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  1. Scion of the void has an ability with 2 parts : discard a card and bury this model when targeted. AND sacrifice this model if it's buried at the end of the turn. From the shadow is an ability with 2 parts: place this model anywhere 6" away from enemy deployment. AND this model may not interact on the first turn. I've read discussions about both of them, and both have had different conclusions, for the scion, everyone agreed that you only sacrifice the model if it's buried from the ability, however from the shadows was agreed that they both are applied, regardless if the model is deployed regularly. What do you think?
  2. wafew

    Lucky Effigy

    I've yet to use him ( still not painted ), but I will use him, not for his (0), but for his hit me aura thing. on a 4ss HtK model, i think he's worth having him possibly take 2 hits, instead of my master, or other key model, and if you have a slop Hauler, and they don't finish him, you can heal him for 1, and he's back to being good. Zoraida is already a pain to attack, between her 10wp, and needing to focus to be useful, that having to focus, then possibly cheat a card, or hitting Lucky instead of Zo, sounds like a plus to me. with Ophelia and her (0) giving her , Lucky's (0) is pretty nice. I'll also take him Collodi when I get him, especially since Collodi can just resummons him when he dies.
  3. wafew

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    Than kyou! I keep forgetting that. you can still use the sorrow for a TN-less paralyse, you just can't have your WotW do it.
  4. Iggy has an attack : target gains +1 burning, he also has a trigger : for every the target gains +1 burning. the attack comes with a free , so if you have, say, a 2 of in your hand, then you do the attack with that card, +1, get the trigger automatically, +1, and another +1 for the card you played, +3 burning / ap spent.
  5. wafew

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    No problem. play her as a Gremlin, find out for yourself if you don't like it that way, I enjoy her in both factions. As a gremlin, you can still hire swampfiends ( will o the wisps are swampfiends ), she can still get iggy ( wp 4) and nurses. you have access to more than 2 non-swampfiend gremlins, plus those who have more than 4wp, including Sammy Lacroix, who is amazing with Zoraida, she can hold one of Zoraida's upgrades, and has an ability to cycle a card when another model draws one ( zoraida has an upgrade to draw one for free every turn), Gremlin has a lot of pig models, which can charge for 1 ap, wave 5 released a model with a "gatreaux baukor" or something,. that synergizes with swampfiends, moon shinobi turn into , which make them good at beating voodoo dolls. and they have more. However, bad Juju can't become eternal, will o the wisps' 2ap as a 1ap only work on neverborn models, and you need an upgrade to carry neverborn swampfiends over. You also don't have access to a lot of neverborn models. Gremlin Zoraida isn't as bad as people say, It's maybe a lil harder to play her as a gremlin, but she still has a lot of options, the important models can still be hired there. If you care about following the meta, and what's best, then you might want to play Neverorn, but I find them both fun and viable, and I think people who make the metas, tend to just find something that works great and not look too much further, so the meta probably isn't going to be for gremlin Zoraida, unless they find a model there that makes her super strong. </opinion>
  6. This is for #5: That's kinda surprising, if he has everything, then have him play as the Dreamer, since he can be a summoner too, and that he can learn a summoner's weakeness/strengths. If he doesn't want to play as a summoner, Here are tips for him with the neverborn masters I do play as Dreamer: hire a nightmare crew, and hire/summon all his totem, which can push 2 nightmares each per turn, and have a model with "on dreaming wings", to give all nightmares within 6" flight. then have the crew move up to yours as fast as possible, and put pressure on yours. the dreamer can summon a beater next to kirai, and companion into him, and attack with a ML7 attack, then either you have to spend your cards/SS on keeping her alive, or keep them to summon. In the meantime, have his scheme runners/models focus on VP. Lilith: a few options, Lilith is good at guerilla attacks, have her attack your key models, if you have Philip and the nanny and a necropunk for card cycling, try to lure/swap/charge and go those models to prevent you from gaining the cards you need. if you have some flesh construct to summon off of, do the same to them, Lilith can lure, lilitu can lure pretty far, if he can lure kirai away, that would even be better. The other option, is have him run a grow list. there is an upgrade that lets terror totes turn into young nephilim, and them into mature nephilim, when they kill a model, or when the one holding the upgrade does, kirai summons half wounded models,by wounding other models, so there should be weak models for his crew to kill, and summon more expensive models too. Zoraida: take "Animal Shape" and "Hex Bag", have zoraida move up as much as possible, and hex kirai, with the ability to not use soulstones. ( she should be able to do that on turn 2), this should make it harder for you to summon, and it lasts until zoraida activates again, and it's a (0) ap. zoraida's animal shape is a place, so she could set herself up somewhere to keep her safe, otherwise, zoraida should still be safe, unless you have some good ranged df attacks. Pandora: she doesn't have anything against summoner, but she has a lot of Ca, which is good againsts Incorporeal things, as well as misery. Pandora is also good at paralazying things. You might also want to ask the neverborn Forum too. I only play these 4 masters.
  7. wafew

