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Found 119 results

  1. Coge

    M2E Ironsides

    Hi there, maybe it is a bit old but could not see a thread for this crew. Maybe we can do it sticky and share tacs and crew composition ideas. Who to buy next, which schemes& strategies are they strong etc. cheers,
  2. Fictor

    Unaligned Sage

    Hi! When we select Unaligned Sage upgrade can't have option to hire academics of another factions like Valedictorian
  3. Hello fellow im just curious is to how would you guys go about making a competitive Arcanist list so we can wear our proud blue color around to the Malifaux events. I'm aasking as a newcomer and have only tried out 1 box and i love your game so much i want to get into the comp side of Malifaux but kinda need your help to get started
  4. Athiko

    Arcane Effigy 1

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  5. Athiko

    Arcane Effigy 2

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  6. Athiko

    Coryphee 5

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  7. Athiko

    Coryphee 2

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  8. Athiko

    Coryphee 3

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  9. Fictor

    M2E Sandeep

    PART I, SANDEEP In advance sry for my bad English and if someone want help me with the edition for the text can send me a mp with the changes and I will edit the post. Sandeep, or like a mate said one time 'Master of nothing'. He doesn't have one thing op, but can do all things good and can provide his entire crew of a lot of interactions. SANDEEP Card Front With his Arcane Shield and Impossible to Wound he's enough tanky to can move arround the enemy. (thx to @Adran for help me in this paragraph) His synergies with his crew come from Beacon. The ability allows other friendly non-Peon models within 12”and LoS to take Ca actions from his card with a -1 Ca. Each Ca action from his card can only be copied once each turn, but one model can use different Aps, like @Euclid said miniatures that can get suits are good in this, like Steamfitters, Oxfordian or Bishop and Student of All that let him do 1Ap when other copy with 1Ap, to give us great combos like the Effigy combo (thx @WWHSD) or others less important. Attack actions (1) Gada: attack that each limited upgrade gives an especial triggers or habilities. (1) Arcane Strom: a good attack that can be nice for copy with people like Cerberus that have to atack and dmg, and this have printed for chain with Student of All. (1) The Mind Among The Sense: can be used in a lot of things, my favourite is teleport another miniature and push Sandeep to give him more movility, and also with can heal. Tactical Actions (0) The Path To Salvation: This only be taken by Academics or Minions but are awesome positioning spell, need the but is a worth SS. (0) As Your Deed, So Your Destiny: the interact trick, with can be push before, and can be declared engaged. With out upgrades we have a durable master, that can give a lot of versatility to his crew, and can hit, can Ca, can push, can heal, can Interact, can teleport... and we doesn't see his upgrades... ( It sounds like a comercial, but seriously I love this guy ) PERSONAL UPGRADES Unaligned Sage: That allow to take Academics like Sanctioned Spellcasters or Freikorps Librarian, and let use Beacon regardless of LoS. Gives Sandeep (1) Action Though Inaction to draw when a friend discards to do Flurry or Temporal Shield and does 1dmg to Sandeep that can't be reduced, and (0) The Sight Beyond for no randomize in 6" of Sandeep especially usefull with Oxfodians. We