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  1. Qualvanda

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Why not something along the lines of: "That STILL only counts as one! Anyone can shoot from afar, where's the fun in that? The competitive nature of this character likes a bit of rivalry to keep him focused. So he tends to make everything a challenge. When this character gains this ability, choose a friendly character. Both characters gain the condition 'Friendly Rivalry: When this character scores the killing blow on a target, if his rival can see or hear him, that character gain Focus +2' If the rival would die or leave for more than two weeks, you may discard a card to appoint a new rival"
  2. Qualvanda

    Archer, Basic Pursuit

    Except you know... the General Talent "Call Shot"
  3. Qualvanda

    Funny Stories or Fatemaster Headaches

    I recently was the FM in a campaign that had a player whose character was a copycat, and the backstory was that she grew up in the woods, and tried to fit in by copying others. We also had a character who was a forgotten, and had access to the forget magia. The whole party got arrested for stealing food from the rulers personal kitchen, and was brought in for judgement. The moment before they enter the room, our forgotten makes the guards forget why they were arrested. And then the copycat makes a successful Deceive duel (WITH the fucking tomes trigger!!!) against the ruler, making her believe that she was her long lost sister. So our copycat goes from a savage from the woods, to being a noble lady... Totally didn't screw up my plan, I promise xD
  4. Qualvanda

    Gary's Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public!

    I made one for a "not so terribly honest" magician, so it would be easy to borrow things from stores. Top hat of Fanciness Appearance: It looks like a fancy top hat that would appeal to most people. Magia: Conjuration, Invisibility, Forget. Immuto: Delay, Increase Duration, Increase AP. Special: You must be wearing it on your head to make it work. It also changes appearance to either help you out with what you're doing if you draw well on skill checks (like slowly growing in size if you're trying to make gremlins do something or become a cowl if you're trying to stealth in the dark). Or it can make you fail even harder if you draw poorly (like starting to crack in the seams when trying to impress a rich man, or start to glow when you're trying to hide from guild guards).