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  1. It is unfair, in a sense. Fairness is a subjective thing. A nerf to a popular crew effectively devalues a player's investment in Malifaux, or results in them having models which perhaps they would not have purchased if they had been in their post-errata state. However, sometimes a certain model or crew is clearly too good, to the point where it damages the ability of anyone not using it to enjoy the game or is avoided by players for that reason. In those cases, something needs to be done to avoid devaluing everyone's investment in Malifaux (to say nothing of the future viability of the game itself). I accept that it's disappointing for whomever plays the masters that are cuddled. From experience, I can safely say that power creep, mandatory alpha striking and forced counter-plays are far greater threats to the game that a few players getting upset because their crew lost some of its power. Leveticus, Dreamer and Colette both copped serious reductions in power from their changes, but the first two are certainly still competitive (and Colette suffers from Sandeep's relative power as well as people's desire for an "I Win" button). TL;DR - Fairness is an issue for all, and that is how it needs to be seen. Some may need to suffer a loss if all players are to benefit and the game is to be saved.
  2. You can also summon in Changelings with Mysterious Emissary to copy Widow Weaver's attack.
  3. That's the idea. It's not a foolproof plan, or as reliable as the Bloodwretches with The Dreamer, but it can generate a lot of card flow.
  4. The Serena Bowman card draw mechanic is based on abusing Bloodwretches or Widow Weaver with Doppelgänger (with Mysterious Emissary, in Pandora) to draw a bucketload of cards without having to truly sacrifice a model and give your master an extra action when she dies. Or at least, that's the one I'm familiar with.
  5. Haagrum

    Titania+pact with the grave spirit

    If a model is within the Autumn's Corruption aura, it cannot heal wounds. The location of the source of the healing does not matter.
  6. Haagrum

    Fluffy quotes for all of you

    I heartily endorse this idea. Happy to contribute on the Neverborn front.
  7. Haagrum

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    Seems like a pretty linear method of accelerator-ed destruction. At the very least, it should de-rail the opposition.
  8. As a mostly-Neverborn player, I'm all for nerfing Bloodwretches to only draw cards when targeting enemy models. That'd be enough to fix them, without making them garbage. The combination with a Doppelgänger and Serena Bowman is a bit too much like playing solitaire.
  9. @edopersichetti was expressing strong support for the ideas in the post quoted. My $0.02 is that combinations or effects which 'break the game' should be scrutinised closely, by people who get far more game time than me. People tend to scream 'broken!' or 'OP!' far too quickly, when there's often a way around it. The Som'er Warpig list is an example - Hans' Rams trigger reliably neuters the main threat and makes it a mostly fair fight. The Rat Engine was one such problem with no counter but to play the same trick. The solution was appropriate - limit it to the master whose entire gimmick is massive out-activation shenanigans. Prompt got nerfed because it gave up to 3 more AP to whichever model in Colette's crew could use it most effectively. That nerf probably went a little far, partly because of GG18 and partly because Colette isn't Sandeep. I'd like to see some limit on card draw and summoning in future, having taken a vicious beating from such lists in the past. I don't have an easy answer - Nicodem is vicious with multiple models being summoned each turn, but Kirai needs her Seishin spam and Ikiryo to function. As ever, we'll see what happens next July.
  10. Haagrum

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    Welcome to the Bayou! I mainly play Brewmaster, and I wouldn't really recommend him based on what you've said, despite him being dual-faction with Ten Thunders. Brewie can be a bit of an NPE as well - either he locks down a crew, or he gets stomped on. He's not super-competitive but he's fun enough to play - however, when he works well, it can be frustrating for an opponent. If you're after a bit of weird randomness coupled with tricks and thoughtful play, with minimal NPE possibilities, I'd recommend either Ophelia or Wong. Ophelia's crew box is pretty much a Gremlin rip-off of the Ortegas, complete with an exploding pyromaniac and with a damage-increasing Rams trigger for nearly everyone. Ophelia herself is pretty tricksy, but can put down a lot of damage. She can play a few different ways, too - there's a surprising amount of support and synergy in her crew. Wong is blast city, and his Lightning Bugs are pretty nifty thanks to their Tinkering With The Unknown ability. He's even better with a few Swine-Cursed and the Ooh Glowy! upgrade (although you probably want to bring Sammy LaCroix with him).
  11. Haagrum

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Agreed on Kentauroi. Rather than make them Enforcers, I think it'd be better to give them the following Ability: Unnatural Science: This model may only be hired or summoned by The Ones Left Behind. This would be consistent with the goal of taking them off Nicodem except as hires, where they'd still be worthwhile, without giving them access to upgrades. Because Kentauroi with My Little Helper would be vicious.
  12. Haagrum

    Our worst models

    Hey, don't misread me - I dig Hans. He has a lot to offer, far more than just pure ranged damage. I've just never seen anyone else actually put him on the table in any game I've played or watched.
  13. Haagrum

    Our worst models

    If he's got Scout The Field, he doesn't have Enhanced Sight to gain Focused as a 0. That makes range an issue on turn 1, even with I Pay Better. Also, that combination is only available in one faction. The War Pigs list was a discussion for Guild players, and Hans with his Rams trigger is available for everyone. That said, how many people take Hans these days?
  14. Haagrum

    Our worst models

    Assuming he's visible behind the wall of War Pigs, that is... I'm not trying to undermine your suggestions - just pointing out that it's not necessarily a lock.
  15. Haagrum

    Our worst models

    In Hans' case, it's down to the Rams trigger, not his damage. The only problem is that he really needs both his 0s or an external source of Focus and/or Fast to make the most of it, because he has to activate early to guarantee landing hits unless you've drawn a Ram and at least one 13.