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  1. AngelRogue

    Titania Tactica

    Just bumping this for an update
  2. AngelRogue

    Titania Pounce Crew

    This was just a theory question on running with these specific models. Currently unable to play.
  3. AngelRogue

    Titania Pounce Crew

    So, I have Titania's box, emissary, Changelings, primordial magic and teddy. I was wondering what crew members from these boxes and tactics you would want to use to take the most advantage out of pounces.
  4. AngelRogue

    Not my Viks crew

    Here are a few up close pics.
  5. AngelRogue

    Not my Viks crew

    I recently took a commission for a friend of mine. He wanted me to assemble and paint all of his vik crew to tabletop quality , minus blood for himself. Just thought I would share.
  6. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Not if you don't want to be in your phone during play.
  7. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    The upgrades that don't come in the model boxes.
  8. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Thank you. The app doesn't really sound like it is worth the money. That's too bad though. It would be awesome if you could print the cards from the app.
  9. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    I mean does the app actually have a print option for the cards, not a theoretical would it be allowed. I am a new player, so what is allowed at tournaments doesn't really matter to me yet. I just want to know that I'm not throwing away money on something that doesn't give me what I actually want; which is cards in hand and not to be in my phone during play.
  10. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Can that be verified? I would hate to purchase the app only to find out that I would still need to purchase the upgrades to have card in hand. It would feel like throwing money away.
  11. AngelRogue

    Malifaux App Launched!

    If the app is purchased, can upgrades and cards be printed so you don't have to be in your phone all the time?
  12. AngelRogue

    Rejoice in Rebirth

    In Titania's Rejoice in Rebirth, it says that any time another model places a scheme marker near her, that she can heal. Does that mean that no matter who's activation it is, she heals when a scheme marker is placed? Or is she healed only on her activation if scheme markers had been placed?
  13. AngelRogue

    Decision for a new player

    I do but that seems like a further down the line, after acquiring models, type of purchase.
  14. AngelRogue

    Decision for a new player

    Ludwig, you're good dude. I was just clarifying since that kept being said. As it is, until I receive my first crew box, the only cards I can read are within my M2E book or on pullmyfinger. So until it shows, I just keep trying to gain info from all of you. Luckily I found the battle report section and it is a help as well. Also, my obsession has now lured my wife into the game. She likes the Neverborn best as well, but is going to start with rezzers so that we will have 2 factions to play between ourselves. So time to craft some terrain before our crews arrive.
  15. AngelRogue

    Neverborn Deployment and Movement

    Thank you everyone. All the info is great. And especially thanks Vorschlag. That was exactly the info I was searching for. I know that how you approach each match will be different due to objectives and reaction to the other player, but I was thinking of it like football formations, for no better term at the moment.