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  1. Welcome my friends ! 24 december 10:00 will be a special New Year event ! 40 SS 3 Rounds Special missions Prizes and Gifts Come with a good mood and get ready to dive into a terrible Christmas tale ! The game will be held at "DiceVille" hobby center, Televizornaya 1 Building 4, (second floor). (Shopping district "Emerald City") Details latter on the forum http://wargames-krsk.ru/index.php?board=8.0
  2. 100 Years Without the Breach

    Hello Malifaux People! We are holding a Malifaux Tournament in Pori Finland. This was supposed to be 100 Years of Finland celebration, but we got postponed by a week. Well anyway let's get going. Tournament is hold at our Local Gaming Store, Pelikrypta. Street Address: Itsenäisyydenkatu 48, 28100, Pori, Finland. Tournament is 50 soulstones with fixed faction. We are limiting max players to 16 because of the size of the venue. Games are played with Gaining Grounds 2017 rules. We have a 5 euro participation fee that goes to prize pool. Tournament starts 10 am with players signing up. We are playing three rounds or four rounds if there is over 10 participants. For extra info in Finnish here is a link to the facebook event. Or ask down below for extra info. Under is the round schemes and strategies and a timetable. Timetable 10:00 Sign Up10:30 - 12:30 1 Round12:30 - 12:45 1 Pause (15 min)12:45 - 14:45 2 Round14:45 - 15:30 Food Pause (45 min) 15:30 - 17:30 3 Round 17:30 Prize Ceremony (19:45 If there is a 4th round) [Possibly] 17:30 - 17:45 2 Pause (15 min) 17:45 - 19:45 4 Round [Possibly] 1st RoundStrategy: Turf WarDeployment: Flank Scheme PoolClaim JumpAccusationLeave Your MarkHunting PartyA Qucik Murder2nd RoundStrategy: Squatter’s RightsDeployment: CornerScheme PoolClaim JumpEliminate the LeadershipFrame for MurderShow of ForceSearch the Ruins3rd RoundStrategy: Collect the BountyDeployment: StandardScheme PoolClaim JumpDig Their GravesLeave Your MarkSet UpRecover Evidence4th RoundStrategy: InterferenceDeployment: StandardScheme PoolClaim JumpLeave Your MarkFrame for MurderCovert BreakthroughInspection
  3. Hi dudes, like I was promise, this is the report of the 2 of December tournament. Was a great tournament with a few challenges for christmas, really nice organization and players. In this case I will not say activation by activation because like I was say before my crews are so fast and the games goes quickly. R1 Guard stash Standar deploy Claim jump Eliminate the leader Undercover Mark for death Hidden trap Crews and Schemes Arcanist Ironsides - Cache:(5) Union President 2ss Veteran Fighter 1ss Seize the Day 1ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Stunt Double 1ss Imbued Protection 2ss Cassandra 8ss Practiced Production 1ss Imbued Protection 2ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Performer 5ss Performer 5ss Mannequin 4ss Hidden trap and Undecover o(Cassandra) Outcast Jack Daw - Cache:(2) Drowning Injustice 0ss Firing Squad Injustice 0ss Guillotine Injustice 0ss Writhing Torment 2ss Cursed Life 1ss Montresor 9ss Brick By Brick 0ss Fearful Whispers 1ss Sue 8ss Jaakuna Ubume 6ss The Creeping Terror 1ss The Drowned 6ss The Drowned 6ss Nurse 5ss The Guilty 5ss Hidden trap and Undecover (Jack Daw) Game T1 Carlos Take the center of the table and put one Pyre marker on 2 Drowned doing 4dmg on each, Performers and Cassandra do Siren call on Guilty to cross hazardous terrain and doing 4dmg, Myranda pulls on Cerberus, Jaakuna goes to the center and does dmg for hazardous terrain to Carlos and Cerberus, Ironsides cross the table and hit Jaakuna, she places engaged with 3 miniatures. T2 Ironsides start and up Adrenaline to 4, kill 2 Drowned and hit nurse with his teleport, Jack Dawn goes to the center, and my Cerberus jump on him and kill him (my oponent dind't remenber tree heads for the and in my hand have 12 and 11), in this point the game ends, Carlos resist on the center and the 2 Performers clean all enemy markers with his action and with Mannequin do hidden the trap easy, and Cassandra cross the table. Thoughts I know the only miniature can kill Jack is the Cerberus, so must try to jump on him. Carlos is an auto include to keep the center. I think he must get more SS with Eliminate the leader on the game only 2 are so poor. I didn't lost any miniature. Score 7 - 0 R2 Reckoning Corner deploy Claim jump Frame for murder Search the ruins