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Found 33 results

  1. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile some notes on Yan Lo for the community and discuss some tactica for him. What does Yan Lo offer that other Masters don't? At first glance his rather basic stat line leaves a little to be desired. He has no real defensive abilities (yet) and no tricks for avoiding damage like Armor or Incorporeal (yet). He does offer some fun opportunties to watch him power up and then become quite fearsome. He is a master that makes spirits meaner, and will love the Adversary Condition. However, he does have some interesting abilities. Infiltration (Retainer) This power lets him recruit any Retainer models regardless of faction. As of right now, there are only three retainers. Ashigaru (Resser), Onryo (Resser), and Komainu (10T). So declaring Yan Lo as 10T gets you more benefit from this power in model choices, but as a Resser you can access some fun combos for Yan Lo. More on that later. Harvest Chi Any model that dies within 8” of Yan Lo that is killed by an enemy grants him the following condition “Chi +1: Increases your Ca by +1 up to a maximum of +3” This mechanic is what fuels most of Yan Lo’s powers. This also works when an enemy kills one of your models. So you are getting Chi when you kill their models and when they kill your models. More on that once we get to his attack and tactical actions. But keep that in mind, he builds up Chi to cast better. The Chi Condition lasts for the rest of the game. Focus Chi At the beginning of his activation, you may discard a card to give him Chi +1. So even if things are not dying near him, he’s at least able to build up Chi. Attack Actions Spirit Barrage (Ca 5Crow / Rst: Df / Rg: 1CC or 12Gun): This is Yan Lo’s stock standard attack. It’s a Ca action, so yes Chi will improve your effectiveness with this. It can be used as a Melee attack or a shooting attack, but stays a Ca action both ways. It’s got a fairly average damage spread of 2/3/4. The trigger on a Crow: Revitalize – after dealing Severe damage or killing a target, you gain +1 Chi. This power is alright, however, the restrictions of Severe damage or killing a target make it one you either want to choose targets wisely, or not worry about the Trigger. I’d recommend using this to finish off a handful of weak targets or those pesky Hard to kill targets. Lightning Dance (CA 5Crow / Rst: WP / Rg: 8): Place this model into base contact with target enemy model. Then, this model may place the target into base contact with any friendly model within 8” and LoS of this model. This ability helps you get around Yan Lo’s Wk of 4. It lets you teleport in and bump an enemy model somewhere else nearby. This is great for when you activate Yan Lo early and Lightning Dance him to an enemy then teleport them into a pile of your minions or heavy hitters. You can use this ability twice to pop Yan Lo amongst the enemy, rattle off a shot with Spirit Barrage, then target the same enemy you did before (who is safely in your lines) and then pop back behind the lines only to put that enemy somewhere else. Tactical Actions Trancendance: This model may lower its Chi Condition value by any amount, to a minimum of zero. For each point of Chi lowered, one friendly model in 8” pulse gains the Spirit Characteristic and Armor +2 until end of turn. At first glance this power doesn’t seem that useful. However, when you combine it with the various Resser minions that give a target the Adversary Condition: Spirit models get a + to the attack flip against this model. You suddenly have better attacking minions that have armor. This makes your Crew much more aggressive. The only issue is finding the Chi to make sure you can do this consistently. There is some synergy you can do with this, however, we’ll discuss that after the rest of Yan Lo’s abilities. Ascendence: This model may lower it’s Chi condition to value by the cost of any Upgrade with the restriction of Ascendant and attach that upgrade, ignoring all usual restrictions for attaching upgrades. Here is where Yan Lo gets all his Defensive abilities and some pretty nice offensive ones. There are 3 Ascendant Upgrades. Each has it’s uses. I’ll discuss those below. Generally you should go for the 1 and 2 SS abilities first to give Yan Lo his damage reduction and then you can focus on blasting opponents. Instill Youth (Ca 5Crow / TN: 12Crow / Rg: 8): Target other model heals an amount of damage equal to the amount that this Action's final duel total exceeded the TN of this Action, to a maximum of 4 damage. This power is the main heal for most of Yan Lo’s group. Once you get +3 to your Ca, it’s not that hard to make sure you are healing something for 4 damage every time. Just make sure you can cheat it up if you need to in dire situations. Yan Lo Only Upgrades Fortify Spirit 1 SS This model gains the following Ability: Df/Wp (Tome) Fortify the Spirit: Immediately increase this model's final duel total by an amount equal to the value of its Chi Condition, to a maximum of +3. This upgrade is a 50/50 in its usefulness. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need, othertimes it gives you no benefit. Granted it makes every Tome in your Control Hand that much stronger when you use it for Yan Lo’s defense. This could incentivize you to hang on to Tomes specifically for Yan Lo’s defense. If you’ve got the SS available it’s not a terrible choice, but if you are tight, it can be cut. Reliquary 1SS This model gains the following Tactical Action: Rebuild Corpus (Ca 5Crow / TN: 16CrowTome / Rg: 6): Name a friendly Ancestor model which was killed or sacrificed this game and which this model has not summoned into play this game. Summon the named model into base contact with target Corpse Marker, then discard the Marker. The summoned model suffers damage equal to half its Wd (rounded up) which may not be reduced. Here is one of Yan Lo’s premier upgrades. This upgrade does require some good control hands or using SS to get the Tome you need, however, this will allow you to resurrect Chiaki, Toshiro the Daimyo, Yin the Penangalan, or Izamu the Armor. Granted you have to have bought them at the beginning of the game, but it gives them a second chance to come back. If you Rebuild Corpus and then use Instill Youth on any of the Ancestors, they are almost back to full Health right away. Izamu, the Daimyo, and Yin are all the best choices for this kind of thing. This gives you the option to throw them into the meat grinder and hopefully build up some of Yan Lo’s Chi before you let them bite the dust and just come right back. Brutal Khakkhara – 1 SS This model gains the following Attack Action: Brutal Khakkhara (Ml 5Crow / Rst: Df / Rg: CC2): Target suffers 3/4/5 damage. This attack deals damage when taken as a disengaging strike. This makes Yan Lo a strong contender in Melee, it also makes him rather a pain to get away from. Now this does not benefit from his Chi, BUT it does combine beautifullly with Hunpo Assault granted from one of the Ascendent Upgrades. Ascendant Upgrades Ash Ascendant 1SS This model gains the following Ability: Impossible to Wound: Damage flips against this model suffer -. Damage flips against this model may not be cheated. This model gains the following Tactical Action: Terracotta Curse (Ca 5 / TN: 14 / Rg: 8): This Action may only be taken once per Turn. Every enemy model within range must pass a TN 15 Wp duel or gain the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Curse of Terracotta: This model suffers 2 damage when it declares a Walk or Charge Action. This damage may not be reduced." This gives Yan Lo his first defensive power. As well as a rather strong way of controlling the field. This is just one further reason that you should Activate Yan Lo early. Free damage against your opponents is always nice. This also allows you to keep your opponent bogged down so you can control the field and choose your targets. You can use Lightning Dance to teleport into a herd of enemies, drop Terracotta Curse to make it dangerous to move, then Lightning dance out. This ability allows you to control the field if your opponent bunches up too much. Spirit Ascendant 2SS This model gains the following Ability: Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh and Ml Attack Actions by half. This model gains the following Tactical Action: (2) Fury of Yomi: Up to three friendly Spirit models in 8” pulse may immediately take a (1) Action. This Upgrade also further’s Yan Lo’s beastly defenses. This will make him very hard to wound. Fury of the Yomi can be used either in conjunction with minions that are already Spirits, or ones you turned into Spirits using Transcendence. The Fury of the Yomi also then lets you have those individuals take actions again, further allowing a mobbing of attacks. For instance, you could use this to cause some Ashigaru to use their Lunge action and get two free extra attacks off on a model that they would possibly have a + against. Bone Ascendant 3SS (2) Hunpo Assault: Place this model within 8" of its current location. Then choose a CC Attack Action which this model may take and take the chosen Action against each enemy model in range. These Attack Actions gain + to the Attack and damage flip. Once Yan Lo has gathered enough Chi, he then suddenly lets loose with this beastly attack. Here is where Yan Lo becomes a combat monster. Clustered enemies had best watch out as Yan Lo goes to town on them. Pair this with the Brutal Khakkara upgrade, and you are dishing out some serious hate to a lot of targets. Next will come the other parts of his Crew box and other helpful Models!
