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  1. Wurz_7

    Reva for a new Resser

    and I will definitely buy him in the future
  2. Hi there I have a CHANCE and just that, of getting the Reva box from my local store. I play Von Schill for the outcast and just that, so I have a nice roster of mercs (the basic box plus strongarm, hans, hannah, and Anna. Since I already have Anna Lovelace, I would really thanks an advice about Reva as a new master for ressers, and if someone have an idea or experience using Anna and other mercs with this crew.
  3. Wurz_7

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    I use Von Schill, and I agree with the armored beat stick. The Nythera Aftermath upgrade is a MUST. Just throw people away with a free +1 shoot. He is area control, but sometimes you can send him (teamed with strongarm for example) hunting down enemy models as they can charge whatever, whenever, whoever and wherever within range, and charge out if needed (against one of your own models, just hit him with clockwork arm and it will be just 1 damage and a potencial good placement
  4. Wurz_7

    Our worst models

    they are "not bad", the issue is that they are "not good" either
  5. Wurz_7

    Our worst models

    I agree that the korpmen is lacking "something" but I don't know if nerfing them and making them cheaper is a good choice. Maybe a movement trick o something like that would make them worth the price
  6. Wurz_7

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    Well, I field tested her today, and I'm quite happy. It was an extraction game, so the vortex (0) action was usefull. The min 3 damage CA attack was nice. The fact that Hannah can copy those actions gave me a lot more options within the crew. For example the (0) vortex was like an 3rd attack when Von Schill was nearby (for the Nythera Aftermath's trigger) so it was 3 ranged attacks with min 3dmg, with the chance of damaging even more for the vortex pushing trigger. I was expecting her to help with area control, but she increased the damage output a considerable amount. I will have more detailed info after the second field test
  7. Wurz_7

    Parker triggers and abilities

    yup, it seems legit
  8. Wurz_7

    Our worst models

    Specialist is weak as f*ck. I was able to use it in just 1 out of 4 games without him dying very early and blowing over my own models, and just because I left him in the back. That one match he damaged the hell out of the enemy crew, but df 4 is just too low when always the enemy is going first against him. Expensive, weak, situational, crappy Mi attack; just bring him if you need blast, burns and slow/paralysis removal.
  9. Wurz_7

    Parker's Weak Points

    I'm biased because I love the miniature, but what about Strongarm as a beater? Apart for the high Wd and Armor 2, he can charge whatever he wants, can shoot like a pro and the Ml attacks can be a wrecking ball. The (0) action can buff whatever you need that turn (and boy, +2 sh one turn as you close in, and then +1Ml damage the next can be gold). I will put a Parker crew together in some future and this is one of my first candidates on the crew's roster. But it's just an idea for now. Someone with more experience can give an opinion about it?
  10. Wurz_7

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    also: Any thoughts about the invocation's trigger? I won't buy a mindless zombies box for a once-every-3-matches-trigger, but anymay, sometimes can be usefull. Would you choose Mindless zombies or Seishins?
  11. Wurz_7

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    That was my inmediate first idea: push a bunch of models away with her (0) action so everyone gets a +1 flip clockwork seeker shoot. This can be copied by Hannah (without the trigger) so in my mind sounds pretty nice. The shooting engaged targets also sound nice since VS, Strongarm or even Hannah can have them "graved" while Anna hurt them or push them away if needed. But again, if someone have a real match "tale" to share, it will be nice. I'll do it as soon as I field test her (My local Henchman will probably mop the floor with this, but experiencie is experience)
  12. Hi Outcasts I'm Assembling this happy looking girl (not) Anna Lovelace for my Freikorp crew. I have some ideas of combos with the rest of the crew (with Hannah and Von Schill in particular), but I can't find anywhere on the internet some real-player experiencie with this combinations or even with this crew. Since she is Freikorp I assume some of you have tried her. So, any ideas? experiencies? thoughts and prayers?
  13. Wurz_7

    [Chile] Never Trust Pandora: a Malifaux League

    it was fun. I'm sure the semis will be challenging
  14. Wurz_7

    Von Schill

    yeah, the wording is confusing, but I think is like you said. Thanks!