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Found 46 results

  1. Google Document with pictures https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pZxHXLWR7OTpe9kNPje9QSInsW4H-YDjTIqiUAjgKdk/edit?usp=sharing Strategy: Symbols of Authority (with "no pickup in own half of board" modification), Standard Deployment Schemes Claim Jump, Collect Evidence (with "may reveal end of turn 2 to score" modification), Charge Soulstone(Marcus/Ma), Search Ruins, and Take One for the Team (Marcus/Ma) 50 SS Arcanists Crew (me)Marcus + 7 Pool- The Trail Of The Gods (1)- Pack Leader (1)- Feral Instincts (1)Jackalope (2)Myranda (8)- Imbued Energies (1)Blessed of December (9)Rougarou (8)Silurid (7)Guild Hound (3) (sucker)Guild Hound (3)Guild Hound (3) 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 7 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) Old Cranky (4) Trixibelle (8) Francois LaCroix (7) - Stilts (1) Whiskey Golem (10) - Barrel Up (0) Burt Jebsen (7) Rooster Rider (6) Bayou Gremlin (3) (sucker) Deployment: Both teams placed a symbol marker as far from the enemy as possible and behind a difficult piece of terrain on own side. On opponents side, both teams placed a marker in an easy to reach place to try and score turn 1. Turn 1 Mah pushed bayou gremlin and rooster rider down their left flank to make attempt at marker turn 1. On Bayou gremlin activation, he succeed picking up the marker. Silurid activated mid-turn to move upward. Marcus activated to alpha Silurid to pick up marker. Unfortunately, I realize too late I should have stoned for cards. Only card in my hand above 8 (needed for alpha) is a 13 of masks. The 13 of masks was needed to pass the wp duel for the silurid to pick up the marker. Tried to stone for the mask and natural flip the 8 for the alpha. Failed. Cheated in the 13 of masks. Silurid got over to marker and took interact action. Failed the pickup. Took a shot to the face from Golem. Burt took a couple shots at the rougarou and flipped well despite double defensive flips from Myranda. Blast damage on marcus, myranda. I decided to hard commit to the symbol maker, Blessed of December abandoned the right flank and left dogs to their own devices (they are hiding behind the closest structure in the pictures. BoD dropped a scheme marker to prevent collect evidence. 1-0 Mah winning Turn 2 What was supposed to be a game full of leapy shenanigans with the beasty marcus crew turned into a brawl in the at the marker. Due to myranda being damaged, had to sack her earlier than ideal to ensure the cerberus got out. Marcus scored charge soulstone due to cerberus killing golem off of a smell fear attack (rougarou weakened golem early in the turn) and Marcus killing Burt himself. Mah scored charge soulstone off of rougarou and Silurid. Gremlins hard commited to the marker to defend it. And Mah got some damage off on Marcus. BoD runs over to try and take out rooster rider for final soulstone point and fails. Is in range of defend me. Old cranky runs up in range to give gremlins defense flips. Bayou Gremlin runs over and engages all 3 dogs. Dogs fail all 6 disengaging strikes thanks to bayou two card. This fight was lackluster because we both suspected the other was the sucker. 3-2 Mah winning Turn 3 Gremlins red joker the initiative. Mah charges BoD and kills it for last charge soulstone point. Chain activates Francois to finish off Marcus. Game is called 7 - 2 Mah wins. The remaining strat points were given to Mah because the summoned cerberus cannot score strat leaving only the dogs to try and score strat points. No points were awarded for TOFTT because we both identified the opponents sucker. Thoughts We both really liked the ideas of the new schemes and think its going in the right direction. Regarding the strategy, while its a great idea, the placement is always going to be similar. 3 strat markers might be better with perhaps some more restrictions on where they can be placed. We both agreed collect soulstone in its current form is an auto-take. It's a great idea because you can "fake" the scheme by taking a full cache and soulstone use is a new, interesting mechanism in schemes. I suggest restricting who can kill the other models to score. Perhaps only minions and enforcers can actually do the killing while within 6" of a master or henchman. The way its currently worded a beaty master can score all 3 points. I think "Take one for the team" is a good scheme and the problem this game was that we both just didn't choose a good sucker. It probably only needs tuned to cover blood vik. I always have fun playing, but I was really disappointed that my opening move with the silurid failed and I tanked my entire game by hard committing to the marker. Looking back, I probably could have positioned the marker to leap - walk - pick up without marcus' alpha. I never wanted to get into a brawl with this crew - it was built to be fast and hit hard, not tank. Instead, I wanted to spread out the enemy and hope I could find an opening for the marker in the back to make a hard strike while defending my own markers with the summoned cerberus. I would have liked more options to achieve the strat points. The way it currently is, you pretty much have to pick up the marker turn 1 or you end up getting swarmed. A turn 1 pickup restriction may work to prevent this from happening. Anyway, this is only one game so it may not be indicative of all games. I may add more thoughts later. Let me know what you think!
  2. Minnesota wargamer Alex Vien/TheGreatSerpent has written up yet another awesome battle report with his favorite Outcast, Parker Barrows. This time, it is vs a familiar foe, Jack Daw of the Outcasts. Alex is preparing for the Renegade Open and has been experimenting with the idea of having an 'All-Comers' Parker Barrows list that he can drop into any matchup. In this battle report he continues to test out that experiment and gives a turn by turn re-telling of his game. If you enjoy his batrep or have thoughts, leave a comment for him. http://midwestwargaming.com/battle-report-parker-barrows-outcasts-v-jack-daw-outcasts-malifaux/ Here's the lists: 50 soulstone Outcasts Crew: Parker Barrows + 6 SS Cache -Highwayman -Stick Up -Hail of Bullets Doc Mitchell Bandido Bandido Ronin Freikorps Trapper Sue -Oathkeeper Mad Dog Brackett -Crate of Dynamite -Lucky Poncho VS David’s crew: 50 soulstone Outcasts Crew Jack Daw + 4 SS cache -3 facedown curses -Twist and Turn -Betrayer Convict Gunslinger Lady Ligeia The Guilty The Guilty The Guilty The Hanged Montresor -Brick by Brick -Fearful Whispers
  3. Hey guys its me McPigish, I'm starting a post about my podcast mcfauxish. In the podcast I talk about the games iv played in recent tournaments and invite my oponnents onto the show to give their side of the game too. I ask about crew building, strategy and tips on playing games. I also hold monthly prize giveaways supported by the shows sponsor sanctuary gaming centre. I hope you enjoy the show (link bellow) -:0) McPigish.podbean.com
  4. Battle report advices

