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  1. MalifauxDave

    Gwyneth Maddox Question

    Why does she have a crow built into her "Come Play at My Table" ability? Am I missing something or does it just not do anything at all?
  2. MalifauxDave

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    I've been back at Malifaux for the last few months played probably 10 or so games with Tara and I am struggling to find a reason why I am playing her at all. On her base card she has generally poor defenses, 12 wounds some triggers, nothing too bad though. Actively however she has a 6ml 2/3/5 with a glimpse trigger built in, a pretty lame gun, mass fast as long as one enemy is hit and a choice of 0s, chatty or a conditional reactivate. My problem with this is that it doesnt feel like a master model at all. The mass fast ability conflicts with the reactivate, unless you are ditching half of your control hand in your first activation. Upgrade wise she gets some cool stuff Obliteration Symbiote (2SS) being the obvious one, but is master AP really worth repositioning a model? Especially when you need to have the model buried in the first place. Knowledge of Eternity (2ss) offers + flips to initiative and an ability to give fast/slow, do a damage and a glimpse trigger @ 8" range. Going first can be extremely valuable, but the ability is pretty similar to the zero you get on your void wretches... as a 0... granted you can fast your ally and choose to fail the buried trigger but what benefit does buried give your allies? Using Obliteration Sym to reposition? great so you spent your master's 3 ap moving a model lets say 13" and chain activating it. Ok thats not terrible but you need 4ss worth of upgrades, a high crow, your model gaining a damage and 3 master ap (1 pull from the void, 2 move your walk, 3 Faces of the void). Is this really on par with other masters? Out of time (1ss) encourages you to take void wretches by reducing the cost of an ability that can only target buried models. Burying models in an of itself can be hard a lot of the times. +flips when you have no cards in hand is pretty good if you can get Tara to reactivate at the end of turn after using your hand, or if you ditched 3 or less cards to the fast pulse ability. It also gives a CA action that does damage equal to the turn amount, but can only be used once per activation. Dead of Winter (1ss) protects void models at the cost of discarding cards, and offers price of haste that lets you weaponize fast but you are still giving your opponents fast... Eternal Journey (1ss) lets you blink back to the deployment zone if you are the first model to activate and allows you to use buried models actions but no triggers. I'll pass. Emptiness (0ss) lets you attach a bunch of these mediocre upgrades, discard them to draw cards and gives you another incentive to bury enemies. So after all of that you get a master who likes to bury things but doesn't really help with the consistency of that and likes to abuse enemies with fast but largely is only useful for slingshotting a beater into the enemy. Am I missing something? This model feels like 5 different people were working on her at once and also seems like theres a lot of hoops to jump through to get anywhere and even the end result isnt always spectacular.
  3. MalifauxDave

    Two Tara Questions

    Do buried models count towards activating for purposes of "eternal moment" and looking at whispers from darkness what does the phrase "does not list a model by name" mean and what is an example of an ability that lists a model by name?
  4. MalifauxDave

    Schemes & Stones Mah Tucket Crew Spotlight

  5. MalifauxDave

    50SS Tournament @ Games Plus, Mt. Prospect IL - 6/23/18

    Is it just me or is there no text in the original post?
  6. MalifauxDave

    Our worst models

    Every time I have run the Freikorpsmenn, they tent to just soak some damage then die and thats what I use them for in von schill either that or if I dont need to stick bodies in front of a freight train I they actually arent bad scheme runners but they sure could use either a buff or a ss reduction, though I fear at 4ss they would be too good. They can be hard to kill and pretty deadly given the ss count but like others have said they dont really DO anything.
  7. MalifauxDave

    Anyone have the Easter Viks built and painted?

    Thanks a bunch for posting these! If anyone else has any feel free to post them.
  8. I'm curious to see how they look outside of the renders.
  9. MalifauxDave

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Vintage Hamelin'

    Why do you put them on terrain before priming/painting?
  10. MalifauxDave

    Assign Masters to GG18 Strategies! NAO!

    The slow is a 0 action and the Void Wretches are incorporeal. There's very little that is going to avoid them. It also helps to get a higher volume of CAs off, 2-3 are decent for scheme running but you need a critical mass to really get anywhere. I have two builds that I run with 6 wretches + scion + nothing beast, this is for more scheme heavy pools, then I have Malifaux Child, Nothing Beast, Scion, (8 cost beater sometimes talos, sometimes not), 4 void wretches. Even with just 4 wretches you start to see more of a benefit. Honestly sometimes I even cut the child, go with a Johan instead of my 8 cost slot and slot in an additional wretch. I tend to take a lot of upgrades too, and usually have between 1&0 additional soulstones. I find that the cache of 4 is usually enough.
  11. MalifauxDave

    Assign Masters to GG18 Strategies! NAO!

    I've found Ours and Ply to be pretty easy with Tara personally, might be a meta call though. Voidspam makes ply relatively easy with decent positioning same with Ours. I've found the more killy schemes and strats to be pretty doable as well, its just a matter of having the right bomb. Some games you will want killjoy others you will want NB +1 Etc.
  12. MalifauxDave

    What's the last list you played?

    I played a Tara theme list in hopes of testing our Talos Tara +OS +KoE (I think) +Emptiness +OoT Talos Scion of the Void Nothing beast +Void Shield 4x Void Wretches +7SS VS Jacob Lynch +Cheating Bastard (fantastic upgrade btw) +On Wings Hungering Dankness +Addict Gwyneth Maddox (very impressed by this as well) Graves Tannen 3x Illuminated +5ss I lost big time, really messed up my bomb by being too aggressive. Lynch's crew was pretty cool, he drew a lot managed to get that heal in 2/4 turns we played. I think had I been a little more cautious talos could have been HUGE but thats yet to be seen.
  13. the sheer size of the model has been a concern of mine, even compared to its base its massive. Is he even meant to be played in real games?
  14. MalifauxDave

    Von Schill starter

    seems really good
  15. MalifauxDave

    Schemes & Stones Leveticus Crew Spotlight with Arash