulders. They fit together well though. I'm glad I got good casts here. They're so small that any flaw in the molding process will result in the figures being indistinguishable blobs. The Wendigo is tiny. Not much larger than one of the hoar cats really. I was initially disappointed by this, but then it dawned on me that he's the perfect size for Twink the sprite! The December Acolyte was a real mess. There were mold-lines everywhere. I strongly recommend examining the figure closely before purchasing it, if you can. I'm sure it'll paint up nicely, but the prep work on this figure took longer than any other in the set. The Ice Gamins are fun little monsters. Getting them off the tabs was a pain though because their limbs are so spindly. I cannot say how important it is to own a good pair of wire-cutters and a razor saw. It's somewhat advantageous in that the pieces can be easily reposed, if you want to add more than one set to your crew. I haven't read their stats, but based on the poses I think they throw some kind of ice attack. I may see about sculpting a cinematic effect ala Armorcast. If you couldn't tell, I like to do things myself and I'm disinclined to buy them if I don't absolutely have to. Here's a spectacularly bad picture of my Ice Golem. I think I like the Dark Age one better. He's a goodly size though, about twice the height of the human-sized figures. The arms on the figure are not well designed. They socket in at the shoulder with a very narrow tab. It's a recipe for disaster in my opinion. If you don't pin them they're guaranteed to come off and if you do pin them they may still. If the figure is remastered at any point, I hope they make the shoulders part of the arm and join it at the chest; like the WHFB Ogres and Minotaurs. It would be much more secure. If everything goes according to plan, I'll putty a couple joints tonight and start priming the figures. I'll be hand-priming using white gesso for this because I haven't got any white spray. It's a technique I've used before with good results.