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  1. Davie

    Our worst models

    and many don't. Don't get me wrong, I think all snipers are a threat, especially Hans. And since he got buffed he is picked more often than before. But I think he is a much discussed model amon outcasts-players.
  2. Davie

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    I like to summon a War Pig from time to time, the set up is not all too bad with corn husks (imo the key upgrade to successfull Pig-Lists) and Merris. While War Pigs can be problematic to controll, they have a certain thread associated with them and mess with your opponents mindset. Also, I seem to be alone with that opinion, I like wild boars. I try to place em from the shadows so that I can put pressure on my enemy on turn 1 and 2 so I can get into Position with all my other stuff. Also they sometimes kill Nekimas or Hannas on Turn 1. So Yeah: I agree with Slop Haulers, Merris and Burt (+Gracie, if you have Stones to spare) and a Hog Whisperer. The most important Thing to me is to keep Old Major and Ulix alive.
  3. Davie

    Our worst models

    I hope you mean this as a joyful banter :D This thread is a total echo chamber where 3 to 6 guys constantly keep on repeating how bad gremlins get/got nerfed all the time. What this thread actually lacks (for the most part) is some Input from other factions. I agree with @Fetid Strumpet in that SS2 Models are problematic regardless of their abilities
  4. Davie

    Backdraft box models

    I though the release was pushed to june.
  5. Davie

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    oh... sorry.... I should read more carfeully. :D
  6. Davie

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Oh... I wasn't aware that Ophelia Drops junk markers, when the Young ones use her Upgrades. I thought ophelia only discards the upgrade herself when she uses it and the young Lacroix discard the upgrade when they use it.
  7. Davie

    Our worst models

    aw maaaaaan! I was about to mention that I had the sound of badly tuned Banjos and the buzzing of Skeeters in my mind while reading all that talk about our sweet sweet 'shine.
  8. Davie

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Thanks for the Report! I am wondering why you picked useless junk to start with? you can just attach it with "here you go" from your Young Lacroix and safe the SS. Personally I would add the choice of a Slop hauler to your banjonista/lightning bug Option. the attack is often overlooked and the healing potential explains itself. I agree that francois is easily killed but he offers a lot. I like that you picked mancha, although I kinda don't see him in that list.
  9. Davie

    Our worst models

    On Wave 5 Models: Criers They seem to be a key model in a hyper-aggressive list that strangely enough did not get discussed in the Gremlin-Parts of the Forum but in the Guilds Subforum:
  10. Davie

    Our worst models

    I agree. I'd also love more diversity and I think you raise a good point. I just wonder if you can achieve this Kind of diversity. I think once you go down the path of optimizing a list you always end up with the same two or three models in your Crew.
  11. Davie

    Our worst models

    Yeah I agree, I picked two very popular models. I somehow think though, that an Opponent investing ressources and putting pressure on those models makes them already pay for themselves. This is exactly what I meant to say. Every coin has a flip side and there always has to be a "worst model" I think. If you buff Lenny, Roosters, Emmissary and what not, other models will quickly drop down in ranking and people will complain why they are so bad.
  12. Davie

    Our worst models

    Actually... I've never considered Gremlins to be a "glass cannon"-Faction. Yes, Gremlins are kinda squishy and they hurt themselfs alot. But Burt and Raphael for example with Hard to Kill + Dirty Cheater are rather hard to take down. They Need to be alphastriked, afflicted with poison/burning and take lots of AP to get killed. Raphale is also impossible to pin down, since he can just push out of combat in most cases. Then we have some surprisingly resiliant models. DF6 Piglets for example or DF7 Sammy. Then there are several Kinds of the "Squeal"-Trigger which is usefull (to varying degrees) We have great healing with the Slop hauler, dirty cheater, useless junk, pigs healling-triggers, Ulix' Proper Care. Again: maybe my meta is not as toxic/strong/competitive (although I consider it fairly competetive) but usually enemies struggle against me. Yes they kill stuff. Sometimes a baldy placed Merris on turn 1 who explodes in the middle of my crew and burns 5 gremlins......... but I ususally recover from that and often they also struggle to kill stuff. Like Nekima who was not able to kill Sammy. And I can see your urge/Need to Play those beautiful models, who just don't seem to make the cut. But I think it's just... normal that some models have to suffer so others can shine. Maybe I'm just used to it? (played Warhammer Fantasy Orcs for like...15 years and went through highs and lows with them) I just don't see any Point in comparisons like "other factions got this, why did we got that instead?" And I don't think that Gremlins are in danger to recieve less/no love from Wyrd. They managed to become their own faction and are a big part of the Malifaux Franchise in General (into the bayou, bayou bash)
  13. Davie

    Our worst models

    I use her as a "Counts as"-Performer. In total... I don't really agree with the call for buffs. I feel like most nerfs were reasonable. I agree that Lenny is a bit too pricey. Maybe make his upgrade a 0? His nerf was well deserved though. Same goes for roosters. Reckless 1AP-Charge was just bonkers. And I don't think that they suffered too much from losing reckless, they are still very fast, very strong and very dangerous for all players invovled. McTavish is still worth his points. Same goes for Burt. I don't care for the pigapult. bushwhackers are considered fairly strong as I have heard. They bring great stats for their cost and I feel like self hurting is a part of a gremlin Players life-/playstyle. as for brewmaster: we have to wait and playtest if Popcorn Turner, Cooper Jones and the Whiskeygamin will amp up his game. I see that People find him weak and I kinda agree that he is. But I still like playing him. But in general I feel very comfy with gremlins right now. I don't want anything to change to be honest. I also have fun playing weak models and trying to make them work. Maybe my meta-game is not as toxic as other peoples, I don't know.
  14. I really hope it's neither a Tavish nor a Emissary since neither is a gremlin by rules. Maybe it's not in Bayou Bash but in the unannounced Bayou Bash Expansion "Moonshine & Gator-ade". kinda cheeky... it would be in Bayou Bash but not in THE Bayou Bash
  15. Davie

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    I send you a message. Can anyone say something about Big Brain Brin? I mean... he is Kin after all...