have a lot of different Aps and only 3Aps (4Aps with Student of All) to spend, not bad upgrade but in my opinion we have better options. Enlightened Soul: A card draw each turn if we can kill one enemy and (0) The Formless Mantra to give Incorporeal, for me another time have better options, draw is situational, and Incorporeal unnecesary. Tutelage: Allows to copy Ap from friendly Academic (after discard if have Tutored condition), and (0) Give a Lesson to give Ca and Tutored condition, I think we have a lot of Aps to need copy something more, but a Tutored Howard that can do The Path To Salvation + Nimble + Flurry can be fun A Moment Of Weakness: Give our Gada burning +1 or if we doesn't have Banasuva in play burning +2, and Risks Taken in Anger to can be Toss by Banasuva or Ice Golem if we are crazy and have one in the crew , and two triggers on Gada to summon Banasuva or push Banasuva and give burning if was engaged with an enemy, for me the worst option to summon, you can't summon Gamins and must be in combat. To Behold Another World: Give Gada Paralyzed on Moderate or Severe and (1) To Behold Another World to summon on 8 all Gamins except Poison, 9 Poison Gamin, and 12 Banasuva, within 6", we must add an upgrade (we have 3 to give our Gamins), and if we can't, we can't take this action, for me this is worth on hard Interaction game, for the rest of the games is better Command. Visions in Earth: Shackles of Earth: can't be moved or pushed, and Constant Yammering: so good to prevent enemy Interactions, and pay atention, you cant move or be pushed but can copy (0) The Path To Salvation to teleport. Visions in Flame: Shackles of Flame: can't Cheat Fate, and Don't Mind Me: can take Interact while engaged, another time to heavy Interact schemes. Visions in Wind: Shackles of Wind: may not take Attacks, and Life is Brief: that allows to Interact the turn it's summoned, can give us a Vp if the enemy doesn't pay atention. To Command Another Plane: For me the best option by far, ok, like said before if the schemes are heavy Interact it's better To Behold Another World, but rarely we can see that, up our Gada to a nice 3/4/5, and the summons 8 all Gamins except Poison, 9 Poison Gamin, and 12 Banasuva, within 6" with the same restriction that To Behold Another World. Commands in Earth: Shackles of Earth: can't be moved or pushed, and Reach Of The Heavens: to give +1 or +3 that it's good on Fire Gamin to shot better or Banasuva to engaged with a lot of models thx to 3, and pay atention, you cant move or be pushed but can copy (0) The Path To Salvation to teleport Commands in Flame: Shackles of Flame: can't Cheat Fate, and In Flame Redeemed: to give Slow Inmunity that can be nice if we haven't cards to Cheat Fate to give our Banasuva 3Ap on summon, thx his Melee Expert Commands in Wind: Shackles of Wind: may not take attacks, and A Mighty Vengance: give other friendly models 3 to attack, really nice summoning near to our hard beater like Banasuva or Howard or our Oxfordian gunline. OTHER UPGRADES Arcane Reservoir: If you play Sandeep you can see he is a monster hungry of card, one card more for summon, trigger Student of All, or a random Flurry can make your day, a must on him in my opinion. Seize the Day: If your playstyle is agresive you mut take this upgrade, for 1ss one of the best generic upgrades in the game, if you want play a little more slowly, or defensive you can change this for something else. For me the only to be respected, in the other hand this upgrades are a beast in my crews, and in Sandeep I usually play To Command Another Plane + Arcane Reservoir + Seize the Day
  10. Fictor

