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  1. Baratta

    Guild funds- do you like it? Dislike it?

    I play Nellie a lot and I like it. I take 3 HTK models so its very useful to keep 2 evidence to heal one of them when they are at 1 wound.
  2. I want to try this Strat + Scheme pool again, but with a Dopple and a Beckoner,I think lures will make it better.
  3. Hello, Overall Iron Scorpius is a great experience but not something I would do regularly. All players that attended went for it which also was great. Here is a brief summary, if you have more question feel free to ask. Game 1 - Extraction Was against a Neverborn playing Lilith, I went with Lady J and dropped the Jury for the Executioner and the scales for another Guild Guard. We tied 7 vs 7 in a game that I should have lost, 7 – 4. He took Inescapable Trap (2pts) dopple was great for this (LadyJ and Frank were close both times he scored it, as they were also engaged) and Public demonstration (2pts) Lady J killed a Waldgeist so he could only score 2 pts. I took Surround them (1pt) as he took the scheme marker from my corner that the guild guard placed, Lilith switched a Guild guard and killed him and the other was engaged with Mr., Graves and died next turn. I sent both in one flank and the Brutal Effigy on the other, I took Take one with the Brutal and his mistake was killing it turn 5 when he was trying to put the other scheme marker, he should have just engaged it and not killed it. He gave me the Tie there, as we both scored 3 pts for extraction. I really didn’t like Lady J as she kept the middle with frank ant the recruiter but I think she doesn’t help much with the schemes. My mistake was not taking undercover as suggested, but _I thought lady J would die, at most I would have scored 2 pts I think as he moved the extraction to my side and I never got to move it to his side as he always had more miniatures. Executioner did nothing all game, Lilith rooted him all game long I think that was great play on his part. I think a great play would have been to take Undercover and fake Surround them. Game 2 - Ply for Information Was against Resser so I prepared for Nico, I was surprised when he announced Kirai which I had never played against. I won 8 vs 2, I took a Sanctioned spell caster to deny lures and he didn’t have a single lure (But CA vs Ethereal was great). Nelly and the Watcher dominated this game, he took Inescapable Trap (2pts) which was hard to not give as he started with a Hanged and summoned a second one so there where not many places for me to go outside my setup, his other scheme was Dig their graves (0 pts) as I did not lose any miniatures (Nelly and Jury healing was more than enough to keep everything alive) I took surround them and scored (2 pts), his crew was very slow so he could only contest one corner as the watcher fly and move 6 was more than enough to secure 2 markers, he sent Ying after the watcher which I don’t think was a good play as he is move 4. I also took Dig their graves (3pts) which I think I scored easily because of a misplay on his part. I burn my activation first turn dropping low cards to see where he would move to, he went to my right flank and there were 2 big building there which I used to funnel his miniatures, I didn’t move out and proceed to shoot with frank just to ping DMG in Izamu, he then proceeded to summon Ikiryo engaged with frank and Phiona (I didn’t know he could do that) but it turn to be in my favor as I scored dig first turn with Phiona with transparency. Second turn I also burn activation and he was reluctant to engage as I would score ply, so he just stayed outside of charge range and moved up beside the buildings, I shoot Kirai hoping he would summon Ikiryo and he did, well I Plyed it twice and killed it for another dig grave, he just DMG frank which was OK for me, this put him on the back foot sot turn 3 he started to move closer and I just went the opposite way, Nelly started giving slow to his miniatures specially Izamu and that how the rest of the game went, he used Kirai to walk, walk place scheme marker for Trap, and I was always one ply, last turn we tied and that was game. It really showed he didn’t have much experience versus nelly as summoning Ikiryo was a mistake I could exploit. Game 3 – Headhunter Was against another Resser player I know well, and there was no surprise here, I know I would face Nico vs Lucius which was not good for me. I really didn’t know how to approach this game, Nico is a really hard match up for me as he can just stay back and summon all game long, out activate me and flood me over with his horde of zombies. I thought of playing Sonnia and just blast and hope for the best, but the board did not favor Range as there was a lot of blocking terrain (buildings) and a lot small ht2 boxes to block LOS, and what I killed would give him easy access to heads. So Lucius would have to try and beat him. I took both thralls and a guardian for Hold up there forces a queller to put markers down and limit his summoning and his lures. My plan was to go for Hold up there forces and search in the middle as there was a lot of terrain there with a big building in the middle where I places both thralls behind so if he sent anything through they would be engaged with them, the scribe in the middle of them to up there DF, first turn he summoned a Kentauri and a necro punk and sent them on the other flank (I thought cover breakthrough) and sent the investigator and the guardian to engaged them, he managed to put down to schemes before I could killed them and took two head for (2pts) on round 2 and 3, Investigator ate his scheme markers for cards(Really liked him). He amassed a great force of Kentauri and punk zombies, and went in turn 3 he couldn’t commit all to one side of the building so he had to split them up, he had two belles that couldn’t do nothing for the first 2 turns as they didn’t have LOS and they were to one side so a suppression marker eliminated there suits for lure, ha held them back as to not give me more heads. I scored (3 pts) for hold up there forces which he tried to deny luring either one of his miniatures or one of mine but between the 2 thrall and 1 guardian and Lucius able to push/move them I scored all 3 pts as he had more miniatures. The Guardian resisted and so did the Thralls I only lost one Thrall turn 4. He pushed everything turn 3 and 4 to deny my scheme markers for search, and I knew I wouldn’t score point there. The Thrall attacked Asura for the heal on turn 4 and red joker de DMG so a head dropped that he pick up with a belle luring me and a kentauri so he was able to score (2pts) for Head hunter. Turn 5 he started to pick up my scheme markers and lured my surviving thrall and killed my scribe, Investigator removed some scheme markers but I know he would score 3 pts for cover as I I just didn’t have the AP any more to deny it, I thought he had search, but I realize he didn’t put any scheme markers down in the middle, so I thought Eliminated the leadership… So my guardian and thrall keep the middle and I sent Lucius to the one of my deployment corners opposite were he had most his forces (he has 3 kentauri and 3 punk) and prepared to give negative flips and for stones and try to survive round 5 and not give him points for eliminate. He didn’t have any scheme marker for Cover so I was hoping he didn’t have enough AP to put Scheme markers and attack Lucius to get full point as I was capped at 5, (2 pts for heads and 3pts for Hold) I was sure I lost as he had (2pts) for HH and he would score (3pts) for cover, and he just had to reduce Lucius to half wounds for (1pts) of eliminate and it would be 5 vs 6 in his favor. He went to put the scheme marker for cover but the problem was that he didn’t have the AP to get pass my miniatures and put 3 scheme markers, as Lucius had legalize so that corner was off limits, so he only scored (2pts) for cover and he did not attack Lucius, the game ended 5-4 in my favor, as it turn out he had also picked Hold up there forces (really bad pick as I never had 2 miniatures together and the Belles never got a good angle to use lures because of the suppression markers). So I won but the only game I feel confident about was game 2, game 3 I would have lost if he picked another scheme and did give me 2 heads trying to score breakthrough so early, he could have waited to do it at the end but it was also do to him trying to score Hold that made go for it. Well its seems lady Luck was on my side. I was first place in the tournament, so thank you every one who put there two cent in, specially @thewrathchilde I hope you like the summary of the game and really appreciate all the input, as it helps in improving my gameplay.
  4. Thank you for all the feedback, you make very good points and have tempted me to change the match up. the tournament is tomorrow so I will give feedback monday.
