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  1. Baratta

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    Whats a Santiago Bomb? I get you can discard a card for a Mask for trigger Happy, but 2/3/4 DMG spread dosent seem worth it for me or am I missing something else? Like damaging him for +2 SH and+flip to DMG?
  2. Hello, I have an upcoming game and I am having a difficult time coming up with a proper list. This is the strat and schemes Public Execution (Tomes) / Flank - Eliminate the leadership (Paired Tomes) / Set Up (Number 3) / Take Prisoner (Number 9) / Vendetta (Number 12) / Public Demonstration (Number 13) I am playing agasint Arcanist and he usually runs Ironsides/Rasputina. The problem is that I haven played either master before so don know what to expect. I have read the master cards and I am worried if its Ironsides as I usually run Lady J into Public Execution with Frank/Phiona/Jury. I think that he can really pindown my crew, any suggestion ? I was thinking doing nellie with some shooting and take and Austinger for Vendetta.
  3. Havent bought the rifleman, have been curious on there uses, can you elaborate on them please.
  4. Baratta

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    It depends on what you want to do. I played this list against the Vicks in symbols this weekend. Guardian protected one symbol and Lucius and thralls went up the middle with the scribe upping the DF. Jury/Austringer/Queller went on the other flank. I won 9-4.Vicks only managed to kill one Thrall as they heal back up when they attack and Lucius can also heal. Thrall Killed both Vicks with their attack and Lucius commanding them and even the scribe put down a scheme marker to get another attack, which also counted for search the ruins(Scored 3 pt) which Scribe and Lucius did on their own. Scored 2 pts with recovered evidence, would have scored 3 if I had waited to turn 3 to reveal it. Lucius and Austringer does wonders for taking the Symbols markers, even the Guardian move forwarder to take the last marker as there were no threats to take his. Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Lucius 50ss Leader: Lucius - Cache:(4) Deep Pockets 2ss Condescending 1ss The Scribe 2ss The Jury 8ss Guild Austringer 6ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Guardian 7ss
  5. Baratta

    Haul of eggs 6 - Guild won?¿

    Congratulations, thank you for posting you list. I played Nellie with Mercs and just started using only Guild miniatures so I appreciate you input. Good idea with the lead lined coat, I usaslly go Debt to the guild, going to try using LLC instead of debt.
  6. Havent tried Monster Hunters as I dont want to proxy them, but I think its a good alternative.
  7. Don't have the emisssary, havent found it usefull. Might look into it.
  8. The problem was Sebastian (1)Under cover tactical and putting SH at -1 bubble at 8 of him. I wasted a lot of cards/stones and AP as I had to focus to go to straight flips so my DMG output was not great.
  9. I have been struggling with Symbols of authority, I have used Sonnia for blasting (punish) and watcher/Dr.Grimwell to take the symbols, las game I played against Nicodem and lost badly. Scored 3 PT for punish but thays it, I didn’t take any symbols (Kentauri/punk killed Dr.Grimwell first turn) and a Shikome stopped the watcher from interacting second turn, and then killed the watcher) So I was in the middle blasting with Frank and papa loco and he picked me apart at the end. My other scheme was Undercover which I didn’t score. At no time did I thought I could win, he scored 4pts on symbols 3pts undercover and 3pts for recover evidence. MVP was the Queller removing the printed suits which help slow the game down. I’m playing Symbols again this Friday and this is what came up: Symbols of Authority (Masks) / Close deployment Punish the Weak (Paired Masks) Set Up (Number 3) Undercover Entourage (Number 5) Search the Ruins (Number 8) Recover Evidence (Number 11) Any suggestion as to Master or strategies? I was thinking Nellie/Perdita or give sonnia another chance.
  10. Baratta

    Haul of eggs 6 - Guild won?¿

    Hello, Looking at the UK rankings I see that Haul of eggs 6 was won by Matt Lewin playing guild, anybodi know master/list? I like to see other people list to see good combos/synergies I may not be aware of. Regards!
  11. Baratta

    What's your new hotness? What has you excited?

    I have been using Nellie for ours, Big Jake helps a lot.
  12. Baratta

    #1 with a Bullet - A Perdita journal

    What are you using for MH proxies? I want to give them a Go.
  13. Baratta

    The Jury

    I have. Played agains Zipp and opponent conceded turn 2 when executioner killed him and he had 1SS and 1 card in hand. Nellie had made the executioner fast and he charged in so he had 3 AP. I had 2 high cards for the trigger (11-12 crows) first attack I didnt cheat so he used 1 SS to prevent 2 dmg out of 5 dmg, second attack I cheated the 11 of crows only for the trigger I had already hit, he discarded 2SS. So he only had 1SS and 1 card for the third attack and I cheated the 12 for the trigger. Not something that will happend again I think, he learned his lesson and didnt think Executioner would killed him (I was lucky having the 2 cards for the trigger).
  14. Baratta

    Nellie - Ours + Big jake good?

    Can you share any ideas on you list? Or models you like to take.
  15. Baratta

    Nellie - Ours + Big jake good?

    Hello, Started a league with GG2018 and next game is ours, I am thinking Nellie because of Big Jake counting double so its 10 pts to hold a quarter. Has anybody tried this? is it worth it? Any recommendations? I used to run Mctavish and he looks viable for ours as his incresase cost I think will help secure a quarter. Strategy: Ours (CROWS) / Corner Deployment Schemes: Guarded Treasure (Paired Crows) / Search the Ruins (Number 8) Undercover Entourage (Number 5) Set Up (Number 3) Take Prisoner (Number 9)