Recover evidence Tail'em Crews and Schemes Arcanist Marcus - Cache:(4) Seize the Day 1ss The Trail of the Gods 1ss Feral Instincts 1ss Jackalope 2ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Sabertooth Cerberus 9ss Imbued Energies 1ss Guild Hound 3ss Guild Hound 3ss Dawn Serpent 10ss Rougarou 8ss Tail'em and Frame for Murder (Cerberus) Ten Tunders Mei Feng - Cache:(3) Hard Worker 1ss Seismic Claws 1ss Vapormancy 1ss Ototo 10ss Recalled Training 1ss Ama No Zako 9ss Recalled Training 1ss Izamu The Armor 10ss Recalled Training 1ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Frame for Murder (Ototo) and didn't know the other. Game T1 He deploys each Katanaka on each corner and hit my Hounds, the rest of his crew walks, I spend 13 and 12 on my Hounds because I want keep him sovreactivated, Myranda double walks, pulls on Cerberus, jump and kill 1 Katanaka, Marcus does Alpha and on the other Cerberus, Cerberus double walk jump and charge the other Katanaka to let him on 1wd for the next turn to give me the point. T2 Starts with to initiative and Cerberus kill the Katanaka, I keep activating minor miniatures, and at the end, Marcus, Rougarou, Serpent and Cerberus kills Mei and Ototo. T3 The next turn was fast, starts and kills Izamu and Ama No Zako. Thoughts Katanakas are the best TT miniature, I need something to kills him quickly. Marcus hitting something with 4 atacks with 4dmg on minimun and on enemy defense is a beast and after him coming Cerberus with Accomplice. His crew are so small and I can sobreactivate him easy to hit when I want. I play really bad Frame for Murder on the Cerberus, must be a Hound and I could do 9 -3 Score 6 - 3 R3 Squarter right Flank deploy Claim jump Acussation Quick murder Cover Break Hunting Party Crews and Schemes Arcanist Rasputina - Cache:(3) Cold Nights 1ss Armor of December 1ss Wendigo 3ss Carlos Vasquez 9ss Imbued Protection 2ss Stunt Double 1ss Myranda 8ss Imbued Energies 1ss Arcane Emissary 10ss Elemental Conflux 0ss Angelica 6ss Practiced Production 1ss Ice Gamin 4ss Cover Break and Hunting Party NeverbornZoraida - Cache:(4) Powerful Control 2ss Animal Shape 2ss Hex Bag 1ss Bad JuJu 8ss Eternal Fiend 2ss Silurid 7ss Silurid 7ss Waldgeist 6ss Waldgeist 6ss Nurse 5ss Will O' The Wisp 3ss Quick Murder (Carlos) and didn't know the other. Game T1, His two Silurid jumps, walk and take each corner marker, Raspi and the Wendigo block all center path with Ice Pillars, Myranda double walk and turn into Cerberus to kill one Silurid, Emissary double walk and use 0Ap to hit the other Silurid, with the vodoo kills Angelica, hitting the doll with Bad JuJu. T2, Emissary kills Silurid and takes the marker, Cerberus take the marker and jumps to the center with Carlos, He try to use Nurse to do paralysis on the doll linked with Carlos, but I was use Raspi to give him Frozen Heart before and he can't, I keep blocking the table with Pillars. The rest of the game was so easy, I block all paths and with Raspi do paralysis on the Bad JuJu twice, and paralysis one Waldgeist for use Devour with the Wendigo. Thoughts The table was Ice Cavern, and my enemy declare Neverborn, for me clear like water, he can't move with 4 Ice Pillars, in fact he can't cross the middle of the table in all the game, and with Ice Heart I'm inmune to horror and paralysis. In this table Raspi is ridiculous, can block all paths, I use her like a real support, blocking, paralyze miniatures and giving armour on Carlos. Score 6 - 0 Conclusions You must think when the enemy declares the faction properly. Ironsides is better than other waves, but, his real function is entertain the enemy crew, with her teleport can place anywhere and auto trigger to heal with HtK and 14 wd was really nice. Raspi is a monster on heavy terrain tables, and very good vs Neverborn. Alpha Marcus list can cross the table and hit harder than hammer. Carlos is the best Arcanist miniature, tank like hell and has so many tricks... love him. Myranda + IE was the MVP of the tournament, 4 cards with mauler was impressive. on initiative and sobreactivate the enemy was the most important things. Start the turn in this game is really broken, I think the other player must draw 7 cards or get some benefit. Don't care what people say, Nurse was played on each master can play her, probably the best miniature for 5ss. The table counts so much in the last game, and the hazardous terrain on the first.
