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Found 13 results

  1. Hi wyrdos, not far away and im drivin to My First tournament. The Community is growin very fast But very new so its goin to be a 35ss beginners tournament. Im planing to Go with My favourite master viktor Ramos but im actually a Bit confused how to change My Standard Crew to adjust it to the specific encounters. this is My Standard Crew: 35 SS Arcanists Crew Ramos + 4 Pool - Field Generator (2) - Under Pressure (2) Brass Arachnid (4) Joss (10) - Bleeding Edge Tech (1) Howard Langston (12) Mobile Toolkit (3) I tried mechanical Rider for Howard cause howard did not impress me like i expected - perhaps you have some impressions how to Play him right? i also swapped the brass arachnid out to pick up combat mechanic and 2 additional Soul Stones But it also did Not really got me...what do you think about brass arachnid in 35ss? perhaps you wyrdos Can help me: how do. you adjust your ramos Crews, Howard Or Rider - Maybe the golem? Thank you very much for your Input greez Averru
  2. 35ss Tournament - Pittsburgh

    4/30/17 Registration: 10:00am Draw Hands: 11:00am 35 soul stone crews. Three rounds of play with a break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Fee: General Admission - $10 Where: Legions Hobbies and Games 1130 Perry Hwy Pittsburgh, PA 15237 p: 412.366.3725 http://www.legionsgames.com/ Prizes will be based on participation, but will include first, second and best painted. Players must have printed copies of their stat and upgrade cards. Hiring pool of 70 soul stones and declared factions for each player. Hiring pool restrictions: Leaders are not factored into the Hiring Pool Soulstones, but should be listed. • A Henchman that a player might hire as part of a crew and not a Leader at some point during the Tournament is included in the Hiring Pool. • Out of Faction models may be included in a Hiring Pool if one or more special hiring rules would allow those models to be included in at least one Crew the player might build. These models do not cost an additional Soulstone when calculating the Hiring Pool total. However, when generating a Crew list for a Tournament round apply any hiring discounts or increases as per the special rules for those models being included in that Crew (e.g. Comes Cheap, Mercenary, or Dues Paid). • A player does not need to include models in his or her Hiring Pool if the model does not cost Soulstones (e.g. Summonable models) just as they would not need to include them in a standard Crew’s points. - A player will include any upgrades. For any questions PM lostnemesis or https://www.facebook.com/LegionsGames/
  3. We'll start at Masterskiye , 3 rounds, Gaining Grounds 2017, fixed faction, allowed not painted models registration till 11-00 pre-registration rpg.by/index.php?showtopic=21720 up to 14 entrants, Entrance Fee ~10BYN Masterskiye: Misnk, Byadi str. 9 , vk.com/wahaclubminsk
  4. Hello Everyone! We'll start at Masterskiye , 3 rounds, Gaining Grounds 2017, fixed faction, allowed not painted models registration till 11-00 pre-registration rpg.by/index.php?showtopic=21663 up to 14 entrants, Entrance Fee 10BYN Masterskiye: Misnk, Byadi str. 9 , vk.com/wahaclubminsk
  5. Hello Everyone! We'll start at Geek Wars store, 3 rounds, Gaining Grounds 2017 registration till 12-30 pre-registration vk.com/geekwars up to 16 entrants, Entrance Fee 300RUR Prizes; 16 official tournament prize pack Geek Wars: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, vk.com/geekwars
  6. 3 Rounds 35SS Malifaux tournament at Geek Wars store Paveletskaya ( 115004, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, Moscow, Russia)) Up to 16 entrants Fee 300RUR (All entrants from my latest Enforcer brawl - fee free entry) Shedule: November 13, Start — 12:001st Round — 13:00-15:00Meal — 15:00-15:452nd Round — 15:45-17:453rd Round — 18:00-20:00End — 20:15 Prizes: up to 8 entrants - 8 prize pack, 9-16 - 16 prize pack All not used prizes will flow to December Enforcer Brawl
  7. I'm starting to play Von Schill and already had Tara from Ressers (my first take on outcasts) and have several games lined up for 35 SS. I want to play with all the new toys of course but alas at 35 SS it's very difficult and Outcasts are spoiled for 10 SS entries. So Hannah is one of my favorites and would be a staple in every list be it Von or Tara. But at 35SS Tara is already difficult because of upgrades and 2 10SS models is a bit too much. I have Hannah, Bishop, Strongarm, Aionus, killjoy on the 10+SS Range and then, Joahn, Convicts and Von Schill's and Tara's crew boxes on the lowest SS costs. In what situations, Strategy and schemes would you use which? I already have some lights on the matter but wanted to read about actual experience. Because I really want to try them all! Is hannah benificial at 35pts or are they better spent somewhere else? (I used to play ressers, and played 1 game with Von's box)
  8. GMG Unto the Breach Ep 09