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    Do you have an idea on how you want to play Zoraida? or what you want to achieve with her? What models you want kinda depend on that. Here are some general things: -Will o' the Wisps: allow you to summon voodoo dolls without using Zoraida's AP -Condition adding models: Iggy and Nurses are popular, but really any would do. If you can think of some unusual ones you can catch your opponent offguard, nurse heartsbane has some nice conditions, a sorrow can paralyse ( has a 2ap ability, which Will of the wisps can use as well ). -Swampfiends: You can build around Swampfiends, zoraida can hire gremlin swampfiends into Neverborn with an upgrade. McTavish has a nice bonus for swampfiends ( which zoraida is ), If you plan to use Bad Juju, having swampfiends is nice, the popular ones are : will of the wisp, waldgeist, gupps. but others include McTavish, Bayou Gators, Silurid, Wild boars ( which gain outside of activation ), Swampmother (which can charge a model who kills a friendly swampfiend). -Models that you want to gain extra AP out of: Typically Beaters and High SS models. Using Obey, you can have your beater make more attacks, or move/charge him up, so he can do more. Often i'll have Bad Juju be my beater, and I'll have him charge a model, and when he activates, i'll have him Flury, which ends up being 5 attacks, for 3 ap. I've had a game where my sniper (Rami LaCroix) didn't have any targets, so on his turn i had him Focus twice, and then I had Zoraida obey him to shoot someone when that was possible later. Some models have great (1) Ap abilities, and only 2 Ap to spend, having zoraida move them, or obey them into taking more actions can also be helpful. -Any model that can give her mobility: Zoraida has a decent walk of 5", and an upgrade that lets her place 15" away for 2 Ap, but anything that lets her not have to spend her AP on mobility, and on her other useful actions instead is wonderful, a model with lure can push/move her, Mr graves and Dr Grimwell can push her too. These aren't as important.
  8. What masters does he have? i started as Neverborn, and my friend played resser, so i can offer some help on what to do for what master he plays as.
  9. wafew

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    I do think it wouldn't be bad for non-master models to be dual faction through characteristics, however, I think Masters should remain dual factionned.
  10. wafew

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    OMG, I love that idea! I could also see a Gremlin who died while riding a Rooster in battle, and the rooster, being free of orders, just does his things and wins the battle, and everyone worshiping the "Rider", when in fact it's the Rooster doing all the leadershipping! ( possibly accidently)
  11. wafew

    Gun icon attack thoughts...

    Could make it that if the shot goes to another target, the damage flip IS affected by hard to wound, and/or if it's a single flip, it can't be cheated.
  12. wafew

    Balanced Errata chat

    As for actual model errata, this had been suggested before, but I would love to see desperate Mercs have an ability to pick a characteristic at the beginning of the first turn, and to keep it for the whole game.
  13. wafew

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    This sounds fun. There rate limit is super ingrained in the rules, and I agree that it's better to not have rares broken. On that topic, maybe a French gremlin mime who can copy another models stat card for a turn.
  14. wafew

    Balanced Errata chat

    Could we get some rules Errata? -Bury : "Buried models, may only be affected by the faction which caused the model to be buried", I feel that there are 2 kinds of burial in this game, the kind where a model is just meant to be temporarly out of the game/defensive (IE: Malifaux raptor, so it can move, Forgotten marshal, so it can be safe, dreamer so he can't act while LCB is in), and the other is offensive (IE: Tara/Lady Justice), and it seems to me that it would be better if they were separate, and doing this wouldn't hurt Tara and LJ's game, it would just prevent models like malifaux raptor to become useless because the enemy picked one of 2 masters. -Summoning : "If a model is summoned, due to the model taking this action being killed or sacrificed, the summoned model does not count as being summoned", this would be added, so that models like fernidand vogel, would still be useful in ours, and henchman hardcore, and would apply to other models like, gremlin crier, forgotten marshal, gupps becoming silurids.
  15. wafew

    Gun icon attack thoughts...

    I like your idea! Ludvig is right that is what cover is all about, so keep with , and take your idea for non/ getting lower stats against cover? and my idea for shooting into engagement, is that the attack goes as is, but if it misses, then randomize. ( either have it randomize, and then have it be a new attack, or have it's result (damage flip) be applied towards the new randomized target.