  2. Yan Lo likes Chi. Hayreddin likes Vitality. More importantly, they both like acquiring it in the early game, so they can get access to their upgrades and actions as quickly as possible. This got me thinking about how to gather these resources as efficiently as possible on turn 1, without neutering the rest of the crew itself. Hiring Hayreddin and Yan Lo won't always be the correct choice, hell, its unlikely even to be a "most of the time" thing either. But if it's corner deployment and the terrain suits it... Farm away! Turn 1, Yan Lo ditches a card for Focus Chi, Spirit Barrages a Necropunk, cheats in Severe damage (Hayreddin's to damage aura negates Hard to Wound), gaining +1 Chi and giving +1 Vitality. Yan Lo then spends +2 Chi to equip Spirit Ascendant and uses Fury of the Yomi on your choice of nasty Spirits. Fury of the Yomi is truly Yan's hidden gem; a 3-model Obey that doesn't need any card flipping. This seems nuts with 1 AP Goryo charges, and Datsue Ba's Weigh Sins action when Hayreddin is standing near the enemy. When the Necropunk activates, it heals 2 Wounds, and then goes about scheme running for the rest of the game. If Hayreddin is desperate for more Vitality, he could kill it before it activates with his trigger, but I'm skeptical on whether this would ever be worth sacrificing such a useful model for. Otherwise, he goes last and either flies off to a flank on his lonesome or hunts things in tandem with Datsue Ba. Any thoughts?
  3. Heya wyrdos! I'm interested in starting Yan Lo because I like his mechanics and I mainly play TT and Ressers anyway. I've listened to the Schemes and Stones Episode and Bucky mentioned Wastrel and Komainus as potent models for Yan Lo. What makes them good in his Crew? Ok they are cheap models so Yan Lo can build up his Chi quickly. Are there some synergies? Thank you!
  4. Hey guys! I've recently listened to the Yan Lo episode on Schemes and Stones and they mentioned a Sebastian + Yan Lo Combo. Yan Lo Lightning Dances a poisoned model into Sebastian. This model can suffer up to 6 dmg only from staying engaged with Sebastian. Are there some crew lists out there? Is this competitive in some way? Thank you!
  5. Afternoon all, So after a long time playing the gambling, innocent casino owner that is Lynch I've decided to try and branch out and with a choice across the whole faction, I narrowed it down to McCabe or Yan Lo. After umming and ahhing and asking away on social media, I'm going to go with Yan Lo and his mighty, mighty beard. This thread will serve me as somewhere to get my thoughts down on various models and hopefully get any tips and tricks, as well as a place for me to complain afterward. Now, straight off the bat, I'm not actually sure what strategies and schemes Yan Lo is actually better at than Lynch, but in my opinion, Lynch is more than capable of every strategy and sets of schemes, so I don't know why I'd actually branch out other than playing something different. I sat down to make some lists the other night as starting points to work from and got a tad frustrated that with what I want to use it kept coming out at 7 models, but here's the first list I went with...: Yan Lo with Reliquary, Recalled Training and Brutal Khakkara (+2SS) So Reliquary means going hyper aggressive with Izamu and Emissary isn't a massive issue, especially Izamu. Recalled Training means if he lightning jumps in, he has defensive built in, but can also be super important on his jump in on his 3SS Upgrade (if the situation arises). I just like recalled on masters! The Khakkara allows