    Rico throws down with his Gremlins against my Neverborn in preparation for Lords of War Weekend! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGow_NAkG-I
  9. Jack Daw crew 35SS

    Hi folks, I am willing to try Jack Daw in a 35SS game next week. I really like the background and this curse mechanic of him but I have no experiance with him yet. Can you guys suggest me some good options what models should I run with Jack? It will be a friendly game nothing serious and I just want to learn how JD works on the table. The strategy and shemes will be the following: Reconnoiter A LitS Breakthrough Plant Evidence Distract Entourage Thanks for your advice, Alliterato
  10. I am planning the first Malifaux tournament here in Venezuela. I become Henchman few months ago and I started playing with 3 friends, we are now almost 12 regular players, so we need a Tounament. Here the details: * Name of Event: The first battle of the Hallaca. * Location: Salon Building Events The Saman Chacaito. Pto reference across the front of the CC Chacaito by Central Madeiran side. * Map and Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Pe4gH * Time: 9:00 am * Date: Saturday December 20, 2014. Contact Info: malifauxve@gmail.com and +584123238190 URL: http://www.malifaux.com.ve/evento/1er-torneo-malifaux-the-first-battle-for-the-hallaca/ This will not only be the first Malifaux tournament in Venezuela, but will serve to celebrate the growth of our community in such a short time. It is a rules-based tournament gaining ground, I will use scenarios Christmas, 35ss, 120 minutes per round, 4 rounds.
  11. Tournament 20/4 at Plan B (Barcelone)

    Hi! We propose to all people a Tournament (35ss) at Barcelone. We will play at Plan B C/ Biada nº3 Telf. 93.368.12.82 Barcelone E-mail: info@planb-miniaturas.com and we will use the governor's decree rules. More info (in spanish): http://planb-miniaturas.foroactivos.net/t308-torneo-malifaux-sabado-20-de-abril-plan-b
  12. Hi guys have tried to get into this game but need help building my first crew so here we are Arcanists Crew - 35 - Scrap Ramos -- 4 Pool Mobile Toolkit Kaeris [8ss] Fire Gamin Fire Gamin Gunsmith Large Steampunk Arachnid Steampunk Arachnid Thanks in advance
  13. 35 SS Viktoria List

    Hi, I am quite new to Malifaux and started the Viktorias. Now I want quite an allround crew which mainly can go against everything that is out there (even though I don't know what is out there). Here's, what I came up with, so far: Viktoria's (5 SS Cache) Jack Daw (9 SS) Sue (7 SS) Von Schill (9 SS) Ronin (5 SS) I would think about discarding one scheme to get the two extra SS during the game. I have to explain, that I am quite a slow player with my Viktorias in respect of the hitting round, when their swords collide with the enemy. It tends to be the third round. Here's my portfolio of miniatures I have so far: Viktorias, 3 Ronin, Taelor, Bishop, Johan, Von Schill, Librarian, Jack Daw, Convict Gunslinger. Sue would be the next shop.