  5. So this are the list I came up with. I am having a really thought time deciding which master to use for the rounds. Round 1, I like Lucius/Lady J, round 2 I like Nelly/Lucius and maybe Perdita(proxing the MH) and round 3 i favor Lucius/Lady J. I am surprised that I like Lucius for every game, round 1 he has staying power to hold the middle, round 2 thralls are great at ply with issue command and negatives to wound and round 3 he can make them interact while engage to pick up heads and he make Thralls a lot more killy. I am not considering Hoff as I have played him once and am not very experience, but he seems good at HH. Perdita maybe an option for round 2 (ply) as I can proxy the Monster hunters, Any thought on Nellie with Nino and 2 MH? Any comments on the lists are welcomed. Game 1 Extraction Leader: Lucius - Cache:(4) Deep Pockets 2ss Condescending 1ss The Scribe 2ss The Jury 8ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Guild Austringer 6ss --> Invetigator? Guardian 7ss Game 2 Ply Leader: Nellie Cochrane - Cache:(4) Delegation 1ss Guild Funds 1ss Misleading Headlines 1ss The Printing Press 3ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Phiona Gage 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss The Jury 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Watcher 4ss Guild Austringer 6ss Guild Guard 3ss Guild Guard 3ss Game 3 Head Hunter Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Swordfighter 1ss Badge of Office 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Wade In 1ss The Jury 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Phiona Gage 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Death Marshal Recruiter 7ss Brutal Effigy 4ss Guild Guard 3ss
  6. Thank you for your comments. That’s exactly what I needed, comments to get me to think outside of my box. Will make some crew lists so you can comment on them. Perdita for ply with Nino and Frank hadn’t crossed my mind. I see suggestion for two miniatures I don’t have (Monster Hunters and Investigators) one reason I stopped playing Perdita was the lack of MH miniature, I don´t feel comfortable proxing them and photocopying the cards from the book, Do you think they are worth it to go through that trouble? Hoffmann I haven’t played before so not sure how to proceed with him, any suggestions? I have hear Frank + Ryle + go real well.
  7. Hello, I have an upcoming tournament this weekend were the TO has decide to use the Iron Scorpius rule. (You can only play a master once), it will be 3 rounds. I haven’t much experience preparing for a tournament with this characteristics so any input is appreciated. I usually play one master at most two (Nellie is usually the one I use) for tournaments so I adapt my list depending on my opponents faction with just minor changes, in this case I want to prepare 3 list and go with them. I will post the Rounds and my ideas, here goes. • Round 1 Extraction (Rams)/Standard Deployment (Paired Rams) Surround Them (Number 5) Undercover Entourage (Number 6) Inescapable Trap (Number 10) Take one for the team (Number 13) Public Demonstration I was thinking Lucius with 2xThralls+1xGuardian+The Jury as they can take the middle and hold on very effectively and take out what they engage. A watcher for Surround them and if he has Hench/enforcer take Public Demonstration, if he does not Take one for the team with the watcher. A possibility is to use the Terracota and a Queller for SS and a card cycle. Also the Queller can put suppression markers and give out ignore armor if its needed. • Round 2 Ply for Information (Rams)/Flank deployment (Paired Rams) Surround Them (Number 2) Dig Their Graves (Number 6) Inescapable Trap (Number 8) Search the Ruins (Number 10) Take one for the team I like Nelly for this as I like her with PLY with 3 Hench and LLC (Phiona/Frank/Jury). Scheme wise there are two possibilities, go for the watcher and try (Surround them and Take one for the Team) while we are engaged and plying or go Kill scheme and try Dig their Graves(Phiona is good at this) and maybe Search or Surround them. • Round 3 Headhunter (Tomes)/Close Deployment (Paired Tomes) Eliminate the leadership (Number 1) Cover Breakthrough (Number 4) Hold up their forces (Number 8) Search the Ruins (Number 13) Public Demonstration This is where I am not very comfortable, I didn’t play much 2017 so I am no very experience with Head Hunter, the times I played it I used Nellie and never did to well, I usually dropped the head and couldn’t pick it up. I think Lady J is viable here with Sword fighter and closed deployment. Scheme wise I think Eliminate + Search the Ruins. List I am thinking something like Frank + Peace keeper + Recruiter+ Brutal effigy. If you have any good suggestions here it will greatly appreciated as my experience with Lady J is very limited, I prefer Perdita for killy Strats but not for dropping heads at range for my opponent to pick up. I have a lot of Guild miniatures and access to almost everything except Mccabe and the brutal emissary really don’t like both. I haven’t played much Hoffmann or Sonnia(I think Sonnia for Blasting in Extraction might be interesting). If you have any suggestion I would really appreciated it as I am taking this week to prepare for the tournament and I am looking to bounce ideas with other people’s experience and not sure havin just 3 master will be a bad idea and put me in a bad spot/bad match up.
  8. Baratta