flexibility, especially with the Emmisary. Soul Porter Seems a decent totem, with some nice pushes, cheap too which in a 7 model crew is handy. The Lone Swordsman with Recalled Training I love this guy. He can be a scheme runner extraordinaire with a potential 5AP and a (0) push, and is such a threat for not all that many SS! He's up and down in terms of reliability but his threat plus scheme potential means I usually find a place for him... Shadow Emmisary with Conflux of Ancestory Well, I've argued this guys corner alot for Lynch and I think his Ancestory upgrade isn't far off being as good as Lynch's. It improves Yan's late game Ml potential, he can be brought back and can reasonably reliably get fast from Yan, all on a model I love that provides pushes to Izamu/Swordie that also gives fast. Mint. Izamu the Armour with Recalled Training So I've never actually used Izamu as he's always a stone or two too expensive for what I need, and especially compared to the lone swordsmen, but I've got him in for the reliquary potential, as well as the amount of pushes he can be given and the potential lightning dance. Also in for 'Chi tactics' below. Komainu Cheap, and arguably more useful than a TT Bro in a Yan Lo crew, though I always run one TT bro in my lynch crews. Just a chance to have a play around with him! Illuminated or Katakana Sniper Torn as I love both models. Snipers for their persistent threat, and illuminated for 'Chi tactics' and generally just being decent even without brilliance! Chi Tactics So gaining Chi with Yan seems key but I think a turn 1 stone for cards is important, and the generic plan being hit the illuminated for severe, and hit izamu for severe. Both of these can heal back up to full for 0s during their activation, as well as Yan instilling youth (or as close to full as needed!), but it seems a very card intensive way to get to 3 Chi! Once on 3 Chi it depends on opponents crew IMO but you either go Incoporeal or the 3SS one I can't remember the name of. Preferably both by the end of the game. Long Term Tactics Go aggressive with Swordie, Izamu, Yan and the emmisary, using lightning dance and the 3SS upgrade on Yan. Either isolate with lightning dance, or 'Semi-whirlwind' with Yan's ability. I'm still not sure where/when I'd use Yan over Lynch, or how to get an 8th activation without skimping, but it's my first crew so any tips appreciated!
  6. Sorry if this is common knowledge for most... I started up with Malifuax last year and since then have built up a decent size collection of 10 Thunder. Recently i have been interested in getting Yan Lo, and found a box at a local gaming store but it has the old style box (from what i can figure it looks like the grey box from 1.5E). I just want to know if i get this box will i have to buy a Second Wave deck in order to have get the 2E cards for the crew? Thanks for any info.
  7. Please delete
  8. I am a Neverborn player but I would like to try the Resurrectionists a bit. I would like to start with a limited model range and keep an oriental theme (budget and esthetics issue). I thus wanted to start with 2 masters: Yan Lo & Kirai. As to my pool of models, I would like to keep it limited to their crew boxes and all the oriental resers, namely: Soul PorterChiaki the NieceAshigaruYinToshiroIzamuIkiryoLost LoveSeishinOnryoGakiPunk zombiesDatsue BaShikomeDo you feel that this would be a competitive model pool where I could handle most strategies & schemes or should I add a few models to the pool (hanged, crooligans?) to ensure that I am not overly disadvantaged?
