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  1. Hi, I just want some information about how to summon with the resurrectionist. I want to know how does summoning works because at this time I'm generally able to summon a Shikome or The hanged once in a turn with Kirai. Foremore with the summoning of Ikyrio and the summon of gaki once in a while with Datsue Bae, my opponent don't even want to play against me because they say it's to easy to summon as a resurrectionist so it make the game unbalanced. So if someone can answer me on these questions it would be great: 1- As Kirai, how to summon and can I summon more then once in a turn since it's a (1) action? 2-Is their any erata or modification on Kirai' s card to balance her (cause my opponents always telling that she is broken)? 3- If I sacrifice Ikyrio and if a friendly living or undead model suffers damage during the same turn can I re-summon Ikyrio with the Malevolence ability? If so, does Ikyrio can activate and use one attack and re-sacrifice her-self with her second (1) action? 4- Does summoning as a resurectionist demand a soulstone cost from the in game-cache to successfuly summon it? 5- How can you manage to win vs a crew that have to potential to summon for around 8 soulstones per turn? (even if the model is half-wounded on summon) Thank you for the answer in advance! ***sorry if I have mistake in my text***
  2. He own every master and practicly every mini of the neverborn
  3. Well first of all thanks for all the answer, I was not expecting answer that quickly 😀 But yeah we are playing 50ss each game and he's playing as the neverborn. We are changing master regurally since we have the models, but I love summoners. Thanks for the advice of switching the faction so he can see what it is! And I gonna talk with him about how he play the strategy and decide schemes.