  4. Hi alltogethar, between Christmas and new year what can be better then playing gg17 for the last times. Therefor the community of Rosenheim will invite you to have Party with us and Play the last tournament of the year. We have place for nearby 14 participants and will start at december 28th at 10 o clock. Location is HQ of the RTC, Georg Aicher Street 4 in 83022 Rosenheim. Pls pn me if you are interested :-)
  5. Hello everyone! Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in Barnaul! 50 SS, scheme & strategies from GG 2017, 3 rounds for 3 hours each, first round start at 10:00 a.m. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59
  6. Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in "CITADEL" club ( Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskoe shosse, 20, TC "Novaya Era", 5th, floor). 50 SS, scheme & strategies from Gaining Ground 2017, 3 rounds for 2 hours each, first round start at 11:00 a.m. To contact me, write PM.
  7. Dear all, I will be happy to see you 9/12/2017 at 11-00 Moscow time on Novice Tournament 35ss in WarMaster club located Ostapovskiy proezd 3/6, app 403. We will use strategies/schemes of Gaining Grounds 2017: 1)Collect Bounty, Standart deploymentClaim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Show Of Force, Hunting Party 2)Extraction, Flank deploymentClaim Jump, Frame For Murder, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Search The Ruins 3)Headhunter, Close deploymentClaim Jump, Eliminate The Leadership, Accusation, Show Of Force, Last Stand I'm waiting for YOU!
  8. Sypher+2 Roman Miskevich Gerzogh - Neverborn Poni/Будкевич Валерий/ ТТ Sloth Bloodroad Greg_tag Lord_BERS Peter - Outcasts (from Smolensk) frttnqt - Minsk Garok - ауткасты Just - гильдтия
  9. Extra Life 24 Hours of Gaming Charity Event at Dragon's Lair Houston When: 10am Saturday, December 2nd through 10am Sunday, December 3rd Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Dragon's Lair Website Dragon's Lair Houston is hosting a charity event with Extra Life for Texas Children's Hospital to help the families of sick kids. As part of this event, there will be a handful of Malifaux events including: Malifaux Demos: 10a- 4p If you've never tried out Malifaux before, now is the perfect chance to learn! Come out to try out this great game! Enforcer Brawl Tournament: 4p - 6p Never played Malifaux before? That's ok! In this crazy, quick to play format you control a single model in a everyone for themselves brawl to see who is the champion! Bring your own models, or if you don't have any, anything you need can be provided for you! $5 entry fee goes to the Charity drive and the overall winner will receive a special edition crew! (other prizes will be determined based on number of entrants) Hobby and Painting Demos and Personal Instruction: all day as time permits Whether you are new to miniatures games or and old hand looking to learn some new tricks, come on by to learn something new! Doug, the local henchman, will have his hobby and painting gear with him to help teach you to level up your hobby game! (please provide your own miniatures and paints) Donations accepted to help out with Charity drive! Malifaux Open Play: 6p – 10a Come get a game of Malifaux in!