  9. Hi all, Just looking for some clarification on Yan Lo's Chi collecting abilities. 1. Does "Harvest Chi" stack with "Revitalize"? If I were to kill an enemy model with Yan Lo while within 8" of it, does my Chi increase by 2, since they're seperate abilities? 2. Would I get +2 Chi from "Revitalize" from dealing severe damage AND killing the target on that same attack? My initial guesses are "Yes" and "No" respectively. But clarification would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
  10. (First of all, citizens of Malifaux, sorry about my bad english and the poor quality of the photos) I'm an old wargame player, a recent Malifaux convert and a mediocre painter. My first crew was Masters of the Path, a crew that was quickly growing, adding all the Ancestors. One of the Ashigaru lost his banner in a bloody battle (That's the price for ruining the zen garden with his lance) Here you can see me failing at freehanding the clothes of Chiaki and ol' Yan. The Soul Porter is still a paint in progress since I can't paint a convincing lantern. Oh, that's a nice Izamu. But hey, that bamboo base is a little too big, like it's hiding something. Maybe that's because... IZAMU IS ALIVE!!! (and probably planning to kick your ass) It's my first attempt of putting a LED in a miniature, and i'm proud like a father. (Some of the crew's scheme markers) Btw, i'm a big fan of themed crews, and i'm thinking of including some Komainus via Toshiro, but their mechanic look doesn't fit with my guys. Any ideas? The second crew to fall in my claws was Salvage & Logistics, and nowadays i'm still learning how to correctly play this steampunk necromancer. I know I need some anchors to keep Levy returning, but I don't know what to include. I'm thinking about including the students of Transmortis, as they're Undead AND constucts, a combination that fits with the kind of fellas Levy usually hang out. Yeah, I know. I totally disgraced the face of Alice with my lack of ability to paint. Ah, the Hollow Waifs. I really love this totem. I could also say that they're Levy's sugar, spice, and everything nice... (and a little bit of Chemichal X, I guess) Well, as I said before, i'm a big fan of themed crews, and a huge fan of converting minis. The Wyrd figures are a little too hard to convert, and, well, they're such beautiful models that would be a shame to even think in cut a hand off, so i don't go on risky conversions. But, whatever, that didn't stop me of doing it anyways: This happy guy is my Desolation Engine. The official mini wasn't available when i added the Rackham's Aberration Prime head to a GW's Ogre Rat. This sweet lady with blood dripping off her mech arm is my Necropunk. Anyway I'm planning of buy the official minis and use them as Abominations. (Another quick question, dearest readers, do you have any ideas for Levy's crew scheme markers?) Finally, here are my Corpse markers, but i'm considering doing more and more of them. Oh, and one last thing. I'm planning of start a Hamelin crew... based on a book series of certain talented writer.
  11. I've started playing Malifaux a couple of months ago, after being gone from the tabletop wargaming hobby for a few years. First thing I got was old man Yan Lo + some of his dusty friends. Since then I've also picked up Kirai, and once I've gotten around painting all of these guys, I'll probably move on to the Brewmaster (although, from what I've heard, he actually doesn't exist!). Some retainers (I've got a proxy for a Komainu as well that I have yet to paint properly, although I plan on building two new ones in the near future) And Kirai! I wish I would've put some greenstuff on her shoulder. That gap irks me to no end. I'm also a sucker for themed crews, and while I wanted to play a Flesh Construct with Kirai, I wanted one that would fit her aesthetic a bit better (although the official Frankenstein's-monster-looking construct is rad). So I made a zombie sumo wrestler! Head + hands are from Warhammger ghouls, while the rest is pretty much just a blob of greenstuff. The others are about half done in terms of painting. I'll post some updates every once in a while, but don't expect any rapid advancement in here :q Happy to get feedback!
  12. Hello fellow Resser´s, i just came back to Malifaux because i finally found someone to play against and well he has Lady J(and only Lady J at the moment he wants sonia but she is not ava t the moment).... I played Yan Lo against him 2 times and got butchered... iam simply unabled to get 2 rounds of shooting in against her and when i got her down she heals back up and i cant kill her or the Judge... The Judge runs around with the Upgrade that makes Death Marshalls immune to Horror Duels and yeah Lady J kills stuff.... we ran the following: His List: Guild Crew - 35 - Dustup Lady Justice -- 5 Pool +Justice Unleashed [1] +Last Stand [1] Scales of Justice [3] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] The Judge [9] +Flames of the Pit [2] My List: Resurrectionists Crew - 35 - Dustup Yan Lo -- 7 Pool +Fortify The Spirit [1] +Reliquary [1] Soul Porter [3] Ashigaru [5] Ashigaru [5] Chiaki the Niece [6] Izamu the Armor [10] What can i do against Lady J how to stop her? Should i even try to kill her or Judge? We had Turf War and i went for Bodyguard on Izamu and the Scheme where you have to kill the most expensive modell of the enemy. I made some positioning errors with Yan Lo which Killed him in turn 3 but man Pine Box is madeness against Izamu.... I just got Turf War VP until Turn Three and he got a line in the sand and turf war in turn three and i had only Chiaki an Ashigaru the Porter and a buried Izamu left any one any tipps on how o defeat Lady J? Thanks Not a Guild Bulldog
  13. Hi All, I picked up Yan Lo about a month ago (just liked the looks), and now that the Wave 2 cards are out (in pdf), I'm thinking of trying him out. Question on some of the wording on his card... There are several abilities and actions that boost Yan's CA stat, but they all say, "...to a maximum of 3 additional Ca." But I'm not sure if that is a total, or if that's PER ability? example: I use "Harvest Chi" to gain +3 Ca. I then also use "Focus Chi" to gain another +3 Ca - for a total of +6 Ca? Sounds too good to stack, but wanted to double check here. Thanks.