    Hi guys. I bought a sweet mat with malifaux deploy zone. Forest moss themed. I also painted some superb citadel woods and some brilliant resin rocks i found on ebay. I also converted one excellent resin rock (11"x4") with citadel trees to fit in the "deep forest". I don't have a table to host on my favourite toys and scenery yet, but i will buy one soon. I sas thinking after the table to buy lights and a camera to start some battle reports with my battle brother here. Do you have any advice how to do it? Pros, Cons? One of my problems is that i am not native English speaker and i sound too wierd when i speak. My friend is a native speaker though.
  5. Latest Battle Report Henchmen Hardcore Guild Vs Arcanists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnOo-e9VBNQ
  6. Realized afterwards I put Badge of Office on Francisco when he wasn't my leader... should have been Wade In. It wasn't relevant in the game... but was a booboo.
  7. Me and my friend come together for a quick Henchmen hardcore came https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99htl1ctgps
  8. David brings his freshly (and beautifully) painted Gremlins in to face my Guild in his first 35SS game!
  9. Henchman Ben is back for another 50SS game, his Outcasts against my Neverborn in this encounter from Gaining Grounds 2016. My next two upcoming Gaining Grounds events are April 30th at Lords of War in Oakville Ontario... https://www.facebook.com/events/256783571331891/ ... and the Ontario Masters at Lords of War Weekend June 5th, Mississauga, Ontario! https://www.facebook.com/events/1065584066818527/ Hope to see some of you guys there in person!
  10. Hey guys, So I have been recording some footage for my FLGS who wanted to get into youtube and start posting battle reports. Having done reports before, they came to me for some help and I agreed. They had a style in mind, I thought: "Not what I am used too, but hey, lets give it a go!" and bam, we have just posted our first game We have so many ideas on how to improve our future vids and I am very excited to implement them, and I hope you guys enjoy this video, and our future content! As a final side note, both players are fairly new to the game, so there might be the odd rules error here and there. If you like what you see, then please leave us a like, drop us a comment and heck, if you want too, subscribe. Thanks a lot guys, here is the link, I hope you like it! Edit: I have a new mic coming in tomorrow, so future sound quality should be ace.
  11. GMG Unto the Breach Ep 16

    Something different today! I recorded the top-table at Lords of War Weekend August 2015! Here's Benoit with Ressers vs. Alexander with Outcasts for the Mayor of Malifaux title!
  12. GMG Unto the Breach - Ep 13

    Here's a week 2 game from our Shifting Loyalties Campaign! My Outcasts vs. Adam from Greenleaf Terrain (who has made a ton of my studio's lovely Malifaux terrain) and his Arcanists Arsenal.
  13. Chris and I go through the new Shifting Loyalties Book! Chris and I play our first Nythera / Shifting Loyalties game!
  14. GMG Unto the Breach Ep 10

    Chris is getting ready for Lords of War Weekend and has been busily painting lots of models. He's back for anther 50SS game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdDi2W7j67o