  10. Enforcer Brawl - 03/11/17 - Moscow

    Hello there, friends! This sunday I would like to invite you to take a part in small but very exiting event. Enforcer brawl will start at 12 PM in GeekWars club in Moscow. Everyone welcome! And now, some details: max number of players will be 24. Prize pack increase from 8 to 16 and then to 24 players. There will be at least 2, but maybe 3 rounds, we’ll see how fast (and furious) it goes. Here is the link for announcement on hobbycenter page: https://vk.com/wall-88141179_12621 Looking forward to see new faces there, remember you only need one model to take a part
  11. When : 11th of February 2018 Where : SpellenBeurs, Pastorijstraat 4, 3500 Sint-Lambrechts-Herk (Hasselt - Belgium) Additional info and registration : http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/toernooi/hunt-for-the-golden-guilders SpellenBeurs SpellenBeurs is a board and card game convention. The convention starts at 10:00 and closes it's doors at 18:00. For additional info : Website : http://www.spellenbeurshasselt.be/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/647280152149116/ Malifaux Tournament Format: - 50 SS Gaining Grounds 2017 - Single faction: You declare 1 faction for whole the tournament - No pool limitation: free choice of Masters and crew for each game - Gaining Grounds 2017 with latest errata Number of tournament rounds: - 3 rounds (120 minutes per game) Number of turns per game: - 5 turns (no flipping for a 6th or 7th turn) Because the convention has strict opening and closing hours we'll have to follow a strict time-table. 10:00 - 10:15 Welcome 10:15 - 12:15 Round 1 13:00 - 15:00 Round 2 15:30 - 17:30 Round 3 17:45 - 18:00 cu l8r
  12. Everyone is welcome to the innovative tournament format - Henchman Arena! In fact, it is not that innovative, this is a Henchman Brawl with some modifications. The modifications are following: 1. At the beginning of the game Henchmen have full Soulstone cache, and it is given until the end of the game and is not refilled after a model is killed or sacrificed. 2. Every time a model is killed or sacrificed another model within 6" of it with less current number of soulstones in its cache gets +1 Soulstone to its cache. The resulting number of Soulstones may exceed the printed cache value. 3. For Candy's abilities Sours and Sweets all the enemy models on the table are considered to be in the same enemy Crew. As this tournament is experimental, the prize distribution will be experimental as well. All the prizes will be distributed randomly, using a deck of cards with the number of cards equal to the number of participants and each card will be assigned to a particular participant. The prizes are: Dark Carnival Crew Miss Fire Alt. Bishop Alt. Firestarter Alt. Witchling Handler Another Miss Fire for the best painted Henchman 1x3SS Guilder 25x1SS Guilder To preregister please fill the form: https://goo.gl/forms/zsGyGkVlGkFBD2hF2 Fee RUR 300 Start at 12:30 End approximately at 18:00 Geek Wars Paveletskaya: 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1
  13. Chrismas Malifaux tournament 10.12.2017

    Hey Wyrdos, my first tournament for Malifaux gets startet:) It is a beginner friendly 40SS one Master Tournament on sunday the 10.12.2017 at 11:00 is the start in the TopTables store here in cologne in Germany. We will play at standard GG2017 rules. If you want more information yust visit www.TopTables.de or call us. I´m looking forward for this event See you TopTables Sternengasse 1B 50676 Köln
  14. Hello. The Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal invite to the December´s Curse on the 9th of December. Start 9 o´clock. Veranstaltungsort: Bad Emstal Kassler Straße 37 34308 Bad Emstal - 3 Spiele - Gaining Grounds 2017 - keine Bemalpflicht - feste Frakion -50 Seelensteine -12 Teilnehmer More infos here: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/december-s-curse
  15. 11/30 Tournament, Russia, Orenburg, Igrotey

    Hi everybody! We will be glad to see you in our club "Igrotey" 30 november at TOURNAMENT. Orenburg, Kirova 3a. 35 SS per Team 3 rounds, start at 16.00 P.M., 2 hours per round You can see new information here: https://vk.com/malifaux_oren