  14. Hi Malifolks, i just ended a game against Lilith and i feel so frustrated ... i need some tipps :-) First of all my disclaimer, i haven't played Malifaux in 6-7 months so i was more than a little rusty, forgive my obvious mistakes in crew selection. So a friend of mine recently got Lilith and we wanted to play a 35 Stones game. Our Bord had lots off terrain (almost all of it passable - i know, i know ... yeah NOW i know ^^) and was pretty symetrical. Our Strategy was Reconnoiter, Schemepool was a line in the sand, make them suffer, deliver a message, protect territory and breakthrough. Close deployment ... bad for me, as i learned soon enough I immediately told him i wasn't gonna play my Seamus Crew as he played a new crew and i wanted to play with Yan Lo to even the playing field a little bit, because i haven't played him very often so far. I looked at the schemepool and immediately thought of Necropunks for deliver a message but decided against it because it fealt cheasy against him (he doesnt play very often). So i choose - i have to say - a very bad list (again - i'm very rusty, forgive me) and played with the following: Yan Lo - Relinquary - Brutal Krakakrakrakaka Soulporter Toshiro - command the graves Nurse Punk Zombie Chiaky the Niece - pull of the grave +1 Stone (5 Stones total) He played ... Lilith - big sword - something else i think 3 Terror tots Barbados - Whirlwind / Hurricane thingy Cherub Young Nephilim ... what then happened was just brutal to behold. At the end of the first round Yan Lo barely managed to escape with his life after lilith tried to teleport him (wich i foiled - but that cost me all my good cards). Then the cherub shot him twice, pushed him towards barbosa and the yound. He then lightning danced away. Just to be reminded that those buggers are still faster than him. They killed him in turn two, Toshiro as a sideeffect (damn you flay), my poor soulporter ...and gave the punk and the nurse slow. Before killing him he delivered a message to Yan Lo -.- I called it then and there and i felt utterly without a chance Any tipps on how to defend this speedfueled meatgrinder of a crew? ... and even more important, how do you build a 35 Stones Yan Lo crew when all the important ancestors are so expensive? Thanks for your answers ...
  15. From the album Keranis' Ten Thunders

  16. I just had a question about Misdirection with Yan Lo. If i misdirect an attack onto another player and it dies, does that trigger Yan Lo's Harvest Chi? I have a feeling that it is no as it would technically be the friendly model's action that killed it, right?
  17. I love painting, especially these new Malifaux plastics, the sculpts and quality are insane. I wanted to start sharing them here with you and get your feed back and ideas on how i could improve. So for the month of January i started my first Malifaux crew. I love the new look of their plastic models and really enjoy painting individual models over churning out multiples of the same thing(I also play warhammer and the model count is killing me). I took a month and did the masters of the Path crew (YAN LO) I had so much fun painting and basing these. I used secret weapon blasted wetlands bases, with realistic water, tall grass, moss and leaves. They look better in person. Let me know if you have any question on what paints i used (almost all GW) i also used a paint on matte varnish dulcote. Sorry the pics aren't the best, still working on a set up to shoot pix of my models. I have two more models to paint to go along with this crew, maybe three. I'll post em as i get them done. Let me know what you guys think! bottom picture was an attempt to better see the water effects. Click pix for larger images.