    Tournament JAN 27th 2018

    Hi dudes! and welcome to 2018 and new tournament waves. This year I want to go for the best player of my country again, and have in mind go all tournaments arround the country has I can. As allways, I come here to discuss abaout crews to play, we have 2h for round, so rapid crews are welcome. Tournament rounds and schemes: R1 OURS - corners guarded treasure hold up their forces inescapable trap undercover entourage public demostration R2 SUPPLY WAGGONS - standard punish the weak public demostration set up show of force search the ruins R3 PLY FOR INFORMATION - corners surround them vendetta recover evidence take one of the team dig their graves
  11. Mercutiorty

    Curator - Advanced Pursuit

    A while back, I ran a campaign for a group of players that were part of the Arcanists with a focus on treasure hunting and finding Grimoires and Artifacts. For their campaign, I made a Grimoire-centric Advanced Pursuit focusing on the resources of the Arcanists and the M&SU. The Pursuit sadly wasn't able to be play tested too much, so criticism is welcome. Curator: The title of Curator is given to the Arcanists who oversee the Grimoire Vault. These historians and researchers have devoted their career to the discovery, recovery, and mastery of Grimoires and Artifacts. Requirements: In order to become a Curator, they must first be a member of the M&SU and show a profiency with magic. This included paying monthly dues and having a magical theory other than the Tharlarian Doctrine or The Whisper. Once they have proven themselves as a trusted operative of the Arcanists, the potential Curator must make a substantial donation to the historical research of the M&SU. This usually involves donating a Grimoire or Grimoires totalling 6 or more Magia. The Curator gains a step in the Advanced Pursuit each time the donate a rare Grimoire, Artifact, or Soulstone to the Vault. Talents: Vault Historian - The Curator is given special access to the Grimoire Vault of the Arcanists. The Curator is immediately given a Grimoire containing two Magia and two Immuto of their choice. With the help of a fellow Arcanist, they may swap out the Grimoire for one with the same amount of Magia and Immunto. A Curator may also request to borrow a Grimoire of stronger power with a Bureaucracy check (TN 12 +2 for every addition Magia or Immunto beyond 2.) If they receive a Margin of Success, the requested Grimoire has an additional special effect determined by the Fatemaster. If they lose a Grimoire gained from this Talent, they may only use it again after donating an equal Grimoire. Antiquarian - The Curator gains the following Tactical Action: (1) Quick Attune: The Curator discards a card and can attune to any Grimoire in their possession for the rest of combat or for 10 minutes of narrative time. They may use History instead of the Attributes for a number of time based on the number of the discarded card. (Once for 1-5, twice for 6-10, and four times for 11-13.) The Curator can still only be attuned to one Grimoire at a time. If they have the Traditional Method Magical Theory, this action costs (0) but still lasts for the same duration. Artifact Studies - The Curator gets to any flips to identify, locate, or discover knowledge about a Grimoire or Artifact. In addition they gain an artifact of their choice, or via random Flip. - Bizarre Talisman: While carrying this medallion, you may use History in place of Evade when determining your Defense. - Wretched Totem: While carrying this effigy, you may use History in place of Toughness when determining your Wounds. - Abandoned Scripture: While carrying this testament, you may use History in place of your Centering when Determining your Willpower. - Eerie Facade: While carrying this cameo, you may use History in place of your Notice when determining your Initiative. Occult Affinity - When the Curator uses the Quick Attune Tactical Action, they add the suit of the discarded card to the spells they cast from the attuned Grimoire. Dual Attunement - The Curator may attune to two Grimoires at a time. Any bonuses and penalties from one Grimoire affect the other. (Ex, a locked Immunto is locked for spells cast from either Grimoire. If such requirements prevent spells from being cast, such as multiple locked Elemental Immunto, it means that the Grimoires are in conflict with one another. Grimoires aren't exactly keen on sharing a caster.) Each Grimoire must be attuned separately, but can either be attuned properly or by using the Quick Attune Tactical Action.
  12. Played at the Sword & Board in Toronto, Ontario in early Dec 2017. Hope y'all enjoy!
  13. Hi dudes, like I was promise, this is the report of the 2 of December tournament. Was a great tournament with a few challenges for christmas, really nice organization and players. In this case I will not say activation by activation because like I was say before my crews are so fast and the games goes quickly. R1 Guard stash Standar deploy Claim jump Eliminate the leader Undercover Mark for death Hidden trap Crews and Schemes Arcanist Ironsides - Cache:(5) Union President 2ss Veteran Fighter 1ss Seize the Day 1ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Stunt Double 1ss Imbued Protection 2ss Cassandra 8ss Practiced Production 1ss Imbued Protection 2ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Performer 5ss Performer 5ss Mannequin 4ss Hidden trap and Undecover o(Cassandra) Outcast Jack Daw - Cache:(2) Drowning Injustice 0ss Firing Squad Injustice 0ss Guillotine Injustice 0ss Writhing Torment 2ss Cursed Life 1ss Montresor 9ss Brick By Brick 0ss Fearful Whispers 1ss Sue 8ss Jaakuna Ubume 6ss The Creeping Terror 1ss The Drowned 