  16. Faux at the Forge 2: Faux harder

    Plenty of advanced warning for this one, my second event being held at Stormforge games and hobbies. Sunday March 18th, a one day, three game event. Fixed faction, 50ss using (most likely) GG18. We are limiting this to 16 players, the last one sold out (had some late drop outs) but fully expect this one too as well As per the previous event trophies will be provided for the winner, best painted (this may be crew or individual model TBC) and a spoon for the loser. Food will be provided, any allergies etc. please contact the store. Framed certificates will be provided for those finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Guilders will provided to each entrant at the end of the event (3 guilder chip to the winner) and a Wyrd prize kit will be raffled out. The placings will be submitted to the rankings and wave 5 proxies will be considered if OK'd by myself prior to the event. Tickets are £15 each and are available through eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/faux-at-the-forge-2-faux-harder-tickets-40139912559?aff=efbeventtix and the Facebook event page is here https://www.facebook.com/events/148519435774268/?notif_t=event_calendar_create&notif_id=1511263294613288. I will update the post in due course with the encounters for each round and with any further information.The address for the store is Unit 6, Lineva House, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD. There is free parking on site The schedule for the day is currently looking like: 10-10:30 - Registration/welcome 10:30-12:45 - Round 1 12:45-1:15 - Lunch/Best painted vote 1:15-3:15 - Round 2 3:30-5:45 - Round 3 6 - Awards/raffle and goodbyes Entrants 1) Dave Allen (Paid) 2) Kevin Gillett (paid) 3) Mark Chennel (paid) 4) Mike Raines (paid) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) Any questions feel free to ask and I look forward to seeing you all in March Carl
  17. Hello, i would like to invite you to tournament. Date: 3.12 - Wrocław, ul. Duńska 9 3 games, 2h 30 min for each round, Start - 10:00 End - 18:30 Fixed Faction More info here: https://web.facebook.com/events/881938455302768/ Best regards
  18. Hello everyone! Tournament "Fated Masters" (50SS, Deployment and Strategies according to GG2017 rotation list). We are looking forward to your "Jocular Knight", 03.12.2017 at the Russian Federation, Simferopol, Sergeya Tsenskogo street 4a, club. Start at 12.00. More information in our VK group: MALIFAUX Community in Simferopol (http://vk.com/club126564211)
  19. M2E 50SS Tournament Event Date: Saturday - December 2nd, 2017 Location: The Cellar, 2737 Bartlett Blvd, Bartlett, TN 38134 - (901) 382-8623 Entry Fee: $10, the entrance fee will be going towards gift cards for the store as prize support. 1st Place– 50% Entry fees in store credit. 2nd Place– 30% Entry Fees in store credit. 3rd Place– 20% Entry Fees in store credit. Additional Prizes I’m currently in the process of becoming a Henchman, so any additional prize support will largely be determined by the timeline this follows. Painting Rules Models do not have to be painted for this event but they have to be properly assembled and securely based. Tournament Rules Gaining Grounds 2017 Number of Rounds – 3 Rounds Crew Construction - Single Faction 50 stones Round Time Limit – 120 minutes, 15 minutes between rounds. Strategy: Gaining Grounds 2017 Deployment Type – Gaining Grounds 2017 Scheme Usage – Gaining Grounds 2017 Scoring – TP/Diff/VP Schedule 12:00PM – 12:15 PM – Tournament set up and Registration 12:15PM - 2:15PM - Round 1 2:15PM-2:45PM – “Lunch” Break 3PM – 5PM – Round 2 5:15PM – 7:15PM - Round 3 This is my first tournament for Malifaux, and our first in Memphis. If you’re within driving distance, please come down! I’ll be providing all of the terrain myself, please let me know if you plan to attend (I’ll have to scrounge up more buildings)! Let me know if I’m missing any information, as I basically borrowed (stole) this template from another post. J Here’s the Facebook page for the event, please feel free to RSVP either here or there. https://www.facebook.com/events/1822691328022049/ Thanks!
