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    My player has a starting grimiore that is bringing up timing issues and questions. Just want to get some clarification to make sure I'm not hobbling myself and giving the players too much license. 1. If the Natural and Wind immuto are added to a spell, which "after damaging" effect triggers first, Rooted or the push? (If rooted triggers first the effected character will automatically take 3 extra damage.) 2. Delay immuto with the defined option. Can the defined situation be "when this spell is successfully cast" effectively erasing the immuto? My player ingeniously chose this as his Tradition immuto so it must be added to every spell for free. 3. Delay immuto. If the defined situation is "when target declares an attack" does the spell then interupt the attack and go off before any flip is made? He used this defined situation with the Wind immuto so when the character he was engaged with declared a melee attack it pushed out of range. Since the attack was declared, but the target was no longer valid, the attack failed.