    The guild at ITC

    I love Nellie but nor tried her with Mercs since they went up, is Mctavish worth it for the SS cost? I ran Frank/Phiona/Jury with LLC ant ehy perfom great, havent faced Sandeep with the 3 mages so maybe there is better to go SH.
  9. Baratta

    The guild at ITC

    Congrats on winning your 5 games with him, can you share what strat/schemes you used him for please. I have tried Hoff and haven’t been able to make him work, I found him card/suit intensive. From what I gather you make Frank a cyborg and power loop with Ryle, am I missing something here as I don’t find it that powerful. I haven’t played much with him and I am looking for inputs on how to play him well, I usually go all constructs and maybe its not the way to go.
  10. Baratta

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    Whats a Santiago Bomb? I get you can discard a card for a Mask for trigger Happy, but 2/3/4 DMG spread dosent seem worth it for me or am I missing something else? Like damaging him for +2 SH and+flip to DMG?
  11. Hello, I have an upcoming game and I am having a difficult time coming up with a proper list. This is the strat and schemes Public Execution (Tomes) / Flank - Eliminate the leadership (Paired Tomes) / Set Up (Number 3) / Take Prisoner (Number 9) / Vendetta (Number 12) / Public Demonstration (Number 13) I am playing agasint Arcanist and he usually runs Ironsides/Rasputina. The problem is that I haven played either master before so don know what to expect. I have read the master cards and I am worried if its Ironsides as I usually run Lady J into Public Execution with Frank/Phiona/Jury. I think that he can really pindown my crew, any suggestion ? I was thinking doing nellie with some shooting and take and Austinger for Vendetta.
  12. Havent bought the rifleman, have been curious on there uses, can you elaborate on them please.
  13. Baratta

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    It depends on what you want to do. I played this list against the Vicks in symbols this weekend. Guardian protected one symbol and Lucius and thralls went up the middle with the scribe upping the DF. Jury/Austringer/Queller went on the other flank. I won 9-4.Vicks only managed to kill one Thrall as they heal back up when they attack and Lucius can also heal. Thrall Killed both Vicks with their attack and Lucius commanding them and even the scribe put down a scheme marker to get another attack, which also counted for search the ruins(Scored 3 pt) which Scribe and Lucius did on their own. Scored 2 pts with recovered evidence, would have scored 3 if I had waited to turn 3 to reveal it. Lucius and Austringer does wonders for taking the Symbols markers, even the Guardian move forwarder to take the last marker as there were no threats to take his. Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Lucius 50ss Leader: Lucius - Cache:(4) Deep Pockets 2ss Condescending 1ss The Scribe 2ss The Jury 8ss Guild Austringer 6ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Witchling Thrall 9ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Guardian 7ss
  14. Baratta

    Haul of eggs 6 - Guild won?¿

    Congratulations, thank you for posting you list. I played Nellie with Mercs and just started using only Guild miniatures so I appreciate you input. Good idea with the lead lined coat, I usaslly go Debt to the guild, going to try using LLC instead of debt.
  15. Havent tried Monster Hunters as I dont want to proxy them, but I think its a good alternative.