  20. [Hungary] Tournament 10.12.2017

    The next Tournament in Hungary will be at 10th Dec. 2017 place: Hammertime Cafe (Budapest 1091 Budapest, Üllői street 111) time: from 9:00 till 17:00 3 round 50SS members: not yet finalized
  21. Hey all! I will be hosting a holiday themed Malifaux tournament on Dec. 16th at Dreamers Vault in Burnsville. Standard gaining grounds 2017 format with a few themed special rules to be thrown in at the start of each round. There will be a $10 entry fee, with all of it going towards store credit prizes. Prizes will be given out to top 3, best sportsmanship, and best painted. Registration will open at 10AM and the tournament will start at 11AM. Dreamers Vault Burnsville 14332 Burnhaven Dr, Burnsville, MN 55306 (952) 895-1989 Hope to see you all there! EDIT: Forgot the start time!
  22. On Sunday December 10th, at 12:30pm come to Knight Watch Games, San Antonio, Texas for a double dose of laid-back, beginner friendly Malifaux tournament competition. First up, will be a Henchman Hardcore Tournament, 4 rounds, 45 minute rounds. Regular Henchman Hardcore rules apply. 16 spots available. If you've got the stones (soul stones, duh) then stick around, cause there will be an Enforcer Brawl after that. $10 gets you into both events. Prizes will include Henchman prize support and store credit.
  23. Hello, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux! We are glad to invite you for first Latvian Malifaux tournament of 2018. Format: Single-faction, Master-led, 50ss When: Saturday, January, 21th, 10:00 - 20:00. Capacity: 5-17 player Strategy & Schemes: GG2018 schemes will be announced 48h before the event. Rules: Latest GG2018, Errata and FAQ released prior to January, 15th, 2018 are used. Location & Price: 9-19 EUR depending on a number of preregistered players. 5-10 Players: Dreamforge Latvia, Caka 32, Riga, Latvia (no drinks or snacks included) 11-17 Players: Avalon Hotel, 13.janvara str. 19, Riga, Latvia (some drinks and snacks provided by the venue) Might be another option will be selected. Venue and ticket price will be announced 1 week before the event. All ticket money goes to the prize pool and next tournaments organization. Prizes: Official prize pack corresponding to the number of participants. Main prize to 1st place. Secondary prize if 11 or more participants. 1 Small mystery box raffle for those who are not getting the main or secondary prize. Wooden spoon for the last place. Other: All models should be assembled and based on right-sized base. Highly recommended all models to be carefully painted. The fully-painted crew gets one extra Soulstone to master cache (limit of 7 still applies). Proxy according to GG2018 rules is allowed. Other proxy models need to be approved by organizer before the event. Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades from rulebooks are allowed. Malifaux suited deck is highly recommended (be prepared to replace your non-Malifaux deck with one if opponent asks you for it). Book 5 unreleased models proxies are acceptable upon organizer approval. To register, please reply below or send a message to malifaux.Latvia@gmail.com with the subject "The New Dawn Registration". Please, include your name, faction and contact method (phone number). Be prepared to pay part of participation fee before the event. All registered applicants are listed below.answer 0. rganizer/Proxy-bot: Tiaburn / Neverborn 1. Nikita / Gremlins; 2. Igor / Neverborn 3. Dumus / Arcanists 4. Dimas / Ressers 5. Viktor / Guild 6. 7.
  24. Hi, Am Sonntag den 28.01.18 gibt der Feldfürsten e.V., sein zweites Malifaux Tunier im RTD's Playground in Puchheim. Dieses mal mit 16 Startplätzen und 50$$. Gespielt werden 3 Runden, nach Gaining Grounds 18. Start: 9:30 Ort: RTD's Playground Siemensstr.3 82178 Puchheim Eintritt: 10€ Weitere Infos findet ihr unter: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/t20235 Seit dabei! Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen. Ich freue mich auf euch, Space_Monkey
  25. Hello everyone! You're welcome to the Henchman Hardcore tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya When? From 11:00 till 17:00. Lunch break from 13:45 till 14:15. Where? Geek Wars Paveletskaya, 5-y Monetchikovsky per., 3c1, 115054, Moscow, Russia What? 4 Rounds of Henchman Hardcore. Prizes: Standart Wyrd prize pack and a raffle with a chance to win a Nightmare Hanging Tree! Fee: RUR500 Please fill this form to register: https://goo.gl/forms/ZcAezbFs4Gp9cEZA2 See you there!