6ss The Drowned 6ss Nurse 5ss The Guilty 5ss Hidden trap and Undecover (Jack Daw) Game T1 Carlos Take the center of the table and put one Pyre marker on 2 Drowned doing 4dmg on each, Performers and Cassandra do Siren call on Guilty to cross hazardous terrain and doing 4dmg, Myranda pulls on Cerberus, Jaakuna goes to the center and does dmg for hazardous terrain to Carlos and Cerberus, Ironsides cross the table and hit Jaakuna, she places engaged with 3 miniatures. T2 Ironsides start and up Adrenaline to 4, kill 2 Drowned and hit nurse with his teleport, Jack Dawn goes to the center, and my Cerberus jump on him and kill him (my oponent dind't remenber tree heads for the and in my hand have 12 and 11), in this point the game ends, Carlos resist on the center and the 2 Performers clean all enemy markers with his action and with Mannequin do hidden the trap easy, and Cassandra cross the table. Thoughts I know the only miniature can kill Jack is the Cerberus, so must try to jump on him. Carlos is an auto include to keep the center. I think he must get more SS with Eliminate the leader on the game only 2 are so poor. I didn't lost any miniature. Score 7 - 0 R2 Reckoning Corner deploy Claim jump Frame for murder Search the ruins Recover evidence Tail'em Crews and Schemes Arcanist Marcus - Cache:(4) Seize the Day 1ss The Trail of the Gods 1ss Feral Instincts 1ss Jackalope 2ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Sabertooth Cerberus 9ss Imbued Energies 1ss Guild Hound 3ss Guild Hound 3ss Dawn Serpent 10ss Rougarou 8ss Tail'em and Frame for Murder (Cerberus) Ten Tunders Mei Feng - Cache:(3) Hard Worker 1ss Seismic Claws 1ss Vapormancy 1ss Ototo 10ss Recalled Training 1ss Ama No Zako 9ss Recalled Training 1ss Izamu The Armor 10ss Recalled Training 1ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Frame for Murder (Ototo) and didn't know the other. Game T1 He deploys each Katanaka on each corner and hit my Hounds, the rest of his crew walks, I spend 13 and 12 on my Hounds because I want keep him sovreactivated, Myranda double walks, pulls on Cerberus, jump and kill 1 Katanaka, Marcus does Alpha and on the other Cerberus, Cerberus double walk jump and charge the other Katanaka to let him on 1wd for the next turn to give me the point. T2 Starts with to initiative and Cerberus kill the Katanaka, I keep activating minor miniatures, and at the end, Marcus, Rougarou, Serpent and Cerberus kills Mei and Ototo. T3 The next turn was fast, starts and kills Izamu and Ama No Zako. Thoughts Katanakas are the best TT miniature, I need something to kills him quickly. Marcus hitting something with 4 atacks with 4dmg on minimun and on enemy defense is a beast and after him coming Cerberus with Accomplice. His crew are so small and I can sobreactivate him easy to hit when I want. I play really bad Frame for Murder on the Cerberus, must be a Hound and I could do 9 -3 Score 6 - 3 R3 Squarter right Flank deploy Claim jump Acussation Quick murder Cover Break Hunting Party Crews and Schemes Arcanist Rasputina - Cache:(3) Cold Nights 1ss Armor of December 1ss Wendigo 3ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Imbued Protection 2ss Stunt Double 1ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Arcane Emissary 10ss Elemental Conflux 0ss Angelica 6ss Practiced Production 1ss Ice Gamin 4ss Cover Break and Hunting Party NeverbornZoraida - Cache:(4) Powerful Control 2ss Animal Shape 2ss Hex Bag 1ss Bad JuJu 8ss Eternal Fiend 2ss Silurid 7ss Silurid 7ss Waldgeist 6ss Waldgeist 6ss Nurse 5ss Will O' The Wisp 3ss Quick Murder (Carlos) and didn't know the other. Game T1, His two Silurid jumps, walk and take each corner marker, Raspi and the Wendigo block all center path with Ice Pillars, Myranda double walk and turn into Cerberus to kill one Silurid, Emissary double walk and use 0Ap to hit the other Silurid, with the vodoo kills Angelica, hitting the doll with Bad JuJu. T2, Emissary kills Silurid and takes the marker, Cerberus take the marker and jumps to the center with Carlos, He try to use Nurse to do paralysis on the doll linked with Carlos, but I was use Raspi to give him Frozen Heart before and he can't, I keep blocking the table with Pillars. The rest of the game was so easy, I block all paths and with Raspi do paralysis on the Bad JuJu twice, and paralysis one Waldgeist for use Devour with the Wendigo. Thoughts The table was Ice Cavern, and my enemy declare Neverborn, for me clear like water, he can't move with 4 Ice Pillars, in fact he can't cross the middle of the table in all the game, and with Ice Heart I'm inmune to horror and paralysis. In this table Raspi is ridiculous, can block all paths, I use her like a real support, blocking, paralyze miniatures and giving armour on Carlos. Score 6 - 0 Conclusions You must think when the enemy declares the faction properly. Ironsides is better than other waves, but, his real function is entertain the enemy crew, with her teleport can place anywhere and auto trigger to heal with HtK and 14 wd was really nice. Raspi is a monster on heavy terrain tables, and very good vs Neverborn. Alpha Marcus list can cross the table and hit harder than hammer. Carlos is the best Arcanist miniature, tank like hell and has so many tricks... love him. Myranda + IE was the MVP of the tournament, 4 cards with mauler was impressive. on initiative and sobreactivate the enemy was the most important things. Start the turn in this game is really broken, I think the other player must draw 7 cards or get some benefit. Don't care what people say, Nurse was played on each master can play her, probably the best miniature for 5ss. The table counts so much in the last game, and the hazardous terrain on the first.