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  1. New hexbag video battle report 50ss shenlong vs zipp
  2. THank you ! did you watch the whole video? Its not a bad idea, the last turn performer action was a golden one and if it could have been avoided it could have been big however arcanist won the initiative and activated first that turn so there was no time sadly
  3. Thank you ! Performers should not be ignored in such interact heavy scheme pool and if would have been killed instead of the silent one i belive we are looking at a totaly different game here I belive the guild player had a plan at that time to pick of the silent one but he forgot that the performer could blow up scheme markers and he was abit upset with himself after the game. No i didnt mention the score end of turns but its something i will do from now on ^^ Im very happy that the game was still quite close and i hope to bring more exciting reports like this in the future If people have any suggestions or input on the this video and the other video with zoraida vs leveticus i appriciate to hear your thoughts and see your comments what you think about them. Tiny spoiler, we are probably going to see Gremlin vs Ten thunder next time.
  4. Thank you ! with comments like this how can i stop? I have two players ready to battle we just need to find a day that we are able to make the record session on
  5. Thank you ! very happy you liked it ! guess i will just have to keep make more videos then.
  6. Small error at 3:30 ! arcanist activates angelica and pushes silent one and johan with her tactical , she dont walk herself and push johan as the voice say. !
  7. A new video battle report is up ! hope you will like it
  8. a new video battle report is up from Hexbag ! hope you will enjoy it
  9. A new video is up ! today we will see some nice action between lady justice and sandeep hope you enjoy it
  10. New video is up now ! hope you will like it. today we have some lady justice vs sandeep
  11. Some great Lady J vs sandeep action! I listen to you guys about your suggestion for the upcoming videos and i hope the quality of the video have increased https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuAt8zn8RY4
  12. i will at tops be able to release one video / month right now because of family, full time work ect just dont have enough time to release more freqently. its been 3 weeks ago seens i released the first video and im almost finished with the second one now. I hope to have it up within 3 days from now. Thank you for your intresst in it